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Onetouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Meter

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A Quick Brief On Diabetes

OneTouch Verio Flex® meter – Testing your blood glucose

Diabetes is a serious disease affecting a significant proportion of the total American population. It has become relatively common in the United States as of 2018, 34.2 million Americans live with diabetes–thats 10.5% of the population. Of the 34.2 million adults with diabetes, 26.8 million were diagnosed, and 7.3 million were undiagnosed. Nearly 1.6 million Americans have type 1 diabetes, including about 187,000 children and adolescents.

One of the primary means of diabetes management is usually self-monitoring and self-administration: regular monitoring of ones blood sugar, paired with oral diabetes medications and/or insulin injections, if necessary. Navigating this new and important responsibility with accurate information is very important for those who may be newly diagnosed with diabetes.

If this is a condition you or a loved one are facing, it is imperative to take treatment and associated sharps disposal seriously. An important part of this responsibility includes the safe and proper disposal of supplies when youre done using them. Diabetes can be a lifelong condition, and mastering self-management is essential to maintaining a high quality of life and independence.

Onetouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Meter Review

The OneTouch Verio Flex is one of the best and affordable glucose meter in the market due to the current diabetic scenario.

Diabetes in todays world is one of the most raising concerns for people and the medical industry, as anyone can be afflicted with diabetes at any age, its not age-bound.

The lifestyle of people has incurred a phase shift, people are more about watching Netflix, eating and being confined to a couch most of the time. Whereas, the previous generation has seen fewer cases of diabetes because they were all about mobility.

There are certain changes that will take time for people to understand and implement. Although, diabetes still stays a concerning aspect in peoples lives.

Diabetes is caused by majorly due to hereditary and can also happen to people with no diabetic history in their genes. Even though, in both cases, diabetes still stays as a condition that cannot be cured.

Diabetes is closely related to the pancreas and the insulin pancreas produces. The role of insulin is to break down sugar carried by the blood to transmit into the cells for energy.

A person is said to be diabetic when his/her body turns insulin resistant or the pancreas doesnt produce enough insulin to break down the sugar contained in the blood.

Anyway which leads to excessive content of sugar in the blood which leads to different kinds of effects which can be fatigue, dizziness, unclotted blood and much more.


The Freestyle Librelink App

Conveniently check your glucose with your phone instead of the FreeStyle Libre reader:§

  • Access real-time glucose information view your current reading, trend arrow and history
  • Get more glucose insights from the FreeStyle Libre reports
  • Stay connected to your healthcare professional and loved ones virtually

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Onetouch Verio Flex Glucose Meter Kit

OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit is a simple way to check your blood sugar. OneTouch Verio Flex is an excellent meter because it takes the guesswork out of glucose testing. Featuring the ColorSure technology the meter shows you when your blood glucose level is high, low, or in range.

List Of Onetouch Verio Meters

OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitoring System 353885010719

Below is a list of OneTouch Verio glucose meters and their features. All of the below glucose meters use OneTouch Verio testing strips. Each product includes a lancing device and disposable lancets.

Some people may qualify for a free OneTouch Verio meter. A person can check whether they qualify here.

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What Are Lancets And Test Strips Used For

Lancets are small, short needles encased in plastic, and are used to puncture the skin to obtain a blood sample. Standard lancets fit inside a lancing device designed to make the finger prick quick and painless. Single-use lancets, often referred to as safety lancets, are also available and can help avoid accidental puncture.

After the skin has been punctured, a small bead of blood will surface, which can then be collected using a glucose test strip. Glucose test strips are designed to absorb the blood sample into a sample chamber. There it is mixed with an enzyme and the glucose meter runs an electrical current through the mixture. The level of resistance to the current that the mixture has calculates a blood sugar reading. Then, based on that reading, the user can determine what action they may need to take to regulate their blood sugar levels.

Here are some helpful tips to remember if you are new to the self-management of diabetes, or if you have another condition that requires regular blood testing.

Dispose of needles immediately.

Once you have finished using your lancets, test strips, and, if needed, syringes, immediately dispose of them as they are now considered a biohazard, i.e. hazardous medical waste.

It is important to take this seriously.

Do not attempt to clean and re-use lancets or syringes with alcohol or any other anti-bacterial solution.

Never share needles.

Pointers To Help You Adjust

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it may take some getting used to.

While any new process can seem intimidating or overwhelming, you may find it helpful to write down each step of the process, including each step for proper disposal, as you get adjusted to your new routines.

We also suggest taking advantage of using online resources to further educate yourself about diabetes management. You may also want to connect with either an online community or in-person community of others living with the same condition, who can relate to you and provide guidance and advice. This type of support and community paired with taking the time to read informative blogs and guides can be an invaluable resource toward living with the highest quality of life possible, and can make a positive difference in how you handle your diabetes.

Proper disposal of medical waste is not just about following the rules or inconveniencing anyone–its about protecting the community and the ones we love. With a little planning and dedication, anyone can easily integrate these essential steps for diabetes management and proper disposal into their everyday routine.’s%20no%20cure%20for,diabetes%20is%20an%20ongoing%20disease.

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Onetouch Verio Flex Review: Memory And Connectivity

  • 500 results stored locally

The usual 500 results are stored on the meter but, unlike most units, this one won’t give you averages. Presumably the idea is to cut down on meter use to save battery. That way you can send results to the app and analyse them there instead. This seems like a really good idea as if you own this unit and have tried the excellent app, you’ll probably be on that most of the time anyway.

The Bluetooth connection is fast and since it’s wireless requires nothing extra. You can test then move on while still analysing your data on your phone as the meter sits tucked away without using battery. That’s what gives it such great longevity.

Onetouch Verio Flex Tops The Forbes Health Best Standard Glucose Meters Of 2022 List Just Announced Highlighting The Meters Colorsure Technology

OneTouch Verio Flex® meter Setting Up Your Meter

The OneTouch Verio Flex® topped the Forbes Health Best Standard Glucose Meters based on price, affordable test strips, color range indicator, small sample of blood and compact design.

MALVERN, Pa., March 2, 2022 LifeScan, a world leader in blood glucose monitoring, announced that its OneTouch Verio Flex®, the blood glucose meter that takes the guesswork out of your numbers so you can get on with life, was just rated Best Standard Glucose Meters Of 2022 by Forbes Health. The annual ranking was compiled by the independent Forbes Health editorial team who analyzed data on the top clinically-validated blood glucose meters on the market.

The OneTouch Verio Flex meter earned the top position for its low price, as well as its affordable test strips. The meters color range indicator sets it apart from competitors and requires a small sample of blood and offers a compact design.

The OneTouch Verio Flex meter with ColorSure® technology instantly shows people with diabetes when their blood glucose numbers are in or out of range so its easier to know when to act, and together with the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app one of the most downloaded diabetes apps globally1 helps them track and trend their blood sugar levels from their wireless device and easily share results with their healthcare team and loved ones.

View the full list here:

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Onetouch Verio Flex Meter

This meter can also connect to the OneTouch Reveal mobile app. This app allows a person to view and manage their test results to identify patterns and trends.

The device uses ColorSure technology, which shows different colors to indicate whether a person is below, within, or above their target range.

The slim design makes it easily transportable, while the simple three-button design means that it is simple to operate and use.

The meter can store 500 of a users most recent glucose readings and control solution tests.

The OneTouch Verio Flex is currently available to buy on . The recommended retail price is $23.98.

Which Onetouch Meter Is Best

The best model will depend on a persons needs and preferences. The OneTouch Verio Reflect is the companys most recent model, so it offers some of the most up-to-date features. However, if a person does not have a smartphone, has a lower budget, or is looking for a simpler model, the standard OneTouch Verio meter may be the best option for them.

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New Onetouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitoring System With Colorsure Technology Takes The Guesswork Out Of Blood Sugar Test Resultsnew Onetouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitoring System With Colorsure Technology Takes The Guesswork Out Of Blood Sugar Test Results

WAYNE, PA LifeScan, Inc. has introduced the new OneTouch Verio Flex blood glucose monitoring system, with ColorSure technology a simple, accurate and easy-to-use meter that takes the guesswork out of understanding blood sugar test results for people with diabetes. Its simple color range indicator uses color to instantly tell patients when their blood glucose readings are low, in range, or high so they can quickly get on with their lives. Nine out of 10 people with diabetes agreed that the meters color range indicator helped them easily interpret their blood sugar readings. While it has broad appeal as a simple, intuitive meter on its own, patients can also use the meters built-in Bluetooth® Smart Technology to wirelessly connect with the companion OneTouch Reveal® mobile app available on compatible iOS and Android mobile devices.

The low and high range limits set in the OneTouch Verio Flex meter can be customized for each patient based on their healthcare professionals recommendations. With each test, the simple color range indicator shows whether a result is below limit , within range or above the limit . Nine out of 10 healthcare professionals agreed that knowing when their readings are in or out of range may help patients reach their blood sugar goals and stay in better control.

Key features of the OneTouch Verio Flex system include:

The OneTouch Verio Flex meter is the latest addition to the OneTouch Verio® product family that also includes:

Together Onetouch Verio Flex And The Onetouch Reveal App Change The Way You See Blood Sugar

OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitoring System

TimelineDraws a timeline of important blood sugar events 14-day visual summaries with ColorSure technology highlight your pattern

Logbook Transforms data into quick snapshots that connect your blood sugar with good, insulin and activity

Sync seamlesslyWorks together with your OneTouch Verio Flex® meter so you have the information you need, when you need it

See and share your progress with your family, friends, or trusted care network

Works with your deviceAvailable for iOS and Android phones or tablets as well as Windows and Macintosh computers and laptops

Get OneTouch Reveal®

Before using the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter to test your blood glucose, carefully read the Owners Booklet and inserts that come with the components of the system.

Press and hold OK until the start-up test screen appears. Once the device is on, release OK. You can also turn the meter on by inserting a OneTouch Verio® test strip into the test strip port.

With the meter on, press and hold and at the same time. The SET screen will appear with the current low range limit displayed, and the number and Range Indicator arrow will flash. The low and high range limits can be adjusted but be sure to talk to your healthcare professional about the range limits that are right for you.

If you change your range limits, this will only affect whether future test results are displayed as below, above or within your range limits. Changing your range limits does not affect how past results are displayed.

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Onetouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Meter

OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Meter

The OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitoring System is intended to be used for the quantitative measurement of glucose in fresh capillary whole blood samples drawn from the fingertip. The OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitoring System is intended for self-testing outside the body by people with diabetes at home and with th…

Onetouch Verio Flex Review: Sampling And Accuracy

  • Five seconds results
  • ISO accuracy standards met

Since the OneTouch Verio Flex meets the ISO standards, this means that over 99 percent of readings are within the accuracy boundaries. As such this is one of the most accurate meters out there, on a par with the Accu-Clik Guide . So what it’s lacking in lights it makes up for in clarity of results, and with low blood requirements.

The test strips are not cheap but they do only require a 0.4 microlitre sample to work. Also, they are covered by most insurance plans to give you a saving if you have to pay at all – but that all depends on your insurance.

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Onetouch Verio Flex Review: Design And Portability

  • Pocket friendly
  • Color-coded results

The OneTouch Verio Flex is simply designed for a minimal look that’s mainly screen, with a small three button control system. What’s really appealing is the color coded results. This uses three colors below the display and an arrow on the screen to show which zone you’re in. This means you can get an at-a-glance reading, even if you’re not seeing clearly at the time. You still get your exact number but this is just a nice addition. If this isn’t enough, you should consider the Prodigy Voice , which actually reads out your results to you via voice.

The slimness of the meter means it can easily slip into a pocket while the coin cell battery ensures you don’t need to worry about recharging. Also it’s super simple and cheap to replace but you won’t need to worry about that for a good 1,000 uses. Of course this depends on how much you use the Bluetooth transfer feature too.

There is also a solid case which allows you to clip in your lance and strips storage all in one handful. It is a handful though and not something that’ll just slip into a pocket easily – a bag will work fine though and keeping it all together is a really nice touch. Plus that all goes in the included zip up case so staying mobile is easy.

Is Onetouch Verio Accurate

OneTouch Verio Flex® meter – Start Checking your Blood Glucose

OneTouch does not share information on its website regarding the accuracy of the devices. However, the existing research suggests that the Verio devices are very accurate.

In addition, a found that the color indicators on Verio devices made them more effective than other devices in helping people control their blood sugar levels.

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How To Dispose Of Used Lancets And Test Strips

Along with diabetes management comes the responsibility of managing medical waste. Here’s what to do with your used lancets, test strips, and insulin needles.

Millions of Americans live with lifelong medical conditions that require them to purchase medical supplies and begin a new routine to manage those conditions. Many people may find it challenging to adjust to having a serious medical responsibility added to their already busy schedule.

Diabetes in particular often requires several medical supplies to manage it well, and it can feel very intensive at first to start testing blood sugar and self-administering insulin shots or taking regular oral medication, paired with learning about the different diabetes supplies involved in self-care.

Overall, proper disposal of sharps and medical waste is not only a matter of being responsible for your own hazardous materials, but also a matter of doing your part to maintain public health and safety.

Many people also may be self-conscious or may lack self-confidence in their ability to use a lancet or syringe, which can lead to painful accidents that can even further discourage them from being confident in their own routines.

Should You Choose The Onetouch Verio Flex

The OneTouch Verio Flex is a very capable meter that’s portable yet has a large clear display and that quick-view color coded result layout. The Bluetooth connectivity make syncing results to the OneTouch Reveal app easy and then it’s super simple to analyse trends and results or share them with others.

The lack of backlight and onboard average may not be ideal for some and those higher strip prices could also be an issue. We recommend something like the Fora 6 Connect , if you want these features. But the strips are covered by most insurance companies. The superb accuracy, quick results and relatively low sample size all make this a very appealing meter.

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