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Men’s Cotton Diabetic Crew Socks

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Diabetic Socks For Men And Women Loose Fit Non

Yomandamor Mens Bamboo Diabetic Crew Socks, 4 Pack Size 10-13
  • 90 Cotton
  • Machine Wash
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Debra Weitzner diabetic socks offer a combination of quality, comfort, and style. Our socks are breathable, soft, and well-fitting, making it the perfect choice for men and women.
  • LOOSE FIT AND NON-BINDING: These excellent diabetic ankle socks are physician approved and highly recommended for people with diabetes, edema, and neuropathy caused by circulatory problems. Its loose fit and non-binding top will allow your blood to flow unimpeded, boosting blood circulation.
  • OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: We design our socks with optimal performance. Although it has a loose fit top, the socks will stay up and not sag. The ultra-soft and breathable material is what makes it great to wear all day long. It’s all about your comfort!
  • MATERIAL AND SIZE: Socks are made from 90% cotton, 7% Elastane, and 3% Polyester. Our loose fit diabetic socks are available in 3 sizes: 9-11 10-13 13-15 . Size numbers indicate the number of inches the foot measures from heel to toe.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If our socks do not meet your expectations contact us directly and we will make sure to accommodate you accordingly. Your satisfaction is our utmost importance!

Diabetic Socks Mens Cotton 6

  • Get extra comfort with these diabetic socks. They provide excellent cushioning and its loose fit top is made to be unrestrictive of circulation.
  • Non-binding socks allows circulation to flow more freely. The loose knit design won’t constrict your legs, offering a comfortable fit,
  • Men’s diabetc socks Fits shoe size 7-13
  • Available colors: black, white, and grey. Available styles: Crew and Ankle lengths.
  • Order includes 6-pairs of grey diabetic crew socks

A Sock For Every Occasion

Whether you’re working long hours outside or simply hanging out at home, treat your tired feet to the very best. Whether you’re searching for versatile and comfortable men’s cotton socks, warm and insulating wool socks, or high-performance compression socks, The Vermont Country Store has the ideal footwear solution for you.

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Best For Stretch: Yomandamor Bamboo Diabetic Socks

Yomandamors Bamboo Diabetic Socks are stretchy and flexible, despite being as thick and cozy as an ordinary pair of socks. This makes them an excellent choice for those who crave protection and insulation, but not at the expense of comfort or elasticity. Each pair of Yomandamor Bamboo Diabetic Socks is crafted from a combination of soft bamboo and stretchy elastane. The textile blend is rendered in a micromesh fabric, which wicks away moisture, keeping the feet fresh and dry throughout wear.

Yomandamors Bamboo Diabetic Socks have a non-binding top that offers a relaxed, comfortable fit. The upper part of the sock is crafted from a looser weave than the lower part, offering the leg flexibility and room to breathe. The socks seamless design further cuts down on irritation, minimizing pressure on the foot and risk of skin damage.

Perform Better With Athletic Socks Boot Socks And Compression Socks

Diabetic Socks Mens Cotton 6

Our athletic and compression socks are the perfect solution for frequent flyers, office workers, or anyone who spends the whole day on their feet. These comfy garments are made of a stretchy Merino wool, bamboo, and nylon blend and help to renew your tired feet and sore legs while simultaneously promoting better blood circulation and reducing swelling. Our athletic men’s cotton socks and performance wool socks are a godsend for hikers, hunters, joggers, and athletes, with specially formulated moisture-wicking properties and an expert weave that keeps your toes cool in summer and warm in winter. With these high quality compression socks, your feet will be happy indeed.

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What Are Diabetic Socks

Based on the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, a Diabetic Socks is a seamless and padded sock specially designed to keep the feet dry at all times, decrease foot injury and ensure proper blood flow to and from the feet.

A diabetic sock is specially made with special features for the benefit and comfort of every diabetic experiencing neuropathy. Apart from the features mentioned above, a diabetic sock is also enhanced with the following:

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal functions

In order to properly protect the feet, there are inclusions of natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal substances. One such substance is copper oxide, as preventing fungal infections could be difficult for a person with diabetes.

  • Non-elastic binding

A diabetic sock should be one without any elastic band, which could restrict blood circulations. This property of diabetic socks makes the compression socks unsuitable for people with diabetes unless they are medical-grade compression stockings

Enjoy Happier Healthier Feet With Diabetic Socks

Have special health needs? Our men’s cotton socks are here to help. Our collection of diabetic socks includes everything from crew socks to ankle socks to dress socks and more. Made from stretchy and durable materials like cotton, nylon, spandex, and Merino wool, our diabetic socks are designed for your health needs. And with so many styles, lengths, sizes and colors of men’s cotton socks to choose from, men with health requirements can enjoy a comfy sock for every occasion. There’s even a pair of cozy, cushioned thermal diabetic socks with a little extra padding to keep your feet insulated and reduce pressure while aiding circulation.

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Best Diabetic Socks For Men

What Are Diabetic Socks?

Living with diabetes doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s a given that you have to make massive lifestyle and dietary changes after you’ve been diagnosed and luckily, more and more companies are adjusting their products to better cater to diabetics. One lifestyle change you’ll have to make includes the clothes you wear, specifically, your socks. Your socks must be loose enough that they don’t cut off circulation to your feet as blood circulation is one of the most important factors as a diabetic. Without further ado, here are 7 of the best diabetic socks for men:

L& Ms Diabetic Crew Socks are physician-approved therapeutic diabetic socks. They are recommended for those with circulatory problems, diabetes, edema, and neuropathy. These socks are loose-fitting with a non-binding top and are made with 90% Cotton and 10% Nylon. At $16.83, these socks are one of the most affordable diabetic socks for men.

Falaris Diabetic Socks are physician-approved therapeutic diabetic socks. These socks allow for better circulation which is an important factor for those with diabetes. It is made with 90% cotton, 7% polyester, and 3% elasthene. These socks are loose-fitting, with a non-binding top.

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Gowith Men’s Cotton Seamless Diabetic Crew Socks

  • SOFT COTTON: Fine combination of 90% cotton and 10% polyamide. The finest high quality Turkish cotton ensures the perfect quality. They are ideal for diabetics. The colors in the package are is black, gray, navy, anthracite. The size options are 7.5-9.5, 10-12 US shoe size, and it comes with 4 pairs.
  • FEEL COMFORTABLE: Tight socks can inhibit blood circulation, which might be challenging for those who suffer from circulatory issues. These comfy diabetic dress socks are highly recommended for people with diabetes, edema, and neuropathy caused by circulatory problems.
  • OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: GoWith diabetic socks made of natural fabrics that are recommended for circulatory disorders of feet and varicose veins. These colorful therapeutic socks suit for those who have high demand for comfort, especially particular people like diabetics.
  • MEANINGFUL GIFT: Socks don’t take up too much space. Although they are can be fun and thoughtful enough to steal the show on their own, they’re also a really great supplement to other gifts. If you want to choose a Christmas, birthday or special day present for your dad, husband or grandfather, then these men’s diabetic socks would be your gift.

Best For Comfort: Csm Creswell Diabetic Socks

Creswell Sock Mills Diabetic Socks are both comfortable and flexible. Their loose-fitting top makes them easy to slip on, and also ensures that wearers get the non-binding fit theyre looking for. Each pair is crafted primarily from soft cotton, which promises to provide comfort and minimize irritation.

Though Creswell Sock Mills Diabetic Socks are already loose-fitting, they promise to retain their shape and slight elasticity over timewash after wash and wear after wear. Each pack of Creswell Sock Mills Diabetic Socks comes with 12 pairs, making them an excellent option to buy in bulk.

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Best For Work: Emem Apparel Diabetic Dress Crew Socks

EMEM Apparels Diabetic Dress Crew Socks come in a finely ribbed design that leaves them looking like a standard dress sock, but they have all the comfortable features youd expect to find in a sock designed for someone with diabetes. Each pair of EMEM Apparels Diabetic Dress Crew Socks is crafted from cotton, polyester, and spandex, a textile blend that is comfortable, breathable, and sleek in appearance. The fabric blend is designed to be non-binding, so it wont restrict circulation.

EMEM Apparels Diabetic Dress Crew Socks are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The socks have a seamless toe, which provides comfort while cutting down on irritation. EMEM Apparels Diabetic Dress Crew Socks promise to hold their shape and color, wash after wash, so you wont have to worry about replacing them frequently. Each pair is available in five versatile, discreet neutralswhite, black, navy, brown, and beigeall of which are fit for the workplace.

Many diabetes-friendly socks are crafted from cotton or polyester, but TeeHees Viscose Diabetic Sports Socks are made from bamboo yarn, a textile thats soft, smooth, and comfortable. While some loose-fitting socks may fall down during use, TeeHees Viscose Diabetic Sports Socks promise to stay firmly in place. Their non-binding top is designed to offer a cozy, secure fit that wont restrict circulation or pinch the leg.

Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021

6 Wholesale Yacht &  Smith Men

The following are the best diabetic socks for men based on different purposes like sports, softness, length etc.

These socks can be easily purchased at Amazon, as they are the best Amazon-produced mens socks.

  • Dr. Scholls Mens Premium Diabetic and Circulatory Socks
  • EMEM Apparel Diabetic Dress Crew Cotton Socks
  • Falari Physicians Approved Diabetics Socks
  • Teehee Viscose Diabetic Sports Socks
  • OrthoFeet Padded Sole Bamboo Socks
  • Yomandamor Cotton Diabetic Socks
  • 1 Dr. Scholls Mens Premium Diabetic and Circulatory Socks

    This is an all-purpose diabetic sock manufactured by Dr. Scholl, an orthopedic and footwearspecialist in America.

    These socks are crew-length, as high as the mid-calf level. They are made completely black or white and could as well be made with gray patches.

    They are made to fit shoe sizes 7-12.

    The purpose of the socks is for people with diabetes experiencing neuropathy, as well as those with circulatory issues. Thus, they are made soft and stretchy due to the fabric type used polyester and spandex.

    They have a non-binding top so as to prevent bruises caused by a binding elastic to the leg.

    Another property of this mens sock is its odor resistance nature which allows for maximum freshness. It also appropriately keeps the feet dry and clean by its moisture-wicking properties.

    These features added to the ultra-smooth toe seams has made this diabetic sock one of the best and most preferred diabetic sock.

    2 EMEM Apparel Diabetic Dress Crew Cotton Socks

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    Medipeds Men’s 8 Pack Diabetic Quarter Socks With Non

    • Coolmax keep feet dry
    • Non-binding top
    • Cushion sole protects feet
    • Lycra spandex offers the ultimate fit and helps hug feet, reducing slippage which could cause blisters
    • Satisfaction guarantee-if you are not completely satisfied with your peds product, simply return them to us for replacement

    Best Budget: Falari Physicians Approved Diabetic Socks

    Crafted primarily from cotton, Falaris Diabetic Socks are incredibly soft and cozy. These loose-fitting socks promise to cover the feet comfortably, without restricting circulation. The non-binding top is designed to reinforce this promise of comfort. Instead of fitting the foot too tightly, these socks offer the foot plenty of cushioned supportwithout sacrificing breathability.

    Falari’s Diabetic Socks are available in three discreet, versatile shades: black, gray, and white. Although they are designed with comfort and circulation in mind, they come with a seam along the toes.

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    How To Select The Best Diabetic Socks For Men

    When considering the best diabetic socks for both men and women, one must consider the most important features of the diabetic sock.

    The best diabetic sock is one made of materials that are perfect for moisture management that is, it can soak up moisture quickly and get rid of it quickly as well so as to maintain maximum freshness.

    It must be loose enough to ensure proper blood circulation and breathability, and as well stay properly fit.

    It must be a diabetic sock that can accommodate expansion from washing or sporting activities and still retain its shape.

    And finally, a good diabetic sock with built-in padding must be able to withstand wear and tear as well and have good insulating properties for harsh weathers.

    What Makes Our Non Binding Men’s Socks Better Than Regular Socks

    canFly Men’s 6-Pack Crew Thin Cotton Socks 9-11 Unboxing/Review

    Sometimes, manufacturers forget that socks are for protecting the feet. Many socks today are cheaply and hastily made without regard to comfort. Typically, sock cuffs consists of a tight elastic bands that restrict blood flow to the legs. The seams that hold the socks together are large and intrusive, which shafes and will likely cause blisters. We try to change the mantra that everything is about the buck. Our products are made from high quality materials and crafted with quality and comfort in mind. We focus on making our non binding diabetics socks the most comfortable possible. They help diabetics protect the feet from injuries, improve blood flow to the legs, and add more comfort. One of our customer’s favorites are the black socks that can also double as diabetic dress socks or gym socks. Non binding socks come in different sizes, lengths, and colors to acommodate everyone. Low cut and ankle socks work well during the hot summer months. For winter, knee length socks is well suited for the cold temperatures. Meanwhile, crew length is the most common and is a good middle ground for year round wear.

    Special Features:

    Summary of Benefits:

  • Through extensive testing, we have developed the optimal blend of moisture wicking sock fibers to keep diabetes feet drier. Cotton soaks up moisture, while nylon brings moisture to the surface to dry quicker. Moisture management really helps to decrease blisters, foot odors, and lessens the chances of foot infections.
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    Men’s White Diabetic Crew Socks

    Price: FREE SHIPPING on $45 OrdersSelect Size Below:

    Hi. How much is the shipping cost for these socks? Thanks.

    Shipping is $8.95 for 1 dozen and FREE if buying 2 dozens or more.



    re your mens large diabetic crew socks, what is the length of the leg portion of the socks?

    The leg portion is slightly over 7 inches long.


    what is the maximum width of the calf


    The over the calf socks have a cross stretch of around 11″ to 12″. Hope that helps.

    Is each pair of socks individually wrapped?


    No, each 3 pairs of socks are wrapped with a label and placed in a large clear bag.


    Do the Men’s Large White Diabetic Socks have the larger “chain” knit tops that stretch out better than most of the diabetic socks we have bought ? We bought one pair at WalMart a few years back, and then never found them again.

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    Yes, our socks have a chain like mesh that allows your legs to breathe and has plenty of room to stretch out.

    I hope that helps.


    This item …. SPC13WHI …… size says Sock 13-15 and Shoe 13-15. In my observations, shoe size and sock size are generally not the same. I am looking for socks to fit size 13 shoe. Please confirm if these particular socks will fit such a man. Thanks Cathy

    Sock size 13-15 will fit a men’s size 13 shoe.

    Our socks follow the standard sock sizes shown here:


    Diabetic Socks For Men

    If you experience poor circulation or temperature control as a result of diabetes then your feet deserve a treat! When shopping for socks, for men with diabetes, you’ll probably see the terms diabetic socks and circulation socks thrown around quite often. Diabetic socks are somewhat different from circulation socks they provide a little more cushioning and warmth than their counterparts. Awesome for both low-cut dress shoes or your work style casuals, our socks will keep your feet feeling their best with a perfect blend of comfort and style!

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    Best For Breathability: Yomandamor Cotton Diabetic Socks

    Yomandamors Cotton Diabetic Socks are flexible, comfortable, and super lightweight. Each pair is crafted from a cotton elastane blend and rendered in mesh, so the socks arent just soft and cozytheyre also incredibly breathable.

    Yomandamors Cotton Diabetic Socks have a cushioned sole that promises to alleviate pressure. A reinforced heel and toe help the socks stay durable, wear after wear. The result is a sock thats cozy without feeling constricting, and lightweight without feeling flimsy.

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