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I Think I Finally Found A Company That Rocks

Selling Diabetic Test Strips on eBay app

last Thursday was my first time doing business with them. Kathleen seems so nice. I had a little mix up. A MISTAKE ON MY PART! BUT I called and Kathleen actually answered the phone right away off business hours and assured me right away that the problem will be fixed. I will update the situation but I believe in her. I think I finally found a company that rocks.! What other company actually doesnt have a scary robot answering telling you to press 30 different numbers.

I recently completed my first order selling you test strips. So fast, friendly and successful!

Great company, fast, efficient and very fair!!

Are Your Price Quotes Guaranteed

Yes, they are, provided the diabetic test strips you sent in expire when you said they would, are undamaged and factory sealed.

We inspect every shipment to ensure it matches the description you provided. We reserve the right to adjust the price paid if there is a difference between the description you provided and what we received. We do not purchase damaged boxes. If the boxes expire in 7 to 9 months from when we receive them you will be paid at 50% of the 10-month price.

Prices quoted are good for 14 days from when the form is filled out or a label is sent. If they are received after 14 days the price paid will automatically be the current price.

Can You Sell Unused Diabetic Strips Online

It seems like almost everything we do is online these days. From buying groceries to scheduling a car wash, literally every aspect of our lives can be done via a smart phone. Because of this, websites ensure that their services as secure, fast, easy, and safe for everyone. An online marketplace for discount diabetic test strips allows anyone across the country to access the cost savings even if they live in an area that doesnt have access to quality health care. Online reselling means that you dont have to drive into the city or fight the traffic to sell your strips. You can do everything from the comfort of your home.

What Is The Process To Sell Unused Diabetic Test Strips Online?

Register With The Company

All modern online companies make it incredibly easy to sell strips online. They dont want you to hit any road bumps or potholes along the way. The first step for using any online service is to create an account. This is used to track shipping information and payment details. You can track how much you have sold through these portals.

Mail Out Your Sealed Supplies

Next you need to send out your boxes. Only ship boxes that are unopened and not damaged in any way. Some companies will have a physical location or a pick-up service. However, this isnt as common and the prices may not be as good.

Get Paid

What Are The Benefits To Selling My Unused Diabetic Test Strips?

Get Extra Cash

De-Clutter Your House

Help Other People

Are There Any Other Benefits Or Bonuses Offered?

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Xbox/playstation Or $500 Giveaway / $100 Gift Card Giveaway

Terms and conditions for Giveaway:

  • The actual product given away will depend on what is available. We will give either a PlayStation 5, Xbox X, or $500 in cash . Because of the scarcity of the consoles we may give cash instead of the console.
  • Only 1 winner will be selected for the giveaway on 12/12/21. We will contact the winner and give them 48 hours to call/email us back. After 48 hours, we will choose another person. No exceptions.
  • 1 entry per person/household for the length of the giveaway.
  • Minimum one-time PAYMENT must be $100+ to be included in the giveaway. Multiple payments equaling up to $100 will NOT be eligible for the giveaway.
  • Only $100+ payments sent between 10/8/21 and 12/10/21 will be entered to win.

Why Sell Test Strips

Montco Diabetic Test Strip Buyers

Many people end up with leftover diabetic supplies that are in perfect brand new condition, factory sealed and could be used by other diabetics in need. You might be able to help others living with diabetes by selling your extra test strips and supplies! Some of the reasons people have additional diabetic supplies are:

  • Switched Meter Brands
  • Pharmacy Closeout
  • Prescription Changes

As long as you sell diabetic test strips, Dexcom, Humulin, and Omnipods that meet the Two Moms guidelines, we can offer you more cash for strips than any other company for any items you have.

Select the items you are selling above to receive your highest cash payout for your products today. If you have any questions that are not answered on our FAQ page, submit them to us using our contact form.

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How To Sell Your Strips And Supplies

Get a Quote

Set Up a Local Pickup in the Tampa Area

If you live in the Tampa area, we can pick up your test strips and diabetic supplies at your preferred locationcompletely free! We can often pick up the same day. Contact us to set up a time and place for your pickup.

Ship to UsNational Coverage

Cash Now for Test Strips can purchase your test strips anywhere in the United States. Regardless of where youre located, you can ship your unused strips to us.

To ship your strips, simply visit our Ship Your Strips page and follow the instructions. Once we receive your shipment, well process it right away. If theres any issue with the order, well let you know immediately.

Get Paid!

When we pick up your diabetic test strips and other supplies, we pay cash right on the spot. If you mailed us your strips, well send your payment within two business days via PayPal, CashApp, Zelle or check.

Sell Diabetic Test Strips For Cash

If you have diabetes, you know that getting the supplies you need can be costlyand that includes the test strips for checking your blood sugar multiple times every day. Private insurance or Medicare can help defray the cost. But if you dont have insurance, or if your insurance doesnt cover all the strips you need, buying them at retail prices can be prohibitively expensive. And that makes it harder to manage your diabetes and stay healthy.

When you sell your diabetic test strips and supplies, youll be helping to get them to the people who need them the mostand youll make some cash in the process!

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Diabetics Who Depend On Diabetic Test Strips To Help Monitor And Control Their Diabetes Often Accumulate Too Many Test Strips Because Diabetic Test Strips Can Be So Expensive And They Are Of No Use To Anyone If They Get Thrown Out You May Be Wondering What You Can Do To Help Keep Your Excess Diabetic Test Strips Out Of The Trash

Simply put, people sometimes sell their diabetic test strips because theres an imbalance between demand and supply. This imbalance leaves some people with too many test strips and others without enough. For those who have a surplus of test strips that havent been used or expired, selling them allows them to make money, help other people, and help eliminate waste.

You may have tried searching for companies that buy diabetic test strips near me. If so, youve come to the right place. Cash Now for Test Strips will pay you for your unused, unexpired, sealed boxes of test strips.

We launched Cash Now for Test Strips with diabetics in mind. Our business is located near Tampa, Florida. Our team has made it their mission to help diabetics get their necessary testing supplies, who may not otherwise have the means to do so. People who are uninsured, under-insured, or cant afford to pay the retail price for crucial medical supplies shouldnt have to go without it thats where we come in. Because so many diabetics end up with a surplus of strips, we help eliminate waste and ensure the excess test strips get into the hands of the people who need them.

Is Selling Test Strips Legal Or A Scam

Cash for Diabetics Now | Cash for Diabetic Test Strips | Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Yes, selling diabetic test strips is legal. It is an over-the-counter medical supply and no prescription is required to buy or sell.

And yes, we understand your concern, because at this moment there is a well known company that is cheating customers.

They have relied on people mailing their items in, and have not paid them a cent for their products.

They are essentially stealing medical items to make higher profits.

The Two Moms are disgusted by how this company takes advantage of customers.

Above all, the Two Moms value honesty and integrity, and we do our best to remain fully transparent at every stage of your transaction. You can count on us to pay you when we say we will pay you and to pay you top dollar. Even if you found someone who offers more, let us know and we will price match. Every time.

A little mom advice from the Two Moms to you: if you want to know if a company has scammed people or not, google the name of the company and then type the word scam in the search bar and see what comes up about them. Do your research.

We pride ourselves on having a repeat and growing customer base with 5 star reviews. Google us. Look us up on Trust Pilot.

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More Cash For Test Strips Is The Best Way To Sell Diabetic Test Strips Get A Prepaid Shipping Label Emailed To You In Minutes 24/7 And Get A Instant Quote By Using Our Payout Calculator

Who pays the most for diabetic test strips

More cash for test strips offers one of the highest payouts you will find. By selling us your diabetic test strips you are helping us to help another.

Sell Diabetic supplies

Like to sell your extra diabetic test strips, Humulin insulin, Devcom G6, youre at the right place to get More Cash for diabetic supplies. More Cash for test strips has excellent feedback which we THANK YOU

Diabetic wholesalers

Collector of diabetic supplies we would like to hear from you. We are always looking to buy diabetic supplies in bulk.

Best Websites To Sell Diabetic Test Strips That Buy Unused Test Strips

Posted by Blogger Local | Aug 11, 2020 | Reviews | 0

Want sell test strips? Or are you searching for a website where you can sell your unused diabetic test strips, or companies that will your buy unused test strips and diabetic supplies?

Do you have extra boxes of diabetic test strips?

Did you know that their are many online companies that buys test strips?

Every day, hundreds of people search to sell test strips near me.

There are many places you can take your unopened boxes of diabetic test strips to and receive cash for them.

Some companies even make it easy by letting you ship them with a prepaid label and then sending you money once they receive them.

People can then buy them at discounted prices who might not otherwise be able to afford them. It is a great thing to do!

Every company has different standards and policies when it comes to what test strips they will take, so please check each companies site carefully.

Here are the top ten websites where you can sell test strips with confidence:

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How To Sell Diabetic Test Strips That Are Unused For Cash Online

What Is The Process To Sell Unused Diabetic Test Strips Online?There are countless companies that are buying unused diabetic test strips online from people around the world. It is become a common and easy way to get some fast pocket cash for a nice meal out or a new pair of shoes. Because these companies want you to use their services instead of someone elses, they have made it incredibly easy for you to exchange unused boxes of test strips for cash.

Register With The CompanyAs with almost any online service you will need to create an account. This is simple enough and asks for only the information necessary to provide the proper shipping information and payment options and details. You need to know how to get them their boxes and them to get you your cash. If you are being asked about private information like your social security number then use someone else.

Mail Out Your Sealed SuppliesOnce youve created your account you are ready to send off your boxes. They will only buy boxes that are sealed and not damaged in any way. They need to make sure that what they are reselling is safe for other people. Some companies offer in-store drop-off or pick-up services. However, this may cause the payments to be smaller for these services.

Final Thoughts On The ProgramSelling unused test strips is an excellent way to get rid of the boxes and trade them for a little extra cash to keep when you need it the most or to treat yourself on a nice day.


Why Sell Your Diabetic Test Strips

Cash For Diabetic Test Strips Why

If you have diabetes and have extra test strips, you can put them to good use by selling us your overstocked supplies. Test Strips for Money has been doing business for over 8 years, providing diabetics with quick cash for selling diabetic supplies. Test Strips for Money gives diabetic folks a legal way to make some extra income. Join the over 9000 happy customers that have sold to us

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Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Welcome to Test Strips 4 Money, we are the trusted company to get cash for test strips. We offer fast payment , top dollar and free shipping! We also offer a convenient toll-free number for your orders and information 888-326-2213 along with friendly service. We pay quick cash for diabetic test strips! Ready to start selling? Then give us a call or fill out our Quick Quote Form and get your money quickly!

Sell Us Your Diabetic Test Strips And Get Fast Cash

Our goal here at Fast Cash 4 Diabetic Test Strips is to help diabetics turn their unused diabetic test strips and other diabetic supplies into fast cash. Additionally, we are also here to help those who do not have insurance or who simply do not have enough money to afford the expensive diabetic supplies including: Lancets, Blood glucose Meters, and Diabetic Test Strips. Now that is quite a list but we feel good knowing that we are able to help at least some to be able afford the supplies that they need to be able to maintain their health.

So then, why should you sell us your diabetic test strips? Well for one thing, we give you the best price for your test strips. We also pride ourselves in providing the best customer service. We serve each customer one person at a time and we cater to their needs. What do we mean by that? Please consider some of the questions below.

QUESTION: If I ask for a Inland Empire local pickup, how do I know that I will be safe?ANSWER: We do everything that we can to insure your safety. When available we meet at the curb in front of your house. or in a place like Starbucks McDonalds or a similar location. If they are not available, we will meet in a busy parking lot where I will come up to your car and check your diabetic test strips and then pay you fast cash. Additionally, we also follow safety guidelines regarding the spreading of germs.

Additionally, we have an Articles page a Videos page, a Bonus & Referrals page and a Links page.

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We Buy Diabetic Supplies

You may be asking yourself, who buys diabetic supplies? WE DO! We want to buy all of your extra diabetic supplies. Many times, people with diabetes have a great deal of extra diabetic test supplies due to a variety of reasons, and they typically just throw their leftover products away.

However, what people may not understand is that there are others living with diabetes who dont have insurance & could benefit from these same diabetic supplies, by not having to pay full retail pricing.

Our mission is to help people who need affordable testing supplies with the excess diabetic supplies that we purchase. This way we put a little dent in the world of expensive health care and a ton of cash back into the wallets of the people that need it most. We look forward to earning your trust when you are selling extra unused, unexpired diabetic supplies.

Top 10 Website That Buys Unused Diabetic Test Strip How-to video
22 July 2021

Smart people believe in making smart decisions. They know how to get the most out of anything, even if it is about unused diabetic test strips. They do not throw in a trash can but prefer to sell at a good price.

A Bit About Diabetic Test Strip

It is quite important to keep a close eye on your blood sugar level if you are a diabetic person and need to manage your disease. Diabetes Test Strips are called an ideal way to get your blood sugar tested. This strip analyses your blood sugar levels. Get your blood glucose checked regularly. Test strips help you to know what activity, medication, or food is affecting your sugar level in a good or bad way.

Best 10 Websites To Sell Unused Diabetic Test Strip Easily and Safely

To sell unused test strips, it is ideal to choose the best website where you can sell your unused test strips without coming across any hassles.

#1 Sell My Strip

#2 Two Moms Buy Test Strips

#3 Strips USA

#4 Fast Cash Strips

#5 Dollars for Strips

#6 Diabetic Exchange USA

#7 American Medical Surplus

#8 Cash 4 Diabetic Supplies

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