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Is Sorghum Good For Diabetics

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Sorghum Benefits For Weight Loss

sorghum paddu recipe | jowar paniyaram | easy breakfast ideas for diabetics

Sorghum is an excellent source of dietary fibre and this fibre helps to curb food intake by a sense of stomach fullness leading to increased satiety feeling thereby leading to decrease in food intakes. Sorghum itself is also a low glycaemic index food. Taking sorghum as part of daily diet can help in better control of body weight.

Human Studyhypoglycemic Effect Of Selected Sorghum Recipes

Hypoglycemic response ofthree traditional sorghum recipes namely Missiroti, Upma and Dhokla were studied on six non-insulin dependent diabetic patients. Consumption of whole sorghum recipes resulted in significantly lower plasma glucose levels, lesser per cent peak rise and lesser area under curve in diabetic subjects when compared with the consumption of dehulled sorghum and wheat recipes. Least glycemic response was observed with whole sorghum semolina upma followed by whole sorghum Missiroti

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

After 6 weeks of SE or distilled water administration, the mice were fasted overnight and then orally administered glucose at 2 g/kg body weight. Blood was obtained from the tail vein at 0, 30, 60, 90, and 120 min after administering the glucose, and glucose concentration was determined using a glucocard . Values of the area under the glucose-time curve were calculated.

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Jowar Is Packed With Essential Minerals

First off, Sorghum is extremely rich in Iron, containing over 8 milligrams in each cup. This mineral is essential to the efficient functioning of hemoglobin, which is the protein responsible for the transport of oxygen through the blood.

Adding this grain to your diet, you will be able to enjoy a better functioning of your cardiovascular system.

Moreover, Jowar presents extremely high amounts of calcium, copper, zinc, phosphorous, and potassium.

Among some of the most exclusive vitamins contained by this grain, it is possible to find high quantities of B vitamins, which aid cell-building and regeneration.

Sorghum Benefits For Diabetes Patients

Cinnamon sorghum roti( diabetic diet) recipe by Jonnadula ...

Diabetes is a condition which occurs due to a higher level of glucose and less sensitivity to insulin in the body. The starch in sorghum grain is more slowly digested as compared to the other cereals. It is because that the tannin compounds of sorghum bran have an inhibitory effect on amylase which slows down the hydrolysis of starch and the absorption of glucose into the blood stream.

Sorghum good for diabete as it acts as low glycaemic index food. Consuming sorghum is beneficial for better control of blood glucose level and increase insulin sensitivity for diabetic patients.

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King Arthur Keto Wheat Flour Blend

King Arthur Keto Wheat Flour Blend is the solution to those struggling with a ketogenic and diabetic diet. With just 4g of carbs and 17g of protein per 0.85lb, it’s a perfect option for deliciously baked bread without feeling like you’re sacrificing anything special. They’ve blended up batters with whole wheat flour and created something wonderfully low-carb, nut-free alternative to common keto flours like almond or coconut that will taste great and work wonders anytime you need some variety in your baking routine!

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It Is An Extremely Versatile Grain

It can be complicated to start cooking with entirely different ingredients from the one that you are most used to.

However, if you have always liked to experiment in the kitchen and try different recipes, you should know that Jowar is incredibly versatile and can be used in many different ways.

Aside from cooking the grains, it is possible to ground Sorghum and use it has flour to create delicious, gluten-free baked goods. As this grain is becoming more popular in Western countries, the number of recipes designed, and testes are growing too.

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Have You Had Your Sorghum Gluten

Curtin researcher and food scientist, Dr Stuart Johnson, discovered that a grain used mainly in animal feed in Australia contains properties which not only provide nutritional benefits to humans, but also have the potential the help combat chronic conditions, which are currently the leading cause of illness, disability and death in Australia.

One of the worlds fastest growing chronic conditions is type 2 diabetes mellitus, for which there is no cure. Globally, one in 11 adults has diabetes. Its the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia and around the world, with type 2 diabetes, commonly associated with lifestyle factors such as diet, accounting for 85 per cent of all cases.

Sorghum is a grass or cereal grain similar to wheat. Originating in Ethiopia, its used in Africa for a range of purposes including as a staple food and in fermented beverages such as beer. Globally, its the fifth most produced grain behind wheat, maize, rice and barley, however in Australia, its considered a low-value grain predominantly used in animal feed.

Dr Johnsons findings revealed that although its nutritional composition is similar to wheat, sorghum is far easier to digest and is abundant in bioactive phytochemicals.

Participants reported significantly lower hunger levels and significantly higher fullness after eating the sorghum-based product.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2016.

Surprising Benefits Of Sorghum

Jowar Bread | Diabetic Friendly Millet Bread | Sorghum Bread

Medically reviewed by Vanessa Voltolina Evidence Based

While the name may sound odd, sorghum has many health benefits. Its a non-wheat grain that offers a dietary option to people with celiac disease, may help control diabetes, and improve digestive health, among other benefits.

Sorghum helps improve gut health. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Nutrition Facts

Sugars, total including NLEA 2.53
Fatty acids, total saturated 0.61
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated 1.13
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated 1.56
Fatty acids, total trans 0.01
Fatty acids, total trans-monoenoic 0.01

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Whats The Glycemic Index

People living with diabetes also need to be familiar with the glycemic index and know the GI value of the foods they eat.

The glycemic index ranks carbohydrates by how fast they increase blood sugar levels. Foods with a lower GI value are slowly digested and raise blood sugar at a slower pace.

On the other hand, foods with a higher GI value digest faster and can thus quickly raise blood sugar.

The GI scale is from 0 to 100. One benefit of millet is that many types have a low to medium GI value, so you can eat them more often without affecting blood sugar too much.

Keep in mind, though, that the GI value of millet varies depending on the type. For this reason, some types of millet are better than others if you have diabetes.

Foxtail, little, finger, and pearl millet have a GI value ranging from 54 to 68. Jowar millet, however, has a GI value of 70. It shouldnt be eaten as often as the others.

Its also important to know where other whole grains fall on the GI scale, since youll likely incorporate these foods into your diet, too. Whole grains with a low GI include:

  • quinoa

Jowar Is Rich In Antioxidants

Aside from many other minerals and vitamins boosted by this grain, Jowar is also rich in antioxidants. These have become famous and very well known. They are responsible for fighting free radicals while protecting and regenerating damaged cells.

Among the benefits of antioxidants that have been proven by many studies, it is possible to experience a reduction of inflammation, risk of cancer, and better skin health.

Jowar presents high quantities of tannins, anthocyanins, phytosterols, policosanols, and phenolic acids, which are important phytochemicals. It makes Jowar an essential ingredient to be added to our diets to improve our immune system and general health.

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Glucose And Insulin Levels

Serum glucose concentration was measured using a commercial kit at a wavelength of 500 nm using a spectrophotometer . Serum glucose concentration was calculated from the corrected absorbance, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Serum insulin levels were also measured using a commercial kit via an enzyme immunoassay at 450 nm with a microplate reader .

Is Sorghum Flour Good For Diabetics

Is Sorghum Good For Diabetic Patients

Cooking and baking with the ancient cereal grain sorghum has health benefits for people with diabetes, and those with weight control issues. Sorghum is the third most important crop grown in the U.S., according to the Whole Grains Council. Its not only a nutritious food source, but is used as animal feed, and bio-available fuel. It is also a frequent ingredient in gluten-free flour blends.

Benefits of Sorghum

For those with diabetes, sorghum benefits come from the grains mix of fiber, phenols, antioxidants, protein, and its low-glycemic status:

To add sorghum to your diet look for 100 percent sorghum flour that has not been enriched, refined, or bleached. A quarter cup of this flour contains 25 grams carbohydrate, 120 calories, a gram of fat, 4 grams protein, and no sugar.

Using Sorghum

When preparing baked goods, unbleached sorghum can be substituted for about 15 to 30 percent of your regular wheat flour. Because sorghum does not rise as readily as some lighter flours, using 100 percent sorghum is not recommended. However, sorghum has a smooth texture and a mild flavor so it works well in sweet recipes, and small amounts can be used to thicken sauces or stews.

If you purchase gluten-free flour blends that contain sorghum, you will have to add a binding agent to baked good recipes, such as a half teaspoon xanthan gum, or some cornstarch. Adding a bit more oil or fat, or more egg to foods made with gluten-free blends can increase moisture and improve texture.

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What Is The Purpose Of This Trial

The main goal of this study is to evaluate the effect of onyx sorghum on blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes. Whole grain onyx sorghum is a natural grain developed by Texas A& M University. Onyx sorghum grain can be added to certain food products, such as cereals, pastas and pancake mixes . Flour from these grains, in comparison to wheat flour, contains a higher proportion of resistant starch, which slows down carbohydrate absorption. In this study, we will enroll 24 participants with type 2 diabetes, who are otherwise healthy. The study will be double-blinded and randomized. This means that participants will be randomly assigned to one of two groups that will receive either: 1) food products with onyx sorghum or 2) food products with wheat flour .

  • Ages

Nature’s Eats Blanched Almond Flour

The star of your dessert is really the flour. Almond flour, protein-packed and nutty, is nature’s way to include wholesome goodness in every bite while rolling out the dough for cakes, pastries, pies, or muffins. Nature’s Eats Blanched Almond Flour adds a touch of decadence without many calories to traditional baked goods.

It’s been well documented that almonds have some of the highest antioxidant levels and are packed with calcium, vitamin E, vitamin B6, magnesium, manganese, and copper. Substituting out flour for an almond meal has a lot of benefits: It lowers the calories in your favorite baked goods by adding more protein to your diet without compromising taste or texture.

4.5/5 stars and 7,650 ratings

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Anthony’s Organic Oat Fiber

Why take short-cuts to your health when Anthony’s Organic Oat Fiber is the easy way?

Made with Certified Organic oats, fiber doesn’t get more natural than this. Not only does it provide you with a quick and reliable place to continue getting the soluble fiber you need for digestive health , but it also provides insoluble fiber that supports your heart! With 1.5 pounds of plant-based dietary fiber, we’ve created a great product for adding healthy bulk to any recipe or smoothie without fear of artificial ingredients or gluten cross-contamination! Get yourself some organic oat flour today and start enjoying what homemade meals should taste like.

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Dont Have Time To Read

Millets soup | Weightloss soup | healthy diabetics soup | sorghum flour soup | Jowar hittina Ambli
  • Jowar contains complex carbs, fibre, antioxidants, iron, calcium, and vitamin B.
  • These tackle free radical damage and inflammation and regulate weight.
  • The body digests its complex carbs and fibre slowly, thus preventing blood glucose spikes.
  • Diabetics can eat jowar rotis, bhakri, dosas, idlis, and appams at any time of the day, but in moderation, as jowar contains 300 calories/100g.
  • Jowar benefits those with PCOS and anemia. Its high magnesium and fibre content aids bone strength and weight management, respectively. Its antioxidants can prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • Use Phable Care App to consult Indias leading diabetologists, order medicines, book lab tests, integrate Accu-Chek instant and other devices to get real-time remote care from the comfort of your home. Lets treat diabetes together.

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Expression Of Hepatic Glycolytic And Antioxidant Genes

The levels of expression of certain hepatic glycolytic genes were assessed using semiquantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction as previously described by Atangwho et al. . Briefly, RNA was isolated from the liver samples using the spin column kit obtained from Aidlabâs EASYspin Plus® according to the manufacturerâs instructions. The purity and concentration of the extracted RNA was determined spectrophotometrically using a Nanodrop 2000 . Total RNA was reverse transcribed using the Transgen EasyScript® one-step RT-PCR supermix according to the manufacturerâs instructions. Samples were subjected to an initial incubation at 45°C for 30 min for cDNA synthesis, followed by PCR amplification, using gene-specific primers , 94°C for 10 min followed by 40 cycles of 94°C for 20 s, 20 s at the annealing temperature of primers, and 30 s at 72°C. All amplifications were done in a C1000 Touch⢠Thermal Cycler . The amplicons were visualized on 1.5% agarose using a UVP BioDoc-It⢠Imaging system . The intensity of the amplicon bands was analyzed using Image J software . The results were presented as the relative expression of the gene to β-actin, a reference gene.

Table 2. Sequences of gene-specific primers.

Best Tailgate Foods For Diabetics

As the summer months come to an end, we throw aside our swimsuits and bring out our favorite team jerseys! In America, fall means football, and with football comes some other American classics like burgers, beer, and chips. How can we make tailgate food safe for diabetics? Try these easy replacements before you root on your favorite team.



This low-sugar beer is made by the Pabst company and is one of the safest beers for diabetics. This light and fizzy brew can be found in most liquor stores and is a favorite in the Midwest.

Mikes Light Lemonade

Ok, we know this isnt a beer, Mikes Hard Lemonade Light is a great choice for tailgates. Not only is it crisp and refreshing, but it has much less sugar than a traditional beer and tastes great. The light version of Mikes Hard offers less than half the sugar than the regular version.


Hearty Turkey Burger

Replacing ground beef with ground turkey is an easy way to drop a lot of carbs, sugar, and calories from your burger. These turkey burgers taste just as good as their beef counterparts and can be prepared in the same ways as hamburger.

Beef Burgers With Curry Mustard

These flavorful, exotic burgers will surely be the talk of the tailgate. Using all natural ground beef and whole wheat crumbs, this burger has fewer carbs and less sugar than most fast food burgers, and the curry powder has hidden health benefits.


Sun Chips Savory 100-Calorie Pack


Murrays Cookies

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Jowar Can Be A Great Pick Me Up

It is normal to feel blue or in need of extra energy to make it through the day or a harder workout at the gym.

While many people have turned to supplements and drinks to get the right level of energy, Jowar offers a more natural alternative that can suit everybody!

These grains are incredibly high in niacin, which is also called Vitamin B3, which is mainly responsible for transforming food into energy that can be then used by our bodies.

Moreover, instead of experiencing peaks of energy when they are less needed, Sorghum will dispense energy sustainably throughout your day, leaving you to feel at your best at any point!

Lipid Profile And Liver Function

Is Sorghum Good For Diabetic Patients

Serum levels of triglycerides, total cholesterol, and high density lipoprotein -cholesterol were measured spectrophotometrically . Serum concentrations of triglycerides and total cholesterol were calculated from the corrected absorbance, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Precipitates were prepared for HDL cholesterol, and the clear supernatant was collected according to the manufacturer’s manual. Low density lipoprotein -cholesterol was calculated using the Friedwald formula . Glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase and glutamic pyruvic transaminase activities were measured spectrophotometrically using a commercial kit .

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Nutritional Value Of Sorghum

Every 100g of Sorghum contains a total of 339 kcal of energy, 74.3 grams of Carbohydrates, 6.3 grams of dietary fibre, 11.3 grams of protein, 3.3 grams of total fat out of which saturated fat is 0.5 grams, monounsaturated fat is 1.0 grams, polyunsaturated fat is 1.4 grams, Omega-3 fatty acids is 65 milligrams, Omega-6 fatty acids is 1305 milligrams and zero cholesterol.

Let check out sorghum nutrition benefits, it also contains Vitamin B1 or Thiamine , Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin , Vitamin B3 or Niacin , Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic acid , Vitamin B6 , Vitamin B9 or Folate , Vitamin E or Alpha tocopherol , Calcium , Iron , Magnesium , Phosphorus , Potassium , Sodium , Zinc , Copper , Selenium

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