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How To Use Glucose Test Strips

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Get Your Lancing Device Ready

How to Use Diabetes Test Strips – Part 2
  • Twist the white band on your lancing device to the right to unlock the endcap .

    Figure 4. Twist the white band to the right

    Pull the endcap straight off .

    Figure 5. Pull the endcap straight off

  • Hold the lancet by the round tab. Firmly push it into the center of your lancing device until it cannot go in any more .

    Figure 6. Push the lancet into your lancing device

  • Carefully twist the round tab 3 times. Be careful not to bend it. Pull the tab off and set it aside to use later . You should see a small needle where the tab was.

    Figure 7. Pull the tab off the lancet

  • Put the endcap back on your lancing device in the unlocked position .

    Figure 8. Put the endcap back on your lancing device

    Twist the white band to the left to lock the endcap on .

    Figure 9. Twist the white band to the left

  • Turn the black part of the endcap dial to set the puncture depth . Its best to start with level 1 or 2. You can set it to a higher level if you do not get a big enough blood drop.

    Figure 10. Set the puncture depth

  • Your lancing device is now ready. Set it down. Pick up your blood glucose meter and test strip.

    Goodbye Omnipod Takeback Program

    Insulet, the makers of the tubeless Omnipod pump, had a recycling program in the United States since 2008, but closed that down in 2018 because it wasnt being used enough to be efficient, the company says.

    Insulets eco-friendly disposal program was once touted as a green initiative to keep biohazardous waste out of the environment. It separated any hazardous metals and materials and pulverized the remainder to make the materials more biodegradable.

    Omnipod users in the United Kingdom and Canada can still use the programs operating in those countries. New Omnipod users in the United Kingdom receive information in their welcome letters about the disposal program. The program states that a partner company with a sustainability focus will make sure returned pods are safely disposed of in line with applicable waste disposal regulations, and that the heat from incineration generates steam that helps generate heat for other purposes.

    Since waste disposal regulations and environmental guidelines vary by location, it makes sense that different countries would have different programs.

    But its a shame to see that program close down in the United States due to underuse.

    Do Glucose Test Strips Work After Expiration

    It is recommended that you use your glucose test strips, and any other medications for that matter, prior to the expiration date. However, this does not mean that they will not work beyond the expiration date on the container.

    If your blood glucose test strips have been stored properly, then they should be fine to use after expiration. Keep in mind, that using anything, including test strips, after the expiration, you run the risk of mismanaging your diabetes condition.

    If you start receiving abnormal blood sugar readings, then it may be worth checking the expiration dates on the container.

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    Is It Legal To Resell Diabetes Test Strips

    Theres no law against buying and selling diabetes test strips on the open market. As a result, a growing gray market has emerged, where companies buy and resell test strips. Go online and youll find more than a few outfits doing this, with names like,, and

    As mentioned in another article, the savings here dont appear to be that great, and given that the quality control in these outfits is uncertain, we urge caution. Some sellers may try to peddle expired goods, for example.

    Partly in response to this gray market, California has begun to regulate the supply chain of diabetes products, including glucose test strips, to prevent fraud and ensure patient safety.

    The FDA issued

    How Do Test Strips Work

    Sinocare Smart Blood Glucose Meter &  50 Test Strips Lancets  Peridrome ...

    Glucose test strips are small pieces of plastic that have the necessary reactive elements in a space so that, once they come into contact with the blood, they react in such a way that we can chemically determine the amount of glucose in the blood.

    As we said, this is still the most widely used method for self-management of diabetes and they are, together with pregnancy tests, the best-selling biotechnological devices.

    When the test strip comes into contact with blood , an electrochemical reaction occurs . This reaction in turn generates a very low intensity electrical discharge, which the glucometer is responsible for analyzing . The higher the amount of glucose in the blood, the higher the electrical charge. The glucometer will express these data in mg / dl .

    The result is fast and reliable, so it will help us decide if it is necessary to inject insulin or if we have to do something else to keep the glucose level within normal parameters.

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    What Are Glucose Test Strips And How They Work

    Blood glucose test strips are thin plastic strips that have a circuit in them which measures ones blood sugar level with the help of a glucometer. The circuit of the test strip is made of a very thin layer of gold that is formed into an elaborate pattern.

    The end of the glucose test strip that the blood is placed on is made up of chemical elements. The chemical components help wick the blood into the strip and turn the glucose into electricity.

    The signal produced by the electricity then travels from the test strip to the glucometer. The number that appears on the glucometer represents the strength of the electrical signal. And the higher the electrical signal, the higher the glucose in ones blood.

    As you can see, there is a large bit of technology contained in these tiny strips.

    What Will You Learn In This Blog

    OneTouch Verio test strips have the least copay on the most wellbeing plans. They are constantly covered on Traditional Medicare Part B. OneTouch Verio Test Strips are not solely reliable. They also come at a budget-friendly price.

    The OneTouch Verio Test Strips have been created, considering even the minor details. Yes, that’s true. The side fill test strip is equally effective for righties and lefties. The results you will receive from these stripes are both reliable and quick. The smallest sample size ever at 0.4l and fast results in just 5 seconds.

    Apart from this, the other thing that makes OneTouch Verio Test Strips appropriate is that they showcase 9 years of proven accuracy at very low blood glucose levels. So, now that you know a little about the strips let us understand how to use one-touch Verio test strips?

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    How Do Diabetes Test Strips Work

    When blood is placed onto the test strip, it reacts with a chemical called glucose oxidase producing gluconic acid from the glucose in the blood. At the other end of the test strip, the meter transfers a current to the test strip. The test strip has electric terminals which allow the meter to measure the current between the terminals.

    The current between the terminals changes depending on the level of gluconic acid that has been produced. The blood glucose meter then uses an algorithm to work out the blood glucose level based upon the difference in current.

    Some blood glucose test strips allow the reapplication of more blood to the same test strip if needed during the test. The amount of blood required by a test strip can vary between manufacturers. Generally, between 0.5 l to 1 l of blood is required.

    Some test strips, not so commonly used these days, do not require a meter. When blood is placed on the active part of the strip and then wiped off after a specified number of seconds, the reagent will change colour and the result can be obtained by matching the colour of against a colour chart on the side of the pot.

    It is less accurate than using a blood glucose meter but the test strips can often be cheaper.

    Expiration Of The Test Trips

    Relion Prime Test Strips How to Use

    Most of the people often as the question Do the test strips expire? Well, to answer that, test strips will give the desired results as long as the enzymes within the strip are active. However, when you open the bottle of the strip, the same is exposed to the environmental humidity, dust, etc. and the process of the enzyme to degrade begins. However, if you close the bottle tightly after every use, you can safely assume that the strip will last for a long period of time ranging from around 6 months to even the expiration date as mentioned in the bottle of the strip.

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    Can Any Kind Of Glucose Control Solution Be Used

    Control solution for glucose meters is made specific to each brand and type of test strip there is no universal or generic brand. If you are unsure which control solution is designated to work with your glucose monitoring system, check the instructions that came with your meter or test strips or look on the manufacturers website.

    Checking your blood glucose monitoring system using control solution is important anytime you or your doctor believes there could be damage to your meter or test strips, or concerns about the performance of your system. While a control solution test cannot provide insights into the accuracy of your meter, it is a helpful method to determine if your system is working properly. This test can be done in a few simple steps, at home. So, the next time you stock up on diabetes testing supplies, or notice that your control solution is expired, consider adding a box of control solution to your next order.

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    Other Ways To Save Money On Glucose Testing Strips

    Probably the hardest thing about dealing with glucose testing strips is something that most people never think about. But if youre newly diabetic, youll soon learn. Its the cost. And having insurance sometimes doesnt help. Insurance companies are notoriously unhelpful when it comes to providing coverage for this medical necessity. And sometimes, they require diabetics to change strip brands at a moments notice. The market keeps meter costs low, but test strip costs high.


    If a patient changes brands every few months, it costs retailers and insurance less to provide affordable meters than it does to provide affordable test strips. If you are required to change meters, you may find yourself with a ton of test strips for your old meter. You can keep them on hand in case your insurance company switches you back to the old meter. You might also be able to use the remaining strips before starting the new ones. But test strips have expiration dates. Once they go past that date, using them results in inaccurate readings.

    Theres a solution, one that saves money and helps diabetics. Sell your test strips and get cash for doing it.

    Where To Buy Control Solution For A Glucose Meter

    How to Use a Glucometer for Blood Sugar Monitoring?

    Typically, control solution for a glucometer is available from the manufacturer of your meter and test strips, and most private insurance companies or Medicare will cover the cost.

    Check the manufacturers website for details on where to purchase control solution. You can also check with your local pharmacy to see if they have available stock of the control solution that is compatible with your glucose meter. If none is in stock, you can request it to be ordered through your pharmacy.

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    How Accurate Are Glucose Test Strips

    Blood glucose strips have to be approved by the FDA to ensure they meet the right standards. Therefore, they have to perform up to a certain standard and accuracy to be eligible for the market.

    In general, glucose meters and their test strips should generate a result that is within 20% or 20mg/dL of laboratory results. A study done by the Diabetes Technology Society determined that the following glucometers and their corresponding glucose test strips are the most compliant based on consistent accuracy:

    • Bayer Contour Next 100% compliant
    • Roche Accu-Chek Aviva Plus 98% compliant
    • Arkray Walmart ReliOn Confirm 97% compliant
    • Agamatrix CVS Advanced 97% compliant
    • Abbott Freestyle Lite 96% compliant
    • Roche Accu-Chek SmartView 95% compliant

    It is important to mention that any inaccuracy in blood glucose readings may not be the result of faulty test strips. Inaccuracy in glucose test strips can be a result of user error in some cases. For example, not washing your hands when you have residue from food on them can lead to abnormal readings.

    Abnormal readings can be very dangerous. Getting a reading that is much higher than ones actual blood sugar can lead to an overdose of insulin. Too much insulin may potentially lead to hypoglycemia, which is life-threatening if not treated right away.

    How Long Do Blood Glucose Strips Last For

    Blood glucose test strips will usually have a use by date on the strips or box they come in. After opening, blood glucose test strips will typically be good to use for another 3 to 6 months but refer to the box or information leaflet for advice specific to your brand of test strips.

    If you have more than one box of test strips, its a good idea to use the oldest one first, so they dont expire.

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    How To Find Out If Glucose Monitor And Test Strips Are Accurate

    After reading about all the factors that will affect your test result, you may wonder how you can make sure that your glucose monitor and test strips are accurate. It is quite simple. Most glucose monitor comes with a standardized test solution. You can test the accuracy of your glucometer by squeezing a droplet of this solution onto a test strip and putting it into your monitor.

    You would go through the same process as you would with your blood sample. After the monitor takes the reading, you can compare the reading with the amount printed on the solution bottle. If the two numbers match, that means your glucose monitor is functioning properly. You should use the test solution every time you open a new box of test strips to verify the quality and accuracy of the products.

    Choosing A Blood Glucose Monitor

    What Not to Do with your Diabetes Test strips when Testing Your Blood Glucose

    A blood glucose monitor, testing strips, and a lancet to draw the blood are all necessary for testing. Some testing kits offer all three, while others require separate purchases for each piece.

    People with diabetes use many testing strips, and so it may be wise to carefully consider the cost of the testing strips as well as the monitor.

    Some other tips for buying a monitor include:

    • Select one with automatic coding to avoid the need to code in results with every test.
    • Check insurance plans to see if an insurer only covers certain monitors.
    • Look at whether the unit stores previous data.
    • Consider portability, since larger units can be difficult to carry around.
    • Think about blood sample size, particularly for people who do not like pricking themselves.

    Monitors that require a smaller blood sample may be more comfortable as the depth of the lancet can be less.

    Many people with diabetes have no signs of the disease at all. However, the lack of symptoms does not necessarily mean the absence of diabetes.

    When symptoms occur, many of the effects of type 1 and type 2 diabetes are the same since both affect blood sugar regulation in the body. Symptoms include:

    • increased hunger and thirst

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    What Are The Benefits Of Blood Glucose Monitoring

    Regular glucose monitoring is one way people with diabetes can learn more about their condition. When its time to make important decisions about medication dosage, exercise, and diet, knowing your blood glucose levels will help you, your doctor, and the rest of your healthcare team.

    Your doctor will calculate the target range for your blood glucose based on your age, your type of diabetes, your overall health, and other factors. Its important to keep your glucose levels within your target range as best as you can.

    Why Are The Strips So Expensive And Why The Price Discrepancy

    If you think of how many test strips you go through each day, you will understand that these little test strips create a huge business. At the same time, you must wonder why these test strips are so expensive. Just in 2013, Roche United States made $463 million profit on blood glucose products.

    And thats just one manufacturer in the United States. Estimated that the most glucose test strips take no more than 15 cents to produce, the manufacturers seem to acquire 70 to 80% of the profit. Just by looking at the numbers, you may think that the pharmaceutical companies are blood suckers. However, there are few factors to consider.

    The first being how much research is done by the company to perfect the production of these test strips. As explained earlier, every layer of the test strips is crucial to the final outcome of your blood glucose analysis. In order to maintain the accuracy of the test strips, how much blood is allowed to penetrate through the absorbent layer has to be exact. Too much blood may overload the layers and fry the circuit insufficient blood will create a faulty reading. As for the enzyme layer, the exact ratio of each chemical needs to be calculated and formulated to create the most accurate reading yet remain active until its expiration date.

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