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Travel Insurance For Type 1 Diabetes

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International Travel with Type 1 Diabetes

As well as pre-existing conditions like diabetes, the price of a travel insurance premium is calculated using factors such as your age, where you are travelling to, and how long you are going for.

However, the price you are quoted can vary considerably between providers, so its good practice to shop around and compare whats on offer.

Best value doesnt necessarily mean the cheapest, though. Budget policies may not offer adequate protection for your needs.

Instead, along with price, compare claim limits, excess amounts and the elements you are covered for side-by-side.

Diabetes is no reason not to travel but it makes it even more important that you have the right policy in your pocket when you do.

Diabetes Travel And Holiday Insurance At A Fair Price

We dont feel its fair to charge high premiums to people with a diabetes diagnosis, when it can be very well controlled by diet, medication and insulin. Its important that you declare your condition whether you are applying online or over the telephone, so that we have it on record in the event of a claim.

Our team provide the best service to our customers and will endeavour to find the best policy for you. Our prices are based on a persons current state of health at the time of taking out a policy, so if you live with diabetes or have a history of repeated hospital admissions, we will tailor a policy that specifically meets your individual needs, making sure you have the best level of cover for your trip.

Looking for general travel tips and guidance? Click to see information about travelling with Diabetes, provided by Diabetes UK. .

How To Obtain Diabetes Travel Insurance

Our online medical screening makes it easy to compare travel insurance that covers diabetes and any associated medical conditions at When entering your details you will be asked some questions relevant to your condition, and the answers you provide will allow us to quickly assess your current health situation. Its important that you declare any related medical conditions or complications of your diabetes , so that we are able to provide you with travel insurance quotes that will provide suitable cover.

For further information and advice on travelling with diabetes, you may find the links at the below helpful.

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How To Choose Your Diabetes Travel Insurance

First of all, you need to know that the best travel insurance for diabetics is not necessarily the most expensive one. Youll need to carefully review each diabetes travel insurance conditions to be sure that it covers you for your special personal needs.But there are a few things to know to be sure that the diabetic travel insurance you choose is the one that best suits your needs. Here is the step by step check that you should do before choosing your diabetes travel insurance:

Visitor Insurance For Diabetes Inclusion & Exclusion

travel insurance with diabetes (1)

Diabetes patients who visit the US often have concerns regarding their health insurance as diabetes are considered a pre-existing condition and not a lot of companies provide diabetes insurance coverage.

It is important to know that visitor insurance plans for diabetes will not cover preventative care or regular treatment for an existing ailment. i.e. if you want to see a Doctor for an annual examination to see if your blood sugar levels are in control.

Visitor insurance for diabetes will not pay for insulin a traveler is already using before travel or for blood work done on a regular basis. Each insurance company has its own definition of a pre-existing condition and an acute onset of a pre-existing condition. Also, the lookback period for pre-existing conditions is different for different companies.

Under plans such as Safe Travels USA Comprehensive, a sudden onset of a pre-existing condition like a sudden flare-up of diabetes, diabetic coma, etc. can be covered under acute onset benefits as long as it meets the policy criteria. On the other hand, plans such as Atlas America, Patriot International, Liaison Travel, and Visitors Care insurance, do not provide coverage for chronic pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, etc.

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Insurances For Type 1 / Type 2 Diabetes

Whether you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, declaring it to your insurer and contracting a special diabetes travel insurance can entitle you to a much wider coverage. Here are a few examples of things that regular travel insurances WONT cover, whereas a travel insurance with diabetes coverage would:

  • Lost or stolen medication
  • Unforeseen diabetes complications
  • Missing a flight due to your condition

So, depending on your health situation and on what you want to be covered for, whether you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, it is strongly advisable to take out diabetes travel insurance before your departure.

Visit Your Doctor Before Traveling

Dont hesitate to visit your consultant before your trip. He may adjust your medication according to different time zones or suggest the types of food you can consume while traveling.

Also, request your doctor for a signed letter mentioning your condition and a list of medicines.

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What Is A Vacation Override Getting Extra Medication For Long

First things first, there was a reality that my medication refillsâor quantities on handâ were kind of all over the place. I do 90-day supplies normally, but I had a few weeksâ worth of a couple, six weeks of another, and two months of others.

But because I am going to be gone more than 120 days from my home stateâIâm actually leaving the state 3 weeks before my Portugal tripâI had to sort out having enough to make it through those four months. I had no idea where to start, so thatâs when I simply started asking questions.

My awesome pharmacist told me that what I needed was a âvacation overrideâ for my medications so that I could get my next refills early, which would get me through the long trip. Now, I wonât go into how complicated and messy this turned out to be for me. Iâm hoping itâs smoother next time. My pharmacist said it has been quick and painless for most, but weâre guessing that because my conditions require a lot of medications, it simply got messy.

Diabetes And Travel Insurance

Americans with diabetes travel to Canada to get affordable insulin

Whether you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes we want to help you find the best travel insurance solution.

To make sure you have the best options available, all you need to do is let us know about your condition while youre buying your travel insurance policy.

Its important that we know about your diabetes – that way youll know if youre covered if anything happens to you because of your condition.

You can get travel insurance at no additional cost* If:
  • Your diabetes has been diagnosed and stable for more than 12 months^ and
  • there is no planned surgery, treatment or specialist review and
  • you have not had hospital treatment of your diabetes in the past 12 months^ and
  • you have no eye, kidney, nerve or vascular complications and
  • you have no known heart disease, and
  • you’re under 50 years of age.
If you don’t meet the above conditions, you can still get travel insurance. it might just mean that:
  • You can obtain travel insurance, but if you want your diabetes to be covered, youll need to pay or
  • you can obtain travel insurance but it will mandatory to purchase coverage for your diabetes or
  • your condition wont be covered at all, but you can still purchase travel insurance.

Please note, theres a possibility we might not be able to cover you at all, but we will tell you this during your medical assessment.

*based on diabetes being your only pre-existing condition^from the time you have purchased your insurance.

How do i let you know about my diabetes?

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I’m Over 50 And I Suffer From Hypertension What Are My Options

Even if you are not automatically covered for diabetes, that doesn’t mean you can’t get cover at all, it just means that you’re required to have a medical assessment before cover can be granted.

Additionally you should be aware that medical cover is just one of the many benefits of travel insurance. There are plenty of additional circumstances in which travel insurance could prove to be very handy!

How Will Diabetes Affect My Travel Insurance Policy

Depending on the nature and severity of your diabetes, you will find that the condition is likely to have an impact on your travel insurance policy. Because of the risk of complications potentially resulting from your diabetes, you may find that a higher premium will be required than someone travelling without the condition. Even so, it is always the wisest course of action to be honest when taking out a travel insurance policy. Declaring any medical conditions you have, will allow the insurer to issue a policy that won’t be rendered invalid.

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Claims Indirectly Related To Diabetes

What we dont necessarily think about are those less obvious cases where diabetes is not the first cause of a medical issue, but INDIRECTLY affects it. In most of these cases, a regular travel insurance WONT entitle you to a claim. But a special travel insurance for diabetics will. Here are two examples:

CASE 3 Travel insurance company denies coverage for treatment INDIRECTLY due to diabetes.

While travelling in Mexico, Marie suddenly, who has type 2 diabetes, catches a tropical virus and gets high fever. She could just go to the doctor and get a prescription for medication to lower the fever. That would be covered by her travel insurance. BUT, because of the fever, her diabetes goes completely out of control and she doesnt manage to stabilize her blood sugar levels. She needs to be hospitalised for a few days. The regular travel insurance WONT cover anything. This is because if she did not have diabetes, she wouldnt have required hospitalization.

CASE 4 Travel insurance company denies coverage for treatment INDIRECTLY due to diabetes.

To be clear, declaring your type 1 or type 2 diabetes to your travel insurer is NOT a legal obligation. But should you fail to do it, you wont be covered for the above cases and similar ones.

Conditions Of An Already Overseas Policy:

23 Type 1 Diabetes and Life, Medical & Travel Insurance
  • Who can buy? – You must be an Australian citizen or resident in order to buy a policy. You can also normally buy it if you are on a 457 working visa, a spousal visa or skilled working visa. However cover is not available to those in Australia on working holiday visas.
  • Homeward bound You must have a booked return trip and be travelling back to Australia in order to buy this type of cover.
  • Waiting periods – You may not be able to claim for any medical incidents in the first few days of your cover – this is known as a waiting period. A waiting period exists to protect insurers from those who’ve not bought insurance and then decide they need it later. Usually due to accident or illness and not wanting to pay the expensive overseas medical fees that they incur.
  • Age limits Just like a standard policy, already overseas policies have age restrictions saying who can and cannot buy. Check out the age limits in the table below.
  • Pre-exiting medical conditions – Conditions that exist before you departed for your holiday are unlikely to be covered. Always read your insurer’s policy documentation to see what conditions they cover for free. You should always tell your insurer of any pre-existing conditions when you first purchase your policy however trivial they may seem.

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Travel Insurance For Diabetics

We understand that insuring a medical condition can be a bit of a pain. With over four million people living with diabetes, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get diabetes travel insurance in the UK. So if youre diabetic and youre concerned about whether travel insurance will be able to cover you, or youve had trouble getting covered in the past, we may be able to help you.

One of the things that makes us stand out from the crowd is that well consider all medical conditions, including people looking for travel insurance for diabetes and high blood pressure. Simply get a quote online, contact usto go through our simple medical screening process, or check out the full list of pre-existing medical conditions that we cover.

For more information about whats covered with diabetes travel insurance, have a read of our policy documents. And if you still cant find what youre looking for, just get in touch.

What Should I Pack For My Trip If I Have Diabetes

As well as travel insurance, diabetes requires a little more forward planning when it comes to packing, too. Take the following in your hand luggage :

  • Short and long acting insulin
  • Insulin delivery device such as a pen or insulin pump
  • Spare pen and needles
  • Insulin storage wallet with cooling
  • Blood glucose meter, with spare batteries and test/ disposal kit
  • Plenty of blood glucose testing strips to last the trip
  • Medical alert identification
  • ICE number
  • GP contact details
  • Emergency kit
  • Snacks for your journey in case of delays

You can find more on this along with other useful information about travelling with diabetes at

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Do You Need To Declare A Diagnosis Of Prediabetes

Suppose youve been diagnosed with prediabetes by your GP or a medical practitioner. In that case, youll still need to get that condition covered as it may lead to you requiring medical attention or treatment abroad. You may have been placed on blood pressure tablets due to the diagnosis, or you might have had a dosage changed due to prediabetes. This will affect the type of treatment and the cost of the treatment you may need while away.

Can I Extend My Policy

Insurance & Diabetes | Ask the Experts from Diabetes Canada

If youve already bought a policy and then want to extend your trip – its much easier to extend your existing policy than it is to get new cover when youre already abroad.

If youre already overseas and you either forgot to take out cover, or your previous policy has expired, know that there are options out there for you. It’s not too late to take out already overseas travel insurance cover!

This information is provided as a general guide only. You should always refer to your PDS to determine whether the provider in question or policy is best for your circumstances.

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How Do I Compare Travel Insurance For Diabetics

The quickest way to find the right insurance for you is to use our travel insurance comparison tool.

Simply enter your details and tell us a bit about you and your pre-existing medical conditions. Within a few short minutes, well show you the travel insurance policies we have available so you can find the right policy for your needs.

Then you can jet off on your holidays with complete peace of mind, knowing everything is taken care of.

Get Covered And Support Us

AllClear have helped over three million people travel with peace of mind. Contact them by phone or online to get your tailored and non-obligation quote. Visit their website and check their privacy policy, or call for free today.

Open for calls Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, and Saturday, 9am to 5.30pm.

A proportion of the funds received from AllClear may be used for developing and marketing our relationship with AllClear and the services they offer to our supporters.

We have chosen to work with AllClear Insure My Diabetes because they offer a range of levels of cover, both single and annual multi-trip policies, and have been a specialist in providing travel insurance for those who may have difficulty getting cover elsewhere.

Whichever insurer you decide is right for you, its important that you consider all aspects of cover when selecting your travel insurance policy, not just the price.

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Do I Need Diabetes Travel Insurance

While youre not required to take out specialist travel insurance for diabetics, having a policy tailored for your condition could prove invaluable should something go wrong.

A specialist policy may cover the loss or replacement of your insulin, for example, whereas a standard policy wouldnt. And if you travel on standard policy without full medical cover for diabetes, you could end up with an eye-watering medical bill.

You can compare policies for your condition on a comparison website. But if you are struggling to find a policy due to your diabetes or the premium seem too high, the Money Advice Service offers a specialist directory of travel insurance providers that offer insurance for serious medical conditions. The British Insurance Brokers Association also has a directory of specialist firms.

Why Choose Holiday Extras For Your Diabetes Travel Insurance

Cheap Travel Insurance Type 1 Diabetes
  • – Over 25 years experience selling Travel Insurance.
  • – Voted best insurance provider 12 years running.
  • – Tailored policies to suit your personal requirements.
  • – UK-based contact centre and 24/7 helpline.
  • – All medical conditions considered.

We offer both single trip and annual travel insurance policies for diabetics on holiday in the UK, Europe and worldwide, and additional cover options for winter sports. Not to mention, you can purchase a policy to cover everyone in your party.

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