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Medtronic 723 Insulin Pump For Sale

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Medtronic Insulin Pump: 523 And 723 Paradigm Revel Pump

Minimed Paradigm Real-time Revel 723 insulin pump Unboxing

The Paradigm Revel insulin pump is a complete package that you operate with ease. Insulin pumps, in general, allow the person with diabetes more flexibility and greater control of their blood glucose levels. This particular pump offers an integrated system for the ultimate and simplest diabetes control. By using the Medtronic insulin pump, the continuous glucose monitoring system and the software you will have a clear picture of your glucose patterns and understand any adjustments you or your healthcare team need to make. Let technology work for you!

Insulin Pump:

  • 523 Paradigm Revel insulin pump holds 176 units while the 723 Minimed Paradigm Revel holds 300 units of rapid-acting insulin
  • High quality insulin delivery due:
  • To the multiple basal rates in as low as .025 increments per hour
  • Light and small so its more discreet
  • Communicates directly and in real-time with the MiniLink REAL-Time Transmitter, wirelessly.
  • Safe in up to 8 feet of water for 30 minutes
  • Bolus Wizard Calculator to help with the math
  • Several basal rates are adjusted just for you as well as insulin-to-carbohydrate ratios to meet your individual needs
  • Reminders can be set so you dont miss a bolus
  • Advantages of a MiniLink Wireless Transmitter
  • It connects to the glucose sensor
  • Sends information from glucose sensor and transmits it the to pump in real time
  • Paradigm REAL-Time glucose sensor
  • Alerts to warn you up to 30 minutes prior to a low OR high blood glucose level

    Programming Issue Related To The Sensor Graph Timeout

    This information applies only topump users who are also using Medtronic Continuous Glucose Monitoring and have the Low Glucose Suspend feature enabled.

    Your Paradigm VEO insulin pump allows you to set the number of minutes to display the Sensor Graph before returning to the home screen.

    The factory default setting for Sensor Graph timeout is set to two minutes. If the Sensor Graph timeout is set to NONE it can prevent the auto-resume of basal delivery two hours after a Low Glucose Suspend event, which can result in elevated blood glucose values.

    This will only happen if you go to the Sensor Graph screen during a Low Glucose Suspend event, and leave that screen displayed. When this happens, the pump will beep three times every 15 minutes to remind you that insulin delivery has been suspended. All other alarms will function normally, but basal delivery will not resume as long as the Sensor Graph screen is displayed.

    Specifically Were Looking For Medtronic Paradigm Pumps Manufactured Between 2006 And 2012 With The Following Model Numbers:

    The model number can be found on the back of the pump, after the letters MMT-.

    If your pump is a 523/723 or 554/754, stick a battery in. After it boots up, press esc and scroll to the bottom of the status screen to check the firmware number. Were looking for firmware 2.4 or lower on US versions, 2.6 or lower on Canadian and Australian versions, and 2.7 or lower on other worldwide versions.

    Of course, if you also have extra supplies , those would be appreciated as well. But the PUMPS are what we really need. Please ship to:

    Integrated Diabetes Services

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    Insulin Pump Cases And Clips

    With our selection of cases and clips, there are plenty of ways to wear your insulin pump. You can attach your pump to your waistband or belt, protect it in your pocket, or even clip it under your clothing to stay discreet. Our cases and clips come in a number of different colors and fabrics, from black to pink and from leather to soft neoprene. Choose a case or clip that lets you wear your pump the way you want and lets you express your personal style.

    Tips For Buying An Ambulatory Infusion Pump

    Trade AutoSoft 30 and t:lock cartridges for Tslim pump by Tandem

    1. Ambulatory Infusion Pumps are used to deliver parenteral agents from syringes or collapsible bags. Their size should be small enough so that patients can comfortably wear or carry them. During sleep they should not disturb the patient, and during daily use they should not be conspicuous.

    2. Medical facilities should carefully select patients to ensure successful insulin infusion therapy. The patients should be motivated and mature with a history of good compliance with insulin therapy.

    3. All pumps should be able to run for at least 72 hours without draining the reservoir or depleting the batteries. Pumps should have a flow range of =100 mL/hr and maintain a flow accuracy of 5%. Ambulatory infusion pumps should be capable of operating in a continuous infusion mode, though it is desirable for pumps to offer additional modes. In a Peristaltic pump, a set of rollers pinches down on a length of flexible tubing, pushing fluid forward.

    4. Luer-lock fittings or integral tubing, distal air filters, and air-in-line detectors may be used as protection methods against air embolism in ambulatory infusion, ambulatory insulin pumps and peristaltic infusion pumps that can deliver from an external reservoir.

    5. Volumetric Infusion Pumps should detect an upstream occlusion and suspend infusion when downstream pressure is > =10 psi. The bolus volume released after an occlusion is cleared should be 0.5 mL.

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    The Fda Is Recalling Medtronic Insulin Pumps For Hacking Concerns

    Those who rely on certain Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump models to administer insulin could be at risk, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

    On June 27, the FDA issued a recall on 11 different Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump models due to potential hacking concerns. This is the full list of affected models:

    • MiniMed Paradigm 511
    • MiniMed Paradigm 512/712
    • MiniMed Paradigm 515/715
    • MiniMed Paradigm 522/722
    • MiniMed Paradigm 522K/722K
    • MiniMed Paradigm 523/723
    • MiniMed Paradigm 523K/723K
    • MiniMed Paradigm 712E
    • MiniMed Paradigm Veo 554CM/754CM
    • MiniMed Paradigm Veo 554/754

    The affected pumps have the capability to connect wirelessly to blood glucose meters, continuous glucose monitoring systems, CareLink USB devices or remote controls. However, this wireless capability has vulnerabilities and can be hacked.

    If the Medtronic devices were to be hacked, someone other than the patient or a healthcare provider could get access to the pumps settings, and thereby deliver too much or not enough insulin to a diabetes patient.

    The FDA suggested that patients using these models switch their insulin pump to models that are better equipped to protect against these potential risks. In other words, stop using the Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump models immediately.

    According to CNN, the company is providing alternative insulin pumps to patients with enhanced built-in cybersecurity capabilities.

    Mhra Alert: Paradigm Ambulatory Insulin Infusion Pumps Manufactured By Medtronic

    Medtronic have identified a risk of compromised insulin therapy when using Paradigm ambulatory insulin infusion pumps, which may lead to severe hypoglycaemia or severe hyperglycaemia .

    The affected models are: MMT – 511, 512, 712, 712E, 515, 715, 522, 722, 722K, 523, 723, 723K, 554 and 754 .

    The root causes are:

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    Not A Traditional Recall

    Also, despite reporting in mainstream media, Medtronic confirms with us that this is not a traditional product recall. This is a safety notification only. Impacted pumps are not required to be returned because of this notification, says Pam Reese, Medtronic Diabetes Director of Global Communications and Corporate Marketing.

    She tells us that people using these older pumps can still order supplies from Medtronic and from distributors.

    What should you actually do if you have one of the impacted pumps?

    We recommend that you speak with your healthcare provider to discuss the cybersecurity issue and the steps you can take to protect yourself. In the meantime, specific instructions are to keep your insulin pump and the devices that are connected to your pump within your control at all times, and not to share your pump serial number with anyone, Reese says.

    Medtronic Minimed 723 Real Time Revel Pump With Supplies For Sale 600

    Insulin Pump Medtronic Paradigm 715 – Item no. 1104622419

    Topix Colorado Weld County Johnstown Medtronic minimed 723 real time revel… Medtronic minimed 723 real time revel pump with supplies for sale 600 1 – 2 of 2 Comments Last updated Oct 25, 2013 I have a blue 723 Medtronic minimed insulin pump for sale. Still new sealed in box never used. Manufacture date on box is 8/12. I also have 4 boxes of the 300ml reservoirs and 4 boxes of the 6mm quick set infusion sets with 2 blue infusion set inserters. I’m asking 600 plus shipping and handling fees for everything. If you are interested email be at put mmt-723 a the subject Please let me know where you are located my email address is I tried emailing the address you posted but it isn’t working I have a blue 723 Medtronic minimed insulin pump for sale. Still new sealed in box never used. Manufacture date on box is 8/12. I also have 4 boxes of the 300ml reservoirs and 4 boxes of the 6mm quick set infusion sets with 2 blue infusion set inserters. I’m asking 600 plus shipping and handling fees for everything. If you are interested email be at put mmt-723 a the subjectContinue reading > >

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    Loose Drive Support Cap

    The pump is designed to withstand occasional drops or bumps however, when this happens it is recommended to check the pump for cracks or damage. The pumps drive support cap holds the pump motor in place and allows the motors piston to press against the reservoir to deliver insulin.

    In rare cases, the cap may stick out from the bottom of the reservoir compartment. This condition can occur when the pump is damaged due to impact with a hard surface . If the loose drive support cap is pressed on it could result in the unintended delivery of additional insulin.

    Why Issue A Warning Now

    This is the big question on many minds in the patient community.

    If Medtronic and FDA have been aware of this vulnerability for eight full years, and now all of these older generation Minimed insulin pumps are actually discontinued and off-the-market for new customers in the States, what prompted an alert at this moment in time?

    Medtronics Reese says: Its been an ongoing conversation because cybersecurity protection is constantly evolving as technology continues to rapidly improve and connected devices need to keep up with this pace We were made aware of this in late 2011, and we began to implement security upgrades to our pumps at that time. Since then, we have released newer pump models which communicate in completely different ways. With the growing amount of attention to cybersecurity in the medical device industry today, we felt that it was important for our customers to understand the issues and risks in greater detail.

    That may be, but what has also happened over the past few years is the birth and exponential growth of the #WeAreNotWaiting DIY diabetes technology movement today thousands of people worldwide are creating their own homemade, closed loop systems. Many of those are being built based on these exact older models of Medtronic pumps that the company has suddenly decided to speak out about.

    Suspicious minds can think of two possible reasons for a sudden warning now:

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    Dreamed Diabetes Technology To Be Used In Medtronic Insulin Pump

    DreaMed Diabetes technology to be used in Medtronic insulin pump D.D. Family T2 for 24 years, pumping 3/07/07,no complications TEL AVIV – Israel-based DreaMed Diabetes said on Monday it had licensed its artificial pancreas technology for integration into insulin pumps made by Medtronic. DreaMed will receive undisclosed royalties from future sales of each device using its technology. Medtronic will be responsible for the development and marketing of the pumps. The U.S. medical device maker has also invested $2 million in DreaMed. DreaMed’s GlucoSitter, which is based on the MD-Logic Artificial Pancreas algorithm, is an automated system for controlling glucose levels. It analyses the body’s glucose levels and directs the pump to deliver the correct dose of insulin to the body, mimicking the behavior of a healthy pancreas. This minimizes the risk of suffering low and high blood glucose episodes. “We believe that a fully automated artificial pancreas will provide greater freedom and better health for many people with diabetes by eliminating some of the burden of glucose management,” said Alejandro Galindo, general manager of the intensive insulin management business at Medtronic. The global market for products to manage diabetes stands at $41 billion and is estimated to surpass $114 billion by 2018. Insulin-dependent patients represent half of this market. T 2 24 years, Met, NovoLog, No Complications Age 67 A1c 6.2Continue reading > >

    Not Targeting Diy Systems

    28 t:slim 3mL cartridges

    Dont forget that in May 2019 the FDA issued a warning about DIY technology and systems that are off-label, even if they use FDA-cleared devices in the system components. But the agency says these two alerts are not related.

    This is a separate issue from the DIY technology warning, explains Alison Hunt in the FDAs Media Affairs Office. The FDA was made aware of additional vulnerabilities associated with these pumps that, when considered with the ones disclosed in 2011, led us issue this safety communication and Medtronic to issue this latest alert.

    She points out that this latest safety communication specifically discusses the cybersecurity vulnerability where an unauthorized person could potentially connect wirelessly to a nearby MiniMed insulin pump and change the pumps settings to either over-deliver insulin to a patient, leading to low blood sugar , or stop insulin delivery, leading to high blood sugar and diabetic ketoacidosis.

    Hunt says that FDA has ongoing discussions with manufacturers and when concerns arise, we work quickly to develop a plan of action including how to mitigate any cybersecurity vulnerabilities and how to effectively communicate with the public as quickly as possible.

    OK, but none of this explains exactly why in this case it took years to address a known cybersecurity issue?

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    What Are The Pumps Features

    • Bolus Wizard Calculator
    • predictive alerts to warn you up to 30 minutes before a low or high
    • rate of change alerts
    • set different thresholds according to the time of day
    • more graphs 3, 6, 12, and 24-hour graphs
    • missed meal bolus alerts
    • lower minimum basal and bolus rates
    • expanded insulin-to-carb ratio range
    • integrated with a CGM
    • 5 colors available or customize yourself

    Medtronic Minimed 670g Insulin Pump

    The Medtronic MiniMed 670G insulin pump works together with a Medtronic Continuous Glucose Monitor to form an innovative hybrid closed loop system, the worlds first self-adjusting insulin pump system. . The pump and your monitor work around the clock to control your blood sugar levels and keep them within your target range.

    The MiniMed 670G can automatically pause your insulin supply when your glucose levels fall too low- but it can also adjust your basal insulin. The CGM sends your blood sugar readings to the pump every five minutes. In response to this information, the pump increases or reduces the amount of insulin it delivers.

    In summary, the features include:

    • Hypo prevention: The MiniMed 670G can automatically pause your insulin delivery if your glucose levels fall too low, preventing hypos
    • Flexible use: You can use the MiniMed 670G pump in two modes, manual and automatic. In manual mode, you set the basal rates. The pump will alarm if your glucose levels are too high or too low. The device will suspend your insulin if your levels are too low
    • In automatic mode, the pump will automatically adjust your basal insulin delivery depending on readings from your continuous glucose monitor
    • Fewer finger pricks: You will need to do a finger-prick test when you eat or need a correction bolus dose of insulin. The device will also ask you to do a blood check to calibrate the pump and ensure its working safely

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    Finding A Medtronic Pump

    Finding a compatible Medtronic pump is probably the most difficult part for most new Loopers. Our suggestions:

    • Talk to friends in the diabetic community.

    • Ask your endocrinologist.

    • Ask at a local JDRF chapter meeting if someone has an old backup pump they’d be willing to donate to you.

    • Join diabetic supply groups on Facebook both for-trade and for-sale groups.

    • Check Craigslist often and be willing to expand your search area to include larger cities.

    • Check out the HelpAround, NextDoor, OfferUp, and/or LetGo apps for pumps.

    • Search Medwow for used Medtronic pumps.

    Medwow has been fairly frustrating for most people poor response rate and high prices. The most success appears to come from either one-on-one discussions with fellow diabetics/doctors or using apps . If you are using Craigslist, you may wish to use an app on your iPhone to make the searching easier. There are apps to search multiple cities at once for your keywords and set up alerts.

    Why Doesnt Endodigital Uploader Work With Medtronic 522 Or 722 Insulin Pumps

    Update: New pump! Minimed revel paradigm 723

    As far as Medtronic 522 and 722 insulin pumps are concerned, the main issue for us relies in extracting reliable scheduled basal rate start times. While we can extract all of the settings from Medtronic 522 and 722 insulin pumps, including scheduled basal schedules, the problem is that these pumps do not store when the scheduled basal actually starts.

    Because the programmed start time and the actual start time can be affected by various factors, they are not always the same. Trying to infer when the scheduled basal rates actually start and stop, when we only have temp basal start events, suspend/resume times, and basal schedule settings is not worth the risk of presenting possibly inaccurate information.

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