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St Vincent’s Diabetes Clinic

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Our Endocrinologists Are Dedicated To Providing The Highest Standard Of Care For Hormonal And Metabolic Disorders

Dr. Castro Bali, Endocrinology, CHI St. Vincent, Little Rock, Arkansas

An endocrinologist helps people who have a problem with one of their endocrine glands.

These include the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland, the parathyroid gland, the adrenal gland, the pancreas, the ovaries and the testes.

Endocrine glands secrete hormones that affect various body functions. For example, your pancreas secretes insulin in response to elevated blood glucose levels. Insulin grabs the glucose and stores it safely in tissues. If your pancreas fails to secrete sufficient insulin, your blood glucose levels become too high a condition called diabetes.

Our endocrinologists

As well as general endocrinology and diabetes, our endocrinologists special interests include pituitary and growth disorders, osteoporosis, nutrition, infertility and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Diabetes Ireland Response To Pressure On Services At Svuh

You may have seen recent media coverage on the diabetes clinic at St Vincents University Hospital . Recently the clinic has been forced to extend the wait between their annual check up appointments to 18 months due to pressures on the service. To read any of the articles just click on the link below.

This a response from Dr Anna Clarke, health promotion manager with Diabetes Ireland.

This problem is not unique to SVUH and is replicated nationwide. People with uncomplicated diabetes should be seen at minimum 4 monthly so that they can be properly supported and their diabetes management reviewed so that they stay uncomplicated.

The only way forward is for all people with diabetes to have a GP visit card so that people with uncomplicated diabetes can get quality care that is local and convenient to them. The HSE have invested in community diabetes nurse specialists and it is essential that all people with diabetes can access their expertise through their local GP.

The Diabetes National Working Group have worked on a plan for the last two years and must be pushed to publish it and have it implemented promptly. The National Working Group published their Model of Care for the Diabetic Foot in 2011 and where it is being implemented already see positive results.

Physical Occupational And Speech Therapy

These specialty clinics provide physical rehabilitation services and speech therapy.

Occupational Therapy appointments are available on Wednesday afternoons.

Physical Therapy appointments are available on Thursday afternoons.

Speech Therapy appointments are available

St. Vincents House Physical Therapy Clinic

Physical Therapists evaluate and treat movement problems to improve quality of life. PTs design treatment plans for each person’s individual goals to improve mobility, strength, balance, motion, manage pain and chronic conditions, and recover from injury. Examples of common conditions seen at St. Vincents PT clinic: pain, weakness, poor posture, walking or balance problems, falls, stroke or brain injury, fracture, trauma, surgery.

Criteria for receiving care at St. Vincents Physical Therapy Clinic

  • Referral for physical therapy from Physician , Physician Assistant , or Nurse Practitioner

  • Available to attend PT sessions during clinic hours at St. Vincents House: Wednesday appointments at 1:30 pm or 2:30 pm

  • Consent to work with student physical therapists under direct supervision of licensed PT faculty

  • Willing to do home exercise program in between PT sessions

  • No health insurance

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Whats Involved In Treating My Child With Type 1 Diabetes

  • Diabetes cannot be cured yet.
  • It can be managed.
  • The management of Type 1 Diabetes involves a combination of insulin by injection or pump, exercise, diet management and regular blood sugar measurements.
  • Queensland Paediatric Endocrinology recommends that all newly diagnosed children with Type 1 Diabetes start on an insulin pump as soon as possible . This requires a short admission into hospital: Mater Childrens or Wesley in Brisbane or St Vincents in Toowoomba. If your child has been admitted into a public hospital, hospital transfer can be arranged.
  • While we advocate insulin pumps, some families choose multiple daily injections of insulin: our experienced diabetes educator teaches correct injection techniques.
  • Children with Type 1 Diabetes need regular specialist care as their medical needs change as they grow. Activities and illness also affect their treatments.
  • Queensland Paediatric Endocrinology provides the team back-up needed for your child to develop to their full potential.

What Is A Treatment For Diabetes

CHI St. Vincent Diabetes &  Endocrinology Clinic

The treatment options for diabetes depends on the type:

  • Type 1 diabetes: Insulin injections have to be taken as the body produces little or no insulin. You will have to maintain a strict diet and exercise plan to maintain a steady level of glucose in the blood.
  • Type 2 diabetes: Healthy eating and increased physical activity promoting a healthy weight is important. You may be also prescribed medication to regulate the levels of insulin in your body. These may be taken orally or as injections.

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Be Careful About Medicare Scams

Protect yourself and your loved ones by learning about the most common Medicare scams and how to determine whether communication from your doctor, your insurer or the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is legitimate. Scams claiming to be with Medicare are targeting patients and fraudulent activity tends to increase around the Medicare Open Enrollment period. Remember, if you get a phone call and you’re even slightly suspicious, do not share your ID number, home address or other personal information. Hang up and call your doctor or Medicare at the number on your card. Report anything suspicious to Medicare. If you suspect fraud, call 1-800-MEDICARE.

Caring For Your Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that can affect other parts of your health. At Ascension St. Vincents Riverside, we have a network of doctors working with our diabetes teams to deliver specialty care for heart disease, kidney failure, nerve pain, eyesight changes, and hard-to-heal foot and skin ulcers.

Ascension St. Vincents Riverside Diabetes Care and Endocrinology offers a variety of services to help you make important lifestyle changes and learn the skills necessary to stay healthy, including:

  • Learn about diabetes, glucose monitoring devices and apps
  • Understand your bodys cues for insulin, diabetes medications, and healthy food choices
  • Follow an effective meal plan and activity routine thats right for you
  • Learn how diabetes can affect stress levels and mood changes

A doctors referral is needed to register for our program.

If you are experiencing a diabetes-related medical emergency, go to the nearest ER and call 9-1-1.

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Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Diabetes Centre
  • Their model of care remains forward thinking and best practice
  • The ongoing emphasis on research, academic excellence and contributions to the wider diabetes agenda nationally is admirable
  • Their database is to die for
  • National and international leadership established and maintained over several decades
  • Significant contribution made by the RPA team in the capacity of serving on professional bodies, participation, formulation of national and international policies and guidelines
  • RPAs High Risk Foot Service is NADC Centre of Excellence
  • The number, the diverse topics and method of delivery for external HCP education activities
  • Involvement in innovation and education and clinical support including diabetes-related apps
  • Extensive involvement in research and peer reviewed publications.
  • Ongoing and continued nurturing of partnership and
  • Involvement in Sydney Diabetes Strategic Plan 2019 2024 plus own service strategic plan.

Ascension St Vincent Adult Diabetes Care And Endocrinology

Dr Archana Jarathi Endocrinology CHI St Vincent Little Rock Arkansas

When an order for “diabetes education” is received, you will be contacted to set up an appointment for your education.For more information, please call .

Ascension St. Vincent Diabetes Care is available at many locations for individuals with Type 1, Type 1.5 or Type 2 diabetes and those identified as pre-diabetic. Ascension St. Vincent Medical Group endocrinologists, diabetic nurse educators, and dietitians are available to help each patient achieve an optimal balance, to better manage diabetes, and to feel your best.

Diabetic support focuses on building self-management skills, recognizing impaired glucose tolerances, monitoring blood glucose, administering insulin, managing medications and side effects, and preventing diabetic-related conditions .

Classes and support groups discuss exercise, stress, nutrition and quality of life goal setting. Pediatric endocrinology and diabetes clinic is available at Peyton Manning Childrens Hospital at Ascension St. Vincent Indianapolis. Adult diabetes care is available any many Ascension St. Vincent locations.

We provide a variety of group and individual classes that cover all the key content areas needed to learn about managing diabetes.

We can help develop an individual program that best fits your lifestyle and provide diabetes education services for individuals with diabetes and their families.

Individual classes help participants learn how to control and manage diabetes.

Our self-management training program allows patients to:

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About Scl Health Medical Group

Were happy to tell you about us: our compassionate caregivers, our clinical excellence, our award-winning care and even our beautiful facilities and campuses. But when you trust us with your health, its really all about you. Our patients and families are the center of our thoughts, communications and actions.

What If Diabetes Is Untreated

If left untreated, blood sugar can reach abnormally high levels leading to a condition called hyperglycaemia. Uncontrolled diabetes can result in complications such as damage to tiny blood vessels of the eyes, heart, kidneys and brain, leading to heart disease, stroke, blindness and kidney disease.

Other problems include nerve damage, which can cause loss of sensitivity in various parts of the body, and poor blood flow to the feet, which can make them susceptible to poorly healing cuts and blisters that may require amputation.

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Optometrist & Vision Clinic

In partnership with Prevent Blindness and the Galveston Chapter of the Lions Club International, St. Vincent’s House is able to offer vision testing with referrals to local optometrists with financial assistance to secure glasses when needed.

St. Vincent’s House welcomes your donation of:

  • Used glasses, with or without lenses. These will be repurposed for use through the Lions Club.

  • Your financial support enables us to underwrite the cost of lenses and frames for SVH clients as needed.

  • Patient And Visitor Handbook

    St. Vincent Medical Center To Be Used as Coronavirus ...

    Our handbook contains all the important information you need when visiting our hospital whether you are a patient or a visitor.

    • Travelling to and from the hospital
    • Elective admission information
    • Information on what we will do to get you home
    • Data protection

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    Family Service Center Mental Health Clinic

    Through a partnership with Family Service Center of Galveston County, St. Vincent’s House is able to offer mental health services 6 days a week by appointment.

    Family and individual counseling are available.

    For appointments call: 409-763-8521 if you or someone you know might benefit from talking with a counselor.

    Scl Health Medical Group

    SCL Health Medical Group – Montana is a network of primary and specialty care clinics serving adults and kids in Montana and Wyoming. At our clinics you will always have someone to answer your questions and address your concerns. We provide primary care for your whole family and can also connect you with our network of specialists if you have a specific medical condition. We also focus on providing care to the rural areas of Montana and Wyoming so you dont have to travel far for excellent care.

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    Helping You Manage Your Diabetes

    Our team of doctors, certified diabetes educators, nurses and registered dietitians at Ascension St. Vincents Riverside are here to help. We offer care for children and adults with pre-diabetes symptoms, type 1 and 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, and other endocrine disorders. Working with your primary care doctor and endocrinology specialist, we deliver personalized care for your needs.

    Utmb Evening & Saturday Clinic

    Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic, Physician Assistant, Laura O’Hern discusses symptoms of diabetes

    The UTMB Student Directed Clinics offer appointments on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4:30-7:00 and Saturday mornings from 9:00am-1:00pm, offering treatment for acute and chronic health needs.

    For support email:

    Your financial support enables us to provide medicines and health management supplies for HOPE Clinic clients as needed.

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    St Vincent Family Health Center

    Comprehensive Primary Care

    The St. Vincent Family Health Center offers primary care and family medicine with its six dedicated and skilled providers. Appointments are recommended, though there are usually some open appointments for daily walk-ins.

    • Primary care for all ages, from infancy to seniors
    • Womens health, including pregnancy, prenatal care and maternity care
    • Mens health
    • Employment, DOT, and sports physicals
    • Vaccinations for children
    • Veterans Choice Plus services
    • Workers Compensation
    • Altitude sickness care and oxygen therapy
    • Chiropractic care
    • Mental health services
    • Sports medicine

    The St. Vincent Family Health Center practice philosophy is to set the standard for evidence-based and patient-centered family practice care in Lake County and the region.

    735 U.S. Highway 24 South, Leadville | 486-0230


    Monday Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Urgent Care is now located at the St. Vincent Health emergency department at 822 W. 4th Street, a dual-track service offering both emergency medicine and urgent care.

    Who We Are

    SCL Health Medical Group – Billings Diabetes is dedicated to teaching adults and children with diabetes to become empowered to care for themselves properly. Our interdisciplinary team includes nurses, dietitians, physicians, pharmacists, physical therapists, a counselor and an American Diabetes Association representative. Five members of the Diabetes Team are Certified Diabetes Educators. We are part of the St. Vincent Healthcare network, meaning you have access to the highest levels of expert care close to home. We provide patients in Billings and our surrounding area with some of the countrys best cardiac care.

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