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When To Take Diabetes Medication

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Can I Overdose On Oral Diabetes Medications

Always take your medications as prescribed by your healthcare provider. Read the directions carefully and follow them. If youre unsure how much youre supposed to take, call your provider.

One particular risk of taking certain oral diabetes medications is low blood sugar .

As oral diabetes medications work by lowering your blood sugar levels, if your dose is too high or you take more than whats prescribed, you could experience hypoglycemia blood sugar thats lower than 70 mg/dL. This risk is especially increased with meglitinides and sulfonylureas.

Without proper treatment, severe hypoglycemia can be life-threatening. Hypoglycemia symptoms include:

  • Shaking or trembling.

Monitor Blood Sugar Regularly

You can determine daily blood sugar patterns by testing your blood sugar levels regularly throughout the day. This can help you identify the circumstances when your blood sugar levels are at their highest.

Identifying these patterns can help you plan your daily activities and meals to keep your blood sugar levels.

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How Should This Medicine Be Used

Glyburide comes as a tablet to take by mouth. It is usually taken once a day with breakfast or the first main meal of the day. However, in some cases your doctor may tell you to take glyburide twice a day. To help you remember to take glyburide, take it at around the same time every day. Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any part you do not understand. Take glyburide exactly as directed. Do not take more or less of it or take it more often than prescribed by your doctor.

Your doctor will probably start you on a low dose of glyburide and gradually increase your dose if needed. After you have taken glyburide for some time, glyburide may not control your blood sugar as well as it did at the beginning of your treatment. Your doctor may adjust the dose of your medication as needed so that the medication will work best for you. Be sure to tell your doctor how you are feeling and if your blood sugar test results have been higher or lower than normal at any time during your treatment.

Glyburide helps control blood sugar but does not cure diabetes. Continue to take glyburide even if you feel well. Do not stop taking glyburide without talking to your doctor.

What Oral Medications Are Available For Type 2 Diabetes

New Diabetes Drugs Offer Heart Protection, Hope to Patients

If youre diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, your doctor may first prescribe either insulin or other medications to control your blood sugar. Your doctor may also discuss diet changes, exercise plans, and weight loss methods.

When these measures arent enough to bring your blood glucose levels down to the normal range, your doctor may prescribe another medication to lower these levels.

These medications work in different ways to lower blood glucose levels, including:

  • reducing the amount of sugar released by your liver
  • slowing down the absorption of sugars from the food you eat
  • improving how your body responds to insulin
  • helping your pancreas release more insulin
  • preventing the reabsorption of glucose from blood filtered through your kidneys
  • preventing absorption of the sugar from the gut

There are several types of oral medications for type 2 diabetes. Examples include:

  • frequent urination
  • sores that wont heal

Missing doses of oral diabetes medications frequently can lead to serious health complications, some of which may require hospitalization. This also increases the overall cost of your treatment.

Potential complications include nerve damage, as well as eye, kidney, or heart disease. These conditions become worse the longer they are left untreated.

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Type 1 Diabetes Medication

The medication insulin is always needed in type 1 diabetes . This is because, with this disease, the immune system destroys insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. Without insulin as an escort, glucose in the bloodstream cant get into the cells and remains stuck in the bloodstream. Too much glucose in the bloodstream is called hyperglycemia, a dangerous health condition with many negative consequences. People who have type 1 diabetes must take insulin to survive.

Important information about insulin:

  • It can be taken just once a day or several times per day depending on the individual.
  • Some insulin medication is rapid-acting, working immediately.
  • Other insulin is long-acting, working more slowly but lasting longer.
  • Insulin can be injected with needles via syringe or pen.
  • It can also be delivered with an insulin jet injector that sprays the medication into the body using high-pressure air rather than a needle.
  • Some people use an insulin pump, a small machine connected to a small tube and needle that delivers insulin when needed.

Complete List Of Diabetes Medications For Type 1 And Type 2

Diabetes medication is used to treat most people with diabetes. So many different type 1 and type 2 diabetes medications exist that trying to figure out what they are can be overwhelming. The following complete list of diabetes medications can serve as a useful reference tool as you navigate the world of medication for diabetes.

Before diving into a diabetic medication list, its helpful to categorize both diabetes and general medication. Here, well look at two types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes . There are also two types of medication: oral diabetes medications and injectable diabetes medications.

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Who Buys Type Ii Diabetes Medication

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New Weight Loss Drugs

Pharmacology – Diabetes Medication

Over the last decade, drug development has turned its attention to gut hormones like glucagon-like peptide1 , amylin, glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide and PYY, which are intricately involved in appetite and weight regulation. Many of them are used to treat both obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Surprisingly, recent clinical trials have demonstrated superior weight loss results and, together with a safer side effect profile, have made this third generation of anti-obesity medications very attractive compared with the older drugs. These therapies mimic the hormones that your intestines produce when you eat. The hormones tell your pancreas to release insulin. GLP-1 also:

  • Increases feelings of fullness.
  • Reduces blood sugar levels.

The newest weight loss drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is semaglutide , which is just the higher dose of the same medication, Ozempic®, which was approved four years earlier for Type 2 diabetes. Although this class of GLP-1 receptor agonist medications has existed since 2005 with exenatide and liraglutide , and used to treat Type 2 diabetes, longer-acting once-weekly GLP-1 medications like dulaglutide have appeared to be more effective in treating obesity and lowering blood sugar.

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How Are Shortages Affecting Patients

When asked whether their patients are affected by Wegovy and Ozempic shortages, the experts were mixed.

Dealing with the ramifications of these shortages is a daily hassle, Ard said. I probably have several emails in my inbox right now with questions like, Where can I find it?, Do you know which pharmacies still have any?, How can I get a refill because its on backorder?

Bessesen felt the shortages werent as big of an issue based on his experience. The shortage seems to be pharmacy-dependent, and to an extent, payment methoddependent, he said. But its clear that the production capacity compared to the demand for these medications has been exceeded.

For people with Type 2 diabetes, Sadhu said doctors are having to switch to older, less effective drugs to control blood sugar.

How Do Weight Loss Drugs Work

Anti-obesity medications may target several biological pathways that can contribute to obesity, like:

  • Food preferences.
  • Thoughts about food.

Although older weight loss drugs, called Orlistat , affect how much fat you absorb from food, largely based on the idea that fat intake causes obesity, most current anti-obesity medications target appetite regulation . Some are oral medications while others are self-administered once-a-week injections.

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Potential Complications With Insulin Pumps

Pump therapy is as safe as multi-dose insulin when recommended procedures are followed. Potential complications peculiar to pump therapy include undetected interruptions in insulin delivery as well as infections or inflammation at the needle site. These complications are extremely rare. In general, the benefits of pump therapy far outweigh the potential risks in most patients.

What Do Those Abbreviations Mean

Diabetes Eating &  Wellness Classes

If you take a close look at your prescription label, you might see some abbreviations that dont make a whole lot of sense. These might be Latin or English abbreviations that pharmacies use to indicate how and when a specific medicine should be taken. Here are some common abbreviations and what they mean:

qd: every day tid: three times a day qid: four times a day qhs: each night IM: intramuscularly IV: intravenously SQ: subcutaneously

Fortunately, many prescription labels have become easier to read and you may never see these Latin abbreviations !

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Does Walking Raise Blood Pressure

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When To Take Diabetes Medicines

If you have diabetes, theres a good chance that you take medication to help you manage the condition. And while there are many issues and concerns around taking medication, including cost and side effects, the reality is nonadherence or poor adherence meaning, not taking the medicine as prescribed is a real concern. In fact, about half of people who have diabetes dont take their medication as directed. Not taking medication at all or as directed can lead to a host of serious problems, including increased health-care costs, more hospitalizations, and more deaths. Not good all around.

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What Happens Once I Stop Taking Weight Loss Medication

If you stop taking the new weight loss drugs, youll regain the weight. As Dr. Butsch explains, obesity is a chronic disease that needs long-term treatment.

He says that the weight range you tend to stay in is your body set point. Its based on the amount and size of fat cells in your body. Typically, your body tightly regulates your body set point just like it maintains healthy blood sugar levels. For example, if you dont have diabetes, you can eat a bag of sugar or eat very little for several days. Your blood sugar levels will stay very tightly controlled. Body fat is controlled in a similar way.

But when you have obesity, the regulation of your body set point is dysfunctional. You can restrict your calories for several years, but your body is always trying to push you back to that dysfunctional set point. So, long-term drugs are valuable because theyre correcting an issue with the fat regulatory system.

What Are The Types Of Medicines For Type 1 Diabetes

Metformin: What Happens If You Take Metformin For A Week?

If you have type 1 diabetes, you must take insulin because your body no longer makes it. There are different types of insulin that start to work at different speeds, and the effects of each last a different length of time. Your health care provider will measure your blood glucose to decide on the type of insulin. You may need to use more than one type.

You will also need to check your blood sugar at home. Your provider will tell you how often. The results of your blood sugar testing can help you make decisions about food, physical activity, and medicines.

You can take insulin several different ways. The most common are with a needle and syringe, an insulin pen, or an insulin pump. If you use a needle and syringe or a pen, you have to take insulin several times during the day, including with meals. An insulin pump gives you small, steady doses throughout the day. Less common ways to take insulin include inhalers, injection ports, and jet injectors.

In rare cases, taking insulin alone might not be enough to manage your blood sugar. Then you would need to take another diabetes medicine.

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S To Take If You Miss A Dose

If you miss a dose of an oral medication, take the dose as soon as possible after realizing you missed it. However, if its been more than a few hours since the missed dose and youre getting close to the next dose, skip the dose and take the next dose at its regular time. Dont double the dose.

Next, call your doctor to ask about your specific medication and what they recommend.

Your medication or the website for your particular brand of medication also comes with a patient information packet that will let you know what to do if you miss a dose. Its useful to keep this packet in a safe place.

Its important to talk to your doctor if you have questions or concerns about your medication or you notice any new symptoms. You should call your doctor if:

If You Take Too Much Or The Wrong Type Of Medicine

If you have taken too much or the wrong type of diabetes medicine, its important that you contact your doctor or diabetes nurse or educator for advice.

Taking too much diabetes medicine can cause your blood glucose level to drop too low. This is known as hypoglycaemia or a hypo, and can lead to a serious situation if not addressed.

  • If you think you may have taken too much diabetes medicine and you monitor your blood glucose at home, test your blood glucose level as soon as possible. If you dont monitor glucose levels routinely, contact your doctor or seek other medical advice straight away.
  • If you find your blood glucose level is low, you will need to address this straight away.

Go here for information on what to do if you take too much or too little insulin.

Get helpful tips about non-insulin devices.

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