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What Is An Omnipod Insulin Pump

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New Insulin Pump Comparisons And Reviews

My First Week Using The Omnipod Insulin Pump!

Insulin pumps are NOT commodities. There are differences between systems that make certain pumps better options for certain individuals. It is astounding that so many people are given little to no choice when it comes to selecting an insulin pump. Given that pump warranties last longer than the average marriage, it makes sense to invest some time in comparing the various devices before making a selection. Every member of our clinical team has personal and professional experience with every make and model of insulin pump. We are not employed by any pump company, and we are not easily pressured , so we can offer you fair and impartial information/insight. Please use our pump comparisons to help make an educated decision. We have listed the positive and negative features that are unique to each pump. Features that are common to all pumps, such as allowing for multiple basal patterns, are not included. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. If you would like some expert input, feel free to contact our office and schedule some time to meet or speak with one of our clinicians. And for assistance applying your pump to achieve the best possible glucose management, please reach out.Continue reading > >

Insulet To Develop New Version Of The Omnipod Insulin Pump For Use With Humulin R U

BEDFORD, MA — Insulet Corporation , the leader in tubeless insulin pump technology with its OmniPod® Insulin Management System, today announced it has entered into an agreement with Eli Lilly and Company in which Insulet will develop a new version of the OmniPod insulin pump specifically designed to deliver Humulin® R U-500 insulin, , a concentrated form of insulin used by people with highly insulin resistant type 2 diabetes. Insulet is partnering with Eli Lilly and Company on the clinical development program to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the combined delivery system.

As the incidence of severe insulin resistance continues to rise, more and more people with type 2 diabetes are requiring significantly higher doses of insulin in order to control their blood glucose. This new version of the OmniPod System would be the first insulin pump designed with specific feature modifications to deliver Humulin® R U-500 insulin. Given the rapid increases in rates of obesity and corresponding increases in daily insulin requirements, the new delivery system, if approved, would represents a significant and growing opportunity for people with highly insulin resistant type 2 diabetes to potentially better manage their disease with such a product.

About Humulin R U-500

Humulin R U-500 is indicated as an adjunct to diet and exercise to improve glycemic control in adults and children with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus.



Adverse Reactions

What Is The Omnipod 5

The Omnipod 5 consists of three components:

  • The Pod: A tubeless, wearable insulin pump with the AID algorithm embedded into it. The Pod can be worn for up to three days and can hold 200 U of rapid acting insulin.

  • A Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor .

  • Omnipod 5 mobile app that comes pre-downloaded on a controller provided by Insulet or can be downloaded onto a compatible Android smartphone. The Omnipod 5 app allows the user to have full smartphone control over both basal and bolus rates for the system.

All AID systems require an algorithm that allows the CGM and the pump to talk to one another to adjust insulin dosing based on a persons glucose levels. In Omnipod 5, the algorithm called SmartAdjust is embedded into the Pod itself.

This is the first AID system with the algorithm integrated into the pump, allowing the user continue in automated mode, even if the smartphone or the controller is not within range or loses battery. This is also the first AID system with a patch pump versus a pump with tubes and the first AID system to give the user full smartphone control.

The SmartAdjust technology automatically increases, decreases, or pauses insulin delivery, every five minutes, using a customizable glucose target, helping to protect against highs and lows, keeping glucose in range, even while sleeping, said Wiczek.

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How Can I Upload My Omnipod System Data If I Don’t Have An Android Device

Omnipod users are able to download their insulin pump data directly to Glooko via a web browser. After a successful upload, you will be able to view your graphs and charts in myGlooko and your Omnipod data will automatically be available on your Glooko mobile app, both iOS and Android. 1. Open your Internet web browser and navigate to . 4. Scroll down until you see Apps & Devices. Click Upload OmniPod Data. 5. Plug the USB-A side of the USB cable into your computer and the other end into your Omnipod. You will hear a single beep and the OmniPod will say “Preparing data”. You will hear a series of beeps andthe OmniPod will say “USB device ready” to let you know the OmniPod is ready. 6. Either Finder or Windows Explorer will open to the available devices on your machine. From here, select the OmniPod device . 7. Find and highlight the .ibf file. Click Open. 8. You will see a Progress Barbegin to fill up as the .ibf file is populating your Glooko account. You will know the upload is complete when you see agreen and white checkbox, and the filename will populate the Progress Bar. 9. Once complete, you can click Done to close the window, or click View Data to go directly to the Pump-Day View. Video Tutorial:OmniPod PDM – Sync to your PC Video Tutorial:OmniPod PDM – Sync to your MacContinue reading > >

What Is The Omnipod Insulin Pump

Insulin pumps, CGM and data downloads

The OmniPod is a state-of-the-art insulin pump that combines wireless and tubeless technology.

The innovative insulin pump system delivers continuous insulin to the user. It is completely tubeless and wireless, allowing the user to manage their diabetes conveniently and discreetly.

An OmniPod insulin pump is a battery-operated device that delivers small amounts of insulin into the bloodstream twenty-four hours a day. The OmniPod connects directly to the skin without tubes and communicates wirelessly with a Personal Diabetes Manager to programme insulin delivery simply and effectively.

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Can You Use The Omnipod 5 Without A Cgm

Yes, according to diaTribe, the Omnipod® 5 has three options for use.

You can use it in automated mode. This means that it will adjust insulin delivery automatically with a CGM connection.

You can use it in manual mode. In this case, the system will deliver insulin at pre-programmed rates regardless of whether the CGM is connected or not.

Finally there is activity mode. This is HypoProtect feature previously mentioned. It allows the user to temporarily set a glucose target of 150 mg/dL and suspend insulin delivery during exercise or other periods of increased insulin sensitivity or high risk of hypoglycemia.

Omnipod Is Covered By Most Insurance Plans Including Medicare Part D

Unlike traditional tubed pumps, Omnipod may be covered by your private pharmacy plan or Medicare Part D and is the only pump eligible by Medicare for people with insulin requiring Type 2 diabetes. And with Omnipod, there are no commitments or long-term contracts. The Personal Diabetes Manager is included for free with your first box of Pods.

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Does The Omnipod System Promote Better Type 1 Diabetes Management

CSII delivery, in general, allows for greater flexibility in insulin delivery options leading to more lifestyle choices related to meal planning and exercise. More specifically, I believe the use of the OmniPod System contributes to improved diabetes management for a variety of reasons, including ease of training, setup and insertion, uninterrupted and untethered insulin delivery, and inclusion of a glucose meter in the PDM. An additional advantage of the System may be that the Pod, once on the body, does not move around much. This results in less fluctuation in hydrostatic pressures, ideally leading to more consistent insulin delivery. In the near future, Insulet Corporation will release in the US a modified PDM that receives continuous glucose sensing data from the iDex platform .

Clinical trial report

*Study funded in part by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundations Artificial Pancreas Project.

CSII=continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion DKA=diabetic ketoacidosis MDI=multiple daily injections.

Additional clinical differences may exist than those given above. More research may be needed to quantify those clinical differences between traditionally designed insulin pumps and this new category of pump.

Where Can You Wear Omnipod

Pros and Cons of Omnipod Insulin Pump

I also loved that the Omnipod can go just about anywhere on your body. My favourite spots for my Omnipod are my stomach, arms & upper legs! I find that its out of reach from my son, comfortable enough for clothes to go over & out of the way so I dont bump it on anything. Also consult your doctor if you have any other questions.

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Toby The Turtles T1d Tale: An App For Kids

Tobys T1D Tale iPad app is an educational resource for kids and their families to help them learn more about diabetes. Designed to engage, inform, and empower the youngest members of the diabetes community, Tobys T1D Tale is also useful for educators and nurses, and is a great way to explain diabetes to siblings.

Tobys T1D Tale is for US residents on iPad only.

What Stays The Same

While the Omnipod® 5 comes with some incredible new features, it has kept many features that Podders have come to love.

It remains the same shape and size as the current pods. It can be worn for up to 3 days and holds up to 200 units of insulin.

If you dont want to use a cellphone, you will be able to access a free Omnipod® 5 controller with your first prescription.

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What Else Is Coming

The Omnipod DASH will also have Apple and Andriod apps. The Display app will allow users to monitor their system from their smart phone without taking out their PDM. This app will include a Find my PDM feature to help users to track down its whereabouts.

The Omnipod View app will further allow parents and caregivers to monitor their loved ones blood glucose levels on a continuous basis. This app will allow sharing for up to 12 people.

The Omnipod Dash System Was Deemed A Market

Insulet OmniPod Insulin Pump Pros &  Cons

Omnipod DASH® System users and their families experience the benefits of our tubeless insulin delivery system every day1. They call themselves Podders, and heres what some of them have to say about our insulin management system:

The Omnipod DASH® System lets children be children.

  • The Pod delivers insulin non-stop for up to three consecutive days§ , meaning that your child can go to a dance class, play video games, wrestle with siblings and play with friends with fewer interruptions.
  • There are no tubes to get stuck on clothes while playing football or swimming.
  • There are few limitations on clothing choices, since the inconspicuous Pod can be easily worn under clothes.
  • The durable Pod is ideal for competitive athletics and active lifestyles, helping children to focus on their sport, rather than their diabetes.

The Pod is easy to apply and insertion is quick and virtually painless.

  • Pod application and insertion is quick and easy, saving parents the need to hold children still for manual injections.
  • Theres no need to remove the waterproof Pod or worry about where to hook your childs pump in the shower or pool.
  • You dont need to whave the PDM in close proximity to your child when delivering a pre-programmed basal programme, as it only needs to be within 1.5 metres of the Pod* to deliver a bolus or initiate a new basal programme.

Easy-to-use technology helps simplify blood glucose level management

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How Much Will Omnipod Cost

Your actual cost will differ based on your insurance coverage. To get a sense of your out-of-pocket cost for Omnipod, give us a call at or get started online with a no-commitment benefits check.

How to get started with your pharmacy benefit

  • Once you and your doctor have determined that Omnipod is the best choice for you, complete our form to get started. This will allow our Omnipod Specialists to contact your insurance plan to determine if you have coverage.
  • After reviewing your insurance information, you will receive an email or phone call from an Insulet Customer Care representative to discuss your insurance results.
  • Once you’re ready to get started, our team will connect you with a serviceable pharmacy. We will also follow up with your health care provider directly to request a prescription.
  • Once your health care provider sends the prescription to the specified pharmacy, your Omnipod system will be processed and ready for pick up or shipped.
  • Comparison With Other Insulin Pumps

    Figure 5 provides a comparison of the Insulet OmniPod System to four traditionally designed insulin pumps. Notice especially the list of additional features at the end of the table. These include the OmniPod Systems tubing-free design, innovative safety features, integrated bolus calculator, and many personalized settings.

    BG=blood glucose PDM=personal diabetes manager.

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    How Does An Insulin Pump Help

    An insulin pump is a small medical device that delivers a continuous amount of fast-acting insulin 24 hours a day to match your background insulin, and allows you to deliver mealtime insulin at the touch of a button. It is an alternative to injected insulin therapy, which means that on pump therapy you will need fewer injections.

    How To Get One And Who Should Consider It

    How to use Omnipod Insulin Pump

    Insulet states its products are suitable for people living with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. The company suggests the small medical device can help simplify diabetes management and is a viable alternative to injected insulin therapy.

    To get an Omnipod system, a person will fill out an information form and undergo an insurance benefits investigation. If the individual is happy with the options and costs, a doctor can prescribe them a system. New users can organize a training session on how to use the system virtually or in a clinic.

    The Omnipod website also provides information for caregivers on accessing a system for a loved one.

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    How Does Omnipod Work

    OmnipodKind of a silly word right? Well, not for people who are living with Type 1 Diabetes. Our Omnipod is our pancreas, it just lives on the outside of our body instead of the inside!

    Hi, my name is Jessyka and I have been living with Type 1 Diabetes since 2016. I discovered the Omnipod Dash system in 2021 after I had my son, Walker. I knew I needed something to help with trying to figure out motherhood and trying to have a good handle on my diabetes. Key word trying. Omnipod allowed me freedom. I was so tired of always poking myself with multiple needles a day, I felt like a walking pin cushion. I knew I need something that was going to work for my long acting insulin and my short acting insulin and help keep my A1Cs down.

    The Personal Diabetes Manager

    The handheld Personal Diabetes Manager wirelessly manages your insulin delivery based on your settings that you program.

    Its suggested bolus calculator, built-in FreeStyle® Lite blood glucose meter , and intuitive prompts like Are you going to eat now? simplify insulin delivery.

    The Personal Diabetes Manager has a built-in FreeStyle® Lite blood glucose meter .

    You can use the built-in FreeStyle® Lite blood glucose meter to check your blood glucose levels as often as needed.

    The information from your Personal Diabetes Manager can be uploaded directly to Glooko®, our comprehensive data management software partner.

    Accessible both online and in many clinics across Canada, Glooko® stores your glucose levels, insulin, and carb data, as well as information from your blood glucose meter , continuous glucose monitor , and fitness tracker. Glookos® clear reports and charts give you the information you and your HCP need to make better insulin therapy decisions.

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    What Are The Features Of The Omnipod Dash

    The Omnipod DASH as many of the same features as the previous model Omnipod as well as a few new ones.

    • Pods contain 200 units or up to 3 days of insulin.
    • It is lightweight.
    • Tubeless.
    • Has a waterproof rating of waterproof IP28 rating for up to 7.6 metres for 60 minutes. The PDM is not waterproof.
    • Automatic, push button, 90 degree cannula insertion.
    • Integrated Bolus Calculator, Presets & CalorieKing® food lists.
    • iOS compatibility with 2 mobile apps that will allow others to remotely access and monitor insulin data.
    • Omnipod DISPLAY widget allows access to combined view of Omnipod DASH® System5 and a CGM status.
    • Ability to set a zero basal rate.
    • The Omnipod DISPLAY mobile app shares insulin data information remotely on iOS smartphones.
    • The Omnipod VIEW mobile app enables nurses and caregivers to monitor up to 12 Omnipod users from an iOS smartphone.
    • Comes with a CONTOUR NEXT ONE blood glucose meter instead of Freestyle integrated system.
    • iOS Today app allows users to view Omnipod data alongside Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor data.
    • 0.1g carb/unit insulin to carb ratio for tighter control.
    • In the US, when connected to Wi-Fi, the PDM will automatically upload data to a users corresponding Glooko® account that will be displayed every 24 hours at midnight. Cable upload also available. This system will continue to work with DiaSend in Canada.

    Contact your Omnipod rep to discuss a trial run on this system and learn what purchase options are in place in your area.

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