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The Best Medicine For Type 2 Diabetes

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Newer Medicines For T2d Are Demonstrating Easier Dosing Fewer Side Effects And Greater Efficacy

Type 2 diabetes: exercise is still the best medicine – Prof Mark Febbraio

These new treatment options and the continued innovation of diabetes medicines offer new hope for society, patients, and caregivers along with advancements in science for governments, academia, and industry alike. As the burden of type 2 diabetes increases globally, so too should the armamentarium to combat it.

What Are My Choices For Metformin Alternatives

While you are likely familiar with metformin and insulin as the two well-known medications for treating type 2 diabetes, many other options are available to help you manage your glucose levels. Here is a rundown of some of the other options that may improve your health and diabetes management.

When you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you will likely hear from your healthcare team that the most common initial treatment regimen consists of some combination of metformin and lifestyle changes to your diet and exercise.

For most people, type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease . In addition, some people may have more severe and chronic hyperglycemia for a long time prior to being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. As a result, you might need additional medications the longer you have diabetes to keep your glucose levels in a healthy range.

Insulin remains the most effective therapy to lower glucose, particularly in comparison to most oral medicines for type 2 . Therefore, at the time of diagnosis, if there is evidence of long-standing and persistent hyperglycemia, you may be advised to start insulin, since it is most effective and rapid in its action to lower glucose levels. Once diagnosed, if you are unable to meet your glucose targets , your healthcare team may suggest using insulin.

So What Is The Cure For Diabetes Type 2

Well, the answer to this question is actually very simple. If you can reverse insulin resistance, you can reverse type 2 diabetes.

And fortunately, that’s exactly what we’re going to cover here: the four steps that Mastering Diabetes recommends as the proven, tested, and guaranteed cure for type two diabetes .

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Types Of Antidiabetic Drugs

Medications for type 2 diabetes include:

Drugs known as alpha-glucosidase inhibitors were used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes in the past, but they are rarely used for this purpose nowadays. They slow down the uptake of glucose in the bowel. The most commonly used drug in this group is called acarbose. It causes a lot of side effects, particularly flatulence and diarrhea. Compared to the other options, it doesnt lower blood sugar levels as much.

Lifestyle Changes For Diabetes

Medications for Type 2 Diabetes

Wear a medical ID tag

It is a good idea to wear a MedicAlert bracelet or tag that says you have diabetes. This will make others aware of your condition in case you have a severe hypoglycemic attack and are not able to make yourself understood, or if you are in an accident and need emergency medical care. Identifying yourself as having diabetes is important because hypoglycemic attacks can be mistaken for drunkenness, and victims often aren’t able to care for themselves. Without prompt treatment, hypoglycemia can result in a coma or seizures. And, because your body is under increased stress when you are ill or injured, your blood sugar levels will need to be checked by the medical personnel who give you emergency care.

Take care of your teeth

Be sure to take good care of your teeth and floss regularly. Diabetes can worsen gum disease.

Reduce stress

If you’re stressed, you may exercise less, drink more, and not watch your diabetes as closely.

Stress can also raise your blood sugar and make you less sensitive to insulin. When you’re stressed, your body adopts a “fight or flight” response. That means it will make sure you have enough sugar and fat available for energy.

Studies of people with type 1 diabetes found blood sugar levels go up for most people under mental stress and down for others. If you have type 2 diabetes and you’re feeling pressure, your glucose will go up.

Support groups, counseling, or therapy can help, too.

Quit smoking

Cut back on alcohol

Take notes

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Metformin Use In Childhood And Adolescence

Type 2 diabetes mellitus has dramatically increased in children and adolescents worldwide to the extent that has been labeled an epidemic . Before 1990, it was a rare condition in the pediatric population by 1999, the incidence varied from 8% to 45%, depending on geographic location, and was disproportionally represented among minority groups . There are few studies of metformin use in the pediatric population. Most of them are of short duration and heterogeneous designs.

The beneficial role of metformin in young patients with type 2 diabetes has been demonstrated in a randomized, controlled trial which showed a significant decrease in fasting blood glucose, HbA1c, weight, and total cholesterol. The most frequently reported adverse events were abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, and headaches. There were no cases of clinical hypoglycemia, lactic acidosis, or clinically significant changes in physical examinations . When compared to glimepiride , metformin lowered HbA1c to < 7%, similar to glimepiride, but was associated with significantly less weight gain. A total of 42.4% and 48.1% of subjects in the glimepiride and metformin groups, respectively, in the intent-to-treat population achieved A1C levels of < 7.0% at week 24 .

Type 2 Diabetes Oral Drug Classes

Doctors follow expert practice guidelines when choosing medicines to treat type 2 diabetes. Most people will start with at least one oral medication if lifestyle changes fail to control blood sugar. Classes of type 2 diabetes oral drugs include:

Oral medications are just one part of an overall treatment plan for type 2 diabetes. Eating a balanced diet can help you reach your blood sugar goals. Lifestyle changes, including getting regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight, are also important.

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When Is Medication Considered

Whether or not blood-sugar-lowering medication is suitable will depend on things like the age at which type 2 diabetes starts. Many older people with type 2 diabetes have slightly higher blood sugar levels than normal and they dont cause any problems. When type 2 diabetes develops in older age, it rarely leads to nerve and blood vessel damage. Other conditions like high blood pressure are often more of a problem then.

If youre already diagnosed with type 2 diabetes around the age of 40 or 50, you will probably live with the condition for quite a long time. Then even slightly too high blood sugar levels can lead to other problems over a long period of time. So it’s very important for younger people who have type 2 diabetes to keep their blood sugar levels down.

The aim of the treatment is to prevent the diabetes from leading to other health problems. Constantly high blood sugar levels can cause damage to blood vessels and nerves. This can result in medical problems affecting the kidneys, feet and retina . The risk of stroke or heart attack may also increase. Blood-sugar-lowering drugs are used with the aim of preventing or delaying these health problems as much as possible.

How Do I Know If I Have Diabetes

Diabetes Medications

Your doctor may suspect you have diabetes if you have some risk factors for diabetes, or if you have high levels of blood sugar in your urine. Your blood sugar levels may be high if your pancreas is producing little or no insulin , or if the body is not responding normally to insulin .

Getting diagnosed begins with one of three tests. In most cases, your doctor will want to repeat a test that is high in order to confirm the diagnosis:

  • A fasting glucose test is a test of your blood sugar levels taken in the morning before you have eaten. A level of 126 mg/dL or higher may mean that you have diabetes.
  • An oral glucose tolerance test entails drinking a beverage containing glucose and then having your blood glucose levels checked every 30 to 60 minutes for up to 3 hours. If the glucose level is 200 mg/dL or higher at 2 hours, then you might have diabetes.
  • The A1c test is a simple blood test that shows your average blood sugar levels for the past 2-3 months. An A1c level of 6.5% or higher may mean you have diabetes.

Your doctor may also suggest a zinc transporter 8 autoantibody test. This blood test — along with other information and test results — can help determine if a person has type 1 diabetes instead of another type. The goal of having the ZnT8Ab test is a prompt and accurate diagnosis, and that can lead to timely treatment.

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Effects On Blood Pressure

The hypertension associated with diabetes has an unclear pathogenesis that may involve insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is related to hypertension in both diabetic and non-diabetic individuals and may contribute to hypertension by increasing sympathetic activity, peripheral vascular resistance, renal sodium retention , and vascular smooth muscle tone and proliferation .

Data of the effects of metformin on BP are variable, with neutral effects or small decreases in SBP and DBP . In the BIGPRO1 trial carried out in upper-body obese non-diabetic subjects with no cardiovascular diseases or contraindications to metformin, blood pressure decreased significantly more in the IFG/IGT subgroup treated with metformin compared to the placebo group .

How To Reverse Type Two Diabetes

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How To Choose The Right Medicine

Now, when there is a variety of medication options to keep diabetes at bay, it is vital to choose treatment substances based on your individual needs and preferences. The tendency in contemporary medicine is to avoid insulin injections where possible. Most patients start with what is called non-pharmacological therapy regular exercising and correcting their diets so that they could get the vital vitamins and minerals through healthy food. Physical activity is also a must for everybody struggling with the choice of treatment since none of the medical supplements will be effective without an appropriate lifestyle. And if the choice of medications depends more on the doctor, introducing lifestyle changes is the best that you can do at the start.

Therapies are also different due to the patients age, so it is another decisive factor for picking a drug.

Effects Of Metformin On Vascular Protection

What Medication Is Used For Type 2 Diabetes

Effects on cardiovascular mortality

Diabetic patients are at high risk of cardiovascular events, particularly of coronary heart disease by about 3-fold . It has been stated that type 2 diabetic patients without a previous history of myocardial infarction have the same risk of coronary artery disease as non-diabetic subjects with a history of myocardial infarction . This has led the National Cholesterol Education Program to consider diabetes as a coronary heart disease risk equivalent . Although there is no doubt that there is an increased risk of CAD events in diabetic patients, there is still some uncertainty as to whether the cardiovascular risk conferred by diabetes is truly equivalent to that of a previous myocardial infarction .

Metformin provided greater protection against the development of macrovascular complications than would be expected from its effects upon glycemic control alone. It had statistically significant reductions in the risk of all-cause mortality, diabetes-related mortality , and any end-point related to diabetes , but not in myocardial infarction . The UKPDS pos-trial reported significant and persistent risk reductions for any diabetes-related end point , myocardial infarction , and death from any cause .

Table 2 Metformin effects on vasculoprotection

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Type 2 Diabetes Medication

Insulin is sometimes used to treat type 2 diabetes if the body isnt producing enough insulin . Insulin isnt the go-to medication for type 2, though. In type 2, the body is resistant to the insulin it makes, so glucose cant get into the bodys cells. Glucose builds in the bloodstream, resulting in hyperglycemia. Medication for type 2 diabetes works in various ways to reduce hyperglycemia.

Nine types of oral diabetes medications, in pill or liquid form, exist to help regulate blood glucose levels.

In addition to oral diabetes medication, there are three types of non-insulin injectable diabetes medication.

  • Amylin mimetic/Amylin analog slows food as it moves through the stomach and prevents the liver from releasing stored glucose. The medication is Symlin .
  • Incretin mimetics help the body make insulin, slow digestion and prevent the liver from releasing glucose. The medication is Byetta .
  • GLP-1 receptor agonists help the body produce insulin, keeps the liver from releasing glucose, and decreases appetite. There are five GLP-1 receptor agonists: Tanzeum , Trulicity , Byetta , Bydureon , and Victoza .

New diabetes medication is always being researched and developed to help improve the quality of life of those with diabetes. Among the newest oral diabetes medications:

Medication For Type 2 Diabetes In Adults

Making lifestyle changessuch as eating healthfully, exercising, and losing weightis the most effective way to manage type 2 diabetes and prevent complications. If these changes arent enough, NYU Langone doctors may recommend medication to control blood sugar levels.

For some people, one medication may be sufficient to lower blood sugar levels. Others may need a combination of two or more medications. Medications are most effective when combined with lifestyle changes.

Many people with type 2 diabetes need to take medication to control blood sugar levels for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, however, losing weight and improving your overall health may eventually eliminate the need for medication.

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Why Physical Activity Is A Key Tool For Diabetes Treatment

That includes 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, such as:

  • Brisk walking
  • Taking group fitness classes that involve using weights
  • Using weight machines at the gym
  • Heavy gardening or other activities that can help you build and maintain muscle

Diabetes Care

  • Overhead arm stretches
  • Torso twists
  • Leg lifts or extensions

Before you start a formal exercise program or increase your level of physical activity, it’s important to get your doctor’s okay and to find out which activities you can do safely.

If you have uncontrolled high blood pressure, severe neuropathy, foot ulcers, or diabetic retinopathy, you may need to take certain precautions, according to Kaiser Permanente.

In general, though, exercise can provide a lot of benefits. Exercise is critical for patients with diabetes to maintain heart health and maintain glucose control, Dungan says. She notes that its best to consult your doctor about the type and frequency of activity that is best for you, and find out whether you need additional testing to make sure that exercise is safe. Still, Dungan says, brisk walking nearly every day for at least 30 minutes is safe and beneficial for most people.

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Medications For Type 2 Diabetes


Posted: March 5, 2021

  • When to Contact a Doctor
  • If you faced the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, you are not alone in this. What is striking about it is that the disease is, unluckily, becoming more widespread among children and young people. Diabetes is a complex medical condition consisting of multiple factors that make the whole picture of the disease. It is the condition when the body is not able to make sufficient amounts of the hormone insulin to control blood sugar levels. Its treatment is never easy and, what is more, requires a smart approach. That is why your doctor will take into account a whole set of factors before prescribing any kind of medications for controlling type 2 diabetes mellitus.

    These factors might most surely include:

    • Possible side effects of the therapy
    • Effectiveness of treatment if there are other chronic diseases in the background
    • The condition of a patients heart
    • Average blood sugar levels for a patient, usually based on an A1C test
    • Body weight and the relation of a drugs activity to the changes in body weight
    • A medications affordability.

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    Most Diabetes Medications Effectively Lower Blood Sugar

    The blood sugar goal for most adults with diabetes is an A1C of below 7%. In many people, diet and exercise are not enough to reach this goal, and one or more medications may be needed. Metformin is a tried and tested medicine that has been used for many decades to treat type 2 diabetes, and is recommended by most experts as first-line therapy. It is affordable, safe, effective, and well tolerated by most people.

    When metformin does not adequately control blood sugar, another medication must be added. It is at this point that doctors and patients must choose among the many drugs and drugs classes available to treat type 2 diabetes. In general, for people who are at low risk of heart disease or have no history of diabetic kidney disease, most diabetes medications that are added to metformin effectively reduce blood sugars and can lower A1C to under 7%.

    So, how to choose a medication? Each person with diabetes has their own goals, needs, and preferences. Before choosing a medicine, it is important to ask some relevant questions: Is my blood sugar at goal? Is this medicine affordable? Do I have heart or kidney disease? What are the side effects? Is it a pill or injection, and how often is it taken?

    Regardless of which treatment is selected, the American Diabetes Association Standards of Care recommends reassessment of diabetes control every three to six months, followed by modifications to treatment if needed.

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