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Can Walking Lower Blood Sugar

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Should I Walk Before Or After Eating

How walking lower my blood sugar fast

A walk, no matter when you take it, will generally lower blood sugar levels. But because there are many variables involved, it is difficult to say exactly how much a persons blood glucose will drop. These variables include walking intensity and walking duration, as well as the quantity and type of food that youre eating.

Instead of asking, Should I walk before or after eating? a better question for people with diabetes or prediabetes to ask is: What is my blood sugar before and after exercise, and is it safe to exercise?

A Walk After Meals Can Lower Blood Sugar/improve Insulin Sensitivity

A walk after meals can help lower blood sugar, and, in turn, improve insulin sensitivity which will go a long way in altering a poor body composition.

The last meal of the day is responsible for the greatest spike in insulin levels and a short family walk is all it takes to mitigate this spike.

Check out our article on how to reverse being skinny fat.

In a study conducted on senior citizens, three 15-minute walks were all it took to lower blood sugar levels on those prone to diabetes .

In fact, three 15-minute walks after meals were significantly more effective than one 45-minute walk at lowering blood sugar levels.

The 2013 study published in the American Diabetes Association found that: Short, intermittent bouts of postmeal walking appear to be an effective way to control postprandial hyperglycemia in older people.

These findings are good news for people in their 70s and 80s who may feel more capable of engaging in intermittent physical activity on a daily basis, said a researcher.

Another study from 2016 found that three 10-minute walks were more effective at lowering blood sugar levels than one 30 minute walk .

Researchers believe that a walk after a meal can help diabetics reduce the number of medications required to address their condition.

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How Much Seaweed Do You Have To Eat To Reduce Blood Sugar

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How Long Does It Take Metformin To Lower My Blood Sugar

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What Do We Still Need To Know

Diabetes Preventive: will walking lower my blood sugar

In this section, metabolic researcher Dr. Matthew Laye outlines three outstanding research questions around the post-meal walk as a glucose-lowering strategy.

  • How walking compares to other interventions. Head-to-head comparisons of interventions to lower postprandial glucose are lacking. Many of the existing studies compare walking to being sedentary and walking will win that comparison. Some studies make additional comparisons by modifying the duration, type, or intensity of aerobic exercise . In most cases, walking is either better or at least as good as any other aerobic exercise intervention. However, few studies have directly compared walking to, say, strength training, supplements , meditation or breathwork, or pharmacological interventions. We need more data here.
  • How the benefits of walking hold up in real-world conditions. The recommendation of walking 30 minutes 30-45 minutes is based on meals that are mostly given in the lab. That often means either a glucose drink, liquid meal replacement, or standardized meal. Meals of different caloric content, macronutrient content, and digestibility might require different types of exercise or different postprandial interventions . In part, this is because meals may differ the time it takes the gastrointestinal system to digest them and absorb nutrients such as glucose. Some meals might require a different post-meal walk window.
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    Being More Active Is Better For You

    If you have diabetes, being active makes your body more sensitive to insulin , which helps manage your diabetes. Physical activity also helps control blood sugar levels and lowers your risk of heart disease and nerve damage.

    Being physically active can be fun. When its possible, go outside with a friend, connect, and enjoy the weather.

    Some additional benefits include:

    • Lowering LDL cholesterol and raising HDL cholesterol

    How Much Walking Is Best For Diabetes Control

    Exercise and walking are excellent tools for controlling Type 2 diabetes and improving health for people with diabetes. Brisk walking workouts can help you maintain a steady blood sugar level and body weight if you have Type 2 diabetes.

    A 30-minute walk at least five days per week is recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Diabetes Association. Learn how you can enjoy walking and manage your diabetes.

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    Climb Back On Your Bike

    Biking can provide many health benefits, but be sure that your equipment and your course are safe. Here are a few rules of the road:

    • Inspect your bike to make sure its in good condition before you set off. Check the brakes and the chain, and be sure the tires are correctly inflated.
    • Always wear a helmet.
    • Be sure to stay hydrated. Bring plenty of water with you on your bike ride, and remember to drink it.
    • Wear a medical-alert bracelet or necklace that will inform others of your health condition should there be an emergency.

    Whatever you decide to do, its important to consult with your doctor before you begin. Exercise is a great way to lose weight and maintain a healthy heart, but it also impacts your blood-glucose levels because it increases your energy demands. So you need to monitor how your body will respond.

    You can keep track of your workouts by using the activity tracking tool on Everyday Health’s Calorie Counter tool.

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    What Medicine To Use For High Blood Sugar

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    What This Means For You

    The most important takeaway is simple: Whenever possible, move your body after eating. Doing this helps mobilize post-meal glucose to fuel physical activity and curb the spike you might experience if you were inactive.

    • Walking after eatingfor 30 minutes within 6 hours of the mealis a good standard for healthy people, though sooner is likely better.
    • After finishing a meal, taking a brisk walk for about 30 minutes is an excellent habit to adopt. Alternatively, just walking briskly for a minute and a half every half hour has significant benefits on overall daily glucose and insulin levels.
    • Set a timer for every half hour to remind yourself to get up for just a minute or two to move.

    Most importantly, dont let concerns about timing, intensity, and duration stop you from making an effort. When you regularly choose to move after eating instead of spending hours at your desk or on the couch, you build a habit that supports metabolic health immediately and in the future.

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    The Pacer Blog: Walking Health And Fitness

    A brisk walk, especially after eating, is one of the best ways for diabetics to control their blood sugar. Maintaining a healthy weight is critical to reduce your risk of diabetes and improve diabetes symptoms, and walking is the easiest way to start burning calories today. Walking after eating forces your body to use up some of the blood sugar created from your meal and helps insulin work better. Its also low-impact, free, and you can get great results from walking just a few minutes at a time.

    Well cover 7 reasons why walking is so beneficial for diabetics, plus why walking is probably the best exercise to be your core fitness activity if youre currently at risk for or dealing with diabetes.

    Get Pacer! If you dont have Pacer yet,

    Note: Always consult your doctor first about whether walking is right for you given your medical history, and how intense and how long your walks should be.

    What Medication Can A Pregnant Woman Take For Diabetes

    4 Benefits to Walking After a Meal

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    How To Get Fasting Blood Sugar Down Gestational Diabetes

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    Works For Your Wallet

    Walking is essentially free to start, which means its easier to get into and easier to stick with. You dont need a gym or fitness facility to walk, and no special equipment, aside from comfortable walking shoes. You can walk alone, with a family member or friend, or take your phone with you and add as many virtual walkers to your group walk as you want. Your pathway can be the streets you know, roads that need exploring, or just a circle around your house, if you prefer to stay close to home.

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    Just 2 Minutes Of Walking After A Meal Is Surprisingly Good For You

    A new paper suggests that it takes far less exercise than was previously thought to lower blood sugar after eating.

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    Walking after a meal, conventional wisdom says, helps clear your mind and aids in digestion. Scientists have also found that going for a 15-minute walk after a meal can reduce blood sugar levels, which can help ward off complications such as Type 2 diabetes. But, as it turns out, even just a few minutes of walking can activate these benefits.

    In a meta-analysis, recently published in the journalSports Medicine, researchers looked at the results of seven studies that compared the effects of sitting versus standing or walking on measures of heart health, including insulin and blood sugar levels. They found that light walking after a meal, in increments of as little as two to five minutes, had a significant impact in moderating blood sugar levels.

    Each small thing you do will have benefits, even if it is a small step, said Dr. Kershaw Patel, a preventive cardiologist at Houston Methodist Hospital who was not involved in the study.

    Is It Safe To Exercise As A General Rule:

    Why walking lowers blood sugars..

    Avoid exercising if fasting glucose levels are greater than 250 mg/dL and if ketosis is present. Use caution if glucose levels are less than 300 mg/dL and if no ketosis is present. Ketosis is a metabolic process your body undergoes when it doesnt have enough carbohydrates from food for energy. Symptoms of ketosis include:

    • Breath that smells fruity or like nail polish or nail polish remover
    • Rapid breathing or shortness of breath
    • Excessive thirst

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