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Money For Diabetic Test Strips

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The Diabetic Community Has Been Served By Cash Now For Test Strips For A Long Time

Signs offering cash for diabetic test strips continue to pop up in western Mass.

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We were established with one goal in mind: to assist diabetics. This is the foundation of our reputation for integrity, dependability, and consistency. We have made it our mission to assist diabetics in obtaining the essential medical supplies they require to maintain their health because we are aware of how expensive managing a chronic illness can be and that not everyone has insurance or insurance that is good enough to cover the full cost of test strips.

A bonus is that it keeps perfectly fine to test strips and medical supplies out of the trash and puts money in the pockets of diabetics who have an excess of supplies.

Our customer care representatives go above and beyond to explain the selling of diabetic strips for cash process to customers and address any concerns they may have. We always put our customers’ needs first.

We provide shipping kits, pay for shipping, and provide prices to our clients swiftly and easily to make the process simple.

You can call us directly and speak to someone on the phone if there is ever a misunderstanding or problem with anything. If you have any inquiries or are interested in selling your diabetic test strips to us for cash, call us at 727-204-0478.

If you reside in the Tampa region, we can also pick you up there. You come to us! To schedule a free pickup or for further information, please visit our Pickup Areas page.

Do you want to sell any diabetic test strips?

How Long Have These Strips Been On The Market

Diabetic test strips can cost as much as $2 per strip, which larger companies justify with the cost of research to keep improving their product. While scientists are always making advances in diabetes testing, the idea of a patients glucose level through a meter has been around for a while.

Curating the enzyme to turn it into an electrode was first explored in the 1950s, but not a reality until the 1960s. Leland Clark created a paper on the subject in 1956. He turned his idea into the first biosensor in 1962.

Its use in diabetes management came into play in the early 1970s, where it first was used in hospitals. But it wasnt until the early 1980s that home monitors debuted on the market.

Since then, it has been incredibly common for Type 1 diabetics to monitor their own glucose at home. However, due to the high cost of the machines, stips and needles may Type 2 patients dont know how to test their own glucose level. This is because the government fears bearing the incredibly high cost.

With so many people living with diabetes, and the strips costing between $1-$2 a strip, it is no wonder why the government is reluctant to take on the burden.

But this shoulders the burden onto the diabetes patient, and it can be incredibly taxing. Some diabetes patients have their test strips covered by Medicaid or Medicare, but this isnt the reality for every patient.

Therefore, many must pay for these strips out of their own pockets, regardless of how expensive they are.

How To Get Cheaper Test Strips

These days you can get BG test strips for lower prices, often by skipping insurance and buying straight from your drug store or a subscription service, where a company sends you test strips every month, or by using a copay card provided by the company whose meter you currently use.

You can get a full rundown of all the copay card and test strip subscription programs you can use here, but heres a high level overview:

Copay Cards: While not subscription services, you may be eligible for cheaper meters and test stripsin many cases, whether you have private insurance or notby using co-pay cards for

Walmarts brand ReliOn also has a meter and 50 test strips available for $15, with additional test strips available for $9 per 50 strips.

Subscription Services:

For each of the subscription services, no health insurance or doctors prescription is needed. Unless noted, you can adjust, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time.

The no-frills one for a super simple, very affordable blood sugar testing system, consider DiaThrive. With a 4.2 out of 5 customer rating on Amazon, you can set up a regular shipment of supplies or do a one-time purchase as needed.

The $$$:

  • $10 for a one-time meter purchase. A lancing device and case are supplied for free.
  • $8 per 50 test strips you choose how many you would like delivered once, every month, every 3 months, or every 6 months. Lancets are supplied for free.

The $$$:

The $$$:

The $$$:

The $$$:

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Join 10000+ Satisfied Customers

Welcome to Test Strips 4 Money, we are the trusted company to get cash for test strips. We offer fast payment , top dollar , and free shipping! We also offer a convenient toll-free number for your orders and information 888-326-2213 along with friendly service. We pay quick cash for diabetic test strips! Ready to start selling? Then give us a call or fill out our Quick Quote Form and get your money quickly!

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Other Ways To Check Your Blood Sugar

We Pay Cash For Diabetic Test Strips WANTED from Mableton Georgia Cobb ...

You have other options open to you if you don’t want to regularly check your blood sugar using a blood glucose monitor. This includes the flash glucose monitor and the continuous glucose monitor but thats only if you meet the criteria.

But even if you use flash or CGM, there will still be times that you will need to check your blood sugar using the traditional finger pricking method. This is because flash and CGM both have a small delay in the results they give you.

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Bonus Code Terms And Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions for most bonuses:

  • A minimum payment of $60 is required to receive a bonus.
  • Only one shipment per 30 days can receive a bonus. Multiple shipments per 30 days are not eligible to receive bonuses.
  • Only test strip boxes of 50 and 100 counts will be included in the box bonus calculation.
  • Damaged/Short Dated boxes are not included in bonus calculations
  • No other boxes will be considered.
  • Boxes that expire 10+ months will be included in the bonuses
  • Bonus is per shipment
  • All lancets priced above $1 are not included in any box bonus calculation

The Benefits Are All Around

Who buys diabetic test strips? Tens of millions of Americans are afflicted with Type 1 and Type 2diabetes and the vast majority buy test strips to monitor their blood sugar, oftentimes needing to checktheir condition multiple times a day. Those who are insured pay a minimal amount for the strips, butthose without health insurance pay a much much higher price. An efficient online marketplace hasgrown up to resolve that disparity, providing the insured a place to sell diabetic test strips for cash andthe uninsured access to affordable diabetic supplies. Both sides win. Sellers can feel confident that theyare benefiting others and putting extra test strips to good use while buyers can get the supplies theyneed.

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Should You Use Test Strips Beyond The Expiration Date

The manufacturers stated shelf life of most test strips is 18 to 24 months.

Diabetes author and educator Wil Dubois explains, most strips can be used for a good period beyond their official expiration date. But at the same time, with all the variables that can impact a strips lifespan and the tremendous variety of strips out there, I dont think we have a prayer of getting a hard-and-fast rule about how long a typical strip might last.

He also notes that the longer you use expired test strips, the more likely you are to get inaccurate results.

So Why The High Diabetic Test Strips Cost

Is the reselling of diabetic test strips legal?

Modern technology seems incredible, but these test strips only cost $0.15 to manufacture, at the most. David Kliff, a Type 1 diabetic, and owner of a blog on diabetes, says that he estimates that drug manufacturers make an astounding 70% to 80% of profit off of these strips alone.

However, others involved in the strips manufacturing believe that the cost doesnt just reflect the price of manufacturing the strip. Instead, one should also factor in the research costs associated with creating such a modern marvel.

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Diabetic Test Strips Cost: Why Are They So Expensive

When you look at the diabetic test strips cost, do you wonder why they cost so much money? Heres why and how you can make extra money selling your used test strips.

29 million Americans have diabetes, and most of them are checking their blood sugar every day. In order to do so, they need access to test strips, which work in tandem with their meter to give them an accurate glucose reading.

Diabetic test strips cost an exorbitant amount of money. This is especially true when you consider that most diabetics have to use them at least daily. Some days may even call for multiple uses, which can wrack up an extreme bill.

These are a necessity for diabetics, and for many, without healthcare or if their insurance doesnt cover them, they can be a huge out of pocket expense.

So, why in the world are these test strips so expensive?

Read on for more information about why companies charge so much money for them.

Buy Blood Sugar Test Strips At A Pharmacy That Accepts Medicare Assignment

Medicare pays the same amount for diabetic supplies whether you buy them through the mail-order program or from a local pharmacy. You just need to use a pharmacy that accepts Medicare assignment pharmacies that dont may charge more than the Medicare-approved amount. You could be responsible for any additional cost.

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The Signs Have Popped Up Around York County

An unusual offer is popping up on roadside signs around York County an offer to buy diabetic test strips.

About 6 million people in the U.S. use insulin to manage their diabetes, according to Matt Petersen, a managing director at American Diabetes Association. Those people use the test strips, along with a device called a glucometer, to check their blood glucose levels.

“Test strips are absolutely necessary for anyone who uses insulin to be able to safely adjust the dose of insulin to a persons blood glucose levels,” Petersen said in an email. “They are also helpful for people with diabetes who dont use insulin to know how well theyre managing their diabetes.”

However, not all people have the right amount of test strips, Petersen said. Some have too many, and others don’t have enough, creating the unusual resale market.

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Diabetic test strips are expensive, and for some people with diabetes, insurance doesnt provide as many strips as a health care provider might recommend, said Rachel Kostelac, spokeswoman for Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.

Particularly, those with Type I diabetes might need more test strips than their insurance provides, said Debra Bell, Family First Health director of clinical quality improvement. “A person has to have some way to check their blood sugar because their pancreas doesn’t create insulin.”

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Important Information About $payout$ Please Read

How to Save Money on Diabetes Test Strips

The entire process of selling extra diabetic test strips is very easy. Patients need to inspect the box of strips they want to sell. The box must be factory sealed. More Cash For Test Strips will not accept any broken or damaged boxes. The seller should also check the number of months left before the strips expire. More Cash For Test Strips will only Pay Full price if the strips have at least 10 months left before their expiration date and boxes are sealed with boxes that are 7 to 9 of the expiration period, the seller will get 50% of the current price. More Cash For Test Strips doesnt accept any boxes of extra strips that will have less than 6 months or that are open boxes

Visit the Price List to sell diabetic test strips. This page contains almost all the make and models of test strips that patients usually use. The seller needs to match the name and color of the box You can enter the name of more than one brand.

The seller needs to fill out the form on the price list page if he/she is ready to sell diabetic test strips. More Cash For Test Strips will send a milling kit or email postage-paid mailing label after receiving the form. The client has to pack all there boxes and drop them at the post office. will verify the order once they receive the package. Then they will send out payment immediately to the seller a business check, PayPal, Cash app, Zelle or Wire.

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Earn Up To $65 Dollars Per Box

Free up some storage space and get cash for diabetic supplies from Test Strips 4 Money. You can make up to $65 dollars for each box of test strips and receive a payment within 1 business day. If you choose Zelle for your payment we can deposit the payment into your account within 3 minutes of processing your shipment. THE FASTEST PAYMENT AVAILABLE! You wont even have to worry about shipping charges we take care of everything, so all you have to do is print the label and mail in your diabetic supplies.

More Cash For Fest Strips Buys All Major Brands Of Diabetic Supplies

More Cash For Test Strips buys all major brands such as: Omni pods Dash, Contour, Contour next, Dexcon G6 Sensors, Dexcom G6 Transmitter, Freestyle lite, Omni pods, One Touch ultra, One Touch Vireo, and Humulin insulin, We are pleased to buy as many brands that are on the market as possible so that we can help as many people as we can.

Browse the list of acceptable brands on More Cash For Test Strips. Choose the description that matches your test strip and get quick cash.

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Popular Glucose Test Strip Brands

Glucose test strips pretty much all work the same way. You simply plug one into the glucose meter brand they are designed for and place your blood sample on the end of the strip where a tiny sensor is embedded to get a reading. The slight differences in strip brands are found in the amount of blood required, time to result, and cost.

The costs can vary dramatically, and they can add up, especially if you buy them without insurance.

Prices change frequently, but to give you an idea of the range, at the time of publication, Amazon showed the following brands at these comparative costs:

  • compatible with all Prodigy meter models: Voice, Pocket, and AutoCode
  • need 0.7 microliter of blood for testing
  • results in 7 seconds
  • uses patented DoubleSure Technology that automatically checks each blood sample twice for utmost accuracy

Cost: about $1 per strip

But There Are Potential Pitfalls For Sellers

Resale of Diabetic Test Strips costing taxpayers millions

The signs refer to diabetic test strips used to measure blood sugar levels. But why would anyone be trying to buy them on the street — or want to sell them, for that matter?

It turns out that many people with diabetes and good health insurance get their testing supplies free, or at very little cost. But just as many people with diabetes — perhaps more — dont have good insurance and have to pay for their supplies out of pocket.

The situation has created a black market of sorts, managed by entrepreneurial middle-men who buy unused test strips from the first group of diabetes patients and sell them to the second group.

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What Exactly Do Diabetes Test Strips Do

Your test strips vary depending on what kind of meter you use to monitor your blood sugar, but all strips operate in a similar fashion.

Each strip measures the electrical energy within the glucose of your sample. For those who dont have a degree in science, this means they convert glucose into an electrical current. This is then read by the meter.

The manufacturers do this by working with an enzyme that can do this conversion. They must create a fine balance on the strip so that they keep the enzyme active, but not too active.

Diabetic strips were created so that if the test strip is exposed to weather variants, it wont degrade the enzyme. This is incredibly important for an accurate read, otherwise, most users would not be able to store their strips in their homes for fear of marring them due to temperature damage.

The reading on your meter then tells you how much glucose you have in your blood at that moment in time. It can then inform you if you need to take action.

Sell Your Test Strips Is A Straight

Sell Your Test Strips is a straight-up, no-nonsense company. I must say I was skeptical at first, but then pleasantly surprised after sending my strips to them to receive prompt payment at the exact price originally quoted.

There were many choices online in the business of selling my strips, but my instincts told me this would be the best option, and I was right. Dont hesitate.

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Does Medicare Cover Blood Sugar Test Strips

Medicare Part B covers blood sugar test strips and some other diabetic supplies such as blood glucose self-testing equipment and supplies, therapeutic shoes and inserts, and insulin pumps and the insulin for the pumps.1

These items are covered for people with diabetes whether or not they take insulin. The only difference is that Medicare generally will cover strips more frequently for people who use insulin. Medicare will also cover blood sugar test strips more often if your doctor documents why it is medically necessary.

If you have aMedicare Advantage plan, you need to make sure to get your diabetic supplies from a supplier that works with your plan. Call your plan for more information.

There are two ways that you can get the blood sugar test strips you need. You can get blood sugar test strips from a Medicare-contracted supplier or at your local pharmacy.

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