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Contour Next One Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Contour Next One Where To Buy

Contour Next Blood Glucose Meter How to Use

The Contour Next One can me purchased through . The full kit includes the meter, lancet pen, strips and storage pouch. You can stock up on test strip here on amazon.

As we mentioned before, the second chance technology can help you save money on strips as it allows you to use a strip another time if a reading failed.

What Are Todays Most Popular Bayer Contour Next One Glucose Monitoring Systems Models

There are many bayer contour next one glucose monitoring systems items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every bayer contour next one glucose monitoring systems model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.Its no secret that certain products appeal to specific populations. What if you could see which products were the most popular across all consumers? You can, and weve got the list. Check out our collection of products that appear to appeal to all ages, genders, and locations.

Managing Your Blood Glucose Levels With Contour Next Monitors

People with type 1 or type 2 diabetes require consistent monitoring to help ensure that they maintain healthy blood glucose levels. They must react quickly when their blood sugar reaches levels below or above those recommended by their doctors, and may also need to track the timely administration of precise insulin doses. Additionally, results tracked over time allow people with diabetes to adjust their diet and exercise routines to maintain their blood glucose level on target.

If diabetes is not managed properly or left untreated, it can lead to several symptoms ranging from nerve damage, to increased risk of heart disease, and kidney damage5. Access to fast, accurate and easy to interpret blood glucose measurements is of prime importance to help avoid outcomes with profound health impacts.

The CONTOUR® NEXT ONE meters smartLIGHT feature ensures users receive feedback on their blood glucose results instantly. This technology takes the guesswork out of results by using a colour-coded flashing light system that shows green for results within target, red for readings that are below their target and yellow for results above target. Quick interpretation of blood glucose results helps guide decision making and may improve diabetes outcomes longer term4.

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Glucose Monitoring And Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association states that it is important to ensure that blood glucose levels stay within a healthy range. If a persons blood glucose levels fall too low, it can affect their ability to think clearly. High blood glucose levels can damage the body and lead to complications over time.

For example, a 2017 study suggests that men with high blood sugar levels have an increased risk of developing colon cancer.

Additionally, research suggests that low blood glucose can influence decision making. The authors found that the participants with low blood sugar were more likely to become impatient and make intuitive rather than deliberative decisions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that several factors determine how frequently a person with diabetes should check their blood glucose levels. However, in general, it is advisable to check these levels on first waking up, before a meal, 2 hours after eating, and before going to bed.

The CDC recommends that people whose blood sugar levels are below 70 milligrams per deciliter should immediately take steps to increase them. Techniques to achieve this include:

  • taking four glucose tablets
  • drinking 4 ounces of fruit juice
  • drinking 4 oz of full-sugar soda
  • eating four pieces of hard candy

Additionally, people can manage blood sugar by:

  • exercising regularly
  • following a diabetes meal plan
  • monitoring their blood sugar and identifying patterns

What Should My Target Range Be

CONTOUR NEXT Next Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Your blood glucose target range should be the one that your doctor or HCP team has given you, and it can be different from person to person depending on their type of diabetes or lifestyle.

The preset target ranges set to your Contour® Next One meter are as follows, but remember that your own may be slightly different and can be changed in the Contour® Diabetes App:

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Whats The Difference Between Ascensia And Bayer

Bayer became Ascensia Diabetes Care in 2016, taking over all its diabetes products, including the full line of Contour Next meter models. Bayer had manufactured diabetes management tools since the 1940s and 50s, including the Clinitest for urine glucose testing and the brick-sized home glucometers first available in the 1980s.

Is Bayer Contour Next One Glucose Monitoring Systems Worth It

We are, without a doubt, a disposable civilization. Were continually assaulted with ads advertising the latest and greatest bayer contour next one glucose monitoring systems. But are they bayer contour next one glucose monitoring systems worth our money? Some of them are if you pick wisely! Some, not so much.

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Contour Next One Review Worth The Hype

The contour next one is a meter for home blood monitoring. Just as other glucose meters on the market, the Contour Next One meter caters to diabetics for whom accurate blood monitoring is crucial.

The meter is released as a modern meter with mobile integration . The tool promises a precise and smart system to make glucose monitoring simple.

Producer Ascensia has multiple meters in the Contour One category. Another Contour One meter is for example the Contour one EZ meter. The Producer of the Contour One meters are better known by the company name Bayer. In 2016 Bayer Diabetes care became Ascensia.

When To Talk With Your Doctor About Blood Sugars

contour next blood glucose monitoring system

You can talk with your doctor and diabetes care team about your personal goals for glucose levels. Talking with your diabetes care team and endocrinologist and diabetes care team may be especially helpful if youre experiencing any trends in higher or lower glucose levels, particularly if you experience any hyperglycemia symptoms that might signal dangerous diabetes ketoacidosis.

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Contour Next One Blood Glucose Meter Kit Features:

  • Simple to Use – This remarcably accurate meter and app connect seamlessly with each other to capture all your blood glucose readings.
  • smartLIGHT – Gives you an instant indicator of your blood glcuose results. Green – within target, Amber – above target, Red – below target.
  • Second-Chance Sampling – Prompts you to reapply blood if the first sample is insufficient to take a reading. Helps to avoid lancing a second time and wasting strips.
  • Add Events – Record events such as diet, activities and medication as well as add photos, notes or voice memos to help put your results in context.
  • Get smartALERTS – Be alerted when your blood glucose levels are at a critical high or critical low level.
  • – Easily share your results with your doctor to help you both come up with better diabetes management plans.

How To Order The Contour Next One

Ascencia offers a free Contour Next One device through its website. However, people are only eligible for this free device if they have private healthcare insurance.

Those who qualify will need to fill out and submit the online form and print out the coupon. Then, they can go to any pharmacy that stocks the device, where they will need to present a current prescription. After purchasing a pack of 50 Contour Next test strips, these individuals will receive a free Contour Next One device.

This offer is not available for people who are eligible for prescription reimbursements through:

  • Medicaid
  • Tricare
  • any other federal or state health programs

Ascencia does not allow people to purchase the Contour Next One on its website. However, the company provides a list of websites where a person can purchase the device online. These include:

  • : Here, the monitor has a list price of about $19.
  • CVS Pharmacy: This device costs $19.99.
  • Rite Aid: Rite Aid sells the monitor for $16.99.
  • Walmart: People can purchase the device for $19.97 from Walmart.

All prices are correct at the time of publishing.

Some stores may accept flexible spending account and health savings account cards.

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Prepare To Take Your Reading

Before you use your Contour® Next One meter for the first time, youll need to turn it on.

You can turn the meter on and off by pressing the OK Button, which is in the button in the centre of the ring on the right end of the meter.

When the meter is turned on for the first time, a preset overall target range will be displayed.

Don’t worry if the default target range isn’t right for you, you can change them on the Contour® Diabetes App later.

Press the OK button again to move on and next youll be able to set the current time, and then the date, by using the up and down buttons on the device.

Once these are entered, youll be able to take your first reading!

How To Use Contour Next One Meter

Contour Next ONE Blood Glucose Monitoring System with 10 Bayer Strips ...

The Contour Next One Meter works with the same principles as other Glucose meter which includes:

  • Place a fresh needle into the lancet pen
  • Take a new test strip designed for the Contour Next one and put it in the meter
  • Place the lancet pen on your finger and press the button to create a small blood sample
  • Absorb the drop of blood with the test strip
  • Wait a few seconds and the meter will provide you the reading
  • Results are displayed and stored in the Contour Next One meter app on your phone

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Contour Next One Registration How To Register Contour Next One Meter

To Register your Contour Next one you can simple go the Contour Next one Webpage. This page will lead to the sign up for registering your meter. You can become a ContourCare member at the website and receive personal offers.

It is also possible to download the Glucofacts software from the website after becoming a Contour care member. This is software you can install on your computer to track your measurements.

What Do The Smartlight Colours Mean

The smartLIGHT® on your Contour® Next One blood glucose meter helps you to know whether your readings are within the target range at a glance.

The end of the meter will light up one of three colours as soon as your reading is ready green, amber, or red.

A green light means that your reading is within target range, an amber light means your blood glucose is higher than the target range, and a red light means your blood glucose is lower than your target, its as easy as that!

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How To Set Your Blood Glucose Target Range

To set your blood glucose target range, youll need to connect your Contour® Next One meter to the Contour® Diabetes App.

Remember, you should only set your target range to the range that youve agreed upon with your healthcare professional .

This will help you to be sure that youre being as accurate as possible with your readings and making the right choices as you self-monitor your blood glucose.

To set your target ranges on the app, begin by going to the main menu, then to settings, and then to the Target Ranges section.

Here, youll be able to enter the high and low limits of your Before Meal and After Meal target ranges.

Youll also be able to set Critical High and Critical Low ranges, which will prompt you to take action if theyre ever hit.

Alternatives To Fingerstick Meters

Bayer Contour NEXT blood glucose meter review

Dozens of different fingerstick meters exist beyond just the Contour NEXT models. While many poke their fingers for blood sugar readings, many people with diabetes use a continuous glucose monitor . These are more expensive diabetes devices that have evolved since the first model in 2004. They measure glucose levels differently than a traditional fingerstick meter. Instead of checking glucose levels in a drop of blood, a CGM analyses interstitial fluid beneath the top layer of skin to generate a glucose level reading. Depending on the particular CGM device, results are generated every 1 to 5 minutes and are displayed on a separate handheld receiver or smartphone app.

Experts in the diabetes field often describe a fingerstick meters blood sugar result as a snapshot of a moment in time, whereas a CGM offers a complete picture of ones glucose trends.

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Uses Contournext Test Strips For Remarkable Accuracy

The CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter uses CONTOUR®NEXT test strips to deliver a remarkably accurate result to enable you to make the best decisions. Accuracy standards allow blood glucose results taken on a meter to vary ±15 %* from a blood glucose test done in a laboratory.

The CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter exceeds the standards at ±8.4%1-2 which gives you a result even closer to laboratory reference.

*EN ISO 15197 2015 accuracy standards allow an error margin of ±0.83 mmol/L at glucose concentrations < 5.55 mmol/L or ±15% at glucose concentrations 5.55 mmol/L.1. Christiansen M et al. Accuracy and user performance evaluation of a new blood glucose monitoring system in development for use with CONTOURNEXT test strips. Poster presented at the 15th annual meeting of the Diabetes Technology Society October 2224, 2015 Bethesda, Maryland. USA.2. International Organization for Standardization. In vitro diagnostic test systems Requirements for blood glucose monitoring systems for self-testing in managing diabetes mellitus. Geneva, Switzerland: International Organization for Standardization 2015.

Do I Have To Test From My Fingertip

Although most people will use their fingertip for blood glucose reading, your doctor may recommend alternative site testing, or AST.

If your doctor has told you to use AST, then you can use the Contour® Next One system to test blood from the palm of your hand.

Begin in the same way, by washing and drying your hands, and then use your lancing device as instructed in the manual to draw a drop of blood from the fleshy area of the palm of your hand. Then you can continue your test as usual.

Refer to your Contour Next One meter’s manual to understand when AST isn’t appropriate.

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Connects To The Free Contourdiabetes App

Connecting the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter to the CONTOUR®DIABETES App may help you better understand9 your readings and support your blood glucose management.

  • Easy to use: Automatically syncs^ with the meter to upload all blood glucose readings to an electronic diary
  • Easy to understand: My Patterns helps identify trends in blood glucose readings and sends notifications of potential causes
  • Easy to share: Your blood sugar diary report can be sent anytime to your healthcare professional to facilitate a more focused discussion

95% of the measured glucose values needed to fall within either ±15 mg/dL of the average measured values of the reference measurement procedure at glucose concentrations < 100 mg/dL or within ±15% at glucose concentrations 100 mg/dL . 99% of individual glucose measured values need to fall within zones A and B of the Consensus Error Grid for type 1 diabetes.3

#Before use see the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE user guide for full instructions. Always consult your healthcare professional before setting or changing any target ranges. ^On a compatible Android or iOS device. For a full list of compatible mobile operating systems, visit compatibility.contourone.com.

How To Get The Best From The Contour Next One Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Bayer Contour Next ONE Wireless Blood Glucose Monitoring System

So, youve picked up a lovely Contour® Next One blood glucose meter and youre ready to take your first step into the new age of smart diabetes management.

Youve got your meter, your Contour® Next test strips, your lancing device, and youve downloaded the Contour® Diabetes App, so now what?

Well, were going to take a look at how youll use your Contour® Next One system to test your blood glucose levels, lets get started!

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Differences And Similarities With Other Contour One Models

The Contour Next One meter is slimmer and more compact than other Contour One editions. Still, The Contour Next One is also integrated with the so-called second chance technology.

This technology makes it possible to try another reading with the same test strip in case the measurement failed. A little more blood can be added in a limited amount of time and a second reading appears. This is convenient and makes you waste less strips.

However a small downside is that turning Bluetooth off and on can result in confusion between the meter to synchronize with the app. But a solution to this is to keep Bluetooth on and to charge your phone a bit more then usual. However, this is a minor effort compared to the clear overview, averages and trends you can easily follow through the app.

Discover Smartlight For Easier Understanding Of Blood Glucose Levels6

  • The smartLIGHT® target range indicator clearly identifies if your reading is above, within or below target range
  • This feature can help you understand your blood glucose readings and what actions to take for blood glucose management
  • It has been shown that blood glucose monitoring systems with colour target range indicators were associated with improved HbA1c in comparison to a range of blood glucose monitoring systems without this feature10

Above Target Range

95% of the measured glucose values needed to fall within either ±15 mg/dL of the average measured values of the reference measurement procedure at glucose concentrations < 100 mg/dL or within ±15% at glucose concentrations 100 mg/dL . 99% of individual glucose measured values need to fall within zones A and B of the Consensus Error Grid for type 1 diabetes.3

#Before use see the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE user guide for full instructions. Always consult your healthcare professional before setting or changing any target ranges. ^On a compatible Android or iOS device. For a full list of compatible mobile operating systems, visit compatibility.contourone.com.

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