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Continuous Glucose Monitoring For Weight Loss

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Can A Glucose Monitor Help You Lose Weight

Continuous Glucose Monitoring? Dieting? Keto? Low Carb? Lose Weight? NutriSense Review (CGM)

Learn how the food you eat, the way you exercise, your sleep quality, and your stress patterns affect your blood sugar , says, one of a handful of companies that sell continuous glucose monitors . This is the Signos approach to healthy weight loss.Many people with type 1 diabetesthey produce no insulinwear CGMs to let them know if their blood sugar is too high or low.But its not clear if anyone else needs the devices, especially if weight lossnot controlling blood sugaris the goal.

How Does Glucose Influence Our Weight

Glucose is our bodiesâ main energy source. Whenever our glucose levels rise, this triggers the release of insulin. We know insulin levels are an excellent metabolic indicator and a key tool in facilitating weight loss. Measuring insulin levels, however, can be difficult. Thankfully, because a rise in glucose stimulates the release of insulin, we can use our blood glucose levels as a proxy. Data from a blood glucose monitor will show us our approximate insulin levels.

Our blood glucose fluctuate for a host of reasons. When we eat, obviously, our glucose rises. Eating sweet foods high in processed carbohydrates increases that rise. But stress can also trigger increased blood sugar. Not sleeping, for example, increases our stress responses and elevates blood sugar. A lack of exercise sees a similar result. For this reason, we need data beyond just post-meal glucose levels. We need a CGMâs stream of data. That continuous access to data shows us exactly how our glucose levels affect our metabolism, and greatly aids our ability to achieve effective and lasting weight loss.

How To Use Cgm For Weight Loss

A continuous glucose monitor is a wearable device that, as the name implies, continuously tracks your glucose levels around the clock. Through a quick, painless insertion process , the CGM affixes to your skin so it can track and test your blood sugar in nearly real-time. Once you have the CGM in place you can put it to work for your weight loss goals by seeing how different foods impact your blood sugar levels at different times of day. This will allow you to tweak your diet in ways that help your blood sugar remain stable, which in turn can help trigger your body to burn stored fat.

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What Should I Do If I Feel Pain Or Discomfort From The Cgm

It is uncommon, but if you feel pain or discomfort, try changing the placement of your next sensor to another part of your body. We recommend not using the same location twice consecutively, but changing the location with every new sensor. If pain or discomfort occurs and you take your sensor off early, please contact . You can stay on track by putting on one of the sensors in your package vs. waiting for the arrival of the replacement.

The Perils Of Paralysis By Analysis

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Can Prevent Severe Hypoglycemia ...

But not everyone does better with MORE data. Too much data can be confusing and overwhelming for some people.

Its critical to understand how to interpret the data and leverage the full power of this exciting new technology while avoiding paralysis by analysis.

This article will teach you how to harness the power of your glucose monitor using only the minimum effective dose of testing, pain, and expense.

First, well look at how the different macronutrients in the food you eat affect your blood glucose. Later, well look at the different options for tracking your blood glucose, including cost comparisons to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

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Can I Take Showers While Wearing A Cgm What Can I Do With My Sensor

You can take showers, exercise, and even swim with your sensor. The sensor is designed to be able to work in up to 8 feet of water and at altitudes of up to 13,800 feet. You can also use it in a hot tub as long as the temperature does not exceed 107.6°F. Live somewhere tropical? No worries, the sensor can function in up to 95% humidity.

What Is The Medical Consult Process

Based on your responses to a detailed medical questionnaire, our doctors will review your history to determine if you are clear to use the Signos platform. If approved, our doctors will automatically send your prescription to our pharmacy partner, and the kit will be shipped to the mailing address you provide. Youâll receive an email once your kit has shipped, including tracking information.

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Characteristics Of Study Tertiles

At baseline, mean body weight was 107.6±20.3kg in the lowest tertile of SMBG frequency, 107.4±19.2kg in the middle tertile, and 107.4±24kg in the highest tertile. A1C was 7.5%±1.0%, 8.0%±1.5%, and 8.0%±1.6%, respectively. At baseline, there were no significant differences among the three tertiles in age, sex, race, duration of diabetes, insulin use, A1C, body weight, or BMI. Nine patients in the lowest tertile, 11 in the middle tertile, and 10 in the highest tertile attended 1112 sessions of the IMWM program. The remaining patients attended 810 sessions .

The Difference Between People With Type 1 Diabetes And Everyone Else

Learn About Continuous Glucose Monitoring For Weight Loss in 60 Seconds

But, if you are part of the 98.5% of the population that is fortunate enough to have a functioning pancreas, EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT.

You cannot turn off your insulin pump or stop taking insulin.

No matter what we believe, it just doesnt work like that!

Your pancreas will always produce just enough insulin to hold your body fat in storage until you have used up the extra energy from the food that is coming in from your mouth.

When you stop eating, insulin levels lower and your stored energy is allowed to be released for use.

If you have Type 2 Diabetes and eat a heavily processed diet of carbs and fat your blood sugars will shoot up after you eat and take a long time to reduce back to baseline.

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Make Every Day A Chance To Improve Your Average Glucose Levels

CGMs calculate your average glucose levels every day, which is more immediate than what a HbA1c test represents .

Additionally, interpretation of a HbA1c test result is based on the assumption that red blood cells live 120 days but this is actually just a rough estimate. Red blood cell lifespan may vary from person to person, which can affect the A1c result. In addition, there are several factors other than blood sugar that can raise or lower the A1c, making CGM a useful complementary tool.8

A normal average daily glucose level is less than 114mg/dL , which correlates with an A1c of 5.6% .9

However, numerous studies show higher HbA1c levels correlate with an increased risk of poor health outcomes. Although it is not well studied, it is possible that it is even better to average below 100 mg/dL , which correlates to an A1c of 5.0% .10

Flatline Cgm Envy Why Are Still Chasing The Wrong Numbers

These days, Im seeing more and more people walking around with continuous glucose monitors eating more fat and less protein and less carbs to maintain flat line blood sugars.

They post their flat line blood sugars on Facebook and Instagram.

A few years ago it was ketone envy. Now its flatline CGM envy.

CGM technology is a Godsend for people who have Type 1 Daibetes and need to constantly keep an eye on their blood sugars. But, while everyone wants the latest gadget, for most people, more data is not better.

If you already have a CGM , you may be interested in checking out How to lose weight using a continuous glucose monitor .

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Calories In/calories Out Is A Flawed Model

The process of gaining weight isnt as simple as one might think. The model of calories in/calories out that many of us are familiar with is flawed and doesnt consider the complex hormonal and biochemical pathways involved in energy balance, weight gain, and weight loss in the body.

The flaws of the calorie deficit model of weight loss can be pictured by imagining the human body as a car: The engine is our cells, the fuel tank is our fat stores, and the fuel within the tank is provided by the food we eat. As we drive the car along, the engine burns fuel to keep the car moving. By consuming food, we refill the tank as we go, preventing it from running dry. In this analogy, if we want to deplete our fuel tank , we can put less fuel in the tank or drive the car faster .

Different types of foods eaten at different times of the day and in different combinations can lead to unique hormonal responses in the body.

The original thought experiment now seems a lot more complex. What happens if we drive this more realistic car, except this time debris has clogged the air filter, preventing oxygen from entering and making conditions impossible for the fuel to burn efficiently? What if the engine oil is depleted and there is excessive friction and wear on the engine parts? This is a more accurate representation of the human body and the hormonal mechanisms of weight and energy balance.

Lumen Trains Your Metabolism To Use The Food You Eat More Efficiently

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Offers Benefits for People with Type 1 ...

When your metabolism is more flexible, you are better able to burn fat instead of carbs, leading to weight loss. By focusing on metabolism instead of restrictive or unsustainable diets, Lumen helps you lose weight and keep it off for good with daily feedback.

Its crazy, I use it like I use a scale. I’ve come to rely on it every day. Lumen has transformed my life.

Bernadette lost 15 lbs and broke through her plateau

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Why Is A Cgm Better Than Other Methods Of Monitoring Blood Sugar

A CGM gives you constant accountability. Its like a diet coach on your upper arm, reminding you to think before you eat.

Many individuals report better dietary compliance simply because they dont want the negative feedback of a visible glucose rise.13

Behavioral change can be difficult. The added accountability that comes with wearing a CGM may be what you need to succeed long term.

Fasting blood sugar is the most commonly used blood sugar measurement in typical medical practices. Unfortunately, it is likely also the least helpful for early detection of metabolic disease.14

For this reason, tracking blood sugar variations throughout the day with a CGM provides the opportunity to detect problems earlier.15

Studies suggest that glucose variability may be a better predictor of metabolic health than fasting blood sugar.16

Another study using CGMs reported that a low glucose trough three hours after eating correlated with increased hunger and calorie intake at the next meal.17 Although correlation does not prove causation, these findings suggest another way in which CGMs can help inform your food choices.18

The bottom line is that having immediate, real-time feedback provides valuable and actionable information.19

#1: Lag/accuracy

When you start using your CGM, you may still need to do fingerstick glucose checks to understand if your CGM is a little too high, too low, or just right.

#2: Price

#3: Obsession

#4: Missing other factors

What Is A Cgm

A continuous glucose monitor is a tiny wearable device that reads the glucose levels in your interstitial fluids continuously. It is attached to your body and continually monitors glucose levels via a microfilamentânot to worry, itâs not uncomfortable to put on and you barely notice itâs there once applied.

For more information on CGMs and how they work, see How Does a Continuous Glucose Monitor Work.

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Study Subjects And Design

Due to the retrospective nature of this study, a waiver of the consent process was granted by the Committee on Human Studies at the Joslin Diabetes Center . We retrospectively evaluated 63 adult patients with T2D and obesity who were enrolled in the IMWM program between May 2016 and April 2018. Twenty-one patients did not upload or had incomplete SMBG data during the 12-week program and were excluded from the study. A total of 42 patients transmitted complete SMBG data for the 12 weeks duration of the program and were included in the analysis . We divided participants in ordered distribution into tertiles based on average frequency of SMBG over 12 weeks with each tertile containing 14 participants. Demographic and clinical data at baseline, during the program, and at 12 weeks were collected from electronic medical records. shows the baseline characteristics of study tertiles.

Demographic and baseline characteristics of study tertiles

How Does Signos Work

CGM For Weight Loss

Your individual glucose response combined with the meals and workouts you log provide the real-time data for our platform to recommend the foods that help keep your glucose stable. When you eat or drink something that spikes your glucose, our AI can recommend exercise and effort level based on your workout logs so you can bring your glucose back down more quickly. When your glucose levels remain mostly stable, in time, youâll reap the benefits of more energy, improved mental clarity, better metabolic health, less risk of chronic diseases, and healthy weight management.

Read more about how Signos works.

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Cgms Could Be Useful For Some People At Risk Of Diabetes

For instance, 1 in 3 adults in the US have prediabetes, which can progress into type 2 diabetes, and certain lifestyle changes may help delay or prevent that, as the American Diabetes Association explains. While the outcomes still need to be thoroughly studied, some experts think CGMs could also help.

Specifically, a CGM could enable people with prediabetesand those with a history of gestational diabetesto better understand how food and movement affect their blood sugar, , a professor of medicine in the division of endocrinology, metabolism, and lipid research at the Washington University School of Medicine, tells SELF. Maya Feller, MS, RD, of Brooklyn-based Maya Feller Nutrition and author of the forthcoming Eating from Our Roots, tells SELF that some of her clients with a history of prediabetes use CGMs for that reason.

However, thats not the messaging or target audience of the aforementioned CGM ads that popped up in my feed, which suggest that pretty much anybody who wants to lose weight or feel better or improve their health would benefit from a CGM. Plus, its important to note that people with lower incomes are at a greater risk for prediabetes and type 2 diabetesnot those who can afford to buy CGMs out of pocket.

What Is A Healthy Blood Sugar Range

People who are metabolically healthy tend to have lower and more stable blood sugars.

But, while swapping carbs for fat may help you achieve flatline blood sugars, its unlikely to help you lose body fat or improve your metabolic health.

At the other extreme, roller-coaster blood glucose and insulin levels can drive hunger. We dont feel good when our blood sugar is falling quickly, and we want to eat NOW! In our Data-Driven Fasting Challenge, we guide people to wait until their blood glucose is a little lower than normal for them. But waiting for too long increases the probability that you will make poorer food choices and overeat when you allow yourself to eat again.

However, you dont need to worry too much if you have blood sugars in the normal healthy range . In our Data-Driven Fasting Challenge and Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass, we suggest that you only need to be concerned about your carb intake if your blood sugars rise by more than 1.6 mmol/L or 30 mg/dL after meals.

Most people interested in fasting are already following a lower-carb diet and see a minimal rise in their blood sugars after meals. The charts below, created from data from people using our Data-Driven Fasting system, show no correlation between waist:height ratio or BMI and their blood sugar levels after they eat.

Stable and lower blood glucose levels are a positive marker of good metabolic health, but merely treating the symptom rather than addressing the cause doesnt help.

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Blood Sugar Monitoring For People With Diabetes Offers Undeniable Health Benefits

For people with diabetes, a major goal of therapy is to keep the blood sugar close to the normal range. This helps to prevent symptoms and complications, prolong life, and improve quality of life.

The development of CGM devices that can frequently and easily monitor blood sugar levels without finger sticks has revolutionized care for millions of people with diabetes. Besides providing results of blood sugar levels, some devices have alarm settings that alert the user, or other people, if blood sugar becomes dangerously low or high. And some systems can transmit results directly to the users doctor, if desired.

And There Are Often Easier Ways To Address Many Of The Issues You Hope To Resolve With A Cgm

Pin on diabetes

If youre concerned about or at risk for prediabetes or diabetes, talk to your doctor about getting screened, Byrne says. You can also start with basic, evidence-based measures for stabilizing blood sugar levels, like more physical activity.

Or maybe youre not worried about diabetes, but youre having an issue you suspect is linked to blood sugar , or youre generally just trying to feel your best. In that case, you can try tuning into your body more often and/or troubleshooting with some nutrition basics. Your body is actually pretty decent at telling you what’s going on with your blood sugar, Byrne says.

If you feel shaky after not eating for five hours, for example, that could certainly be a sign of low blood sugar, and your body signaling that you need to eat more frequently. Or if youre super groggy after eating a lot of dessert, that could be your blood sugar ticking up a bit. Learning your bodys subtle hunger and fullness cues can help you stabilize blood sugar levels. So can combining carbohydrates with protein, fiber, and/or fat when you eat, which helps slow down the breakdown of carbs into your bloodstream, Byrne explains.

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