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Relion Prime Blood Glucose Test Strips

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A Quick Brief On Diabetes

Relion Prime Test Strips How to Use

Diabetes is a serious disease affecting a significant proportion of the total American population. It has become relatively common in the United States as of 2018, 34.2 million Americans live with diabetes–thats 10.5% of the population. Of the 34.2 million adults with diabetes, 26.8 million were diagnosed, and 7.3 million were undiagnosed. Nearly 1.6 million Americans have type 1 diabetes, including about 187,000 children and adolescents.

One of the primary means of diabetes management is usually self-monitoring and self-administration: regular monitoring of ones blood sugar, paired with oral diabetes medications and/or insulin injections, if necessary. Navigating this new and important responsibility with accurate information is very important for those who may be newly diagnosed with diabetes.

If this is a condition you or a loved one are facing, it is imperative to take treatment and associated sharps disposal seriously. An important part of this responsibility includes the safe and proper disposal of supplies when youre done using them. Diabetes can be a lifelong condition, and mastering self-management is essential to maintaining a high quality of life and independence.

What Are Lancets And Test Strips Used For

Lancets are small, short needles encased in plastic, and are used to puncture the skin to obtain a blood sample. Standard lancets fit inside a lancing device designed to make the finger prick quick and painless. Single-use lancets, often referred to as safety lancets, are also available and can help avoid accidental puncture.

After the skin has been punctured, a small bead of blood will surface, which can then be collected using a glucose test strip. Glucose test strips are designed to absorb the blood sample into a sample chamber. There it is mixed with an enzyme and the glucose meter runs an electrical current through the mixture. The level of resistance to the current that the mixture has calculates a blood sugar reading. Then, based on that reading, the user can determine what action they may need to take to regulate their blood sugar levels.

Here are some helpful tips to remember if you are new to the self-management of diabetes, or if you have another condition that requires regular blood testing.

Dispose of needles immediately.

Once you have finished using your lancets, test strips, and, if needed, syringes, immediately dispose of them as they are now considered a biohazard, i.e. hazardous medical waste.

It is important to take this seriously.

Do not attempt to clean and re-use lancets or syringes with alcohol or any other anti-bacterial solution.

Never share needles.

Maude Adverse Event Report: Arkray Inc Relion Prime Blood Glucose System Blood Glucose Test System

Device ProblemHigh Test Results
Patient ProblemsHypoglycemia Shaking/Tremors
Event Date 10/11/2012
Event Type Injury
Manufacturer Narrative
Device history records were reviewed and no anomalies were detected.The meter involved in incident was returned, but the test strips were not returned and lot number is not known.The returned meter was evaluated with reference test strips and performed to specification.No failure detected.
Event Description

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Meter And Test Strip Performance Check

Home Diagnostic Health Medicine ReliOn Prime Diabetic Blood Glucose ...

The ReliOn Premier Control Solutions contain fixed amounts of glucoseand are used for checking whether the test strips and the meter are working together properly. Use ReliOn Premier Control Solution when:

  • You want to practice the test procedure, instead of using blood.
  • You use your meter for the first time.
  • You begin using a new vial of test strips.
  • You suspect that the meter or test strips are not working properly.
  • You think your test results are inaccurate or they do not reflect how you feel.
  • You use your meter for blood glucose testing after any disinfection procedure.
  • The meter has been dropped or damaged.

The test result of each control solution should be within the range printed on the strip vial.If your control solution test results do not fall within the range printed on the test strip vial, repeat the test.

Out of range results may be due to one or more of the following factors:

  • Error in performing the test.
  • Expired or contaminated control solution.
  • Expired or damaged test strip.
  • Failure to shake the control solution bottle.
  • Failure to discard the first one or two drops of control solution and wipe the bottle tip clean.

If results continue to fall outside the range printed on the vial, the test strips and meter may not be working properly. If so, do NOT use your system and contact Customer Service: 1-855-776-0662, 7a.m.7p.m. Central time, 7 days a week. At all other times, contact your healthcare professional.

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Pointers To Help You Adjust

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it may take some getting used to.

While any new process can seem intimidating or overwhelming, you may find it helpful to write down each step of the process, including each step for proper disposal, as you get adjusted to your new routines.

We also suggest taking advantage of using online resources to further educate yourself about diabetes management. You may also want to connect with either an online community or in-person community of others living with the same condition, who can relate to you and provide guidance and advice. This type of support and community paired with taking the time to read informative blogs and guides can be an invaluable resource toward living with the highest quality of life possible, and can make a positive difference in how you handle your diabetes.

Proper disposal of medical waste is not just about following the rules or inconveniencing anyone–its about protecting the community and the ones we love. With a little planning and dedication, anyone can easily integrate these essential steps for diabetes management and proper disposal into their everyday routine.’s%20no%20cure%20for,diabetes%20is%20an%20ongoing%20disease.

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The Benefits Are All Around

Relion Prime Glucose Meter by Walmart

Who buys diabetic test strips? Tens of millions of Americans are afflicted with Type 1 and Type 2diabetes and the vast majority buy test strips to monitor their blood sugar, oftentimes needing to checktheir condition multiple times a day. Those who are insured pay a minimal amount for the strips, butthose without health insurance pay a much much higher price. An efficient online marketplace hasgrown up to resolve that disparity, providing the insured a place to sell diabetic test strips for cash andthe uninsured access to affordable diabetic supplies. Both sides win. Sellers can feel confident that theyare benefiting others and putting extra test strips to good use while buyers can get the supplies theyneed.

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A Trusted & Honest Company

Dont sell test strips to just anyone do business with a legitimate business that you can depend on. Ourprocess is simple and fast, making it easy to get quick cash for any test strips you have. If you havequestions or concerns, well be happy to walk you through the process and make sure that you haveeverything you need to sell your diabetic test strips for cash.

Proper Hazardous Waste And Sharps Disposal

Proper disposal is being considerate of others. Leaving hazardous medical waste around is risky for anyone, particularly children who may not be aware of the risks and safety hazards. Hazardous waste is not something you should be re-using. Make sure to dispose of per instructions and label!

Always dispose of medical waste after single-use.

Do not clip used needles or alter it as this is prone to an entirely new set of risks. Safe needle disposal is just disposing of the entire needle, preferably with the cap on. The same idea goes for lancets–do not try to alter the lancet for re-use.

To properly dispose of your used lancets and needles, you need a robust container that can be completely sealed and accurately labeled–you can also use this same container to dispose of your test strips as well, but be sure to follow any disposal instructions that are specific to your test strips.

Containers that are sufficient for sharps and hazardous waste disposal are heavy plastic containers like detergent bottles or metal or plastic boxes with a fastening sealing mechanism. You can also find containers specifically made for this type of disposal at stores and pharmacies. Never use glass or a clear plastic bottle like a water bottle or drink bottle, and always seal containers with heavy duct tape to ensure they stay safely closed.

Label the container USED SHARPS: DO NOT RECYCLE. Keep the container out of the reach of children or other vulnerable populations.

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Types Of Test Strips Sold By Relion

Currently, the brand sells four kinds of blood sugar test strips which should be used in conjunction with the same type of monitor.

  • ReliOn Ultima test strips. The Ultima line of monitors and strips are the first or original ones introduced by the brand. Generally intended for in vitro diagnostics, these can provide accurate results in about 5 seconds. The minimum blood sample volume is very minimal at just 0.6 microliter.
  • ReliOn Prime test strips. The Prime test strips are innovated to allow blood sugar testing not only on the fingers but the sample can be extracted from the palm as well. The prime also requires very minimal amount of blood as sample, provides quick and accurate results without the need for coding.
  • ReliOn Confirm/Micro test strips. The Confirm and Micro are actually two different strips. But because they are the latest types offered by the brand with almost the same specifications, they can be used interchangeably. Both feature the minimal sample requirement of just 0.3 microliter. They allow finger or palm testing, have beeping sound indicators, and provides accurate results in 7 second. The only difference of the ReliOn Micro test strips is the monitor, which is smaller and definitely handier than the rest of ReliOn units.

Relion Test Strips Benefits And Advantages

ReliOn Prime Blood Glucose Test Strips, 50 Count

Why consider shifting towards using this brand? Because of the following benefits and advantages over all the other brands:

  • Quick and Accurate results. Of course the most important consideration more than anything else is accuracy. And the brand is noted for its close-to-perfection accuracy. Based on tests and actual user and patient reviews, you can really rely on ReliOn when it comes to accuracy. Coupled with this feature is provision of quick diagnostics ranging from only about 5 to 7 seconds.
  • More affordable price. If you are spending too much on your current test strip or kit, its about time to switch to this brand. It is relatively cheap but still maintains quality and efficiency. Being sold in Walmart, you get to take advantage of its accessibility.
  • Convenient and easy to use. The test strips or the entire kit is very convenient. With the smaller Micro and ReliOn Confirm test strips, you can bring the entire kit in your bag or pouch when travelling. Though blood sugar monitors are very easy to use in general, ReliOn has made its products easier and technologically advanced.
  • Flexible. When you suddenly get tired or annoyed of getting blood samples on your fingertips constantly, the strips are flexible and can collect from the palms as well. Some users also consider the palm area less painful.

Complementing devices

Additional notes

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Relion Blood Glucose Premier Test Strips

ReliOn Prime Blood Glucose Test Strips, 50 Count:

  • Prime blood glucose test strips
  • For use with ReliOn Prime Blood Glucose Meters
  • Intended to measure glucose in capillary whole blood
  • For in vitro diagnostic use only
  • 50 test strips per box
  • Tightly recap test strip vial immediately after use
  • Discard used test trips safely in appropriate containers

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How To Dispose Of Used Lancets And Test Strips

Along with diabetes management comes the responsibility of managing medical waste. Here’s what to do with your used lancets, test strips, and insulin needles.

Millions of Americans live with lifelong medical conditions that require them to purchase medical supplies and begin a new routine to manage those conditions. Many people may find it challenging to adjust to having a serious medical responsibility added to their already busy schedule.

Diabetes in particular often requires several medical supplies to manage it well, and it can feel very intensive at first to start testing blood sugar and self-administering insulin shots or taking regular oral medication, paired with learning about the different diabetes supplies involved in self-care.

Overall, proper disposal of sharps and medical waste is not only a matter of being responsible for your own hazardous materials, but also a matter of doing your part to maintain public health and safety.

Many people also may be self-conscious or may lack self-confidence in their ability to use a lancet or syringe, which can lead to painful accidents that can even further discourage them from being confident in their own routines.

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Diabetic Testing Supplies And More

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with diabetic supplies to help you manage your blood glucose. In addition to blood glucose test strips, there are many blood glucose meters and diabetic lancets to choose from that offer features to simplify testing. We carry diabetic nutrition supplements and foot care products to help with daily living. Find protein supplements, calorie supplements and shakes that can satisfy cravings and help you avoid a blood sugar spike. There are even diabetic vitamins to help support your overall health. To care for your feet, try diabetic foot creams that can improve circulation and diabetic socks to help alleviate leg fatigue.

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Walmart Relion Premier Classic Glucose Meter and Test Strips

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Blood Glucose Test Strips

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