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Lantus Insulin Patient Assistance Program

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Request A Fax Or Electronic Submittal Confirmation From Your Healthcare Provider

Diabetic patient points to assistance programs providing help paying for insulin

Get proof that your application was submitted. It can be helpful when following up with the manufacturer for example, if they say they didn’t receive the application, says Evans. I’ve had a few where things have gone wrong. Once the manufacturer was switching contracted companies and telephone hold times were five-plus hours, so we definitely didn’t want to have to call them.

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I want a savings card*

With commercial insurance: Pay as low as $0 and no more than $99 for a 30-day supply, valid up to 10 packs per fill. With no commercial insurance: Pay $99* for your monthly supply of any Sanofi insulins, valid for up to 10 vials or packs of pens per fill.

I want support

If you wish to receive helpful tips and tools to manage your diabetes, check this box to receive emails from TeamingUp.

I want to activate my card

If you already received a printed card from your healthcare provider or pharmacist.

  • Sudden weight gain
  • Swelling of your ankles or feet

Tell your doctor about all the medications you take, including OTC medicines, vitamins, and supplements, and herbal supplements.

Toujeo should be taken at the same time once a day. Test your blood sugar levels daily while using any insulin. Do not change your dose or type of insulin without talking to your doctor. Verify you have the correct insulin before each injection. Do NOT use a syringe to remove Toujeo from your pen. Your dose for Toujeo may be different from other insulins you have taken. Any change of insulin should be made cautiously and only under medical supervision.

Do NOT dilute or mix Toujeo with any other insulin or solution. It will not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. Use Toujeo only if the solution is clear and colorless with no particles visible.

  • A rash over your whole body
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Sweating

How Do I Apply For The Lantus Patient Assistance Program

We make it as easy as possible to apply for the Lantus patient assistance program. Begin by completing your online enrollment application and tell us about any medications youre taking, including Lantus. The pharmaceutical manufacturers that ship your medication will also require you to provide information including details about your healthcare provider, your insurance plan, and your household income. The information you provide must be accurate and up-to-date.

Once we determine whether you may be eligible for Lantus assistance, well handle the full enrollment process for you. Once successfully enrolled in the Lantus patient assistance program, well also request your medication refills on your behalf for up to 12 months.

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Pharmaceutical Company Patient Assistance Programs

You may be able to get help with the costs of insulin and medication through drug assistance programs from pharmaceutical companies, known as patient assistance programs . Each program has its own eligibility requirements for people with type 1 diabetes, so its important to check those details. Here are a few programs offering assistance for diabetes medications:

  • The Sanofi Patient Assistance Program
  • Leading pharmaceutical companies have also created the Together Rx Access Card to help people without other prescription drug insurance coverage gain access to savings on prescription products. The Together Rx Access Card offers 25 to 40 percent off brand-name prescription medications at pharmacies nationwide. To learn more about the card, visit the Together Rx Access Card website or call 1-800-444-4106.

You can also find a program by searching on the medication name here.

If you need assistance with your pump supplies or CGM, directly contact the manufacturer via their customer service number.

  • Medtronic: 1-800-646-4633
  • Abbott Diabetes Care: 1-855-632-8658

Is Nicerx A Lantus Coupons Provider

Lantus and Levemir: What

NiceRx is not a Lantus coupon, a Lantus discount card, or a Lantus copay card provider. We dont offer printable Lantus manufacturer coupons, Lantus discounts, rebates, Lantus savings cards, trial offers, or free Lantus samples. NiceRx is a service provider that helps eligible individuals access the Lantus patient assistance program.

Please note that when obtaining your Lantus medication through us, your total cost will always be $49 per month. This is likely to be a more cost-effective option than other forms of cheap Lantus.

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One Final Word Of Advice On Managing Diabetes During The Pandemic

Finally, as you search for ways to afford your diabetes treatments and other living costs, remember to be patient with yourself, advises Isaacs. The pandemic has left millions of people in the same predicament, on top of those who were already feeling the strain. Its important for a person not to be hard on themselves, she says. This is a really for everyone.

Lantus Side Effects & Lantus Drug Interactions

The most common side effects caused by Lantus include:

  • Allergic reactions that can cause swelling of your face, tongue, or throat
  • Reactions at the site of injection, like itching, rashes, skin thickening, or pits forming in your skin
  • Low blood sugar

Lantus can also cause more serious side effects, although these are rarer. They can include:

  • Severe allergic reactions to the medication can cause anaphylaxis
  • Your blood sugar falling too low to dangerous levels
  • Heart failure, if you take Lantus with other medications called TZDs
  • Low potassium levels in your blood

Lantus can interact with other medications. This can change how Lantus and the other medications work and can make some side effects more likely. These include:

  • Thiazolidinedione medications , taken to treat diabetes
  • Any other diabetes medications
  • Beta-blockers, taken to treat high blood pressure
  • Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, taken to treat high blood pressure and certain heart conditions
  • Fibrates, taken to lower blood triglyceride levels
  • Corticosteroids such as cortisone
  • Protease inhibitors, taken for HIV/AIDS
  • Diuretics, taken to make you lose water and salt, usually taken to treat high blood pressure
  • Clonidine, taken to treat a range of conditions including high blood pressure, ADHD, drug withdrawal, menopausal flushing, and certain pain conditions
  • Guanethidine and reserpine, taken to treat high blood pressure

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Sanofi Patient Connection Assistance Program For Diabetic Medicare Beneficiaries

Sanofis insulin assistance program covers the insulins Admelog, Afrezza, Apidra, Lantus, Soliqua, and Toujeo. These insulins can be provided monthly at no cost.

To qualify, you must:

  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a doctor who prescribes you insulin
  • Meet certain financial criteria
  • Not have a drug plan that covers a generic version of your insulin
  • Be enrolled in Medicare Part D, eligible for Extra Help, and have an out-of-pocket spending total that exceeds 5 percent of your annual income

If you are accepted into this assistance program, you will be eligible for one year. However, you can reapply each year you continue to need assistance paying for your insulin.

Helping People With Diabetes Get The Medicine They Need


Lilly is committed to helping people with diabetes access affordable medicines. Anyone who is uninsured, uses commercial insurance, Medicaid, or is enrolled in a participating Medicare plan is eligible to buy their monthly prescription of Lilly insulin for $35 regardless of the number of pens or vials.

See below for how we may be able to help.

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What The Lantus Patient Assistance Program Can Do For You

Dealing with a medical condition is a challenging experience, fraught with difficulties, anxieties, and difficult decisions. Its no secret that the cost of medication has skyrocketed in recent years.

Diabetes medication has increased in price to the point where a recent damning New York Times article reported one in four patients admitted to rationing their medication due to costs. Prices were reported to have tripled between 2002 and 2013, an unfortunately similar story to many other essential medications.

In the USA alone there are an estimated 100 million diabetics. With volumes this large its inevitable that many will not have the money or insurance needed to cover the excessive costs associated with out of pocket payments for essential medications.

Thankfully a variety of payment options are available which shift the cost of medication away from the consumer, allowing them to continue to live the life they want, without excessive financial burden or duress. Recently Diabetes sufferers have hit the headlines due to soaring medication costs, for which programs such as the Lantus Patient Assistance Program can mitigate.

Essential Medication

For those suffering from Diabetes of any form, the need for reliable access to insulin medication has a profound impact on quality of life and halting damaging complications which arise from diabetes. These complications can include Diarhea .

Important Safety Information For Soliqua 100/33 100 Units/ml And 33 Mcg/ml

What is the most important information I should know about SOLIQUA 100/33?

Do not share your SOLIQUA 100/33 pen with other people, even if the needle has been changed. You may give other people a serious infection, or get a serious infection from them.

SOLIQUA 100/33 can cause serious side effects, including inflammation of the pancreas, which may be severe and lead to death.

Before using SOLIQUA 100/33, tell your doctor if you have had pancreatitis, stones in your gallbladder , or a history of alcoholism. These medical problems may make you more likely to get pancreatitis.

Stop taking SOLIQUA 100/33 and call your healthcare provider right away if you have pain in your stomach area that is severe, and will not go away. The pain may be felt in the back area. The pain may happen with or without vomiting.

Who should not use SOLIQUA 100/33?

Do not use SOLIQUA 100/33 if you:

  • are having an episode of low blood sugar
  • are allergic to insulin glargine, lixisenatide, or any of the ingredients in SOLIQUA 100/33. Symptoms of a severe allergic reaction with SOLIQUA 100/33 may include swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, fainting or feeling dizzy, problems breathing or swallowing, very rapid heartbeat, severe rash or itching, or low blood pressure.

Before using SOLIQUA 100/33, tell your healthcare provider about all your medical conditions, including if you:

How should I use SOLIQUA 100/33?

What are the possible side effects of SOLIQUA 100/33?

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Use Of Third Parties To Apply

The Lilly Cares Foundation does not charge patients a fee for help with enrollment, medication refills, or for participation in the program. Lilly Cares is not affiliated with third parties that charge for assistance that Lilly Cares provides to you at no cost. For support, please call Lilly Cares at .

For more information about Lillys privacy practice, please see the Privacy Statement.

Are You Diabetic And Need Help To Cover Your Medication

Lantus Coupons, Discounts, and Savings

Well, you have a reason to smile again. There are certain programs that help cover this expense like the Patient Assistance Programs . This money saving program is often backed by medical institutions, nonprofits, and drug companies. Most PAPs provide insulin medication and supplies at a low or no cost. Although prescription financial assistance may not be provided, you can get prescription help.

It is important to understand that each PAP criteria and requirements for their programs are different. This means that diabetic people who need help have to spend time filling out applications. Not everyone qualifies because a PAP may not be covering the particular insulin a patient uses. Below are examples of these programs.

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S For Insured Patients

If youre about to take insulin, choose one thats preferred:

  • Find your preferred pharmacy. Is it retail? Mail order? Along with what insulin is preferred, youll want to ask your insurer, Whats my preferred pharmacy?

  • If youre already taking insulin, but NOT one thats preferred, heres what you can do:

    If you and your doctor dont want to switch your insulin, this is where your endocrine or internists office can fill out a prior authorization stating that you have to be on your current insulin due to reasons like fluctuating blood sugars, intolerance to other agents, etc. Most of the time with a prior authorization filled out by your doctors office, that will work.

    Additionally, remember to take advantage of savings cards listed below. Savings cards are often billed on top of your insurance, so your physicians office will still have to get your insulin covered with a prior authorization if its not a preferred choice. This may take two weeks or longer. Its possible for your insurer to deny the original authorization request, in which case, youll have to submit an appeal, so leave some time.

    You May Be Eligible For The Lilly Cares Program If:

    • You are a permanent, legal resident of the United States, Puerto Rico, or U.S. Virgin Islands.
    • Your healthcare provider has prescribed a qualifying Lilly medication.
    • You have no insurance or you have Medicare Part D.
    • You are not enrolled in Medicaid, full Low Income Subsidy or Veterans Benefits.
    • Humatrope patients: Call Lilly Cares to review eligibility requirements.
    • You meet the household income guidelines for the program.

    See applications for additional program guidelines.

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    Can You Get Free Insulin

    If youre looking for free insulin, then this article should help you. It may also be a good idea for you to look into joining our program to see how much we can save you on your insulin.

    Can you get free insulin? There are many patient assistance programs that offer free insulin for one year or more. But these programs require patients to meet certain minimum household income, citizenship, or residency eligibility. Novo Nordisk, Lilly Cares, and Sanofi are famous companies that offer free insulin through their PAPs.

    Healthcare costs are continuously affecting those with diabetes. The average out-of-pocket cost for an American diabetic is $360 per month.

    This is a growing sum that many are struggling to pay or find a way of paying. The stories of many people who still suffer due to lack of insulin are a major concern.

    So, knowing where you can obtain insulin at a much lower price may ease peoples suffering, or possibly even save a life, and is therefore critically important. So, lets give you a clear guide on how to get free insulin when you have no other option.

    Before beginning on other alternative methods, here are the three largest manufacturers that offer free insulin to patients with low income for a year or more. They also provide other cheap diabetic supplies to those who deserve and meet their requirements.

    The Role Of Prescription Hope

    Lantus SOLOSTAR

    Applying and being accepted into these patient assistance programs can be very difficult and tedious. Each manufacturer has its own qualifications that you have to meet, which means each one requires different information.

    For example, if you are applying to two different PAP programs, you have to provide all different types of information specific to that manufacturer. Prescription Hope simplifies this process for you. You submit one form to us, and we do the hard work.

    The pharmaceutical companies have their reasons for having PAPs, but one reason could be that it is a social obligation. Regardless of their reasons, it can be challenging to have cooperation from them. It could be that the paperwork gets lost, or the priority to fulfill the PAP application isnt high on the list. Prescription Hope has streamlined this process for you so that you can trust us to get you the help you need.

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    Group 3 Medications: For Patients Who Have No Insurance Or Have Medicare Part D And Have A Household Annual Adjusted Gross Income 500% Fpl

    • Humatrope® for injection

    You can choose to fill out your application in one of three ways:

  • You can complete an online application.
  • You can download a blank application, print it, and then fill in your information by hand.
  • You can download a blank application, fill in the application on your computer, then save and print the completed application.
  • Am I Eligible For The Lantus Patient Assistance Program

    To be eligible for Lantus assistance, you will need to meet the specific eligibility criteria defined by the program. We review every application individually, although the main factors considered by most patient assistance programs are:

    • I am a permanent, legal resident of the United States or Puerto Rico
    • I am uninsured or my insurance doesnt cover my medication
    • I meet certain income eligibility requirements

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    Expand The Important Safety Information


    Important Facts About BASAGLAR®. It is also known as insulin glargine injection.

    BASAGLAR is a long-acting insulin that is only available with a prescription. It is used to control high blood sugar in:

    • adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes
    • children with type 1 diabetes

    It is not known if BASAGLAR is safe and effective in children with type 2 diabetes or in children younger than 6 years with type 1 diabetes. There were no studies done with BASAGLAR in these groups of children. If your doctor decides to give your child BASAGLAR, he or she may give you special instructions.

    BASAGLAR is not used to treat diabetic ketoacidosis.


    Talk with your doctor about low blood sugar and how to manage it. Tell your doctor:

    • about all of the medicines you take, including over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements.
    • about any other prescription medicines you take, especially ones called TZDs.
    • about all of your medical conditions, including if you have heart failure or other heart, liver, or kidney problems. If you have heart failure, it may get worse while you take TZDs with BASAGLAR.
    • if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or plan to become pregnant. It is not known if BASAGLAR may harm your unborn or breastfeeding baby.

    How to take

    Before injecting your BASAGLAR You can inject BASAGLAR yourself, or you can have a trained caregiver inject it for you. Make sure you or your caregiver:

    When you are ready to inject

    Be sure you do not:

    Learn more

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