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Blood Sugar Immediately After Eating

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The American Diabetes Association recommends you check your blood sugar levels right before mealtime with a blood sample from a finger stick. Then do it again 1 to 2 hours after that first bite of food.

Keep this up for a week or so. Write down the time and the blood sugar number. Make a note about anything you think might affect your levels, like medicine or exercise. And don’t forget to log exactly what you ate, along with portion sizes and the amount of carbs.What levels are too high after a meal? Experts vary on what the number should be, but the ADA says a general goal is a blood sugar level under 180 mg/dL, 1 to 2 hours after a meal. Talk to your doctor about what you should aim for, and don’t adjust your medicine without speaking to them first.

Knowing Blood Sugar Levels

If you have diabetes, the frequency of testing your blood glucose level depends on your treatment plan, so follow your doctors advice on the appropriate times for you.

Common times to check are in the morning, before and after meals, before and after exercise, at bedtime, and if you feel sick. Some people may not need to check their blood sugar daily.

What you eat and what you do for physical activity affect your blood sugar. But theres no way to know what effect they have unless you test your blood sugar.

Blood glucose meters are used to test blood sugar levels so you can see if your levels are within the target range. Your doctor will also work with you on your individualized range.

What Is A Continuous Glucose Monitor

Besides a glucometer, you can also monitor your blood sugar with a continuous glucose monitor. These monitors are devices connected to the body all day, allowing quick access to information anytime you need it. These monitors help prevent surprise highs or lows in blood sugar and address them quickly.

There are other things you can do to avoid blood sugar crash if you have diabetes, including:

  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Avoiding sugary foods and drinks outside of mealtimes
  • Eating small portions
  • Avoiding restricting or cutting out full food groups
  • Planning ahead

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How To Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels

1. Set a Desirable Goal

If you are aiming at an A1c level of 7% or less, which translates to an average blood sugar level of 154mg/dl, the doctor will give you an A1c test every 3 to 6 months. The goals you are aiming at and when you should test will depend on:

  • Existing health problems
  • How long you have had diabetes
  • Medication you are on
  • If you have complications like neuropathy or retinopathy
  • If you have low blood sugar without warning symptoms

2. Monitor Regularly

Once you and your doctor determine your blood sugar targets, you should get tested on a regular basis. Monitoring is important, more so if you are taking insulin or medication that can result in hypoglycemia. In addition, it will help you compare your blood sugar levels after eating and before meals. This will give you a better understanding of your glucose patterns and how you can improve them.

  • A fasting blood glucose level should be taken first thing in the morning before drinking or eating anything.
  • You can also take another test right before going to bed.
  • For the other times, a test 1-2 hours after breakfast or before lunch should be able to give you a clear picture of your blood sugar levels, according to CDC. According to the American Diabetes Committee, a test immediately after eating will give your doctor good information in case your pre-meal blood sugar levels are fine but have not achieved your A1c goal.

3. Keep a Record

Know how to control you blood sugar with diet from the video blow:

Why Does My Blood Glucose Drop After Eating

Blood Sugar After Eating  How to Manage it Better

When you feel hungry, eating should make you feel better. But for some people, eating makes them feel worse, due to a drop in blood sugar that occurs within one to three hours after they eat certain types of meals, according to Frank Jackson, M.D. of Jackson/Siegelbaum Gastroenterology. This reaction, called reactive hypoglycemia, can cause a number of unpleasant side effects. Reactive hypoglycemia can also indicate insulin resistance, often considered a forerunner of diabetes, the National Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disorders states.

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How Soon After Ingestion Of Food Does Blood Sugar Rise

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After eating, your blood sugar levels begin to rise within 15 to 30 minutes, but only if your meal or snack includes carbohydrates. The speed and level of the increase depend on the type of carbohydrates and other nutrients found in the foods you eat, as well as on your body’s ability to manage your blood sugar levels.

Whats A Spike And Why Do They Happen

After-meal, or postprandial, spikes are temporary high blood glucose levels that occur soon after eating. It is normal for the level of glucose in the blood to rise a small amount after eating, even in people who do not have diabetes. However, if the rise is too high, it can affect your quality of life today and contribute to serious health problems down the road.

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Keeping Your Levels In Range

If you have diabetes, keeping your blood glucose within normal range after a high-carbohydrate meal can be difficult. The type of carbohydrates you choose can make a difference in your blood sugar. Complex carbohydrates, which must be broken down into simple sugars before your body can absorb them, slow the absorption process and help stabilize your blood sugars. The glycemic index defines carbohydrates by their absorption rate. Carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, less than 45, cause a slow steady rise in blood glucose. Whole grains such as oats, wheat, barley, brown rice and lesser known grains such as quinoa help keep your levels within range. Foods high in fiber, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, also slow digestion and help stabilize blood glucose after meals. Exercise can also help slow digestion and stabilize peaks in glucose.

Which Is Right For You

Lower Blood Sugar After Eating Breakfast. Are Your Blood Glucose Levels Normal?

Finding the best glucose monitoring system that is right for you is about finding the choice that best suits your needs. By considering the benefits and limitations between the different systems that are available in Canada, you can find a system that meets your individual requirements while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your diabetes care routine.

Our glucose monitoring comparison chart provides a summary of CGM, Flash glucose monitoring devices and test strips and meters.

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What Are The Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

Several foods have been studied to improve blood glucose levels, but it is important to note that the quantity of food consumed should also be monitored. Though some foods may be low in glycemic index, consuming them in large quantities will negatively affect blood glucose levels.

Consumption of berries can potentially aid in reducing postprandial blood sugar and insulin levels. The anthocyanins in berries inhibit the digestion of carbohydrates and glucose uptake into blood circulation.

Nuts have a beneficial role in reducing blood sugar after meals. Switching refined carbohydrates with nuts will promote glycemic control. Studies showed that consuming almonds, peanuts, or pistachios and high carbohydrate and high glycemic index foods curtail post-meal glucose spikes.

Another study found that consuming vinegar after a high glycemic load meal reduces postprandial glycemia by approximately 55%. The acetic acid in vinegar aids in delaying gastric emptying and inhibits carbohydrate absorption. Also, by adding 1 to 2 tablespoons of vinegar to white rice or white bread, post-meal glucose can be reduced by 25% to 35%, and also promotes satiety.

Fenugreek seeds greatly help in managing blood glucose levels. Fenugreek, being rich in soluble fiber, slows down digestion and reduces carbohydrate absorption from the food.

Bottom Line

Techniques To Manage Your Blood Sugar In The Morning

Based on your glucose levels and trends, there are a few things you can do to manage your glucose levels so they dont run high in the morning. Some of these strategies focus on adjusting medications to better suit your needs. Other strategies include adjusting your exercise routine, as well as what and when you are eating before bed.

  • If your glucose levels are in range before bed, they may rise throughout the night without enough insulin. This can be especially true for people who take long-acting insulin in the morning, since it may be wearing off before your next dose.

  • Consider changing the time of day when you take your long-acting insulin. You may also benefit from switching to either twice-daily basal insulin or ultra-long-acting insulin, or from starting on an insulin pump. Read our article, Are You on the Right Kind of Insulin, to learn more.

  • Check your blood glucose during the night between 3 am and 8 am. If you are running high during these hours, you may be experiencing the dawn phenomenon.

  • Talk with your healthcare team about finding the best nighttime insulin regimen for you. If you take basal insulin, you may need to delay the timing of your dose to as close to bedtime as possible. Another option is to try an insulin pump or automated insulin delivery system. AID systems will automatically adjust your basal insulin doses throughout the night to help keep your glucose levels stable.

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    How To Prevent Insulin Spike After Meals

    Consuming a balanced meal containing protein, carbohydrates, and fat will prevent insulin spikes. Insulin levels may rise among individuals with insulin resistance to regulate sugar spikes after eating.

    Consuming plant-based foods have been shown to alleviate insulin resistance. Whole grains, legumes, and fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts should be considered on the menu. Minimizing the intake of processed foods and maximizing the intake of plant-based foods that are high in antioxidants, fiber, and other vital nutrients may prevent insulin spikes after eating.

    A sedentary lifestyle will ignite spikes in insulin levels after meal consumption to promote glucose homeostasis. Being physically active and engaging in the regular exercise and the right food choice will prevent insulin spikes.

    Know Your Blood Sugar

    Pin on Diabetes

    Blood sugar is the amount of sugar in your blood at a given time. It’s important to check your blood sugar level, because it will:

    • determine if you have a high or low blood sugar level at a given time
    • show you how your lifestyle and medication affect your blood sugar levels
    • help you and your diabetes health-care team make lifestyle and medication changes to improve your blood sugar levels

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    How To Lower Morning Blood Sugar

    Matthew Garza

    Trying to learn how to lower morning blood sugar? Heres why your glucose levels rise in the morning and a few things you can try to keep them in range.

    Waking up with high glucose levels may feel like it doesn’t make sense. You spend several hours asleep, not consuming any carbs, and yet somehow your glucose levels are still high when you wake up in the morning.

    Why does this happen? What can you do to make sure your glucose levels are safely in range in the morning? Learn more about some tips on avoiding high morning blood sugar levels so you can start your day off right.

    Insulin Lowers Blood Sugar

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    When Blood Sugar Is Too Low

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    The is the amount of glucose in the blood. When these levels drop too low, it’s called hypoglycemia . Very low blood sugar levels can cause serious symptoms that need to be treated right away.

    What Causes Kidney Stones In Diabetics

    Clearing Up Myths About Blood Sugars After Eating

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    Learn More About Blood Glucose Management> >

    The reason blood glucose tends to spike after eating in many people with diabetes is a simple matter of timing. In a person who doesnt have diabetes, eating foods containing carbohydrate causes two important reactions in the pancreas: the immediate release of insulin into the bloodstream, and the release of a hormone called amylin. The insulin starts working almost immediately and finishes its job in a matter of minutes. The amylin keeps food from reaching the small intestine too quickly . As a result, the moment blood glucose starts to rise, insulin is there to sweep the incoming glucose into the bodys cells. In most cases, the after-meal blood glucose rise is barely noticeable.

    However, in people with diabetes, the situation is like that of a batter with very slow reflexes facing a pitcher who throws 98-mph fastballs: The timing is all fouled up. Rapid-acting insulin that is injected at mealtimes takes approximately 15 minutes to start working, 6090 minutes to peak, or reach maximum effectiveness, and four hours or more to finish working. Meanwhile, amylin is either produced in insufficient amounts or not at all, so the movement of food from the stomach to the intestines is not slowed the way it should be. As a result, food digests even faster than usual. This combination of slower insulin and faster food can cause the blood glucose level to rise quite high soon after eating. Once the mealtime insulin finally kicks in, the high is followed by a sharp drop.

    Medical Approaches To Spike Control

    A common approach to lowering after-meal blood glucose spikes is to take more insulin. But unless blood glucose levels remain high for three to six hours after eating, taking more insulin is not going to solve the problem. In fact, increasing mealtime insulin will most likely result in low blood glucose before the next meal.

    Here are some strategies that may work better:

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    Stick To Your Medication And Insulin Regimen

    Skipping a dose of medication or insulin can be harmful to your body and increase your blood sugar levels.

    Its important to stick to your treatment plan and follow your doctors instructions for taking your medication.


    Healthful lifestyle habits can help people manage their blood sugar levels over the long term, such as eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, staying hydrated, and getting good sleep.

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