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Pogo Automatic Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Introducing POGO Automatic

Download Patterns for POGO Automatic today, so you can get the most benefits from your POGO Automatic.

The Patterns for POGO Automatic app is available for Apple iOS version 11.0 and above, and Android OS version 8.0 and above. Note: Patterns is only compatible with phones that support Bluetooth 4.0+.

How To Use The Pogo Meter

To use this meter:

  • Press the power button, causing the cartridge to open and rotate to a new test position and automatically provide a fresh needle and strip.
  • Put your finger on the blue-lit round test port and it senses the pressure and a short countdown appears.
  • When the test is done, the lancet and strip do not come out they stay within their single testing cell, which is retracted and disabled so its impossible to use again.
  • After all the 10 tests are done, the whole cartridge comes out with the lancets and strips contained inside a window shows how many tests are left in the cartridge and when replacement is needed.
  • The meter always shows how many tests remain, time and date even when the meter display is off.

Study Details Reaction To Pogo Automatic Blood Glucose Monitors Among Diabetes Care And Education Specialists

A study presented at ADCES 22 details opinions of certified diabetes care and education specialists toward the POGO Automatic blood glucose monitoring system.

New research presented at the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists 2022 annual meeting highlights the reaction of certified diabetes care and education specialists to the POGO automatic blood glucose monitoring system.

With the uptake of the technology, which was billed as the first automatic blood glucose meter when approved by the FDA in 2016, increasing, results of the current study demonstrate a favorable response among diabetes care and education specialists with the POGO automatic blood glucose monitoring system.

The relationship between the inherent complexity of the tools used to manage diabetes and their successful use in both the population of people with diabetes and the providers who deliver care to them is of increasing scientific interest. The POGO Automatic blood glucose monitoring system was designed to simplify testing anywhere by integrating test strips, lancets, and lancing devices into one disposable cartridge, wrote investigators.

POGO Automatic and Patterns could improve the frequency of patient blood glucose checking and reduce instances of forgetting to check, wrote investigators

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The First Automatic Blood Glucose Meter

Blood glucose meters have come a long way in terms of simplicity, cost, design, and integration with mobile apps. However, the technology and process of taking a measurement has remained relatively constant in recent years. The first automatic blood glucose meter, the POGO Automatic, might represent a new innovation in blood glucose monitoring.

The POGO Automatic was cleared by the FDA in 2016 and soon after, its maker, Intuity Medical, went to work ramping up production of the device. It is now available for purchase in the US over the counter at Walgreens stores , CVS pharmacies , or online here. You can also access a POGO Automatic with a prescription from your healthcare team. You will need to purchase the device itself and the test cartridges separately.

The Freestyle Librelink App

Automatic Blood Sugar Monitor

Conveniently check your glucose with your phone instead of the FreeStyle Libre reader:§

  • Access real-time glucose information view your current reading, trend arrow and history
  • Get more glucose insights from the FreeStyle Libre reports
  • Stay connected to your healthcare professional and loved ones virtually

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Purchasing The Pogo Automatic Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The POGO System is available with a prescription or over-the-counter at Walgreens stores across the US, as well as at CVS Pharmacy locations in select regions. It is also available online through the POGO Store on the POGO Automatic website.

The POGO Automatic Monitor and Test cartridges can also be purchased using flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts .

The Freestyle Libre Reader

  • Easy to hold and carry around¶¶

  • Easy-to-read graphs

    Offers easy-to-understand graphs with a quick summary of glucose history

  • Backlit colour touchscreen

    Enhances the user experience can be read in the dark

  • Complete glucose picture

    Stores 90 days of glucose data to provide a complete glucose picture over 3 months

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All About The Pogo Automatic Glucose Meter

Carrying around a traditional fingerstick meter means you also need a separate lancing device to poke your finger, as well as a vial of test strips. That means most users need to carry a whole case of supplies.

POGO, on the other hand, combines lancing and blood collection into a single, replaceable 10-test cartridge so no more need for loose lancets or test strips.

This added convenience helps remove barriers to testing ones blood sugar, Anderson tells DiabetesMine.

He also points to POGOs all-inclusive design as being safer than a traditional meter from the standpoint that you dont have any bloody needles or strips lying around or going into the trash bin. There is no contact with the used supplies, and that makes it a safer product, he said.

A majority of people are still using glucose monitors, not CGM. Patients want choices and there is no meter like this, as a one step all-in-one automated product.

Here are the unique features of the POGO Automatic :

Youre Now Leaving An Abbott Canada Website A Site Maintained By Abbott

Welcome to POGO Automatic

You are now being redirected to a third-party website, operated by Bayshore Specialty Rx Ltd., where you can order sensors for the FreeStyle Libre system or FreeStyle Libre 2 system.

You can also purchase the FreeStyle Libre system and sensors at your local pharmacy.

* Data based on the number of users worldwide for the FreeStyle Libre system compared to the number of users for other leading personal-use sensor-based glucose monitoring systems.

60-minute warm-up required when applying the sensor.

Sensor is water-resistant in up to 1 metre of water. Do not immerse longer than 30 minutes. Not to be used above 10,000 feet.

¶ The LibreView website is only compatible with certain operating systems and browsers. Please check for additional information.

** The LibreLinkUp app is only compatible with certain mobile devices and operating systems. Please check www.librelinkup.comfor more information about device compatibility before using the app. Use of LibreLinkUp and FreeStyle LibreLink requires registration with LibreView. The LibreLinkUp app is not intended to be a primary glucose monitor: home users must consult their primary device and consult a healthcare professional before making any medical interpretation and therapy adjustments from the information provided by the app.

Use of FreeStyle LibreLink requires registration with LibreView. Automatic upload requires a wireless internet connection or mobile data connection.


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How Much Is The Pogo Automatic Monitor

On the website, the POGO Automatic monitor costs $68 and a package of five cartridges costs $32. If you have private insurance and receive a prescription from your healthcare provider, you can expect to pay at most $59 for 15 cartridges though this offer is not available for those on Medicare, Medicaid, or V.A. or military healthcare programs.

To learn more about blood glucose meters check out our resource page here, or read, Use Your Blood Glucose Meter to Help You Improve Your Health.

How Does The Pogo Automatic Meter Work

The POGO Automatic is designed to simplify the process of checking your blood glucose. It also reduces the number of supplies needed. Users will need to load a POGO Automatic 10-test cartridge into the monitor, and once this is done, the only supply they will need to carry around is the monitor itself no lancets, no test strips.

Users press their finger onto the button in the center of the device, and the monitor will automatically lance, collect blood, and produce a glucose value four seconds later. After the test, the device automatically retracts the lancet and test strip and provides a new one for the next time you check your glucose.

You can view your glucose value on the monitor itself, or via the free Patterns app , which connects the device to your smartphone through Bluetooth. Though you do not need the app to see your glucose values, it allows users to see their glucose trends and share the data with their healthcare team using the Patterns healthcare provider portal. The Patterns App can also integrate glucose data with a variety of other wellness devices and apps. To learn more about how to use the POGO Automatic, you can read the user manual here.

POGO Automatic may encourage people to check their glucose more often by addressing some of the barriers to frequent tests, including simplifying the process into one step, adding discretion, and reducing the number of supplies you have to carry.

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How Does It Compare With Other Devices

Continuous glucose monitors , such as the Abbott FreeStyle Libre, Dexcom G6, and the Eversense implant, are increasingly used by people with type 1 diabetes, and some with type 2 diabetes, as a way to keep a close eye on their blood sugar levels.

Asked how the POGO device compares with these other systems, Intuity Chief Commercial Officer Dean Zikria says, “While is certainly an important option for a subset of people with diabetes, CGM is a very different technology, requiring a user to wear a sensor and transmitter on their body.”

Patients also need to obtain a prescription in order to use a continuous sugar monitor. POGO Automatic is available without a prescription and gives people who do not want to wear a device on their body another choice, Zikria says.

The POGO system is available at pharmacies including CVS and Walgreens, and can also be purchased online at

The device costs $68 from the company website and a pack of 5 cartridges costs $32.

Show Sources

Test Procedure For The Pogo Automatic Blood Glucose Monitoring System

POGO Automatic by Intuity Medical, Inc.

The POGO System integrates lancets and test strips into a single cartridge for ten tests. The patient turns on the POGO Automatic Monitor and taps the POGO test port to activate the test, after loading the ten-test cartridge.

The device then performs all the lancing and blood collection work automatically and provides the result after a four-second countdown.

The patient discards the self-contained cartridge once all the ten tests are used, eliminating the need to handle used strips or lancets as they remain within the cartridge.

The single-step test procedure streamlines blood glucose monitoring compared to a traditional glucose meter, which requires more than 15 steps to complete a blood glucose test.

The Patterns app helps users to observe glucose patterns and make smarter decisions between doctor visits to attain their glucose objectives.

The app also integrates several popular wellness products and applications. The users can configure it to share glucose data with members of their healthcare team who can use the Patterns healthcare provider portal to monitor patient findings and assist with treatment decisions.

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A Quick Brief On Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious disease affecting a significant proportion of the total American population. It has become relatively common in the United States as of 2018, 34.2 million Americans live with diabetes–thats 10.5% of the population. Of the 34.2 million adults with diabetes, 26.8 million were diagnosed, and 7.3 million were undiagnosed. Nearly 1.6 million Americans have type 1 diabetes, including about 187,000 children and adolescents.

One of the primary means of diabetes management is usually self-monitoring and self-administration: regular monitoring of ones blood sugar, paired with oral diabetes medications and/or insulin injections, if necessary. Navigating this new and important responsibility with accurate information is very important for those who may be newly diagnosed with diabetes.

If this is a condition you or a loved one are facing, it is imperative to take treatment and associated sharps disposal seriously. An important part of this responsibility includes the safe and proper disposal of supplies when youre done using them. Diabetes can be a lifelong condition, and mastering self-management is essential to maintaining a high quality of life and independence.

Intuity Medical Presents Pogo Automatic One

Intuity Medical, a commercial-stage medical technology and digital health company is debuting the POGO Automatic Blood Glucose Monitoring System.

The company shared that the product is the first and only FDA-cleared blood glucose monitor whose 10-test cartridge technology makes a glucose test possible with only the press of a button and without needing to carry separate test strips and lancets.

We know that people with diabetes are more effective at managing their diabetes when they regularly check their blood glucose and use the information to take action, said Daniel Einhorn, MD, medical director of Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute, president of Diabetes and Endocrine Associates, and chairperson of the Intuity Medical Scientific Advisory Board. However, my patients and millions of others with diabetes have struggled for decades with the burden of checking their glucose because its complicated, theres a lot to carry around, and its intrusive. What theyve needed is a simple, quick and truly discreet way to check their blood glucose, so theyll actually do it.

Traditional blood glucose meters present barriers that hinder people from testing, including the complexity of the testing procedure, the hassle of handling and carrying individual test strips and lancets, and the disruption that testing with traditional meters brings to everyday life, the company noted.

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Device: Pogo Automatic Blood Glucose Monitoring System

What MRI safety information does the labeling contain? Labeling does not contain MRI Safety Information
Device required to be labeled as containing natural rubber latex or dry natural rubber : No
Device labeled as “Not made with natural rubber latex”: No
Human Cell, Tissue or Cellular or Tissue-Based Product : No
GMDN Preferred Term Name GMDN Definition
Glucose monitoring system IVD, home-use A collection of devices including a portable, battery-powered, semi-automated or automated instrument , reagents, test strips and/or other associated materials and accessories intended to be used for the quantitative measurement of glucose in a whole blood clinical specimen it is designed to be used for self-testing by a layperson in the home, and some types may in addition be used at the point-of-care. Measured glucose values are used to manage blood glucose levels, primarily by persons with diabetes mellitus.

Integrates Withyour Favoriteapps And Devices

Pogo Blood Sugar Monitor

To put your glucose readings in a wider context, and give you a big-picture view of your overall health, Patterns integrates seamlessly with a number of the most popular wellness devices and apps.

All trademarks, trade names, logos used are the property of their respective owners. Use and reference to any specific commercial product does not constitute or imply affiliation with, or endorsement by, them.

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Proper Hazardous Waste And Sharps Disposal

Proper disposal is being considerate of others. Leaving hazardous medical waste around is risky for anyone, particularly children who may not be aware of the risks and safety hazards. Hazardous waste is not something you should be re-using. Make sure to dispose of per instructions and label!

Always dispose of medical waste after single-use.

Do not clip used needles or alter it as this is prone to an entirely new set of risks. Safe needle disposal is just disposing of the entire needle, preferably with the cap on. The same idea goes for lancets–do not try to alter the lancet for re-use.

To properly dispose of your used lancets and needles, you need a robust container that can be completely sealed and accurately labeled–you can also use this same container to dispose of your test strips as well, but be sure to follow any disposal instructions that are specific to your test strips.

Containers that are sufficient for sharps and hazardous waste disposal are heavy plastic containers like detergent bottles or metal or plastic boxes with a fastening sealing mechanism. You can also find containers specifically made for this type of disposal at stores and pharmacies. Never use glass or a clear plastic bottle like a water bottle or drink bottle, and always seal containers with heavy duct tape to ensure they stay safely closed.

Label the container USED SHARPS: DO NOT RECYCLE. Keep the container out of the reach of children or other vulnerable populations.

Notification And Schedule Improvements Needed

A < NOTIFICATION> message will be sent to your Email or SMS, depending on your optional choice for setting that alerts you when you missed a < SCHEDULE> will not sink or update after you change a scheduke time. Old < ALERTS> continue to notify you by Email or SMS. I receive messages to sink my schedule, but cant find the accuracy to make it happen. Nice apo for use with the Pogo Pattern device, but improvements are needed. Otherwise, would have given it 5 Stars

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Pogo Automatic Blood Glucose Monitoring System Now In Kroger Pharmacies

August 23, 2022 by Bill Schiffner

FREMONT, Calif. Intuity Medical, Inc., a commercial-stage medical technology and digital health company focused on making life with diabetes easier, today announced that the POGO Automatic Blood Glucose Monitoring System is now available at the more than 2,200 U.S. pharmacies of Kroger Health, the healthcare division of The Kroger Co.

POGO Automatic, from Intuity Medical, is the first and only FDA-cleared automatic blood glucose monitor with 10-test cartridge technology that automatically lances, collects blood, and produces a glucose result at the push of a button and doesnt require people with diabetes to carry or load separate lancets and test strips.

Many people with diabetes struggle with the burden of testing blood glucose with traditional glucose meters because it can be complicated, theres a lot to carry around, and it can be very disruptive to everyday life.

With POGO Automatic Monitors and Cartridges now available at all Kroger Health pharmacy locations, the simplicity of One-Step testing is easily accessible to many people with diabetes.

Testing blood glucose with POGO Automatic is simple and automatic. With everything needed for 10 tests integrated into a single cartridge, users never again have to handle separate lancets or test strips. They can discreetly test and obtain an accurate glucose result in a matter of seconds, without everyone noticing.

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