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How Long Do Insulin Pens Last

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Why Might I Not Like Insulin Pens

Storing your insulin pen

Insulin pens are not right for 100% of diabetes patients. Insulin in pens and cartridges is generally more expensive than bottled insulin and syringes. When pens are used a small quantity of insulin is wasted, making the process less economical.

Not all types of insulin are available to be used in insulin pen cartridges at this stage. Furthermore, insulin pens do not let you mix two different types of insulin, meaning in some cases two separate injections will need to be administered.

Is An Insulin Pen Right For Me

Insulin pens can be beneficial for many people with diabetes, but understandably they may not be suitable for all people with diabetes. Diabetes treatment plans should always be individualized and take multiple variables into consideration, including a person’s health literacy, financial situation, access to supplies, lifestyle, willingness, and desire of use.

Storage Of Novo Nordisk Reusable Insulin Delivery Devices And Penfill Cartridges

In-use Novolin PenFill cartridges should be protected from extreme temperatures and sunlight. Unrefrigerated in-use Novolin PenFill cartridges can be used 28 days for Novolin R PenFill, 14 days for Novolin N PenFill, and 10 days for Novolin 70/30 PenFill. Unrefrigerated PenFill cartridges should be discarded if not used within the time periods listed above. Storage at extreme temperatures should be avoided because the physical properties of the insulin may be altered.

Expiration dates for refrigerated unopened product and in-use times for opened room temperature product are based on data generated by Novo Nordisk and approved by regulatory authorities, such as the Food and Drug Administration, to ensure that the potency of a properly handled product is maintained while the product is in use. These times differ by brand and type of insulin, as well as by product presentation , to ensure the longest in-use time without sacrificing potency. Proper storage and handling of insulin products is essential and must be considered as part of routine daily care by both the physician and patient when using insulin.

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How To Use The Lantus Solostar Insulin Pen

Now that you and your doctor have decided Lantus is right for you, watch this step-by-step video to learn how to use the Lantus SoloStar pen. But always follow your healthcare providers instructions.

Rotate your injection sites as instructed by your healthcare provider to reduce your risk of getting lipodystrophy and localized cutaneous amyloidosis . Do not use the same spot for each injection or inject where the skin is pitted, thickened, lumpy, tender, bruised, scaly, hard, scarred or damaged.

  • Removing and discarding the needle


Step One: Inject the insulin

Step Two: Attach the Needle

Step Three: Perform a Safety Test

Step Four: Select the Dose

Step Five: Inject the Dose

Step Six: Remove and Discard Needle

It is important that you go over these instructions carefully before you using your SoloStar pen.

Step one: check the insulin.

SUPER: An unopened SoloSTAR® Pen should be refrigerated until first use. Do not store an opened SoloSTAR® pen in a refrigerator.

Laura: If your SoloSTAR® pen is in cool storage, take it out 1 to 2 hours before you inject to allow it to warm up. Cold insulin may be painful to inject.

SUPER: Check the label on your SoloSTAR® pen.

Laura: First, check the label on your SoloSTAR® pen to make sure you have the correct pen and insulin. The Lantus® SoloSTAR® pen is gray with a purple injection button.

Check the expiration date on the label of your pen. Do not use a SoloSTAR® pen after the expiration date.

Storing your pen.

Does Insulin Expire An Easy Guide To Insulin Expiration Dates

What to Do with Expired Insulin

Need to know more about your insulin expiration dates? With the number of people being diagnosed with diabetes in the U.S increasing, diabetes management has become a daily focus for many patients. Unfortunately, the high price of insulin can make managing your diabetes more difficult. So, using insulin effectively without wasting it due to the insulin expiring has become a concern.

Improper storage of insulin and insulin expiring makes it difficult to make full and effective use out of the insulin.

One common question many insulin users have is, does insulin expire? And if so, then how? Will it expire if it is appropriately stored? And is it even suitable to use insulin after the insulin expiration date?

In this article, well give you a better indication and guidelines on all these questions. But first, heres our quick takeaway answer, then well get into more of the details.

Does Insulin Expire? Insulin has two expiration dates. One expiry date is printed on the bottle or pen, which is one year after the purchase date. This expiration date is only valid if the insulin is unopened and stored properly. The other expiration date is 28 days after opening the insulin. Whichever comes first, the insulin will be expired after that.

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Common And Serious Side Effects: What To Watch For

The most common side effect of insulin, including Lantus, is low blood sugar , which may be serious. Some people may experience symptoms such as shaking, sweating, fast heartbeat, and blurred vision.

Ask your doctor about the symptoms and signs of hypoglycemia, how to track your blood sugar, and what to do if you suffer a hypoglycemic event.

Storage Guidelines: Vials Of Novolin R Novolin N Novolin 70/30 Novolin Lente Or Velosulin Br

The U.S. Pharmacopoeia Dispensing Information provides the following recommendations for storage of insulin vials: An insulin bottle in use may be kept at room temperature for up to 1 month. Insulin that has been kept at room temperature for longer than 1 month should be thrown away .

The ADA reminds health care professionals that even though each insulin vial is stamped with an expiration date, a slight loss of potency may occur after the vial has been in use for > 30 days, especially if stored at room temperature . If human insulin vials are stored under refrigeration while in use and are used beyond 30 days, the stability of these vials may be affected by a number of factors. Such factors include the number of injections per day, volume of insulin remaining in the vial, exposure to light, agitation, and technique used for dose preparation. The impact of such factors is difficult to measure, and the health care professional should advise patients on an individual basis concerning long-term storage of opened insulin vials when refrigerated.

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How Long Are Insulin Pens Good For

There are several different types of injectable insulins and diabetes medications, and recommendations for how long they keep can vary. These are guidelines for some of the most popular injectable diabetes medications.

Rapid-acting insulins

Intermediate-acting insulins

Long-acting insulins

Other diabetes medications in pens

  • : use immediately once the medication has been mixed

  • : pen should be discarded 30 days after initial use

  • SymlinPen: pen should be discarded 30 days after initial use

  • Trulicity : each pen can be used until the expiration date on the carton

  • Victoza: pen should be discarded 30 days after initial use

Important Storage Tips For All Insulin:

When to throw your insulin pen away
  • Do not keep in hot places. Do not leave insulin in a hot closed car. Heat makes insulin break down and will not work well to lower your blood sugar.
  • Do not keep in freezing places. Never store in a freezer. If insulin is frozen, do not use. You will not be able to inject the insulin if it is frozen. Do not use even after thawing. Freezing temperature will break down the insulin and then it will not work well to lower your blood sugar. Throw frozen insulin in the garbage.
  • Do not leave in sunlight. Light can make insulin break down and then it will not work well to lower your blood sugar.
  • Never use insulin if expired. The expiration date will be stamped on the vial or pen. Remember if not in the fridge, the date on the vial or pen does not apply. You must throw away after 28 days since outside the fridge.
  • Write the date on the insulin vial on the day you open it or start keeping it outside the fridge. This will help you remember when to stop using it. Throw the insulin away 28 days after opened or since kept out of the fridge.
  • Inspect your insulin before each use. Look for changes in color or clarity. Look for clumps, solid white particles or crystals in the bottle or pen. Insulin that is clear should always be clear and never look cloudy.
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    What Are The General Storage Recommendations For Insulin

    Most insulin manufacturers recommend storing your unused insulin vial or pen in the fridge at temperatures between 36°F and 46°F.

    Dont freeze your insulin or place it near the cooling element in the fridge . If your insulin freezes, you shouldnt use it even after its thawed. Once frozen, insulin may not work as well.

    Store your insulin away from heat and light for the same reason: heat and light can break insulin down. Dont store your insulin in your car or in warm areas of your house, like near the stove.

    Does Insulin Expire Insulin Expiration Dates

    Common questions that frequently pop up for people with diabetes are: Does insulin expire? And can you use your insulin if its expired? Yes, insulin does expire. And what you need to know is that insulin has TWO expiration dates:

    • Expiration date on the insulin vial box or pen usually one year after the purchase date
    • Expiration date once youve opened the insulin vial or pen

    The expiration date once youve opened the insulin vial or insulin pen is different than the date printed on the box. Open means that youve removed the cap and punctured the rubber stopper on the vial with your syringe needle, or youve used the insulin pen for the first time.

    • Opened insulin vials generally last for only 28 days
    • Opened pens will generally last for between 28 and 56 days after the first use, depending on the type of insulin

    Here are some examples of the differences in insulin expiration dates after opening:

    • Humalog KwikPen: 28 days after first use
    • NPH Humulin vial: 42 days after first use
    • NPH Novolin FlexPen: 28 days after first use
    • Levemir vial: 42 days after first use
    • Levemir FlexPen: 42 days after first use
    • Tresiba FlexTouch Pen: 56 days after first use

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    How Do I Inject Insulin With A Pen

    • Clean the skin where you will inject the insulin. You can use an alcohol pad or a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Let the area dry before you inject. This will decrease pain.
    • Grab a fold of your skin. Gently pinch the skin and fat between your thumb and first finger.
    • Insert the needle straight into your skin. Do not hold the syringe at an angle. Make sure the needle is all the way into the skin. Let go of the pinched tissue.
    • Push the injection button to inject the insulin. Continue to press on the injection button. Keep the needle in place for 10 seconds.
    • Pull the needle out. Replace the needle cap. Press on your injection site for 5 to 10 seconds. Do not rub. This will keep insulin from leaking out.
    • Remove the needle from the pen. Twist the capped needle counter clockwise. Place the needle in a heavy-duty laundry detergent bottle or a metal coffee can. The container should have a cap or lid that fits securely.
    • Replace the pen cap. Store the pen as directed.

    Where Do I Inject Insulin

    Yes, insulin does expire  here
    • You can inject insulin into your abdomen, upper arm, buttocks, hip, and the front or side of the thigh. Insulin works fastest when it is injected into the abdomen. Do not inject insulin within 2 inches of your belly button or into any stretch marks.
    • Do not inject insulin into areas where you have a wound or bruising. Insulin injected into wounds or bruises may not get into your body correctly. Do not inject insulin through your clothes. Injecting through clothes can contaminate the needle and may cause an infection.
    • Use a different area within the site each time you inject insulin. For example, inject insulin into different areas in your abdomen. Insulin injected into the same area can cause lumps, swelling, or thickened skin.

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    How Pens Work To Store And Administer Insulin

    Pens can contain 300 to 900 units of insulin, depending on the device and the insulin concentration. The standard concentration is 100 units per milliliter of insulin, known as U-100, though higher concentrations exist, such as U-200, U-300, and U-500, according to a review published in March 2016 in Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management. Typically a pen will hold 3 mL of insulin.

    The insulin is delivered through needles that range from 4 to 12.7 millimeters in length, and thickness that can range from 29 to 33 , according to a 2018 consumer guide released by the magazine Diabetes Forecast. A thicker needle is capable of giving a dose of insulin more rapidly, while a thinner needle is less painful to use.

    Tips For Using Insulin Pens Safely

    Insulin pens that are in use can be refrigerated or kept at room temperature and discarded after the manufacturer-listed number of days has elapsed, according to GoodRx. Often that is 28 to 30 days, but check the instructions to be certain.

    Unused pens can be kept refrigerated and then warmed to room temperature when you are ready to use them. Once they are outside the fridge, the expiration date no longer applies.

    Keep in mind that cartridges and prefilled pens only contain one type of insulin. Two separate injections must be given with different insulin pens if one is using two types of insulin. And you should never share an insulin pen, warns the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Also, never use a syringe to withdraw insulin from a pen or cartridge, which can lead to dosing errors when the pen is used again, advises the NHS.

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    How Do I Discard Tresiba Flextouch

    Used needles or syringes and any empty Tresiba® FlexTouch® pens should be discarded in a sharps container or some type of hard plastic or metal container with a tight-fitting, puncture-resistant lid, such as an empty detergent bottle. Disposal requirements may vary locally. Check with your health care provider about the right way to throw away used needles.

    How Do I Use An Insulin Pen

    How long does a Pen last? Counting on Frank Experiment #Shorts

    Select a clean, dry work area. The supplies you will need include:

    • The prescribed insulin pen
    • Pen needles and alcohol wipes
    • A container for used equipment. You can use a hard plastic container with a screw-on or tight lid, or a commercial sharps container.

    Here are the steps you will take:

  • Begin by washing your hands.
  • Remove the cap of the insulin pen.
  • If the insulin in the pen appears cloudy, roll the pen in your hands and turn it from side to side for one full minute. You do not have to roll the pen if the insulin is completely clear. Do not shake the pen.
  • Wipe the rubber stopper with an alcohol wipe.
  • Attach a new pen needle onto the insulin pen. Pen needles come in different sizes. Talk to your healthcare provider to choose the pen needle that is best for you.
  • To attach the pen needle, pull the paper tab off the pen needle, screw the new needle onto the pen, and remove the outer cap of the needle. You will need the outer cap to remove the needle from the pen when you are done with the injection. Remove the inner cap.
  • Prime the insulin pen. Priming means removing air bubbles from the needle, and ensures that the needle is open and working. The pen must be primed before each injection.
  • To prime the insulin pen, turn the dosage knob to the 2 units indicator. With the pen pointing upward, push the knob all the way. At least one drop of insulin should appear. You may need to repeat this step until a drop appears.
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    Can I Use My Insulin Right Out Of The Fridge

    Yes, you can use your insulin right out of the fridge. But, injecting cold insulin may be uncomfortable and cause local irritation.

    Before opening a new insulin vial or pen, you can remove it from the fridge and let it reach room temperature before injecting it. This should help avoid the discomfort from injecting cold insulin.

    After the first use of your vial or pen, follow the manufacturers instructions for how long you can store your insulin at room temperature. This depends on the type you use.

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