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Where To Buy Control Solution For Glucose Meter

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How To Use Control Soultion For Glucose Meter

Contour Next EZ Glucose Meter Control Solution

Use control solutions in 5 easy steps –

  • Check the meter first: Make sure that your meter is working properly before initiating the test. To Avoid any chances of infections prefer wearing medical gloves throughout the process.
  • Shake the vial well: The glucose control solution may be too diluted or concentrated. Inconsistent solution can affect the accuracy of result. Shake it well before using
  • Check the strips: To check if the test strip is still good, apply a drop of blood sugar control solution on the test strip. Check if the result falls between the accepted range.
  • Look for results: If the result is in the range, you can use the rest of the strips confidently. It can be concluded that the test strips are no tainted and the meter is working properly. If the result is outside the range, repeat the test on another strip.
  • Dispose wisely: Dispose off the used strip and store the rest of the solution in an air-tight bottle.
  • Note: If the result is outside the specified range after doing step 3 and 4 multiple times, chances are that the test strips are tainted and not reliable to use.

    The Freestyle Libre Sensor

    • Comfortable

      No painful routine finger pricks§ and designed to stay on the body for up to 14 days

    • Convenient

      Automatically measures and continuously stores glucose readings day and night

    • Discreet

      Painless2 glucose readings with a one-second scan, even through clothing§§

    • Easy

      Water-resistant and designed to be worn while bathing, showering, swimming or exercising

    How To Use Glucose Control Solution

    Using glucose control solution is simple, which is why it can be such an easy way to ensure you have accurate control of your blood glucose.

    Step 1: Insert a new testing strip into your blood glucose meter, and check that the device is powered on, functioning, and ready for a blood glucose test.

    Step 2:Shake the bottle of glucose control solution well

    Step 3: Squeeze out the first drop from the glucose control solution bottle and discard it. Then wipe off the tip of the bottle to make sure its clean.

    Step 4: Dispense the second drop of control solution onto a hard, clean surface, then bring the test strip up to the droplet until youve collected enough solution. This should be almost the exact same process as using a lancet and collecting a drop of blood for a blood glucose test.

    Step 5: Check the test results on your meter or monitoring device, just like you would with a blood sample. The bottle of glucose control solution should provide a range of acceptable values that should come up.

    Note: If the results of the control solution test are outside of the range expected, we recommend repeating the first 5 steps once more. If the results are inaccurate again, its worth looking into a new pack of testing strips, or a new monitoring device.

    Step 6: Dispose of any used test strips and store the glucose solution in a safe place at room temperature.

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    When To Use Control Solution

    Although it is recommended to use control solution weekly, there other times it is a good idea to use it.

    • When test results do not match how you feel
    • When the meter is new
    • When your meter has been dropped or potentially damaged
    • When test strips have been exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity
    • When multiple tests in a row do not match
    • When your meter has been cleaned or repaired
    • When your health care specialist recommends a glucose meter calibration
    • When using new test strips
    • When test strips have been exposed to air for prolonged periods of time

    On Call Chosen Control Solution

    GlucoNavii Control Solution  For the Blood Glucose Monitor

    For use with the On Call® Chosen and GK Dual meter.

    The Control Solution verifies the proper operation of your glucose meter by checking the test strips and meter against a pre-calibrated control solution.

    Three levels of control solution are available labeled Control Solution 0, 1 and 2. Control Solution 1 works for almost all self-testing needs. If you think your meter or strips may not be working correctly, you may also want to do a level 0 or level 2 test.

    • Free shipping from 60
    • Ordered before 18:00, sent same day.
    • Questions? Customer service: +31 85 1303 646

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    Glucose Control Solution Expiration

    A glucose control solution has two expiration dates. The first is the closed bottle expiration date, which is the last day by which you should open your glucose solution.

    The second is the open bottle expiration date, which is three months after you first open the bottle.

    Its important to make sure that your glucose control solution isnt expired, as after the expiration date its strength can change.

    This will skew the calibration results, which would be counterproductive to the whole point of using a glucose control solution.

    In summary, even though it might seem like a hassle, the benefits of testing your glucose control strips and devices can be the difference between great glucose control and a string of glucose difficulties.

    Amla Green has strict guidelines for scientific references in our articles, and we rely on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, governmental organizations, and reputable medical organizations. We do our best to avoid using non evidence-based references in all articles. The references in this article are listed below.

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    How to Prepare a Glucose Solution | Sciencing.”

    What Is Control Solution For A Glucose Meter

    Glucose control solution is a liquid made up of water, glucose, buffers, and microbicides. These ingredients are vital to creating a solution with the following properties:

    • Has a concentration of glucose that can be used to test the functionality of your meter and test strips.
    • Has a pH level that is close to the physiological value of human blood.
    • Prevents the growth of micro bacteria that would otherwise alter the glucose concentration.

    Your blood glucose monitoring system can detect the amount of glucose present in control solution in a similar way to how it detects the amount of glucose present in blood. A glucose control solution reading on your meter appears as a numerical value. This value should fall within the target range printed on the test strip vial, which is based on the concentration of glucose in the control solution.

    Manufacturers often have a few options of control solution that are compatible with each brand of test strips. The different options, or levels Level 1, Level 2, or Level 4 for example have glucose ranges that are different from one another, typically corresponding with low, normal, or high glucose concentrations. Your test strip vial should show the target range for each different level of control solution. Be sure to identify the correct range that corresponds to the type of control solution you have.

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    What Is The Shell Life Of The Glucose Control Solution

    As per manufacturers, the glucose control solutions last for 90 days after the first use. Nevertheless, many manufacturers follow some practices to make the glucose control solutions last longer for like 4-5 months.

    Whenever you purchase the bottle of the control solution, check the expiry date. The expiry date should be a minimum of 90 days from the date you purchase. Never use the expired glucose control solution.

    After each use, re-cap the control solution bottle tightly. You need to ensure the bottles cap isnt loose otherwise, the air will affect the quality of the control solution.

    Dont expose the control solution bottle directly to the sunlight or humidity. The storage conditions are already mentioned on the control solution bottle please follow them.

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    Control Solution = Better Control

    Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Control Solution For True Metrix Glucose Meter

    Monitoring blood glucose at home is second nature to many people with diabetes. In fact, its often so automatic that you may not stop to think about all the steps in the process that may interfere with achieving an accurate blood glucose reading. First, theres the near-automatic loss of accuracy that comes from taking a blood sample from capillaries, which is what happens with both fingertip and alternate-site testing. The blood glucose level in your capillaries is delayed compared to the blood glucose level in your veins, which is considered your true blood glucose level and is what lab tests measure. The two levels may differ by as much as 10% to 15%, depending on how quickly your blood glucose level is changing. If youve been fasting and your blood glucose level is stable, the two probably wont differ by very much.

    Whats your experience with control solution has your doctor or another member of your health-care team recommended that you use it? If so, how often do you use it? Have you found it to be useful in spotting test strip or meter errors, or has it just confirmed that none of your equipment is malfunctioning drastically? Would you use control solution to check your meter if the solution could be guaranteed to contain an exact glucose level? Has control solution given you more confidence in your meters readings? Leave a comment below!

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    Where To Buy Control Solution For A Glucose Meter

    Typically, control solution for a glucometer is available from the manufacturer of your meter and test strips, and most private insurance companies or Medicare will cover the cost.

    Check the manufacturers website for details on where to purchase control solution. You can also check with your local pharmacy to see if they have available stock of the control solution that is compatible with your glucose meter. If none is in stock, you can request it to be ordered through your pharmacy.

    How To Use Control Solution

    Control solution can be used to confirm that your meter and strips are working correctly. You can purchase control solution for your One Drop meter in our online store. One Drop control solution comes in both Level 2 and Level 4. You may receive one or the other depending on which one is in stock at our fulfillment centers. Either one will give you an accurate measurement.If you are enrolled in One Drop through your employer, please email with your name, email, and employer name to request control solution.

    Can I use other control solutions?The One Drop glucose meter must be tested with Agamatrix control solution. Control solutions from other manufacturers may not produce an accurate test result.How to use One Drop control solution:

  • Determine if you have Level 2 or Level 4 control solution. The level is listed on the box.

  • Find the reading range that matches your control solution level. The range is listed on your One Drop test strip vial.

  • Use the control solution to take a glucose reading as you normally would, substituting a drop of control solution for the drop of blood.

  • Check the reading on your glucose meter produced by using the control solution. If the number is within the corresponding range listed on the bottle of test strips, your meter is functioning correctly. If the reading is out of range, please email immediately for a replacement.
  • What is the difference between Level 2 and Level 4 control solution?

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    When To Run A Control Test

    Perform a test with control solution any time:

    • You open a new test strip box
    • The test strip container has been left open
    • You think the test strips might be damaged
    • You want to check the meter and test strips
    • The test strips were stored in extreme temperatures, humidity or both
    • You dropped the meter
    • Your test result does not match how you feel
    • You want to check if you are performing tests correctly

    Testing Your Test Strips

    Wiz / Wiz Plus Blood Glucose Meter

    Test strips have a plastic or paper base with very thin metal or carbon overlay and an enzyme. The blood or control solution runs up the strip and mixes with the enzyme. The meter then passes a small electrical charge through the mixture. The resistance is what determines your reading. Meters are calibrated during manufacturing to equate a blood glucose result equivalent to the level of resistance that would occur in blood with that much glucose present.

    The enzyme on the strip is very sensitive to heat, cold, moisture and direct sunlight. Performing a test and comparing your control solution result to the range on the side of a newly opened container of test strips tells you whether the batch will work correctly. Statistical analysis has shown that if one strip from a bottle is good then all the strips are good, and conversely, if one is bad then theyre likely all bad. So, if your test strips were damaged by environmental factors during shipping, you will know instantly that results will be inaccurate and you need a new batch. You should perform a control test the first time you open a new vial of strips and whenever you get a result that doesnt seem right. If you get a result thats outside the range, perform another control test right away.

    Note: If you get your test strips from Diathrive and find the control solution test shows your strips are not reading accurately, contact Diathrive Customer Service so we can help troubleshoot or replace your faulty test strips.

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    How Do I Properly Perform A Control Solution Test With Contour Meter

    Control Solution Testing: When you open a new vial of test strips If you leave the test strip vial open for an extended period of time If you think your meter may not be working properly If your test results do not match how you feel Low, Normal and High control solutions are available. Use only CONTOUR® control solutions to practice on the system or to run a check to make sure the meter and the test strips are working properly. Using anything other than CONTOUR® control solution could present incorrect results. Remove a test strip from the bottle. Tightly close the bottle lid immediately after you have removed the test strip. NOTE: Check the expiration and discard dates. Make sure the test strip does not appear torn or damaged. IMPORTANT: To ensure accuracy of your blood glucose test results and accuracy of your control results, If your control test is out of the range listed on the bottle,Continue reading > >

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    How To Use Control Solution For Glucose Meter

    The easiest way to ensure whether the blood glucose monitoring system is working appropriately or not is by using the glucose control solution. You can check the blood glucose monitoring system at home by using this control solution. The glucose control solution is the perfect alternative to the finger stick.

    The testing of the control solution is the same as checking the blood samples. Nevertheless, the properties of the control solution are different, and the results are used for multiple purposes. Here, the manufacturer decides the amount of the control solution of the particular glucometer.

    In a nutshell, the glucose control solution checks whether the test strips and glucometer reads the samples correctly and delivers accurate results.

    But, how to use control solution for glucose meter? In todays post, well explain the control solution for the glucose meter and how to use it for testing purposes. Lets get started.

    How Often Is A Blood Glucose Control Solution Test Recommended

    CVS Glucose Meter Control Solution How to Use

    Since glucose test strips are very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, especially during shipping, it can be easy for the test to give an inaccurate reading. As such, it is important to use a glucose control solution whenever a new container of strips is opened, if the meter is ever dropped, or whenever one feels it is needed. A control solution for glucometers helps calibrate the monitor so accurate data can be given.

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    Ingredients Of Diabetic Glucose Control Solutions

    Water, glucose, microbicides, and buffers are the main ingredients in diabetic glucose control solutions. The solutions pH value is quite similar to that of human blood. The microbicides stop bacteria from growing. So that the glucose concentration would not be as expected. Also, the test would not be within the desired range.

    When To Use Glucose Solutions

    Experts recommend using control solutions like, Ascensia Contour Normal Control Solution, designed to check the accuracy of glucose meter and test strips, when-

    • Prior using the glucose monitoring system for blood sugar test.
    • While opening a new container of test strips.
    • When and if the results appear unusually high or low depending on the symptoms of the patient.
    • When and if the strips are left open or exposed. To avoid any chances of infection, prefer wearing medical gloves.
    • When and if the system seems damaged or is not working properly.

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