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Red Wine Type 2 Diabetes

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Diabetics And Wine Consumption

Red Wine Might Help Those With Type 2 Diabetes

Type two diabetes is on the rise in North America and the Western diet is a factor.

Those who suffer with diabetes must be careful to watch what they consume and monitor their sugar intake and blood sugar levels.

However, red wine consumption has demonstrated many positive health effects. Does this mean type 2 diabetics can enjoy the occasional glass of red wine? The answer is YES!

Things You Should Know About Wine And Diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes have been found to be 2-4 times more likely to suffer from heart disease when compared to people who do not have diabetes, according to the American Heart Disease, an organization that studies diabetes and its complications.

There is some evidence that, when a person with diabetes drinks a moderate amount of red wine per day, they could decrease their chances of heart disease. Other evidence indicates that no amount of alcohol should be taken in by diabetics.

Wine For Type 2 Diabetes

Is it true that drinking a glass of wine daily is helpful for people with type 2 diabetes? If wine really is helpful, does it matter whether you drink white or red?

Andrew Weil, M.D. |January 14, 2016

It is true that a study from Israel published in October found that drinking a glass of wine daily is beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes. The researchers reported that both triglycerides and fasting plasma glucose levels decreased significantly in patients who drank wine. The study team tested the effects of red and white wine against mineral water in 224 patients ages 45 to 75 with well-controlled type 2 diabetes. None of the patients drank alcohol before joining the study, and all of them were on a Mediterranean diet with no limitations on caloric intake.

The study participants continued drinking five ounces of red or white wine or the mineral water with dinner for two years. At that point, the researchers found that, compared with patients who drank the water or white wine, the ones who drank red wine saw an approximately 10 percent increase in their HDL cholesterol. The ratio of total cholesterol to HDL also decreased significantly in the red wine drinkers. Neither of these beneficial changes occurred in those who drank white wine.

The patients whose blood sugar improved the most were those who metabolized wine slowly, something that is genetically determined.

Andrew Weil, M.D.

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Alcohol And Blood Sugar

Alcohol, including wine, may increase the risk of dangerously low blood sugar, even in people who are not taking insulin or other diabetes medications.

The liver releases glucose to help the body maintain a healthy blood sugar level. The liver also must break down alcohol. So when a person is drinking, the liver is less effective at releasing glucose when the body needs it.

The risk of alcohol-related low glucose is higher when a person:

  • drinks on an empty stomach
  • takes diabetes medication or insulin
  • replaces a meal with alcohol
  • drinks to excess

It takes about 11.5 hours for the liver to break down the alcohol in one drink. Until the body successfully metabolizes the alcohol, the risk of low blood glucose persists.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend the following strategies:

  • eating plenty of low glycemic index foods, such as whole wheat pasta and bread, milk, yogurt, and apples
  • eating a high-fiber diet that includes foods such as whole grain bread, vegetables, and fruits, which can help lower blood glucose
  • switching from eating three large meals a day to having more frequent, smaller meals
  • eating plenty of lean proteins, such as chicken, turkey, and lentils
  • reaching or maintaining a moderate body weight to reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications

People can take the following measures to drink more safely:

Emergency help will be necessary if a person faints or experiences other symptoms of low blood glucose.

A Note About Sex And Gender

Red Wine And Diabetes Type 2

Sex and gender exist on spectrums. This article will use the terms, male, female, or both to refer to sex assigned at birth. .

Red wine has been part of social, religious, and cultural events for centuries. In the past, people have that red wine benefits health, particularly alongside a balanced diet.

In recent years, science has indicated that there could be truth in these claims.

Although there are no official recommendations around these benefits, a

health benefits because of its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and lipid-regulating effects.

Red wine, which people make from crushed dark grapes, is a relatively rich source of resveratrol, a natural antioxidant in the skin of grapes.

Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress has clear links with many diseases, including cancers and heart disease.

There are many healthful antioxidant-rich foods, including fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Whole grapes and berries are better sources of resveratrol than red wine, and because of the health risks linked with drinking alcohol, getting antioxidants from foods is likely to have more health benefits than drinking wine.

People may need to drink a lot of red wine to get enough resveratrol to have an effect, which could do more harm than good.

That said, when choosing between alcoholic beverages, red wine may be a better choice than some others.

The following sections take a closer look at the possible health benefits of red wine.

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Should Type 2 Diabetics Drink Red Wine

According to a 2-year study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, a glass of red wine a day can improve cardiac health and help manage cholesterol for patients with type 2 diabetes.

The study, led by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, found that people who drank one to two glasses of wine per day had a 30 percent lower risk of heart attack and stroke compared to those who did not drink wine.

Red Wine And Blood Sugar Values

According to the research funded by the American Diabetes Association, drinking a glass of red wine can decrease blood glucose levels for up to 24 hours after drinking these types of beverages. Because of this factor, the ADA recommends that you check your blood glucose level prior to taking a drink, during drinking, and up to 24 hours after consuming an alcoholic beverage.

One of the problems with drinking and diabetes is that you may have symptoms that resemble type 2 diabetes when you drink alcohol. This means that you may cause people to think you are acting differently because of taking in alcohol, when the low blood glucose levels are the actual culprit behind your behavior.

Another problem with drinking and diabetes is that certain alcoholic beverages, including those that have added substances such as fruit juice or an alcohol mixture that is high in glucose, can actually raise the blood glucose values.

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Can Red Wine Help Prevent Heart Disease In Type 2 Diabetes

Twitter Summary:Study suggests that drinking moderate amounts of #redwine is #cardioprotective for people with #type2 #diabetes

A recent two-year study published in The Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that drinking moderate amounts of red wine with dinner could improve cholesterol in people with well-controlled type 2 diabetes. Alas, the same effects were not seen for those drinking white wine or water.

How did the trial work? In the study, 224 people with type 2 diabetes were randomly assigned to drinking 150 mL of mineral water, white wine, or red wine with dinner for two years. All participants were non-alcohol drinkers prior to the study. They were asked to follow a Mediterranean diet , but were not told to limit their daily calorie intake at all.

After two years, drinking red wine led to significant increases in good cholesterol compared to drinking water those drinking red wine saw an average of 9.8% increase in HDL. For context, statins increase HDL levels by up to 15%. Pretty good! The white wine groups HDL cholesterol levels were not significantly different than those in the water group.

While the study brings encouraging evidence that red wine is beneficial, it prompts a lot more questions than answers, as do many nutrition studies:

Drinking Wine With Dinner Was Associated With A Reduction In Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Daily glass of red wine may help manage type 2 diabetes

During the nearly 10.9-year follow-up period, the authors found the following results:

  • 8,598 of the adults in the study developed type 2 diabetes. Drinking alcohol with meals was associated with a 14 percent lower risk of type 2 diabetes compared with consuming alcohol without eating food.
  • The potential benefit of moderate drinking on type 2 diabetes risk was evident only among the people who drank alcohol during meals, although the specific time of meals was not reported.
  • While a higher amount of wine intake was associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, a higher amount of beer or liquor consumption was associated with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

These findings should be interpreted with some caution, says John Buse, MD, PhD, chief of the division of endocrinology at UNC Medicine in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, who was not involved with the research. Just because two behaviors are linked in a population, it does not mean that one behavior causes the outcome, he says.

The full study has not yet been published, and based on the available abstract, its difficult to know if the authors controlled for many of the variables that could impact the risk for developing type 2 diabetes, says Dr. Buse.

The authors also acknowledge that the makeup of the participants is a limitation of the study since almost all were white adults of European descent, its unknown whether the findings can be generalized to other populations.

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Potential Benefits For People With Type 2 Diabetes

People with diabetes have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, as well as lower levels of good HDL cholesterol. High levels of HDL cholesterol can reduce the risk for heart disease and stroke, as it absorbs cholesterol and carries it back to the liver, where it is flushed from the body.

Should patients with type 2 diabetes be recommended to take up moderate alcohol consumption? The American Diabetes Association leave the decision to the individual the American Heart Association recommend discussing alcohol with a physician.

The researchers wanted to find out what the cardiometabolic effects would be when patients with type 2 diabetes took up drinking moderate amounts of alcohol they also wanted to assess whether the type of wine would matter.

They hypothesized that initiating moderate wine consumption would lower cardiometabolic risk, mainly because of the ethanol component. They predicted similar effects of red and white wine. Because of genetic variability in alcohol metabolism, they predicted that the effects of wine would vary according to ADH1B genotype.

Among those excluded were: people already taking more than one alcoholic drink per week, anyone with a history of addiction and patients using two or more insulin injections a day.

Measurements taken at baseline included genetic markers, blood pressure, liver biomarkers, medication use and symptoms, and quality of life.

Can You Drink Red Wine With Type 2 Diabetes

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When you have Type 2 Diabetes there is a conundrum when it comes to drinking Red Wine. On the one hand, it is suggested that alcohol consumption is minimized, if not stopped altogether, when you have Type 2 Diabetes.


Yet, it is a common belief in the Medical Industry that drinking a glass of wine a day, can be helpful when it comes to the risk of heart disease. Not drinking alcohol will help maintain the glucose levels necessary to prevent spikes or drops.

Diabetes is a medical condition in which the body does not produce enough insulin on its own, maybe uses it incorrectly, or a combination of both. In order to control this, people who have Type 2 diabetes need to change the way they eat, what they eat and the way they exercise. Medications such as insulin will help them also.

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How Red Wine Affects Blood Sugar

Drink Up! Wine May Help People With Type 2 Diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association, drinking red wine or any alcoholic beverage can lower blood sugar for up to 24 hours. Because of this, they recommend checking your blood sugar before you drink, while you drink, and monitoring it for up to 24 hours after drinking.

Intoxication and low blood sugar can share many of the same symptoms, so failing to check your blood glucose could cause others to assume youre feeling the effects of an alcoholic beverage when in reality your blood sugar may be reaching dangerously low levels.

Theres another reason to be mindful of your blood sugar levels while drinking: Some alcoholic beverages, including drinks that use juice or a mixer high in sugar, can increase blood sugar.

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Is Red Wine At Dinner Good For Type 2 Diabetes

A glass of red wine each evening with dinner may offer heart health perks to people with type 2 diabetes.

A two-year study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine is the first long-term study aimed at assessing the effects and safety of drinking moderate amounts of alcohol in people with type 2 diabetes, who are more at risk for developing cardiovascular disease than the general population. Those with type 2 diabetes also tend to have lower levels of HDL, the “good” cholesterol.

The researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev reported that over two years, red wine helped improve signs of cardiac health by modestly increasing levels of HDL cholesterol and lowering overall cholesterol.

The randomized controlled intervention trial involved 224 controlled diabetes patients aged 45 to 75, who generally abstained from alcohol. The patients were randomly assigned to drink 5 ounces of red wine, white wine, or mineral water with their dinner for two years. They were all given instructions to follow a well-balanced Mediterranean diet plan that did not have a calorie restriction.

The researchers performed genetic tests that showed how quickly the patients metabolized alcohol, as well as various lipid tests. They also measured glucose control, blood pressure, liver function tests, medication use, and other symptoms at several time points during the two-year follow-up.

Red Wine And Diabetes

Friday, January 28th, 2022

According to the American Heart Association, people that have Type 2 diabetes are two times more likely to develop and die from cardiovascular disease, such as heart attacks, strokes and heart failure, than people who dont have diabetes. Some evidence suggests that drinking moderate amounts of red wine could lessen the risk of heart disease. There is also evidence to suggest that having a glass of red wine can lower blood sugar levels for up to 24 hours after consuming, which may be a great edition to your dinnerbut needs to be monitored if you are on insulin.

How red wine affects blood sugar

According to the American Diabetes Association, drinking red wine or any alcoholic beverage can lower blood sugar for up to 24 hours. Because of this, they recommend checking your blood sugar before you drink, while you drink, and monitoring it for up to 24 hours after drinking.

Intoxication and low blood sugar can share many of the same symptoms, so failing to check your blood glucose could cause others to assume youre feeling the effects of an alcoholic beverage when in reality your blood sugar may be reaching dangerously low levels.

There is another reason to be mindful of your blood sugar levels while drinking: Some alcoholic beverages, including drinks that use juice or a mixer high in sugar, can increase blood sugar.

Benefits of red wine for people with diabetes

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