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The Best Insulin For Type 2 Diabetes

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Are There Differences Among 5 Types Of Insulin Chart

Starting Insulin Early For Type 2 Diabetes

Many people with diabetes may use different types of insulin to get the optimal effect on their blood sugar levels. Here are 5 types of insulin for diabetes.

  • Rapid-acting insulin starts working in less than 15 minutes, peak in an hour, and continue working for another two to four hours.
  • Regular, also known as short-acting insulin, takes about 30 minutes to reach the bloodstream. Its peak effect is in about two to three hours, and its effect lingers for three to six hours.
  • Intermediate-acting insulin reaches the bloodstream in two to four hours, peaks in four to 12 hours, and works for up to 18 hours.
  • Long-acting insulin takes six to 10 hours to start working, but it lasts for 20-24 hours.
  • Premixed insulin can be a convenient option for some people.
  • Chart of 5 different types of injectable insulin with details onset , peak , duration , and role in blood sugar management .

    The 5 different types of injectable insulin with details onset, peak, duration, and role in blood sugar management chart.

    Type of Insulin & Brand Names Onset

    Important Safety Information For Lantus Solostar

    Lantus SoloSTAR is a disposable single-patient-use prefilled insulin pen. Please talk to your healthcare provider about proper injection technique and follow instructions in the Instruction Leaflet that accompanies the pen.

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    for information on Sharps Medical Waste Disposal.

    to learn more about Sanofis commitment to fighting counterfeit drugs.

    *Eligibility Restrictions & Offer Terms:

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    • LANTUS: Pay as low as $0 up to $99 for a 30-day supply, depending on insurance coverage. Maximum savings apply. Valid up to 10 packs per fill offer valid for 1 fill per month per 30-day supply

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    Insulin Is Vital To Your Health

    Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas. It helps your body use and store sugar from food.

    If you have type 2 diabetes, your body doesnt respond effectively to insulin. The pancreas isnt able to compensate properly, so theres a relatively decreased insulin production. As a result, your blood sugar levels get too high. Over time, high blood sugar can cause damage to your nerves, blood vessels, eyes, and other tissues.

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    Benefits Of Exercise For Type 2 Diabetes

    Exercise provides numerous benefits for people with type 2 diabetes. One of the main benefits is the body’s improved response to insulin, or less insulin resistance. Exercise also helps to reduce the risk of diabetic health complications by lowering blood sugar levels and can be a key component in reversing a type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

    What About Leakage Concerns Related To Shorter Needles

    New Oral Insulin Pill to Cure Type 2 Diabetes

    Some people have raised the concern that short needles will lead to leakage or that they arent suitable for people with larger bodies.

    That concern has been debunked and research has shown that shorter needles work for most body types, with no additional leakage.

    But if you feel more comfortable using a longer needle, then you should absolutely do that.

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    Makes Data Sharing Easier

    Sharing accurate data with your medical team makes it easier for them to make more precise insulin dose adjustments, improving diabetes outcomes. Sharing data with clinicians is essential for person-centered therapy that is inclusive and progressive.

    Smart devices allow people with diabetes to share information with their medical team in an organized and efficient way.

    How To Choose The Right Insulin Syringe

    Using a syringe for your insulin injections is still the most widely used way of delivering insulin in the United States.

    A syringe is a hollow plastic tube with a plunger inside and a short skinny needle attached. You have to use the syringe to draw the insulin out of a vial and then inject it.

    You want to choose the right syringe for the type of insulin that you use, and the first thing to check is if the concentration of your insulin matches the syringe.

    Its indicated on the syringe what insulin concentration the syringe is for. Insulin concentration is measured in Units/mL and indicated as U-100, U-200, or U-500.

    Make sure your syringe matches your insulin concentration or you might end up injecting the wrong amount of insulin.

    Secondly, you want to choose the syringe size thats appropriate for you. If you use large amounts of insulin at a time, youll want to choose a larger syringe so that you dont have to cut your doses up in smaller amounts.

    • 0.3 mL syringes are for doses under 30 units of insulin and are numbered at 1-unit intervals.
    • 0.5 mL syringes are for doses of 30 to 50 units of insulin and are numbered at 1-unit intervals.
    • 1.0 mL syringes are for doses of more than 50 units of insulin and are numbered at 2-units intervals.

    Finally, you want to consider which size needle is appropriate for you. Just as with pen needles, shorter needles sizes are generally recommended.

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    Type 1 Or Type 2 Diabetes: Do You Know The Difference

    How well do you know the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes? While the conditions may be similar, the causes and treatments for each are very different.

    Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease often diagnosed in children, teens and young adults, although it can be diagnosed at any age. Type 2 diabetes, however, is more commonly diagnosed in those who are 45 years of age and older. In recent years, Type 2 diagnoses among younger people have become more common than in the past.

    Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which your body is still making insulin, but your body is insulin resistant. Insulin is necessary for blood sugars to enter cells, so being insulin resistant means your body doesnt handle blood sugars very well, said Arti Bhan, M.D., an endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes care. On the other hand, Type 1 diabetes is a condition in which your pancreas either does not make insulin at all, or doesnt make enough insulin. This lack of insulin causes your blood sugars to elevate.

    To test your knowledge of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, see if you can answer these true and false questions correctly.

    True or False? Insulin injections are only used to treat Type 1 Diabetes.

    True or False? Type 1 Diabetes is far less common than Type 2 diabetes.

    TRUE. The estimates show that more than 29 million people have some form of diabetes, but Type 1 affects only around five percent of all people with diabetes in the United States.

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    What Are The Types Of Insulin For Diabetes And How Do They Work

    Insulin for Type 2 Diabetes

    Insulin is a hormone produced by certain cells in the pancreas called beta cells. Insulin helps the body use blood glucose for energy. When we eat and absorb food, glucose levels rise and insulin is released.

    Some people can’t make insulin those people have type 1 diabetes. A person with type 2 diabetes can make insulin, but the body doesn’t respond well to insulin they have “insulin resistance.”

    For what conditions is the diabetes medication insulin used?

    • Insulin medication is always necessary for type 1 diabetes because the body has no internal source of insulin.
    • People with type 2 diabetes may also need insulin, particularly those who have difficulty controlling their diabetes with oral medications.

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    Types Of Insulin Administration With Needles Pumps Pens And Why Insulin Is So Expensive

    What does insulin do? Help your body turn food into energy, for starters. When you have diabetes, and youre either not producing insulin or your insulin function is off, all sorts of things can go wrong. From needles to pens to pumps to types of insulin, were here to empower you with clear answers to all your pressing questions.

    In This Article:

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    Effects On Oxidative Stress

    Oxidative stress is believed to contribute to a wide range of clinical conditions such as inflammation, ischaemia-reperfusion injury, diabetes, atherosclerosis, neurodegeneration, and tumor formation .

    Metformin has antioxidant properties which are not fully characterized. It reduces reactive oxygen species by inhibiting mitochondrial respiration and decreases advanced glycosylation end product indirectly through reduction of hyperglycemia and directly through an insulin-dependent mechanism .

    There is some evidence that metformin also has a beneficial effect on some components of the antioxidant defense system. It can upregulate uncoupled proteins 2 in adipose tissue and can also cause an increase in reduced glutathione .

    Metformin has been proposed to cause a mild and transient inhibition of mitochondrial complex I which decreases ATP levels and activates AMPK-dependent catabolic pathways , increasing lipolysis and Ã-oxidation in white adipose tissue and reducing neoglucogenesis . The resultant reduction in triglycerides and glucose levels could decrease metylglyoxal production through lipoxidation and glycoxidation, respectively .

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    Insulin Blood Sugar And Type 2 Diabetes

    Insulin is a key player in developing type 2 diabetes. This vital hormoneyou cant survive without itregulates blood sugar in the body, a very complicated process. Here are the high points:

    • The food you eat is broken down into blood sugar.
    • Blood sugar enters your bloodstream, which signals the pancreas to release insulin.
    • Insulin helps blood sugar enter the bodys cells so it can be used for energy.
    • Insulin also signals the liver to store blood sugar for later use.
    • Blood sugar enters cells, and levels in the bloodstream decrease, signaling insulin to decrease too.
    • Lower insulin levels alert the liver to release stored blood sugar so energy is always available, even if you havent eaten for a while.

    Thats when everything works smoothly. But this finely tuned system can quickly get out of whack, as follows:

    • A lot of blood sugar enters the bloodstream.
    • The pancreas pumps out more insulin to get blood sugar into cells.
    • Over time, cells stop responding to all that insulintheyve become insulin resistant.
    • The pancreas keeps making more insulin to try to make cells respond.
    • Eventually, the pancreas cant keep up, and blood sugar keeps rising.

    Is It Normal To Feel Weak And Tired When My Blood Sugar Is Down In The 80

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    How Do Insulin Pumps Work

    The insulin pumps are designed in such a way that it will administer the required amount of insulin continuously throughout the day, based on the plan programmed by the insulin pump user. The programmed plan can be easily changed or modified by the user based on their requirement.

    With the help of just few buttons, you can easily increase or decrease the amount of insulin being administered at any particular time. The main unit of the insulin pump is the insulin reservoir which can contain 176 to 300 units of insulin.

    The insulin pump can administer the insulin two ways:

    Basal Rate

    In this method, the insulin pump can be programmed to administer the insulin in tiny and exact amounts throughout the day. This method helps you to maintain your sugar levels between your meals as well as overnight. The insulin pump can easily match the different basal rates throughout the day.

    Bolus Dose

    In this method, an additional insulin dose known as bolus dose can be administered to cover the meals that you are eating.

    Type 2 diabetes patients using insulin pumps should monitor their blood glucose levels four times in a day.

    There are also two different types of insulin pumps:

    • The traditional pump which comes with a tube which connects the pump and the cannula. All the controls are available on the pump.
    • A patch pump will wither have a tube or not and the pump is directly attached to the skin. You can control the pump through another wireless device.

    Best Insulin Pumps For Type 2 Diabetes

    Type 2 diabetes is a prevalent condition which disables your body from using insulin the way it is destined to be used. This is mainly because the body of type 2 diabetes patients is insulin resistant. Though this condition is quite common among middle-aged and older people, it is not uncommon to see type 2 diabetes in children and teenagers as well.


  • 2 Are you the Right Candidate for an Insulin Pump Therapy?
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    Reject The Insulin Stigma

    When it was discovered in the 1920s, insulin was seen as a miracle drug, saving lives that otherwise would have been lost. Today, for people with type 2 diabetes, using insulin might come with a healthy dose of judgement. Some people might see using insulin as evidence that we didnt take care of ourselves and so now we have the bad kind of diabetes. In reality, it couldnt be farther from the truth.

    While lifestyle choices play a role in how type 2 diabetes progresses, they are not the only determining factors. There are risk factors beyond our control . Taken together, all these factors make it impossible for anyone to completely control how their diabetes progresses.

    Ultimately, type 2 diabetes is a degenerative condition. Over time, the pancreas is likely to produce less and less insulin naturally. When this happens, the body, in addition to being insulin resistant, cant produce the amount of insulin needed to process the glucose in its bloodstream.

    For each of us, there may come a time when there simply is no other treatment besides insulin that can consistently keep our blood glucose levels in a healthy range. When we find ourselves at this point, we need to remind ourselves that using insulin isnt good or bad. Its just another treatment option for managing life with type 2 diabetes that allows people like me to live full lives. Thats nothing to be ashamed of.

    Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion

    Insulin Receptor and Type 2 Diabetes

    In patients with type 2 diabetes already using at least one daily insulin injection, the introduction of intensive insulin therapy with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion resulted in comparable glycemic control, weight gain, and hypoglycemia risk as multiple daily injection therapy . Although continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion was associated with greater improvements in treatment satisfaction in one study , we recommend that its use be restricted to selected patients in experienced centers only.

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    Insulin Treatment In Type 2 Diabetes

    The decision to take insulin is never an easy one. For many patients, it comes after years of having type 2 diabetes and trying multiple weight-loss regimens, diets, and oral medications. For other patients, the decision to take insulin is made when blood glucose levels are simply too high to control with other drugs.

    The good news is that insulin almost always works. Daily injections, however inconvenient or painful at first, can be very effective at controlling blood glucose. Anxious about giving injections? Help is available. If your health care provider prescribes insulin, a trained diabetes educator or pharmacist can teach you how to measure out the proper dose and administer your daily injections.

    Why should I use insulin?

    With type 2 diabetes, over time, the pancreas is often unable to produce insulin on its own. When that happens, your blood glucose levels will become very difficult to control without daily injections of insulin. Injectable insulin is identical to the insulin made by the body, but can be categorized into two main types: basal insulin keeps your blood glucose stable all day long, even when not eating, while bolus insulin helps your body respond to the quick rise in blood glucose after meals.

    Diet How To Control Diabetes

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