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Easily Track Your Glucose Levels And More At Your Fingertips

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Daily blood sugar testing is a vital component of any successful diabetes management plan. It can help determine if you have your blood sugar under control, while also helping identify patterns that can lead to a spike or crash. It also reveals how factors like stress and exercise can impact your blood sugar, and it assists you in examining the effectiveness of any diabetes medications you may be taking.

While the frequency and cadence of your blood glucose testing depends on your specific diagnosis and your physicians recommendations, its up to you to select the glucometeror at-home blood sugar-monitoring devicethat will best support your needs.

  • No calibration required on test strips

  • Allows you to set reminder alarms

  • Saves pre- and post-meal glucose levels

  • Expensive

Establish A Routine For How Often And When You Should Test Your Blood Sugar

Work with your doctor to plan your routine. They may suggest checking it while youre fasting, before and after meals, or before bedtime. Each persons situation is different, so its important to decide on an arrangement that will work for you.

When youve set that schedule, make checking your blood part of your daily routine. Build it into your day. Many meters have alarms you can set to help you to remember to test. When testing becomes a part of your day, youll be less likely to forget.

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Can My Pharmacist Provide Me With A Prescription Refill For Extra Strips

No. Blood glucose test strips are designated listed substances as defined by the Ontario Drug Benefit Act and require a prescription by a physician in order to be eligible for reimbursement under the ODB Program. Prescriptions and prescription extensions by pharmacists for blood glucose test strips are not eligible for reimbursement under the ODB program.

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Freestyle Freedom Lite Meter

Free Glucose Meter and Test Strips

This slightly-modified version of the basic FreeStyle Lite meter has been available since 2008.

It includes all of the same features of the main meter, and also requires the tiniest blood sample size of just 0.3 microliters.

The Freedom model is even more compact, at just 4 x 2 x 7 inches and weighing 4.8 ounces. It offers a larger display for an easier-to-read experience, but it does not have the backlight and port light that the main FreeStyle Lite model offers.

The FreeStyle Freedom model also uses a replaceable 3-volt lithium battery, but in this meter it lasts up to 1,000 tests.

The FreeStyle Freedom is also compatible with Abbotts FreeStyle Auto-Assist and Libreview software for analyzing trends and creating reports.

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Monitoring Your Blood Glucose Levels

People who take insulin need to self-monitor their blood glucose levels. Your health professional will help you decide when and how often you should check your blood glucose levels, and your target range.

People with diabetes registered on the NDSS will be eligible to receive a free blood glucose meter associated with their preferred new brand of blood glucose testing strips.

Your doctor or diabetes educator can help you choose the meter thats best for you. Your diabetes educator or pharmacist can show you how to use your meter to get accurate results.

To find out which meters are suitable for NDSS-funded blood glucose monitoring strips, as well as how to get one of these meters, read How to access a free blood glucose meter.

Blood glucose meters are also sold as kits giving you all the equipment that you need to start. There are many types, offering different features and at different prices to meet individual needs. Most of these are available from pharmacies and some diabetes centres. You may also be able to purchase them from your local pharmacy or state or territory diabetes organisation if they have a shop.

Best For Data Management: Dario Blood Glucose Monitor Kit

  • Device connects to phone, no batteries required

  • Free app for data tracking

  • Emergency hypoglycemia alert pairs with GPS location

  • Not compatible with all Android phones

For those who are hyperfocused on analyzing trends in their blood sugar reading data, our experts recommend this iPhone-compatible device from Dario. The smart, pocket-sized meter connects directly to the phone via its charging port so you dont have to deal with any cables or batteries.

All results are automatically recorded in the accompanying app on your phone, which also analyzes your results and makes it easier for you to track diabetes-specific metrics, such as carbohydrate consumption, physical activity, and medication adherence. You can even opt to share this data with your caregivers or family members.

The meter itself is fast and accurate, providing readings in less than six seconds. It also features a built-in emergency hypoglycemia alert paired with your GPS location so you can feel as safe as possible as you self-manage your blood sugar. The kit comes with the glucometer, 25 test strips, 10 lancets, and 10 disposable covers.

Result Speed: 6 seconds| Included in Kit: 25 test strips, lancets, disposable covers

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What Can I Do If I Have Not Received My Test Strips Allotment But The Pharmacist Says My Claim Has Been Rejected

Your pharmacist can determine the overall annual allotment for test strips by assessing your diabetes therapy in the past six months and the number of strips already reimbursed under the ODB program in your current 365-day period. It is important that you fill your prescriptions at a single pharmacy to facilitate proper tracking of your allotment. Please inform your pharmacist if you have filled test strip prescriptions at more than one pharmacy.

If there is a discrepancy, the pharmacist can contact the ministrys ODB Helpdesk on your behalf for support.

Bayer Contour Test Strips

True Test Diabetic Strips from Ebay

Bayer Contour test strips are for use with all family of Bayer Contour meters including Bayer Contour, Bayer Contour Link, and Bayer Contour USB. The Bayer Contour test strips will NOT work with Bayer Contour NEXT glucose monitoring systems ONLY with Bayer Contour meters.

Bayer Contour test strips require no coding, which means one less step in testing and eliminates errors due to a user miscoding. Contour test strips use only a tiny blood sample to quantitatively measure the blood glucose levels, and deliver clinically accurate results in as fast as 5 seconds.

The sip-in sampling quickly sips in your blood sample. Bayer Contour test strips feature automatic compensation for many common interfering substances . Contour test strips are made by BAYER, one of the leading manufacturers of high quality diabetic and medical products.


  • Sip-in sampling for quick uptake of blood sample
  • High-performance test strips with proven accuracy
  • Automatic compensation for many common interfering substances

You may use the Bayer Contour Control Solution to check that Contour meter and test strips are working correctly. It is important that you carry out this simple check regularly. For precise instructions please check the Contour manual provided in the test strips box.

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How Accurate Is It

The standard measurement of CGM performance is known as the mean absolute relative difference . With this measure, the lower the number, the better the accuracy.

Medtronic reports that the Guardan 3 sensor Connect CGM has accuracy in the 9 to 11 percent range . Interestingly, Medtronic says its clinical data shows that accuracy is actually better when the sensor is worn on the arm versus the abdomen.

Medtronic data also shows that without predictive alerts turned on, it has a 90.5 percent hypoglycemia detection rate . With predictive alerts turned on and set at 30 minutes before a low, the Guardian Connect system has a 98.5 percent hypo detection rate when worn on the abdomen.

Blood Glucose Test Strips Prices

When comparing prices of blood glucose strips, we considered the cost of 100-count packages, which fall between $10 and $100.

Inexpensive: At the low end of the price range, you can expect to spend between $10 and $30, which includes some test strips with no-coding technology.

Mid-range: These test strips cost between $30 and $60 have improved accuracy and incorporate an abundance of convenience features.

Expensive: At the high end of the range, between $60 and $100 and sometimes more, you can expect advanced features, including extended time frames for reapplication. Some of these more expensive test strips require the least amount of blood for a sample, too.

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All About Freestyle Lite Glucose Meters And Test Strips

One of the best known brands in diabetes gear is FreeStyle, made by Abbott Diabetes Care. Traditional fingerstick glucose meters and test strips have been their bread and butter for more than two decades, long before the company launched its innovative FreeStyle Libre flash continuous glucose monitor in the United States in 2017.

Abbotts FreeStyle Lite fingerstick glucose meters and the long-established FreeStyle Lite test strips have been available in the United States for many years, recognizable by the little butterfly displayed on the boxes and on each individual test strip.

DiabetesMine has compiled this guide to FreeStyle Lite products in the United States: key features, pros and cons, accuracy, user feedback, and where to buy.

  • requires just a tiny sample of blood for testing
  • the meters are compact sized yet full-featured
  • the basic FreeStyle Lite meter offers both a backlight and port light for checking blood sugars in the dark
  • the meters allow for a 60-second reapply of blood if the first sample is too small
  • the test strips use a special ZipWik tab technology to wick blood into the strip, for easier testing
  • incorporates a pretty butterfly on products that make them distinctive and easily recognizable
  • the system is rated high on modern accuracy standards

Best Wearable Glucose Monitors

Diabetes Test Kit for Diabetic , Blood Sugar Glucose Monitoring +50 ...

A wearable blood glucose monitor or a CGM is capable of measuring blood sugar levels using sensors. Dexcom CGM system is one of the best wearable glucose monitors that measure blood glucose levels 24 hours a day. It is a CGM that consists of a tiny sensor that measures glucose level, a transmitter that transmits data to the display device, and a smart device that displays real-time information. The sensor tracks the glucose level in your interstitial fluid and the sensor is capable of testing the level of blood sugar every few minutes. The sensors present in a continuous glucose monitor can change the tracked information into electrical signals and can display it.

More info on selecting the best wearable glucose monitor.

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Criteria For Additional Test Strips

Patient has:

  • Not met glycemic targets, as determined by a physician, for three months or more
  • An acute illness or co-morbidities, which may impact blood glucose control
  • Had changes in drug therapy that may impact blood glucose control
  • A job where hypoglycemia presents a significant safety risk
  • Gestational diabetes

Additional test strips for a pediatric patient under Nursing Support Services using a CGM may be requested at the time of initial CGM request or with a CGM renewal request .

Note: In the rare case that a patient has a medical need for even more frequent testing, or when a patient on insulin needs to test more frequently, an endocrinologist may submit a written request to PharmaCare for additional strips. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. The letter should outline the need for the additional strips and the quantity required.

Where Can I Get Free Insulin

Over the last few years, the cost of insulin has skyrocketed. If you are struggling to pay for your insulin, three drug manufacturers may offer immediate prescription assistance: Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, and Sanofi. The American Diabetes Association has more information on how to access cheaper insulin through manufacturers.

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    Walgreens Truemetrix Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter

    How to Use Diabetes Test Strips – Part 2

    Similar to the Rite Aid TrueMetrix glucose meter, this version from Walgreens uses blood samples via a traditional fingersticking process.

    What sets it apart from the original TrueMetrix is its Bluetooth capabilities to deliver results to your smartphone. It works on both Android 4.4 and iPhone 4S models and later.

    Additionally, this Bluetooth version allows you to store twice as many test results: 1,000 at a time. It claims to process your results in about 4 seconds.

    In addition to the cost of the meter, you will still need to buy lancets and test strips from the same brand. Walgreens sells the meter and accessories without a prescription.

    Whats included: TrueMetrix reader, 3-volt battery, 10 lancets, lancing device, log book, instructions, and carrying case.

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    How Do You Get A Blood Glucose Monitor

    Your doctor or nurse will give you a blood glucose meter for free if you have type 1 diabetes or treat your diabetes with medication that can cause hypos. On rare occasions you will get a prescription instead. Remember, you don’t pay for prescriptions if you have diabetes and its treated with any type of medication.

    If you have diabetes that isnt treated with medication that causes hypos then you might not be able to get a blood glucose monitor from the NHS. This is because the current NICE recommendations are that self-monitoring blood sugar isn’t right for everyone with diabetes. You should check with your healthcare team if you want to self-monitor.

    There are many different types of blood glucose meters available. That means you may not get the one you’ve read about or want from your doctor or nurse. But they should provide you with a monitor that meets your needs for blood sugar checking

    You can also buy a blood glucose meter from a pharmacy or online. Our shop sells meters and test strips. You should speak with your healthcare team before you buy your own meter.

    Get A Free Diabetes Meal Plan

    Get a free 7-Day Diabetes Meal Plan from Constance Brown-Riggs who is a Registered Dietitian-Certified Diabetes Educator and who is also a national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

    Just enter in your email below to download your free Diabetes Meal Plan.

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    What Does It Cost

    Medtronics marketing people say this Guardian Connect starts at only $50 a month, which is the lowest cost of any personal CGM system. However, thats a bit misleading as this calculation is based off typical patient responsibility for 20 percent co-insurance coverage.

    The Guardian Connect CGM requires a prescription from a healthcare professional. It is available for purchase directly from Medtronic Diabetes or through third-party supply companies like Edgepark, Caremark CVS, Solara, etc.

    You can contact Medtronic directly to start the process for purchasing this CGM technology.

    For those without insurance who are concerned about being able to afford a CGM, Medtronic offers a CGM Access Discount program, that brings the costs down to $900 per year for the Guardian Connect sensors and transmitter costs, or as low as $75 a month for those who are eligible.

    Overall, Medtronic Guardian CGM reviews are middle-of-the-road. Most complaints are aimed at the company itself, based on its aggressive marketing practices and reputation for poor customer service.

    At the Trustpilot review site, Medtronic gets a poor ranking average of 2 out of 5 stars.

    When it comes to the Guardian Connect CGM product specifically, a common complaint is about the eggshell shape of the sensor that makes it easy to flop off the skin, so users often have to employ a large amount of tape to keep it in place.

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