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Average Blood Sugar A1c Chart

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How Is A1c Calculated

HbA1c Test and What HbA1c Normal Range Means

A1C testing relies on hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the part of the red blood cell that carries oxygen throughout your body. When you have glucose in your blood, it sticks to hemoglobin. This is called glycation. The more glucose is in your blood, the more it sticks. And it can stay there for around three months about how long the average red blood cell lives.

The A1C test measures the average amount of glucose thats been attached to hemoglobin over time. Because the A1C test measures glucose levels over a period of time, it provides more information about blood sugar than a single blood sugar test.

Why The A1c Test And A1c Average Blood Sugar Chart Are Important

The A1c blood test can detect ones average blood sugar level for the past three months. And the A1c Test Blood Sugar Chart also helps compare the result with the ordinary sugar levels.

  • Managing Blood Sugar

Blood sugar or glucose means the amount of glucose that remains in blood at a given time. So, regularly checking your blood sugar levels is very important. A quick measurement of blood glucose at a given time will determine if it is too high or low.

One can also determine how ones lifestyle, as well as medication, is affecting the blood glucose levels. Thus, it can help create and organize a proper lifestyle plan and diet to maintain the blood sugar level.

  • Identification of Prediabetics

Through the A1c blood test, the doctor can identify if anyone can get diabetes soon. This test can help alert the individual to take primary care to avoid cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

  • Diagnosing type 1 and type 2 Diabetes

A1c blood tests help to diagnose type one and type 2 diabetes. It may require two A1c tests or one A1c test and another blood test to confirm the disease.

  • Monitoring Diabetes Treatment

The first A1c blood test result will set a baseline of A1c level for you. After that, the test should get repeated from time to time to keep track of your sugar level.

How Often an A1c Test Is Needed

The Benefits of an A1c Blood Sugar Chart

How To Calculate Hba1c From Fasting Blood Sugar

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When Would I Need An A1c Test

If you have diabetes, you should have an A1C test two or more times a year to see how well your management plan is working. Your healthcare team will recommend exactly how often you should get this test.

If you dont have a diabetes diagnosis, a healthcare provider may order an A1C test if you have symptoms of the condition, including:

  • Lack of activity or exercise.
  • Being over the age of 35.

Alarming Facts About Diabetes

Hemoglobin A1c Blood Sugar Table
  • The International Diabetic Federation estimates that 1 in 11 adults in the world have diabetes, and some 46.5% of adults with diabetes are undiagnosed
  • The global burden of type-2 diabetes is set to increase to 438 million by 2030 from 285 million people
  • India is the diabetes capital of the world. The country has around 50 million people suffering from the type-2 diabetes
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    A1c Levels Explanation And A1c Calculator

    Your A1C test result can be a good general gauge of your diabetes control, because it provides an average blood glucose level over the past few months.

    Unlike daily blood glucose test results, which are reported as mg/dL, A1C is reported as a percentage. This can make it difficult to understand the relationship between the two. For example, if you check blood glucose 100 times in a month, and your average result is 190 mg/dL this would lead to an A1C of approximately 8.2%, which is above the target of 7% or lower recommended by the American Diabetes Association for many adults who are not pregnant. For some people, a tighter goal of 6.5% may be appropriate, and for others, a less stringent goal such as 8% may be better.1 Talk to your doctor about the right goal for you.

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    How Accurate Are The Results

    The calculator looks to provide an estimate of what your HbA1c value may be based upon your average blood glucose results and vice versa. Its important to note that HbA1c and blood glucose tests measure different things.

    Blood glucose tests measure the concentration of glucose molecules in the blood at a single point in time.

    The HbA1c test measures the proportion of haemoglobin molecules in the blood that have become chemically bonded with glucose over a period of up to 3 months.

    However, the calculator serves as a useful guide which can give you a close indication of what your HbA1c result might be based on your blood glucose results?

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    Official Hba1c Ada Recommendation For Someone With Diabetes

    The American Diabetes Association recommends an HbA1C of less than 7% for most nonpregnant adults with diabetes. A lower goal, such as less than 6.5%, may be appropriate for some people who have had diabetes for a shorter amount of time, for younger people, for those without heart disease, and/or for those with type 2 diabetes treated with lifestyle or metformin only. A higher HbA1C goal, such as less than 8%, may be appropriate for people with a history of severe hypoglycemia, a limited life expectancy, advanced diabetes complications, other illnesses, or for whom a lower HbA1C goal is difficult to achieve. Its important that people with diabetes discuss their target blood sugar goals with their health care provider.

    HbA1C levels should be checked between two to four times per year in people who have diabetes.

    Levels Of Hba1c For Normal Pre Diabetic And Diabetic Person

    What is the normal range of hba1c

    People can have different normal ranges of HbA1c. Here you can check out with the help of the hba1c normal range chart, what should be the normal levels of glycosylated hemoglobin for individuals:

    • In Non-Diabetic People: Several reports have revealed that the complications of diabetes can be reduced if your HbA1c test range is below 7%. A healthy person can have HbA1c measure less than 6% of the total hemoglobin. Below 6.0%, or below 42 mmol/mol is the normal value of hba1c for a non-diabetic adult.
    • In a Pre-Diabetic Person: If your blood sugar levels are slightly higher than the normal range then you are a pre-diabetic person. Your diabetes levels are not too high to be considered type-2 diabetes. With a proper lifestyle and diet management, you can control your diabetes at this level through Diabetes Reversal Method and can attain a normal range of HbA1c values is 6.0% to 6.4%, or 42 to 47 mmol/mol.
    • In Diabetic People: Any person suffering from type-2 diabetes then your normal value is 6.5% or above, or 48 mmol/mol or above. This hba1c test range may be normal but there is a need for proper guidance from doctors and medications along with healthy lifestyle changes to maintain the range. If your value goes beyond the mentioned range then it can increase the risk of heart stroke, peripheral artery disease, glaucoma, diabetic foot, diabetic kidney disease, and more.

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    Blood Glucose Levels Move Up And Down

    Your results can vary because of natural changes in your blood glucose level. For example, your blood glucose level moves up and down when you eat or exercise. Sickness and stress also can affect your blood glucose test results. A1C tests are less likely to be affected by short-term changes than FPG or OGTT tests.

    The following chart shows how multiple blood glucose measurements over 4 days compare with an A1C measurement.

    Blood Glucose Measurements Compared with A1C Measurements over 4 Days

    The straight black line shows an A1C measurement of 7.0 percent. The blue line shows an example of how blood glucose test results might look from self-monitoring four times a day over a 4-day period.

    What Is Glycated Hemoglobin A1c

    Glycated hemoglobin is a form of hemoglobin test that reflects the average plasma glucose concentration over the preceding two to three months. Glycated hemoglobin is formed in a non-enzymatic glycation pathway by the binding of glucose with the N-terminal valine residue on the -chain of hemoglobin. The amount of glycated hemoglobin in the blood provides information on average blood glucose control over time.

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    Average Blood Sugar To A1c Calculator

    This A1C calculator might help you figure out what those mysterious numbers on your lab blood test result mean. It converts your hemoglobin A1C calculator result into your typical blood sugar level and vice versa! Youll learn what is A1C? And what usual ranges it falls into in this article. Read on to learn how to calculate A1C, the hazards of high glycated hemoglobin A1C levels, and how to reduce A1C when necessary.

    You might be familiar with the term hemoglobin, which refers to the transport of oxygen. HbA1c is very similar to what you recall from biology class. Although it sounds like a robots name, its actually a type of hemoglobin that has sugar particles linked to it. We find glycated hemoglobin in everyones blood, and the amount grows as blood sugar levels rise. The A1c test measures the percentage of hemoglobin that has glucose attached to it in the lab. But why isnt the result identical to that of a basic blood sugar level test?

    Benefits Of Hba1c Test Over Other Diabetes Tests

    What is A1c?

    Choose the HbA1c test over other diabetes tests due to its many benefits. Some of the benefits include:

    • No need for preparations: For the HbA1c test, there is no need for preparations in advance. A person can do this test at any time of the day. But, the other diabetes tests need fasting. For this test, a person has to fast for at least 5-6 hours. After the fasting test, there is another following meal blood test. This helps in giving the levels of your blood sugar post-meal.
    • No special diet to follow: An oral glucose tolerance test also diagnoses diabetes. There is a need to follow a special diet for 3 days before this test. Along with this, a person has to fast overnight before the test. Yet, while going for an HbA1c check, a person may eat or drink anything as per liking.
    • Convenient and time-saving: Within some hours, many blood tests are done. This helps to detect blood sugar levels in several other tests to diagnose or check sugar levels. Yet, HbA1c is a single blood test. A person even gets the HbA1c report within 24 hours of the test and the procedure is also easy.

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    What Are The Risks Of Chronic High Blood Glucose Level

    Increase your physical activity. You dont have to train to be an Olympic athlete, but you should strive to include a few short walks in your daily routine. Every step is crucial!

    • Attempt to reach and maintain a healthy BMI .
    • The BMI is the most fundamental indicator, but you should also consider your waist-hip ratio. A large amount of visceral fat has been related to an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.
    • Maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet. If youre overweight, dont go over your daily calorie restriction, and attempt to eat even less. Say goodbye to processed meals and sweets.
    • If you follow those recommendations, your hemoglobin A1C levels will almost certainly improve.
    • A higher risk of cardiovascular disease, such as myocardial infarction or stroke.
    • Theres a chance youll get chronic renal disease or perhaps kidney failure.
    • Nerve injury and paresthesia are more likely.
    • There is a high risk of retinopathy and vision loss.
    • Infections, including as skin infections and mycoses, are common.
    • Difficulties with conceiving,
    • Diabetic foot, which could cause amputation!

    They may diagnose you with diabetes if your A1C result is equal to or higher than 6.5 percent. If this is the case, make an appointment with your doctor away!

    What Are The Advantages Of Reducing Hba1c

    Some recent studies depicted that an improvement in HbA1c by 1% for individuals experiencing type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes reduces the risk of microvascular complications by 25%.

    Microvascular complications can be:

    • Diabetic nephropathy

    Studies have also found that individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes who lessen their HbA1c level by 1% are:

    • 19% less expected to experience cataracts
    • 16% less expected to experience heart failure
    • 43% less expected to experience amputation or death as a result of peripheral vascular disease.

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    What Can I Learn From Converting My Hba1c To Average Blood Glucose Level

    Converting your lab test HbA1c to average blood glucose level can be useful to compare your own average blood glucose results.

    If, for example, your own average blood glucose results are lower than the average provided by the calculator, this suggests you may not be testing during periods of the day when your blood glucose levels are higher, which could include after meals.

    You may therefore wish to carry out more blood glucose testing at different times of day to see if you are experiencing high results that you may not otherwise be aware of.

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    Stick To A Regular Schedule So You Can More Easily Follow A Healthy Diet

    A1C Test for Diabetes, Animation

    Skipping meals, letting too much time pass between meals, or eating too much or too often can cause your blood sugar levels to fall and rise too much, Cleveland Clinic points out. This is especially true if you are taking insulin or certain other diabetes drugs. Your doctor can help you determine the best meal schedule for your lifestyle.

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    What Could Cause A1c To Get Obstructed

    Conditions like acute and chronic blood loss, hemolytic anemia, and splenomegaly can cause A1C values that are artificially low. The A1c readings of patients with end-stage renal illness are frequently artificially low. This is because of the chronic anemia that comes with it, which reduces red cell survival.

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    Blood Sugar Danger Levels Chart

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    What Is The A1c Test

    A1C, also known as hemoglobin A1C that is a type of blood test. A1c tests to determine patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. PSC tests, which are at risk for diabetes, are to detect Prediabetics. To identify people with diabetes and to understand how well the medicine is working to treat diabetic patients. Moreover, how was blood sugar control in the last 2-3 months. To know that, this A1C test.

    How To Lower A1c


    If your A1c test shows that your levels are too high, your doctor will tell you to lower it. Here are some useful tips on how to do that:

  • Discuss medication with your diabetologist. Make sure that youâre taking them as the doctor ordered. Mention other drugs that youâre taking for other conditions â they may influence one another.
  • Check your blood sugar levels more often and make sure youâre using the right interventions to manage it . Seek professional help if you feel that this is your weakness.
  • Move more. You donât have to become an Olympic athlete, but, for example, try to incorporate a few short walks into your normal day. Every step counts!
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