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American Diabetes Association Medical Alert Bracelets

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What Causes Type 2 Diabetes

Medical Alert Bracelets | American Medical ID
  • Age people age 45 or older are at higher risk for diabetes
  • Family history of diabetes
  • Being overweight and/or not exercising regularly
  • Race and ethnicity. Type 2 diabetes is more common in African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native American populations
  • Pregnancy and/or history of gestational diabetes, or giving birth to a baby who weighed more than 9 pounds
  • High triglyceride levels

Who Should Wear A Diabetes Medical Alert Bracelet And Why

There is a very good case to be made why anyone with this medical condition should wear some type of alert bracelet or necklace. If you have diabetes and you go into insulin shock, it would be impossible for you to explain to anyone that you are diabetic. However a Doctor or emergency medical staff would see your bracelet and know what the cause of the problem might be. They would be able to make a diagnosis and begin treatment much more quickly, those precious minutes could be critical.

The American Diabetes Association provides these staggering numbers:

Total prevalence of diabetes Total: 25.8 million children and adults in the United States8.3% of the populationhave diabetes. Diagnosed: 18.8 million people Undiagnosed: 7.0 million people New Cases: 1.9 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed in people aged 20 years and older in 2010.

If you know of anyone who has diabetes and does not wear a bracelet or necklace please encourage them to consider purchasing one. There are many different styles offered on-line that will do the trick. We offer two diabetic silicone bracelets in black or white that also contains IonLoops famous negative ion + magnet technology. We also offer a universal medical alert bracelet that will alert the EMT that there is an issue with the patient that needs to be explored.

Should A Diabetic Wear A Medical Alert Bracelet

If your blood sugar levels drop extremely low , you could become unable to speak. You might get lost or pass out as a result of confusion or faintness. A medical ID bracelet alerts emergency providers that you have diabetes, allowing them to start treatment as soon as possible.

Without a medical ID, first responders might not know that you have diabetes. They might think that your confusion or unconsciousness is due to alcohol consumption or drug use. This could delay lifesaving treatment and put your health at risk.

This also allows emergency providers to quickly check your blood sugar levels. If they’re low, they can treat you right away. This can help prevent serious complications, such as seizures or coma.

If you have diabetes, it’s important to wear a medical ID bracelet at all times. You should also make sure that your family and close friends are aware of your condition and medication in case of an emergency.

What should be engraved on a diabetic bracelet?We recommend starting with your name on the first line, followed by the most important medical condition, allergy, or information, on the second line. Beyond that, include the most relevant medical information such as additional conditions, allergies, medications, and emergency contacts.

Do Type 2 diabetics need a medical bracelet?

Wearing a medical ID bracelet or necklace that contains all the medications you are taking is a helpful way to protect yourself in an emergency.

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Take Care Of Your Health With Wellness Bracelets By Ionloop

If youre looking for only the best in negative ion and magnetic technology, consider choosing an IonLoop band today. At IonLoop, we offer a variety of wristbands crafted using negative ion generating minerals and powerful magnets. And we test all our wristbands for potency and safety. This is unlike other brands who choose to use radioactive and toxic materials from China and other foreign countries. If youre interested in using a wellness wristband for health reasons, its important to avoid toxins that could worsen your condition. Our wristbands are available in a variety of styles and come with free shipping buy yours today!

Tattoos For Medical Alerts

Stainless Steel Stop Diabetes® Silicone Flex Bracelet

It’s on his right wrist, “where you would find it if you were checking for a pulse,” says Dubois, 48, a diabetes educator at a rural clinic. Interest in medical alert tattoos is increasing among people who have conditions that could affect treatment in an emergency. Others get tattoos to convey a directive, such as “no CPR” on the chest. “It really serves a great purpose, but it has to be done right,” says Saleh Aldasouqi, M.D., a Michigan State University diabetes expert. Choosing a licensed tattoo parlor is important, and for proper healing a diabetic needs well-controlled blood sugar before tattooing. A word of caution: First responders aren’t trained to look for tattoos, and skin damage in accidents can obscure them, says Rebecca Dinan Schneider, spokeswoman for the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians. “Medical alert jewelry is still the standard.” Also of interest: Diabetes-friendly recipes.Continue reading > >

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What Exactly Is Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is the name for a medical condition where a persons body cannot properly regulate blood glucose . This results in chronically high blood glucose levels. There are two types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2.

According to the Mayo Clinic, type 2 diabetes involves two problems in blood glucose regulation. First, the hormone insulin is needed to help lower blood sugar levels. The pancreas, an organ that produces insulin, fails to make enough to properly control blood sugar.

Secondly, there is difficulty with cells reacting to insulin and taking in sugar from the bloodstream. The combined effect of these two problems is blood sugar that is too high.

Type 2 diabetes is commonly preceded by prediabetes. In prediabetes, blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be defined as diabetes. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases , many people with prediabetes develop type 2 diabetes within 10 years. Prediabetes also increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. With modest weight loss and moderate physical activity, people with prediabetes can often delay or prevent the progression to type 2 diabetes.

In the United States today, 21 million adults and 23,000 children are estimated to have type 2 diabetes.

Will Emergency Responders Look For An Id

Emergency medical personnel are trained to look for a medical ID in all emergency situations. This is especially true when theyre trying to treat someone who is unable to speak for themselves.

According to a survey conducted by American Medical ID, over 95 percent of emergency responders look for a medical ID. They typically look for the ID on your wrist or around your neck.

If you want to include a full medical history, but cant fit it on your ID bracelet, you have a few options.

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Queen Elizabeth Medical Id Bracelet

For fashion-forward women, having a sophisticated and feminine medical ID bracelet may be important. Two delicate beaded strands act as the chain. Laurens Hope, the company that makes this and other fashion ID bracelets, offers a variety of attractive medical ID tags to add to the chain.

The stainless steel tag includes the medical emblem in the color of your choosing. Other designs and finishes include gold and rose gold. Up to five lines of information can be added to each ID tag. From $79.95

Grande Corona Tennis Bracelet

American Medical ID Review

If youre looking for something sparkly and delicate, this bracelet may be the one for you. Medical ID Fashions offers a beautiful cubic zirconia tennis bracelet to wear with your medical ID tag. This stainless steel bracelet features crossed silver branches with diamond-like cubic zirconias nested in them.

Several tag plates are available for this band, each marked with a medical emblem in the size and color of your choosing. Up to four lines of text can be added to your tag. $149

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How Scram Cam Tests Alcohol Through The Skin

When someone drinks alcohol, much of it is absorbed and metabolized in the body, but about 4% of it is excreted through the lungs and kidneys, and 1% through the skin in the form of insensible perspiration. SCRAM CAM tests that insensible perspiration using an electrochemical fuel cell by sampling the wearers sweat every 30 minutes.

How To Buy A Medical Alert Bracelet

Edit Article Three Methods:Identifying Your NeedsBuying a Medical Alert Bracelet or NecklaceBuying a USB or QR Code Medical Alert TagCommunity Q& A Say that you or a loved one has a serious medical condition. What happens in an emergency? How will paramedics know how to treat you if you cant respond? What if something goes wrong? Medical alert IDs are meant for such situations. They let healthcare providers know that you have a special condition. They also often tell what it is, how to help you, and who to contact for you. IDs are available in all sorts, for children, adults, and seniors, and as simple ID tags or more technologically advanced services. The right one depends largely on your medical needs but also on your tastes.Continue reading > >

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Fashionable Medical Id Bracelets

These days, medical ID bracelets aren’t just functional, they’re fashionable too. Choose from ones with brightly colored bands in multiple colors and unique designs that coordinate with all your outfits. If you want a medical ID bracelet that also functions as jewelry, choose from ID bracelets made of colorful beads, including crystal ones, for a touch of all-day glamour. Brightly colored rubber or silicone bands, with or without added designs, fasten around your wrist with a stainless steel plate and buckle and stays securely in place wherever you go. All medical ID bracelets come with a metal plate you engrave with your pertinent medical information.

What Are The Symptoms And Complications Of Type 2 Diabetes

Sabona Medical Identification Bracelets Discounted for National ...

Type 2 diabetes can impact the body in several ways. When diabetes first develops, the symptoms are often ignored or overlooked, so its important to be aware of the common symptoms of type 2 diabetes:

  • Urinate frequently, many times waking up at night
  • Being more hungry than usual
  • Increased thirst
  • Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet
  • Feeling more tired than usual
  • Excessively dry skin
  • Noticing that sores that heal slowly
  • Frequent infections
  • Unexplained weight loss

Long-term, type 2 diabetes can cause many complications, some of them serious. Because of this, its important to take steps to control diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can affect your heart, blood vessels, kidneys, nerves, and eyes, among other parts of the body.

Possible complications include:

  • Poor wound healing- this can lead to infections and even limb amputations in serious cases.
  • Heart and blood vessel disease- this increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attack, and stroke
  • Nerve damage- damage to nerves can cause neuropathy , digestive problems, heart arrhythmias, or even erectile dysfunction in men
  • Kidney disease- diabetes is one of the most common causes of chronic kidney disease and kidney failure.
  • Eye problems- eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal damage leading to blindness are more common with diabetes
  • Dementia- increased risk of decline in memory and cognitive function have been linked to diabetes

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The American Diabetes Association Estimates That There Are Nearly 26 Million People In America Who Are Currently Living With Diabetes November Is National Diabetes Awareness Month And In Honor Of That Wed Like To Highlight A Few Of The Most Recent Additions To Our Diabetes Medical Jewelry Collection

While we do not cater exclusively to people with diabetes, we do specialize in medical IDs and understand how important they are to people with medical conditions such as diabetes.

We also understand that a lot of our customers who wear medical jewelry do so because their illness forces them to wear medical alert jewelry nearly 24/7. As with all of our medical jewelry designs, we try to provide the most fashionable diabetic jewelry possible for people with diabetes . The pictures in this post are just a couple of our favorite diabetic bracelets and pendants. Please visit the StickyJ website to see our entire selection of diabetic jewelry.

In addition to being fashionable, our diabetic jewelry collection is full of items that are comfortable and easy to put on and to take off. Our easy slide on off, adjustable drawstring macrame and metal diabetic bracelets look amazing and allow the user to wear it loose or tight.

With diabetes on the rise, its important to keep in the know. Get educated understand what Diabetes is, who it affects, why it is and how to treat. Its a good idea to learn a healthy and effective diet to maintain. Exercise is also an important part of keeping yourself in good health. In addition to educating yourself, be sure to share your new found wealth of knowledge with your friends and family as well too. Check out insightful Diabetic Awareness websites like Healthline and dLife to learn more.

Do Diabetics Need Custom Engraved Diabetic Jewelry

With the need for so much medical information at a moments notice, diabetic bracelets are truly most effective when it is a personalized piece of jewelry with the medical alert symbol on the front and room for custom laser engraving on the back. This is why cheap medical ID bracelets that come pre-engraved with the word diabetes may look like appealing options but ultimately fall short.

These overly simple medical IDs may get the word diabetes on your wrist, letting EMTs know to immediately check your blood sugar levels, but they fail to communicate your identity, emergency contact information, diabetes type, whether you are on insulin and by what method, what other medications you may be taking, and whether you have any other medical conditions, treatment considerations, or drug allergies. Laurens Hope diabetic necklaces and bracelets can be custom engraved to include your most vital medical information, and medical alert tags on interchangeable styles of bracelets for diabetes can be swapped out with your most up-to-date information.

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Why Is A Medical Id Important

Doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals recommend wearing a medical ID bracelet or medical alert necklace for those who have chronic conditions.

In an emergency situation, when you might not be able to speak for yourself, a medical ID bracelet or necklace speaks for you. A medical ID can quickly communicate your name, condition, allergies, and medications. Often people choose to also include an emergency contact and telephone number so that a loved one quickly knows what is happening and where they need to be.

Enjoy Peace Of Mind With Laurens Hope Diabetic Jewelry

Medical ID Bracelet Reviews | What Do You Love About American Medical ID?

Custom engraving means you never have to search for a Type 2 Diabetes bracelet and choose from a limited selection. Your choice of Type 1 Diabetes bracelet may be the same design another person wears for T2D or any other condition or diagnosis. You select the design of necklace or bracelet, for diabetes of any type, and we custom engrave it with your personal information.

Laurens Hope medical IDs provide peace of mind to the wearer and their family. But we offer so much more:

  • A FREE one-year warranty

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How I Found Out I Had Diabetes

I decided to get a diabetic medical identification bracelet when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes awhile back. Being an Athletic Trainer, I knew the importance of these bracelets. After much research, I settled on a ROAD iD with the Online Profile. For about a year, I happily never needed to use my ID…then one November day I ended up in the Emergency Room.

I was apparently experiencing Diabetic Ketoacidosis and in pretty rough shape, to say the least. After spending two nights in the ICU and four in the main hospital, I learned how important the ROAD iD was in saving my life. I was unable to speak for myself but my ROAD iD was my voice. It provided details on my medical needs and history. Without this emergency information on the interactive site, the Doctors would have been left in the dark.

After leaving the hospital and being re-diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I wear my Road iD everyplace I go, no matter the occasion. Thank you for providing such a great product. – Katie H.

How Medical Idsfor Diabetes Combined With Medicalert Membership Provide Peace Of Mind

During a diabetic emergency, you may feel confused, shaky, sluggish, or dizzy you might even pass out. You may not be able to communicate whats happening.

One thing you shouldnt worry about is what could happen if diabetes causes a health emergency. Because of this, its important to wear a medical ID at all times. A MedicAlert ID with personalized details engraved on it can share important medical information for fast, accurate care in an emergency.

In addition, MedicAlerts Protection Plans offer benefits that extend beyond the ID, providing safety and peace of mind for people living with diabetes, their families and caregivers. These include features such as:

  • A 24/7 Emergency Response Team that can relay detailed medical info to first responders
  • A digital health profile that contains your medical and surgical history, a list of any allergies, medications, vaccinations, and more
  • Patient care instructions, including the use of medications like insulin
  • Emergency contact notification so your loved ones can be with you quickly in an emergency
  • Additional information including a record of your advance directives and DNR if applicable, and medical document storage

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