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Best Protein Powder For Type 2 Diabetes

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Best Protein Powders For Diabetics

Protein Shakes For Diabetics

I have worked with quite a few people with diabetes , and through consistent work with a dietitian and my exercise programs, weve always been able to gain control of body weight.

But a lot of diabetics get to a stage where they also want to improve their fitness and build up some muscle mass. This is entirely possible without messing with blood sugar and insulin levels.

Before you just jump in and buy the first whey protein powder you see, I have done some careful research and analysis with my dietitian to come up with a list of the best protein powders for diabetics.

Let’s see which best protein powder gets on top of the list.

Effect Of Whey On Energy Expenditure

Energy expenditure from thermogenesis, which increases oxygen consumption and body temperature, is thought to induce feelings of satiety. Of the macronutrients, dietary protein stimulates thermogenesis and satiety more than carbohydrate or fat. Acheson et al reported that whey protein elicits a greater thermic response than protein composed of either casein or soy, where protein accounted for 50% of the energy content of the meal. This may be because whey protein, as a fast protein, is rapidly digested to result in greater postprandial protein synthesis. In particular, leucine, which is present in high concentrations in whey, has been shown to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and may also increase postprandial energy expenditure.

Does Protein Raise Blood Sugar Level

There have been many controversies, as to whether the proteins can raise blood sugar level.

We are set now to clear your doubt and tell you what you should know.

Aside from carbohydrates, which are the primary sources of glucose, protein also makes some contribution to blood glucose.

Tip: You may not know these things about nighttime hypoglycemia, but the key is to follow these tips to avoid hypo episodes.

Proteins dont digest easily.

After digestion, some of it gets converted to sugar, and most of that sugar remains in the liver.

Asides the part of protein being converted to sugar, some of the glucose gotten from protein gets stored as hepatic glycogen, but does not contribute to raising how hepatic glucose is being released.

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Glucerna 30g Protein Shake

One common symptom associated with type 2 diabetes is wounds that have trouble healing, per the National Institutes of Health. But a shake with high enough protein can help aid in wound healing, says Laura Cipullo, RD, registered dietitian, certified diabetes care and education specialist and author of Everyday Diabetes Meals for 1 or 2.

This shake is specifically designed for people with diabetes as a way to help manage carbohydrate intake and increase protein intake. “With only 150 calories, this particular shake is perfect for an on-the-go snack, but it should not be used to replace an entire meal,” adds Cipullo.

Calories: 150 | Carbohydrates: 7 grams | Protein: 30 grams

Buy it:Price:$32.97 for a 12-pack

Which Foods Containing Protein Are Best To Eat

Protein Shakes For Diabetics Type 2

Oily fish and lean meats, such as skinless chicken and turkey, are often recommended for a diabetic diet

As noted above, with red meat, its best to look for fresh and unprocessed cuts where possible. Another good source of protein is vegetable protein as found in beans and other legumes. Nuts are another good source of protein.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Protein Powders For Diabetics

Q: Is too much protein bad for diabetics?A: Not just for diabetics but for the average Joe as well. Too much protein will just turn into fat. However, before you start cutting down on your proteins make sure youre considering your physical activity. The more you exercise, the higher amount of protein youll need as it will help in speedy muscle recovery and repair.

Q: Can protein raise my blood sugar level?A: No. It wouldnt raise it significantly as it is only dependent on insulin for metabolic purposes. In any case, when you take protein shakes, make sure you check the nutritional information to ensure carbs and sugar levels are low.

Ingredients Of Protein Powder

The best ingredients are organic, have minimal or no sugar, and are low-carb. If you are an athlete and health-conscious person, you can choose a product with added stevia or xanthine powder. The low-carb and sugar-free formula would be best for achieving your goal as a diabetic.

The protein extracts are obtained from various sources. Make sure that they are all-natural and organic for delivering fast results to your body muscles and posture. The natural sources are mostly plant extracts. Keep an eye on the composition and list of ingredients carefully before buying the product.

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Benefits Of Using A Protein Powder For Diabetics

Using a protein powder for diabetics is quite sensible due to their dietary restrictions. But what exactly are the benefits of using one? As long as the food items are compatible, getting enough protein in your body can never go wrong.

Here are a few ways a protein powder can help people with diabetes.

Garden Of Life Raw Protein & Greens Vanilla

Best Protein Supplement for Pre-diabetes I type 2 diabetes.

The Raw Protein & Greens Vanilla protein shake from Garden of Life is great if you want a meal replacement that contains a lot of greens: spinach, kale, broccoli, and alfalfa grass juice. You get 20 grams of protein per serving.

Some people feel pea protein doesnt taste great, regardless of the flavor you choose, but the product has a high overall rating on Amazon, so its safe to say most people enjoy it.

It contains 3 grams of carbs per serving, of which only 1 gram comes from sugar, so it is safe for most people with diabetes.

It isnt the cheapest meal replacement shake, but not the most expensive either.

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Benefits Of Using A Protein Powder

Weight Loss While Preserving Muscle

As we said before while dieting your body will consume your muscles and itself for fuel. Taking a protein powder can prevent that by giving your muscles the protein to grow.

Curve Your Hunger

Drinking protein powder shakes with 50g of whey protein can actually help prevent hunger. It can reduce the hormones that are responsible for telling your brain youre hungry.

It wont be to the point where you wont feel if youre starving, but rather make you feel satiated.

Preventing Stress

Whey protein powder can alter your hormone levels, in particular serotonin. The hormone for making you feel happy. It can actually increase your serotonin levels to help you deal with your stress.

Using whey protein might help with fighting against common cancers, like prostate or colon.

Skin Care

The skin of someone with diabetes might be drier than someone who doesnt have diabetes. The usage of protein powder can help your skin look young, possibly collagen protein powder.

Whey May Curb Effect Of Carbs On Blood Sugar

Whey Supplements May Prevent Blood Sugar Spikes After High-Carbohydrate Meals

A new study shows adding whey to a high-carbohydrate meal may help people with diabetes keep their blood sugar levels under control.

Researchers found drinking a whey supplement mixed with water along with a high glycemic index meal, like mashed potatoes with meatballs, prevented the dramatic spikes in blood sugar that normally occur in people with type 2 diabetes.

Whey is a protein found in milk and is also available as a nutritional supplement. Researchers say the results suggest that whey aids in blood sugar regulation by stimulating the production of the hormone insulin in the pancreas. Insulin helps the body regulate blood sugar naturally.

In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas either does not produce enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels at healthy levels or the body has become resistant to insulin. Therefore, people with type 2 diabetes are advised to modify their diet to avoid foods with a high glycemic index that are digested rapidly and can cause dangerous spikes in blood sugar.

Foods that have a high glycemic index — and thus the strongest and most immediate impact on blood sugar — include refined grains, potatoes, and sweets.

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Best Protein Powders For Diabetics In 2020

People with type-two diabetes often fear losing good health or not able to lose weight and even not able to build muscle. But being a person with diabetes does not mean that a person cant do all these things. It is now possible both to lose weight and build muscle with the use of the best protein powders for diabetics. However, one needs to remain alert regarding the choice of product and its ingredients.Some of the best protein powders for diabetics is now available easily. Let us evaluate them in detail.

Protein And Kidney Damage


Kidney damage is a complication that can affect as many as 40% people with diabetes. Kidney damage in diabetes can be diagnosed by testing for ketones the presence of protein in the patients urine.

People with diabetes who have, or are at risk of, kidney damage may be advised to lower their consumption of protein.

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Whey Protein For Fat Loss And Muscle Mass

At first glance, we know that having a decent amount of muscle mass indicates that someone is generally healthy. So, clients who want to increase their muscle mass, improve body composition, and reduce body weight, can benefit from whey powder. In addition, whey protein can help people with type 2 diabetes maintain muscle mass and lower blood sugar levels. When someone consumes protein, it gives the body the amino acids it needs to repair and rebuild muscle especially after exercise. Whey proteins provide these amino acids, along with the anti-inflammatory activity that is good for your overall health.

As a type 2 diabetic or insulin resistant individual, you can consume whey protein to improve energy consumption , glycemic control , and improving muscle mass and, potentially even bone density! It is a great way to improve blood glucose response.

For folks with type 2 diabetes who are following the dietary guidelines of the American Diabetes Association, whey protein fits in nicely.

Effects Of Long Term Consumption Of Whey Protein On Glycaemic Control

High protein diets induce weight loss and preserve lean mass. However, there is a paucity of data relating to whether whey has the capacity to reduce glycated haemoglobin with ongoing treatment in patients with type 2 diabetes.

A 5-wk study in 8 men with type 2 diabetes showed that a diet containing 30% vs 15% of total energy derived from protein, with a corresponding decrease in carbohydrate content, was associated with a greater decrease in glycated haemoglobin. In another study, 72 non-diabetic obese men were randomised to receive supplements of either whey protein isolate, casein, or glucose , 30 min before breakfast and the evening meal for 12 wk. Improvements in fasting insulin and homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance score of almost 10% were observed with whey compared to control, but there was no difference in the fasting serum glucose.

In considering the use of whey protein in the management of diabetes, it is also important to recognise the potential adverse effects of longer term supplementation. There have been concerns that high protein diets could potentially reduce bone density and impair renal function. However, a recent two year weight loss study in postmenopausal women found no clinically significant effect of a high protein diet on bone density nor was there any reduction in renal function in a one year weight loss study in patients with type 2 diabetes with microalbuminuria, assigned to a high protein diet .

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Best Protein Shakes For Diabetics

1. Pure Protein Ready To Drink Shake

Due to the ability of the protein to improve muscle and strength, it is highly linked to why athletes with a shake lifestyle perform well in a variety of sports.

With a high protein intake, one would be fit to perform, no matter how hard the competition is.

It contains all the major amino acids the body needs in order to improve muscle and strength when mixed with a balanced diet.

Pure protein shakes were manufactured in order to make up for the protein needs and leave you with a variety of options for your pre and post work out sessions.


  • Because of its 35g content, it is highly suitable for developing lean muscles and strength while providing a wonderful taste.
  • It is a source of calcium which keeps you active throughout the day.
  • It provides adequate nutrients needed for a balanced diet.
  • It is made with water, both natural and artificial flavors, soybean oil, salte.t.c

Tip: Chinen salt is a better option for diabetics than table salt.

2. Boost Glucose Control High Protein

This protein shake is especially for people with type 2 diabetes. It adds to their balanced diet and helps them maintain a good blood sugar level.

It helps support lean muscles and helps in hunger management.

It contains zero carbohydrates and about 25% vitamins and minerals.

It is not advisable for people with galactosemia, but people with celiac disease are free to use.

Its contents include

Benefits Of Protein Powder For Diabetics

Low Carb Options for Type 2 Diabetics: Zahler Whey Protein Meal Replacement Powder

Often type-two diabetes is associated with an excess of weight or obesity. Such a diabetic person maybe wants to lose weight to control diabetes. Some people are now introducing protein intake as a to their Weight Loss Diet as a healthy alternative. However, the question arises whether increasing protein intake helps to control sugar?

The clinical explanation is that protein takes a long time to digest as against carbohydrates, leaving the person feeling full or satiated. It results in a person not feeling hungry quickly after the consumption of protein. In 2017, a small study with a small group of people using whey protein was under observation. The whey protein was helping them with controlling type-2 diabetes as it was stimulating the secretion of insulin in people with healthy body weight and normal triglyceride levels. Though having a nutrition powder for diabetics is a good option, One should always check out the labels to ensure that it has no added sugar, and it is the best sugar free protein powder for diabetics. People who follow a high protein diet using the best protein powder for diabetics seem to have lower glucose levels after meals, which means reasonable control over type-two diabetes and a subsequent weight loss.

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Collagen And Type 2 Diabetes

According to studies, diabetics lose collagen faster than an average aging human being. Since collagen is a crucial protein in the human body its loss can trigger a variety of problems. These problems can then increase the complications of diabetes even more.

The higher rate of loss can be explained by the high blood sugar level and glycation. Glycation is a process in which sugar molecules attach to the collagen in the body and inhibit its function. This can give rise to additional problems like faster aging, stiffening of tissue which may lead to connective tissue disease, and slowed healing of soft tissue injuries and wounds. This can be serious problems with diabetics, where slow healing can lead to complications like amputations and permanent disability.

Collagen supplementation with the specially designed best collagen for diabetes can help regulate blood sugar levels. Diabetics who consume more protein with carbohydrates have been seen to have more stable blood sugar levels than diabetics who only eat carbohydrates. As collagen is a protein, it can help stabilize the blood glucose levels for longer in the human body.

For these benefits, you must choose the best collagen for diabetes. There are different forms of specially designed supplements available in the market nowadays. To choose the best one, you should know its different forms. Choosing the best collagen supplement simply means finding one that works optimally.

The Guide To Best Protein Drinks For Diabetes 7 Best Protein Powders And Shakes With Serving Tips

Posted by MediChannel | Mar 21, 2020 | Devices, Diabetes | 0 |

People with diabetes have a fear of what they are eating, in order not to hurt themselves. Sometimes, they have to hide their cravings and stick with a regular diet, even in cases the food they crave about may not result in a sugar hick or drop.

There are so many false rumors about diabetes food flying around of how diabetics should avoid almost everything, including proteins.

But there is hope, as this write up will expose why you should eat protein, and why some types of protein you eat can be perfectly safe.

Lets start the Guide to Best Protein Drinks for Diabetics by defining what is a protein, first.

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Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder


Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder is one of the best protein powders available for diabetics or anyone who wants a premium quality protein.

The Unflavored version of this product has zero sugar, zero carbs, zero fat, and nothing artificial. Other flavor options include Alpine Punch, Mango Peach, Strawberries N Cream, and Banana Cream, and may contain up to 1g of carbs.

This powder is a great choice for bodybuilders and athletes because it contains 25g whey isolate protein, including 5.5g of BCAAs, per serving. As any bodybuilder or athlete should know, BCAAs are a very important part of the protein synthesis process, often referred to as muscle growth.

They also play an important role in post-workout recovery as well as muscle preservation while training or dieting. Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder is so good that it almost upsets our pick for best overall protein powder for diabetics.

In fact, you cant go wrong with this powder.

Whether youre a bodybuilder, athlete, fitness enthusiast, following a diet program or want a high quality protein as part of your diet, Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder is a great choice.


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