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Apple Watch Glucose Monitor Release Date

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The Apple Watch On A Path To Become The Ubiquitous Health Watch

Apple Watch 8 Release Date and Price NEW Blood Sugar Sensor!

They started with an ECG sensor for tracking the heart rate, blood oxygen monitor, and now the Apple Watch Series 7 is rumored to have blood glucose monitoring. This feature will be highly beneficial to diabetics since it will alert them when their blood sugar levels drop to levels that might be dangerous.

According to estimations by the American Diabetes Association, more than 10% of Americas population has diabetes, and for those who are undiagnosed are over 26 million. The watch will use a non-invasive optical sensor to monitor blood sugar levels. The sensor monitors through the skin, and therefore without the need for finger pricking.

Apple Watch Series 8 Glucose Temperature Sensors Unlikely

Gurman, who, according to the report of The Verge, has a good grasp of the insider rumors in the Cupertino giant, wrote about the potential health features of the Series 8.

He began by saying that those who are looking forward to the new health features of the upcoming Apple Watch should not expect any of these soon.

Gurman went on to disclose that body temperature was on this years roadmap, but chatter about it has slowed down recently.

On the other hand, he further claimed that the blood glucose monitoring is not coming to the Apple Watch until later in the second half of the decade. It means that we will have to wait for three more years for this feature to be added to the wrist device.

On top of that, Gurman also added in the same newsletter that the blood pressure feature for the Apple smart wearable is also at least two to three years away.

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Apple Watch 8 Again Tipped To Have Blood Glucose Monitoring

The Apple Watch 7 wasnt a huge step forward from its predecessor, but there are signs that the Apple Watch 8 might be a more substantial step forward in terms of new features and technology and those new features could include blood glucose monitoring.

According to DigiTimes ), Apples suppliers have been told to prepare the necessary short-wavelength infrared sensors for measuring the levels of glucose sugar in the blood, something which could prove very helpful for those with diabetes and other related conditions.

This is by no means a new rumor, and there was talk that glucose monitoring would be included in the Apple Watch 7 that was unveiled in September. That didnt happen, but it seems more likely to be included next time around.

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Blood Sugar Monitoring Is Not Present On The Apple Watch Series 8

As you might already know, the Apple Watch Series 8 is capable of measuring several health-related data. This makes it one of the best Apple Watch models currently available. For example, you get to take an ECG, measure your heart rate, monitor your blood oxygen, and much more! While Apple advises users not to use it as a medical device, it certainly helps us stay on the safe side. If we suspect that something is out of place, we can then consult a doctor and present the data it has collected.

Unfortunately, though, the Apple Watch Series 8 does not support blood sugar measurements or monitoring. The new health-related features that this watch introduces are too limited. You get a car crash detection monitor and a body temperature sensor to help females track their reproductive health. Otherwise, you get the same features revolving around safety and health available on the Series 7.

Apple Watch Series 8 To Feature Sensational Upgrades Insider Claims

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The display on the Apple Watch Series 7 reaches much closer to the edge of the watch. Will Series 8 ⦠look the same?

David Phelan

When Apple Watch Series 8 arrives this fall, it may cement Apples focus on health features for the wearable.

According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg in his latest Power On newsletter, a series of new health aspects are planned for Apple Watch, though not all will land this year. There will also be some cool upgrades and, again, they may arrive in time for Series 8.

Heres what we think so far.

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Commercial Players Are Also At It

This is not the first research of its kind. In July 2020, Samsung showcased a noninvasive method for blood glucose monitoring in partnership with experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology . The same year, Movano revealed a wearable device that can measure blood sugar levels using a light diffusion method. But it didnt do much else.

A year later, a Japanese company named Quantum Operation showcased a wearable-mounted sensor at CES 2021 that was capable of noninvasive blood glucose analysis. According to multiple reports that have surfaced over the past couple of years, both Apple and Samsung are interested in the promising tech for their smartwatches.

U.K.-based Rockley Photonics is also working toward the same objective, but instead of LEDs, the company is focused more on laser-based analysis. Regarding the in-house tech, CEO Dr. Andrew Rickman told Digital Trends that it collects incredibly rich data that we extract to measure, amongst other things, hydration, lactate, and blood pressure.

Notably, Apple is said to be one of the biggest clients of Rockley Photonics and is rumored to include the noninvasive blood glucose monitoring tech on the Apple Watch portfolio in the near future.

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Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to arrive later this year, as an update to the companys Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch. The Cupertino company was previously believed to be working on adding support for measuring body temperature in its upcoming Watch Series 8 smartwatch, according to reports. However, a recent newsletter by Bloombergs Mark Gurman suggests that the body temperature feature will not make it to this years Apple Watch Series 8. Meanwhile, support for checking blood glucose levels and monitoring blood pressure levels is expected to arrive in later generations of Apples smartwatch.

In his weekly Power On newsletter, Gurman stated that users should not expect body temperature sensing, along with blood glucose and blood pressure tracking on the successor to the Apple Watch Series 7. Body temperature was on this years roadmap, but chatter about it has slowed down recently. Blood pressure is at least two to three years away, while I wouldnt be surprised if glucose monitoring doesnt land until later in the second half of the decade, Gurman notes in the newsletter.

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How Much Does The Apple Watch Series 8 Cost

The Apple Watch Series 8 will cost slightly more than the existing Apple Watch Series 7, which starts at £369/$399 for the 41mm variant, and that increases to $399 for GPS and $499 for GPS and cellular. In the UK, prices start from £419 for the 41mm variant, a £50 increase on the Watch Series 7.

Heres how much the Apple Watch Series 8 costs:

Apple Watch Series 8 $399 / £419Apple Watch Series 8 $429 / £469Apple Watch Series 8 $499 / £529Apple Watch Series 8 $529 / £549

For comparison, heres the Apple Watch Series 7 pricing:

  • Apple Watch Series 7 £369 / $399
  • Apple Watch Series 7 £399 / $429
  • Apple Watch Series 7 £469 / $499
  • Apple Watch Series 7 £499 / $529

You can buy the Apple Watch Series 8 from the Apple Store as well as a number of third-party retailers. We cover where to buy the Apple Watch Series 8 in more detail separately for those interested.


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Apple Watch 7 Release Date and Price Blood Glucose Monitor or Not?

Need a coach? KWatch will track your steps taken, calories burned and heart rate. It will track your progress and help you hit your goals.

You will get more insights through the iOS and Android apps available at product launch. You will be able to explore your history to identify patterns and better understand your diabetes, in order to share your results with family or doctors. KWatch may also be used as an extension of your smartphone.

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Ways Smartwatches Can Help People Living With Diabetes

Here are some of the advantages smartwatches can have for those living with diabetes.

Lets people with diabetes manage their condition

One of the best ways of controlling diabetes is through maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Smartwatches can be a great tool that lets patients look after their well-being.

Smartwatches linked to a blood glucose monitoring system are one of the simplest ways of doing so.

These devices can act as a consistent medical checkup. For instance, if a patient with diabetes blood sugar lowers or rises too much, theyll get an alert on their smartwatch, indicating that they need to take action.

No pricking fingers

One of the drawbacks of living with diabetes is finger pricking to measure blood glucose levels. Finger pricking can be painful and may be disturbing for those that dont like seeing blood.

Smartwatches can be linked with non-invasive glucose detection technology. This lets people living with diabetes monitor their blood glucose without needing to prick their fingers.

Smartwatches allow you to check your blood glucose levels many times throughout the day, whether youre at home, traveling, or exercising.

Reads blood sugar levels quicklyand discreetly

Traditional blood glucose detection methods can take time to carry out. Smartwatches linked with CGMs allow people living with diabetes to check their blood sugar quickly and efficiently by just glancing at their wrist.

More socially acceptable than checking smart phone

Easy and Convenient To Use

Apple Watch Series : Everything You Need To Know

Going by the rumors, Apple is getting ready to launch some of the long-awaited Apple Watch features later this year. That includes a refreshed design, blood sugar monitoring, improved sleep tracking, and more. But, will all these rumored features become a reality? Will Apple Watch 7 use a mini-LED display like the M1 iPad Pro 2021? Well, only a deep dive can let you discover the right answers.

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Apple Watch Series 7 Could Track Alcohol Levels As Details Of Secretive Deal Emerge

Update: The Apple Watch Series 7 is now official. Read our guide for everything you need to know.

Evidence that an Apple Watch could non-invasively track blood glucose levels has surfaced. It also suggests the smartwatch-maker may be exploring the possibility of doing the same for monitoring alcohol levels, blood pressure and a host of other biomarkers.

Apples potential next moves for the Apple Watch comes from a filing made at the SEC by UK-based startup Rockley Photonics as it prepares to go public in New York.

The startup builds non-invasive sensors designed primarily for the healthcare industry. On its website, it talks of bringing laboratory diagnostics to the wrist and claims its optical sensor technology could offer accuracy in the region of what infrared can deliver on that front.

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In the filing, it reveals that Apple is one of its largest customers and that its largest customers accounted for the majority of its revenue in 2019 and 2020. Unsurprisingly, there arent details as to what exactly Rockley Photonics has provided Apple during the period.

The Apple Watch currently offers optical based heart rate monitoring and recently added a blood oxygen sensor on its Series 6 smartwatch, which is also a piece of biometric data that Rockley Photonics says its technology can track.

Design: Apple Watch Series 8 May Get A New Size

WatchOS 8 release date, features, and Apple Watch compatibility preview

By and large, the overall aesthetic of the Apple Watch has remained virtually unchanged since the original one made waves back in 2015. But rumors suggest Apple may add another new Apple Watch size after enlarging the display of the Series 7. According to by display analyst Ross Young, a third size of the Apple Watch may come to fruition this year. Bloomberg also says there’s been some internal discussion about the Series 8 getting an updated display, but it’s unclear if that means its size would change.

However, there’s a chance this new display size may be exclusive to the so-called Apple Watch Pro. A July 6 report from Bloomberg says the new rugged Apple Watch will have a screen measuring almost two inches diagonally, while the regular Series 8’s display will be the same size as the Series 7’s.

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Apple Working On Built

Currently, CGM relies on a separate device, but one of the most persistent of Apple Watch reports is that Apple is working on a way to integrate this functionality into the watch itself.

Specifically, the company is said to be working on a way to do this non-invasively that is, without the need to puncture the skin. This has been described as the holy grail for diabetics.

Apple is reported to have been working on this since 2012. From a 2017 report:

Such an initiative was first imagined by Steve Jobs and Apple has been working on it for five years. Jobs imagined the solution being integrated into a wearable device, such as the Apple Watch

The report, citing three people familiar with the matter, explains that Apple has hired a small team of biomedical engineers to work on the initiative. The team is said to be based out of an unmarked, nondescript office in Palo Alto, California.

The initiative sees Apple working on developing sensors that can constantly monitor blood sugar levels to better treat diabetes. While specific timeline information is unclear, the company is reportedly far enough along in it testing that it has been conducting feasibility trials.

If youre wondering why we still havent seen this come to market a decade later, thats because this stuff is hard really hard.

Apple Watch Series 7 Price

Apple has kept the pricing of the Apple Watch steady for the past few years. And I dont see any major reason why the Cupertino giant wont uphold the same pricing this year as well. Although there have been no price leaks, the Apple Watch Series 7 is likely to carry a starting price tag of $399 for the entry-level Wi-Fi model. The price of the top-end variant with Wi-Fi + cellular support will cost you upwards of $500 in the US.

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A New Model: The Rugged Apple Watch

According to Gurman, Apple is mulling launching a watch with a rugged casing and a rubberized exterior designed for use in more extreme conditions than day-to-day wear. Apple is reportedly targeting athletes, hikers and people whod generally use it in extreme environments. It will have the same functionality as a standard Apple Watch but better protection and impact-resistance, says Bloomberg. Apple is expected to launch the rugged Apple Watch in 2022, meaning we might see it this fall alongside the Series 8 and a new Apple Watch SE.

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Apollo 8 Command Module

Apple Watch 8 Release Date and Price The NEW Blood Sugar Sensor!

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AppleWatch Still Years Away From Glucose, Blood Pressure, and Temperature Monitoring: Report January 12, 2022 According to a recent report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, some of the most highly anticipated new features that Apple has been rumored to bring to its popular AppleWatch series are still several years away from making their debut. May 08, 2021 · About a week ago, we told you about the rumored new health care feature for the AppleWatch Series 7 expected to be unveiled this coming September. Reportedly, Apple will include a blood glucosemonitor with the next iteration of its timepiece this feature tells the user how much sugar is in his/her blood and helps insulin dependent diabetics take the proper dose of insulin before each meal.. According to a ETNews the Apple Watch Series 7 will feature blood glucose monitoringvia a non-invasive optical sensor. It has a larger display with. The biggest buzz around the Apple Watch Series 7 is whether or not it will include a blood glucose monitor. Apple Watch 7 price will likely be similar to Series 6.

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Apple Watch Blood Sugar Sensor

A blood sugar sensor would be an obvious next step. The American Diabetes Association estimates that more than 10% of Americans have diabetes, and that over 26 million of them are undiagnosed. Adding a blood sugar sensor to the Apple Watch could play a hugely valuable role in prompting formal testing, diagnosis and treatment.

An ET News reports claims that both the Apple Watch Series 7 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will be able to measure blood sugar when each is released later this year.

Samsung Electronics will be equipped with a blood glucose measurement function in the new smart watch Galaxy Watch 4 to be introduced in the second half of this year. It is a no-blood sampling method that detects the level of glucose in the blood without blood collection using an optical sensor, and is expected to contribute to the health management of the general public as well as diabetics

Not only Samsung Electronics, but also Apple is applying the blood glucose measurement function to the Apple Watch 7 to be introduced this year. With the related patent technology secured, it is focusing on ensuring reliability and stability prior to making the technology available.

The heartrate sensor in all Apple Watches is capable of acting as an O2 sensor, but Apple reserved this feature for the Series 6. Even if it turns out that the same sensor could measure blood sugar too, the company may take the same approach and make it a Series 7 exclusive feature for marketing reasons.

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