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Type 1 Diabetes Books For Parents

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A Compilation Of The Best Diabetes Books For Family Reading Reading About Diabetes Together Can Help Family Communication

When I Go Low – Book Read Aloud for Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Its summer-time in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means time off, maybe camps, family vacations and even a little down-time for reading. Here weve compiled a few of the best diabetes books for family reading. If you happen to be in the Southern Hemisphere dont fret. These books will take the chill off any day.

Reading with children/adolescents is a great way to focus on creativity, critical thinking and reflect on the trajectory of stories. Looking at how characters express themselves and problem-solve help us all think about our own challenges.

Weve also included one or two guides for parents to read.

For children and teenagers:

IN this book, nine year old Audrey May knows that life can be full of changes. Shes traveled all over the world with her Dad who works on movies, but shes never been to a school with other kids. She has no idea that starting a new school will be much easier than finding out she has Type 1 Diabetes. Thankfully she wont face it alone, she has the love of her parents and her crazy little sister to get her through the ups and downs.

Year One with Type One: A True Story of a Boy with Type 1 Diabetes

For parents:

Diabetes Snacks, Treats, and Easy Eats for Kids: 150 Recipes for the Foods Kids Really Like to Eat

Coming soon

Ways To Help Manage Your Childs Type 1 Diabetes

Managing diabetes gets easier with time and experience.

Life is bound to change in many ways when your child is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It can all seem overwhelming at first, but it will get easier with time and knowledge. Try these approaches to help make daily diabetes care more manageable from day 1.

Books About Diabetes And Food

The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting

From the same author as Think Like A Pancreas, The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting is designed for those who are following an insulin regime where they match their dose to the carbs that they have eaten. This is increasingly popular amongst diabetics, as is the regime I follow myself in order to live a more normal lifestyle.

This book gives you the background knowledge you need of carbohydrate counting. It is written with the real world in mind, and is a comprehensive resource that is great for anyone starting out and for those that need a refresher.

Carbs And Cals

I love Carbs And Cals and used to use it regularly. These days it spends a lot of time on the shelf, but I still pull it out every now and again to sense check my estimations. It provides pictures of various portion sizes, and weights, so you can calculate the carbohydrates in your mail. This is great for when you are out and about and cant weigh out your potions, as measuring food for diabetics is half of the battle.

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Comparison Chart For Best Books For Type 1 Diabetes

In this article we’ve included our suggestions for the Books For Type 1 Diabetes after analyzing 40354 reviews.

Year One with Type One: A True Story of a Boy with Type 1 Diabetes 9.8
The Ketogenic Diet for Type 1 Diabetes: Reduce Your HbA1c and Avoid Diabetic Complications 9.4
3 The Type 1 Life: A Road Map for Parents of Children with Newly Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes 9.4
Diabetic Supplies Travel Bag Gifts Sets 9.2
Type 1 Diabetes for the Newly Diagnosed: What to Expect 9.2
Type 1 Diabetes For Dummies 9
Blood Sugar Log Book: Type 1 Diabetes Log Book And Glucose Monitoring Tracker Diabetic Journal 9
Diabetes Head to Toe: Everything You Need to Know about Diagnosis 9
Teddy Talks: A Paws-itive Story About Type 1 Diabetes 8.8
The Type 1 Diabetes Cookbook: Easy Recipes for Balanced Meals and Healthy Living 8.6
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Getting Regular Physical Activity

Mommy Beeps : A book for children who love a type 1 ...

Keeping active every day is a key part of diabetes treatment. Exercise strengthens your childs muscles and bones, helps them feel good, and controls blood sugar levels. In fact, exercise makes insulin work better. Kids with type 1 diabetes can and should exercise.

Encourage your child to stay active, and set a goal of 60 minutes each day. Let them choose what they enjoy whether thats walking the dog, riding a bike, or playing team sports. For some kids, starting a new exercise habit might be hard at first. But if they enjoy the activity and feel good when they do it, theyll find it easier to stick with it.

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Balancing Pregnancy With Pre

By Cheryl AlkonAuthor Cheryl Alkon writes: I started blogging about my efforts to get and stay pregnant, while managing my type 1 diabetes. I liked the support I received from commenters. Plus, I wanted to connect with others who were pregnant, had given birth, or who were trying to conceive At the same time, I found that there were no insiders guides to pregnancy with pre-existing diabetes that were told from an actual woman with diabetes perspective. This was Cheryls impetus to compile this book, which gives the insider details of pregnancy and type 1 or type 2 diabetes, based on both her personal experiences and insights from dozens of other women who have been there.

Type 1 Diabetes Books You Will Want To Read

For many people, when you are diagnosed with diabetes your first instinct is to read everything. While that is all good in theory, the internet is full of things that are maybe not what we need or want to hear at any given time. Although there are lots of great forums and sources of information online you also need to be cautious about consulting Dr Google and all the weird and less than wonderful things you can find on there when youre feeling a bit vulnerable.

I am usually all about fiction, but the last 5 years has seen me selecting non-fiction regularly. Knowledge is power and I am constantly trying to better myself and my diabetes control. I have found a number of type 1 diabetes books that either provide information, tips or tales from other people with diabetes of their diagnosis and life with type 1.

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Youre Going To Get A Lot Of Frustrating Advice Or Warnings From People Who Know Nothing About The Disease

While our four-year-old was still in the ICU, someone told us that diabetes stunts your growth. I can tell you now, at 16, my son Sam is six feet tall and still growing. Once at book club a mom told me,You know you can go blind from diabetes! how incredibly unhelpful. People blurt out inane statistics and thoughtless comments just smile and nod to these nitwits, they dont know how damaging their comments can be.

Bright Spots & Landmines

MIAD senior designs materials to help kids diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes

By Adam BrownFor those who dont know Adam, hes a fellow type 1 who works at Close Concerns and diaTribe and has become a go-to expert for many in our community based on his personal D-management experiments and explorations of new technologies. This 237-pager published in 2017 is a colorful run-through of D-tips and priorities, and Adam describes this as The Diabetes Guide I Wish Someone Had Handed Me when he was diagnosed at age 12 in 2001. His book theme concentrates on so-called bright spots and landmines for what works and doesnt work in his diabetes management, and he focuses on everything from blood sugar checking, CGM use and technology, insulin use, exercise, food, sleep, and mental aspects of living with diabetes. In September 2018, Adam also released his book in audio-format as a way to bring it to more people beyond the traditional print and e-book formats. You can find it available for free on the diaTribe Foundation website to listen to, as well as on and iTunes.

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What Can Your Grandchild Eat

People with Type 1 can eat anything that they choose to eat, as long as they correctly dose the amount of insulin needed for the food that is eaten. These decisions can be personal and based on individual experience. Always check with the primary caretaker about what you are planing to serve.

There are many things that affect your grandchilds blood sugar so paying attention to whats happened in the past can be helpful. Over indulging your grandchild in sweets or insisting that your grandchild clean his or her plate can be harmful to his or her health.

Take Heart You Are Not Alone

There is an amazing support system at your fingertips social media outlets and communities where you can go and ask questions, share a good cry or receive a well-earned pat on the back. None of your friends or family members are going to know exactly what youre going through unless they are also a Type 1 parent. Only a fellow Type 1 parent will know how good it feels when you keep your kids numbers in range for twenty-four hours and dose exactly enough for pizza. Or how scary it is when they get the stomach flu. And believe me, if youre up at three in the morning, chances are there is another mom or dad up on Facebook too, willing and able to help.

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Patient Guide To Managing Your Child’s Type 1 Diabetes

This Patient Guide is designed especially for parents of children with type 1 diabetes. Here, you’ll learn about some of the most important aspects of managing your child’s condition. Taking care of a child who has type 1 diabetes can be very difficult because it requires constant attention. You need to make sure your child is eating the right foods at the right times and injecting the right amount of insulin at the right times. Plus, you have to alert the people who spend a lot of time with your childsuch as teachers and coachesto your child’s condition. It’s a lot of work. The goal of this Guide is to help you understand type 1 diabetes so you can effectively address the needs of your child. In it, you’ll find information on: If you take the time to learn all you can about type 1 diabetes, you’ll be better able to respond to the unique needs of your child. We hope this Patients’ Guide is a useful resource that helps answer some of your questions about type 1 diabetes management. However, always follow your doctor’s specific recommendations.Continue reading > >

The Ups And Downs Of Audrey May

Pin auf Kids and moms

Audrey may is used to a life full of uncertainty. She is a bright nine year old who has traveled her entire life with her father, who works in the film industry. Finally, the day comes when her family settles down and she can go to a regular school. This big change brings all kinds of challenges for Audrey May, but then her world is really rocked when she is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. With the support of her parents and her little sister, Audrey May can overcome all these new challenges in her life.

Caillou: Emma’s Extra Snacks, A Story About Type 1 Diabetes

Caillou’s friend, Emma, has Type 1 diabetes. The only difference Caillou notices is that she is allowed to have extra snacks at school. But he’s worried that she has an illness, like the flu, so he takes great caution when playing with her. When Emma beats him in a race, Caillou finally understands that she can be active and play just like everyone else. Perfect tone and message for preschoolers who have diabetes.

Another D for DeeDee

The Dinosaur Tamer: And Other Stories for Children with Diabetes

Diabetes Snacks, Treats, & Easy Eats for Kids

Diabetes Doesn’t Stop Maddie!

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A Monthly Children’s Book Club for kids who love candy!

Here are some other book recommendations for children-

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Here Are Some Of The Basic Terms To Know:

Blood glucose also known as BG, blood glucose is the amount of glucose/ sugar in the blood. Non-diabetics run around a steady 5.0 mmol/L90 mg/dL. Type 1 diabetics try to stay above 70 and under a number determined by their doctor.

Check your BG/ Do a check/ Take a BG: to use a blood glucose meter and a lancing device to draw a drop of blood and test it for sugar content. Type 1 diabetics must do this regularly to see if their blood sugar is in range.

Hypoglycemia also referred to as hypo, or low, hypoglycemia occurs when the body does not have enough sugar to function properly. Your grandchild needs fast acting sugar.

Hyperglycemia also referred to as high, hyperglycemia occurs when there is too much sugar in the blood. Your grandchild needs insulin.

Glucagon an emergency treatment that is either given nasally with BAQSIMI, or via a shot of a Glucagon kit. It is given to Type 1 Diabetics that provides instant sugar to the body.

Insulin the hormone that our bodies make to turn food into energy. Type1 Diabetics dont make insulin. They must inject it to metabolize their food.

Carb count the number of carbohydrates in a given serving of food. Knowing carb counts is essential Type 1 diabetics inject a certain amount of insulin for the all of carbs they eat.

What Its Like To Have Type 1 Diabetes

The new book What Its Like to Have Type 1 Diabetes was actually written by a 13-year-old who lives with T1D in Florida, Jace Tacher. He won a first place award for this at a local county literary fair after writing this as a school assignment.

Tacher was diagnosed about a decade ago, just before he turned 3. His 14-page book is aimed at those between 7 and 18 years old.

The description: Journey with Jace as he explains the basics of Type 1 Diabetes. Follow along with Pancreas, Insulin, and other characters as they discuss how food affects someone living with this disease. Filled with lively characters and a captivating conflict, What Its Like to Have Type 1 Diabetes educates and inspires readers both familiar and unfamiliar with the disease.

Early feedback from the diabetes community has been overwhelmingly positive.

One D-mom looking for a way to help her child explain T1D to his new second grade class wrote in an Amazon review: This was approved by my 7-year-old. And will be sent to school!

Another Amazon reviewer wrote: Being able to see the different characters in Jaces book helps form a relationship to the actual components that a Type 1 experiences. This visual explanation is so important to use as a tool when explaining T1D to children or adults. Excellent!

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Books Recommendations By T1 Togo

Guided by Faith, not Fear: A Journey with a T1D Teenby Anne Imber

Anne Imber of Type 1 To Go, shares an intimate journey with her family through her sons teen years with type 1 diabetes.This book is only available in a digital format through Amazon. Proceeds from the book will support the Type 1 To Go website.

Sugar Surfingby Dr. Stephen Ponder

Dr. Stephen Ponders book Sugar Surfing is a must have for families with Teens. Dr. Ponder is a Type 1 Diabetic himself and an endocrinologist. This book provides a completely new insight on Type 1 Diabetes management through the use of a Continuous Glucose Monitor.

Even if your teen is not on a CGM yet, I highly recommend reading this book and attending one of Dr. Ponders workshops. Understanding Dr. Ponders Sugar Surfing approach is a great educational opportunity for teens preparing for adulthood.

Dr. Ponder also has a great blog! Check it out! You can purchase his book directly from his website at

If you are a Sugar Surfing at home, you need to print the Sugar Surfing for School Nurses.Dr. Ponder has provided a condensed version of Sugar Surfing for use in the school setting.You can print a .

Raising Teens with Diabetesby Moira McCarthy
With Technical Review by Jake Kushner, MD, and Barbara J. Anderson, Ph.D.
by Adam Brown

The proceeds from Bright Spots & Landmines go towards the non-profit group The diaTribe Foundation which serves as a resource for people living with diabetes.

Dont Beat Yourself Up Over High A1cs Or Scary Lows When You Give Too Much Insulin

Type 1 Diabetes: My Son’s Diagnosis Story

Or when youre on vacation and you forget something crucial. While its a completely normal human reaction, self-castigation is rarely forward thinking or constructive. Mess ups are going to happen. And managing Type 1 requires constant adaptation once you get your childs numbers good, theyll go through a growth spurt, or their hormones will spin out of control, or theyll start a sport, and their numbers will need adjusting again. Dont get fatalistic, just adjust and move on.

The truth is that taking care of a Type 1 child is a new full-time job with little benefits, no pay and a lot of frustration. Youll become a pro at snapping at your insurance company and reeling off instructions to teachers and coaches.

I try to remember what words of wisdom helped me when our world was shaken like a snow globe. I remember all too well the shock and heartbreak. I felt confused and overwhelmed with so much to learn in such a short amount of time. I read somewhere, Its okay to feel sorry for yourself briefly, but then youve got to pick yourself up and get to work.

I keep a cartoon above my desk. You might have seen it, its a large pelican devouring a tiny frog, but the frog has his hands in a vice grip around the pelicans neck to keep from being swallowed. The inscription says, Dont ever give up. Ive heard that this is posted on the walls of the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center.

Dealing with a new diagnosis? Visit Beyond Type 1s resources here.

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