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What To Do When Glucose Meter Reads Hi

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Err With Battery Icon

2 Blood Glucose meters giving different readings

“Err” in the display with the battery icon means the battery is almost out of power, so change the battery as soon as you can. For more information, refer to Chapter 5, “Changing the Battery”, in your owner’s booklet. Alternatively, this article gives detailed information about changing batteries in Accu-Chek products.

Errors Due To The Presentation Of Results On Accu

Problem: Glucose testing is one of the most frequent point-of-care tests performed in hospitals.1 While POC glucose testing offers immediate results that can be used to make important clinical decisions about the treatment of hypo- or hyperglycemia, errors can occur at any point in the testing process. For example, earlier studies have found that the most common types of errors associated with POC glucose testing are related to delays in testing due to the unavailability of trained staff2 and a failure to positively identify patients prior to testing.3 In the latter case, a study in a neonatal unit showed that staff failed to confirm two patient identifiers for 45% of the POC tests performed.3 Other factors that can affect POC glucose test results include hematocrit, ascorbic acid levels,4 and other sugars such as maltose,5 including maltose-containing medications or parenteral solutions.6,7

Can Any Kind Of Glucose Control Solution Be Used

Control solution for glucose meters is made specific to each brand and type of test strip there is no universal or generic brand. If you are unsure which control solution is designated to work with your glucose monitoring system, check the instructions that came with your meter or test strips or look on the manufacturers website.

Checking your blood glucose monitoring system using control solution is important anytime you or your doctor believes there could be damage to your meter or test strips, or concerns about the performance of your system. While a control solution test cannot provide insights into the accuracy of your meter, it is a helpful method to determine if your system is working properly. This test can be done in a few simple steps, at home. So, the next time you stock up on diabetes testing supplies, or notice that your control solution is expired, consider adding a box of control solution to your next order.

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Work With Your Health Care Team

Most people with diabetes get health care from a primary care professional. Primary care professionals include internists, family physicians, and pediatricians. Sometimes physician assistants and nurses with extra training, called nurse practitioners, provide primary care. You also will need to see other care professionals from time to time. A team of health care professionals can help you improve your diabetes self-care. Remember, you are the most important member of your health care team.

Besides a primary care professional, your health care team may include

Signs Your Meter Isnt Working

What Your Glucose Meter May Know, But Isn

Most meters have quality control or calibration feature. Periodically test your meter to ensure that its accurately recording your blood glucose levels. If your specific meter doesnt have a calibration feature, use a test quality control solution.

Ask your health care provider if youre actually using the correct meter or you are experiencing any complications. A meter issue may cause an unusually high or low reading, but it may also be a sign of a serious complication. Be sure your diabetes is safely under control before looking for alternative meter options.

Some meters may not be the optimal choice for your type of diabetes and your testing strategy. Consider replacing or servicing your meter if it shows signs of damage or continued unusual readings.

Even if your meter is working correctly, consider exploring the latest meter options. Cutting-edge glucose monitoring allows you to enjoy accurate, comfortable readings. Older meters may not provide you with the same conveniences, so if youre uncomfortable with your glucose monitoring routine, then it may be time for a change.

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For The High And Low Glucose Alarm Thresholds On The Glucose Graph:

  • If your connection is using a FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor:

  • The high and low glucose alarm thresholds will appear at the alarm threshold glucose value set by your connection in their FreeStyle Libre app.

  • If your connection is using a FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor:

  • The high and low glucose alarm thresholds will appear at the alarm threshold glucose value set by you in the LibreLinkUp app.

  • The target glucose range is the green shaded area in the glucose graph, and the values are set by the connection in their FreeStyle Libre app.

    Page : Blood Glucose Testing

  • Page 23 Step 2 Holder Insert a new, unused lancet into the Holder until it stops. Step 3 Twist off the safety tab. Step 4 Attach the depth adjustment cap.
  • Page 24 Step 5 Adjust the depth of puncture setting if necessary. If the obtained amount of blood is excessive, turn the dial to a lower setting. If the obtained amount of blood is insufficient, turn the dial to a larger setting. Level indications Lancing Device.
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    Where To Buy Control Solution For A Glucose Meter

    Typically, control solution for a glucometer is available from the manufacturer of your meter and test strips, and most private insurance companies or Medicare will cover the cost.

    Check the manufacturers website for details on where to purchase control solution. You can also check with your local pharmacy to see if they have available stock of the control solution that is compatible with your glucose meter. If none is in stock, you can request it to be ordered through your pharmacy.

    So Next Time You See A Hi Blood Glucose Reading

    Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Systems for Diabetes: What You Need to Know | Walgreens

    Dont panic, you know what it means and what to do.

    And if youre anything like me, youll grumpily say hi back to it , troubleshoot, and get that blood glucose back in range.

    It happens to the best of us.

    Heres to happy, in-range blood sugars!!

    ~ Leah

    Have you ever experienced a HI blood sugar reading? Do you know what caused it? Tell us about it in the comments. Big thank you to Aysha Monroe and Amanda Delaire for providing some hi images for this article. Dont forget to head over to the and like it for more about life with type 1 diabetes!

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    What Does It Mean When The Bd Blood Sugar Montior Reads Hi

    HealthBoards > Immune & Autoimmune > Diabetes > what does it mean when the bd blood sugar montior reads hi what does it mean when the bd blood sugar montior reads hi what does it mean when the bd blood sugar montior reads hi Re: what does it mean when the bd blood sugar montior reads hi Knowing that meters accuracy, it probably means something to the effect of you’re bs is 97. All kidding aside, verify the reading, and if it’s right, it means like over 600 so correct if you have fast acting insulin, otherwise get ye to the ER. Type 1 diabetes- Paradigm 523 w/ Humalog and RT Sensor Severe GERD and Gastroparesis- Prevacid, Domperidone, Zofran & Carafate as needed Asthma- Advair 500/50, Qvar, Albuterol, Singular, Xolair Re: what does it mean when the bd blood sugar montior reads hi When it reads HI it is usually indicative of a meter error. If not, then you are close to death. See a physican. But I would test with another meter immediately following the HI. Re: what does it mean when the bd blood sugar montior reads hi If your meter reads “HI”, then you should wash your hands and check it again. If it still reads high, that means your glucose is over 600 and you need to call your doctor and go to the emergency room. If you are not already in DKA, then you are certainly well on your way.Continue reading > >

    How To Calibrate An Automatic Meter

    Turn on the meter. Meters that have a 10-test disc usually calibrate automatically, such as the Ascensia Breeze 2 1. To turn on the meter, you usually have a button located at the top of the meter. Once the meter lights the display, it is ready.

    Open the meter. Meters that have 10-test disc usually have a button to open the meter for access to the disc area. Once the meter is opened, place the disc in the meter making sure that you line up the disc with the provided space. Close the meter.

    Check your meter display. Your meter is automatically calibrated once the disc is placed in the meter. It should light up on the display screen with directions for taking your blood sugar.


    Check the expiration date of your test strips or disc. Expired test strips will not give accurate blood sugar readings. Keep the meter and test strips or disc in a cool, dry place.


    Do not refrigerate your meter or test strips.

    • Meters that have a 10-test disc usually calibrate automatically, such as the Ascensia Breeze 2 1.
    • Meters that have 10-test disc usually have a button to open the meter for access to the disc area.

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    Reli On Prime Blood Glucose Monitoring System User Instruction

    • Highest rating: 3
    • Lowest rating: 2
    • Descriptions: Marking Other Results. Recalling Results. ·. Display Screen Images. Caring For Your ReliOn® Prime Blood Glucose Meter.
    • More : Marking Other Results. Recalling Results. ·. Display Screen Images. Caring For Your ReliOn® Prime Blood Glucose Meter.
    • https://manuals.plus/wp-content/sideloads/reli-on-prime-blood-glucose-monitoring-system-user-manual-optimized.pdf

    What Does It Mean When My Meter Says Hi

    Which is the best sugar (blood glucose) testing machine in India?

    How high is my blood sugar at to get to the point where it cant even read my blood sugar. I have an accu check nano. I have checked it three times and it… show more How high is my blood sugar at to get to the point where it cant even read my blood sugar. I have an accu check nano. I have checked it three times and it keeps on telling me HI. I’m not sure of the range that an Accu Chek Nano blood glucose meter can read, my friend, but my own meter can read up to 33.3 mmol/l before it starts registering ”Hi’. This indicates that your blood sugar control is way out of control. You urgently need to get to hospital, unless you know what your own correction boluses are for insulin doses. You definitely also need to be testing for ketones, as if they are present, this would alter the correction bolus that you must administer. If you don’t know the ratios by which you need to increase your insulin dose you need to get in touch with either your own doctor or an on-call emergency physician … preferably an endocrinologist … at your local ER.Continue reading > >

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    What Is Control Solution For A Glucose Meter

    Glucose control solution is a liquid made up of water, glucose, buffers, and microbicides. These ingredients are vital to creating a solution with the following properties:

    • Has a concentration of glucose that can be used to test the functionality of your meter and test strips.
    • Has a pH level that is close to the physiological value of human blood.
    • Prevents the growth of micro bacteria that would otherwise alter the glucose concentration.

    Your blood glucose monitoring system can detect the amount of glucose present in control solution in a similar way to how it detects the amount of glucose present in blood. A glucose control solution reading on your meter appears as a numerical value. This value should fall within the target range printed on the test strip vial, which is based on the concentration of glucose in the control solution.

    Manufacturers often have a few options of control solution that are compatible with each brand of test strips. The different options, or levels Level 1, Level 2, or Level 4 for example have glucose ranges that are different from one another, typically corresponding with low, normal, or high glucose concentrations. Your test strip vial should show the target range for each different level of control solution. Be sure to identify the correct range that corresponds to the type of control solution you have.

    /98 Factors That Can Give An Inaccurate Blood Sugar Reading

    As per the International Diabetes Foundation, 42.5 crore people suffer from diabetes globally and this number is expected to increase to 62.9 crores by 2045.

    Talking about India, studies have shown that prevalence of diabetes in urban areas has increased from 2 per cent in 1970 to 25 per cent in 2015 and in rural areas from 1 per cent to 14-16 per cent, respectively.

    The data is shocking and alarming. To keep our blood sugar levels in check, we rely on glucose testing. But the thing is, these readings might be inaccurate sometimes. Though with the advancement in technology, modern meters have made inaccurate readings less common. But it still can happen and here’s why.

    Here are eight reasons why your meter can show inaccurate reading and what you can do about it.

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    List Of Error Codes Welcome To Ihealth Help Center

    Your blood glucose meter has not yet been connected to your smartphone app. Please follow the installation instructions for your blood glucose meter. You have used all the test strips in your vial. Please scan a new vial. The test strips have expired. Please scan a new vial of test strips. A measurement cannot be taken while the battery is charging. Please wait until the battery is sufficiently charged to disconnect the blood glucose meter and take a new measurement. Blood glucose level below 20 mg/dL . If the blood glucose meter continues to display Lo, please consult your doctor. Blood glucose level above 600 mg/dL . If the blood glucose meter continues to display Hi, please consult your doctor. Low battery. Please recharge the battery in order to take new measures. Take a new test with new test strips. If the problem persists, contact technical support. The room temperature is too low. The blood glucose meter’s operating temperature is between 10C and 40C . The room temperature is too high. The blood glucose meter’s operating temperature is between 10C and 40C . Communication error. Please re-pair your blood glucose meter with your smartphone before trying again. The test strip was removed during the measurement. Please try again with a new test strip.Continue reading > >

    Troubleshooting Why Your Blood Sugar Is Hi

    Checking Blood Sugar (Glucose) Level | How to Use a Glucometer (Glucose Meter)

    Once youve confirmed that its a real HI its a good idea to try to figure out why your blood sugar went so high in the first place. There are many many reasons it can happen. Here are several things we check if we get a HI reading:

  • Consider what was eaten recently. Does it make sense that your blood glucose would go up from that meal? If its just about what was eaten, you might want to look into timing your insulin differently for that kind of meal. You can get lots of information about insulin and food timing from the book Sugar Surfing.
  • The bolus was miscalculated. Maybe the carb count on the packaging was wrong. Or you used the wrong carb ratio for that time of day. With the little sleep most of us get, this is easier to do than youd think.
  • The bolus was missed entirely. Things were chaotic, you got interrupted, maybe you forgot to bolus. If youre using a pump, you can double-check if a bolus was delivered. Weve had a few times where my son punches in his bolus and then moves too far away from the PDM and it doesnt bolus for a meal.
  • The insulin is no longer working. This can happen for several reasons. Maybe it got too warm or too cold at some point. Maybe its too far past the expiration date or the vial has a hairline crack in it. Whatever the reason, if its the insulin, you need to start a new vial/ pen.

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    /9extreme Temperature Can Give Inaccurate Readings

    Extreme cold or hot temperature can also give a false reading. If it’s too cold, try to sit in a room which is warmer and then take the reading and if it’s too hot, try to sit in the shade and then take the reading. Studies have found that cold meters can give inaccurate low readings and hot meters can give an inaccurately high reading.

    Who Is Most At Risk For Developing Diabetes

    The following categories of people are considered “high-risk” candidates for developing diabetes:

    • Individuals who have overweight or obesity.
    • Individuals who are 45 years of age or older.
    • Individuals with first-degree relatives with diabetes .
    • Individuals who are Black, Alaska Native, American Indian, Asia American, Hispanic/Latino, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islanders.
    • People who developed diabetes while they were pregnant or gave birth to large babies .
    • Individuals with high blood pressure .
    • Individuals with high-density lipoprotein below 25 mg/dl or triglyceride levels at or above 250 mg/dl.
    • Individuals who have impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance.
    • Individuals who are physically inactive engaging in exercise less than three times a week.
    • Individuals who have polycystic ovary syndrome, also called PCOS.
    • Individuals who have acanthosis nigricans, which are dark, thick and velvety skin around your neck or armpits.

    In addition to testing the above individuals at high risk, the American Diabetes Association also recommends screening all individuals age 45 and older.

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