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What Is A Smart Insulin Pen

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Smart Insulin Pens Market

InPen Smart Insulin Pen

Prominent smart insulin pens manufacturers rely extensively on a broad spectrum of expansion strategies, including collaborations & partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, new product launches and coalitions with research institutes and healthcare stakeholders to further R& D activities.

Digital Medics Pty Ltd., for instance, offers the SmartPlus Digital Insulin Pen, equipped with the Diabetes IQ App for better diabetes care and control, by helping maintain 195 insulin dosage history with compatible insulin cartridges. In March 2020, the company launched an updated version of the Diabetes IQ App, which includes a new BG pattern recognition system, food database updates and enhanced analytics & reports.

In August 2020, Medtronic Plc. announced its intention to acquire Companion Medical Inc., manufacturer of the InPen. The addition of Companion Medicals InPen to the Medtronic portfolio expands the companys ability to better address diabetic patients needs by simplifying diabetes management and improve outcomes.

In 2019, Sanofi Aventis and Abbott Medical collaborated to integrate glucose sensing and insulin delivery technologies which helps simplify diabetes management. This collaboration is largely aimed at expanding data sharing capacities which would help doctors make better informed treatment decisions around medication, lifestyle and nutrition.

According to FMIs report, the following insulin pens manufacturers currently operate in the global market:

How Is France Generating New Opportunities For Smart Insulin Pens

The French smart insulin pens market is expected to witness notable developments in the future, with the most recent development being the collaboration between BioCorp and Roche Diabetes Care France. Together, both companies launched the Mallya smart insulin pen device in April 2021. Developed by BioCorp, Mallya is an intelligent sensor for insulin injection pens with a CE mark certification.

The French device makers smart sensor connects to most disposable insulin injection pens to collect data about each injection. Mallya automatically transmits the data to Roches Gluci-Chek smartphone app over Bluetooth. The dosage, insulin type, date and time information can then be logged and shared with healthcare providers via the Roche Diabetes Care platform.

The companies announced the collaboration way back in 2020. This collaboration marks yet another milestone in the history of French diabetes treatment. An estimated 6% of the French population is afflicted by diabetes. Fortunately, patients are able to avail good quality treatment amid a 100% coverage by the statutory health insurance. With further investments in store to improve diabetic care, the smart insulin pens market will further expand in the future.

How Attractive Is The Chinese Smart Insulin Pens Market

China represents a highly attractive investment destination for key smart insulin pens manufacturers. Bulk of the Chinese markets growth is determined by the presence of a plethora of regional level manufacturers. This heightened presence is largely attributable to the fact that China has the worlds largest number of diabetics. China is home to over a quarter of the worlds diabetic patients.

The International Diabetes Federation, there are around 425 million adults living with diabetes- with 114 million cases in China alone. More than half of these cases remain undiagnosed. Furthermore, the World Health Organization advocates that there are nearly three times more diabetics today than over three decades back, with the surge being significant across China. Hence, governmental efforts to curb this epidemic have been increasing in the recent years, paving way for high smart insulin pens uptake.

Some prominent regional level manufacturers include HK Zion Industry Co. Ltd. , Melson Medical Corporation Ltd. , Guangzhou Linuo Beauty Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. , Jiangsu Jichun Medical Devices Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Intrag Medical Techs Co. Ltd. among others.

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Inpen Helps Solve Common Mdi Challenges

Missing 2 doses per week can lead to an increase in A1C of up to 0.4%1

2 out of 3 people need help calculating their doses and 60% of doses are stacked2-4

Lack of accurate dosing data is a barrier to optimizing glycemic control5

The use of a bolus calculator is associated with a 0.7-1.0% reduction in A1C6-8

Diabetes And Smart Insulin Pens

Keep Track of Your Insulin Doses! Bluetooth

We live in the era of smart devices. From doorbells to refrigerators to cars, items we use every day now interact with our phones or computers to give us immediate control and information that can make our lives safer and more convenient. For individuals with diabetes, the rise of smart insulin pens as well as continuous glucose monitoring are transforming how they manage their condition. The technology behind these devices not only provides a better insulin delivery experience, it can also do a better job of keeping blood sugar levels in range when used in conjunction with CGM.

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Helps With Calculations And Reduces Numeracy Errors

Research suggests that there is a math challenge when delivering insulin via standard insulin pens. People often make mistakes in calculating insulin doses and counting carbohydrates. This can affect blood sugar control. Smart insulin pens may take away these potential errors by doing the work for the person who has diabetes.

Research also suggests that when people with diabetes get assistance with insulin dose calculations, they see improvements in clinical outcomes , attitudes and behaviors, and satisfaction, and a decrease in glucose variability.

Smart insulin pens may reduce having to think as hard when giving yourself insulin.

Full Visibility Of Patient Data

Advanced bolus tracking and algorithms, along with intuitive reports, tell you and your patients more about their MDI therapy than ever before.

Patients can share their InPen data with you at any time. See when and how much your patients are dosing, and get full visibility into their blood glucose and carb intake. At their next appointment, you can collaborate and identify new ways to help achieve their goals.

Offer available to those with commercial insurance.Terms and conditions apply. Learn more here.

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What Opportunities Abound Across The Indian Smart Insulin Pens Market

India has an estimated 77 million people with diabetes, making it the second most affected country in the world. As of 2019, one in six people in the world with diabetes is from India. According to the International Diabetes Federation, this number is projected to reach 134 million by 2045. Naturally, the scope for enhanced quality treatment is broadening with each passing year.

As per the 2019 National Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy Survey report released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the prevalence was found to be nearly 12% in people over the age of 50. Majority of the cases are of type-2 diabetes. In order to reduce this incidence, the Government of India initiated the National Program for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke in 2010.

Consequently, the scope for diabetes treatment has acquire immense importance, thereby facilitating the entry of key smart insulin pens manufacturers. Some of the insulin pens available include the Hyaluronic Injection Pen , Eglucent Kwickpen , Insulin Degludec Tresiba Flex Touch and Humalog Kwikpen- Insulin Lispro among others.

Is An Insulin Pen Right For Me

*NEW* My 30 Day Review of The InPen [Smart Insulin Pen]

Insulin pens can be beneficial for many people with diabetes, but understandably they may not be suitable for all people with diabetes. Diabetes treatment plans should always be individualized and take multiple variables into consideration, including a person’s health literacy, financial situation, access to supplies, lifestyle, willingness, and desire of use.

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What Is A Smart Insulin Pen

The new generation of connected insulin delivery devices may help simplify your routine.

A smart insulin pen is a reusable injector pen with an intuitive smartphone app that can help people with diabetes better manage insulin delivery. This smart system calculates and tracks doses and provides helpful reminders, alerts, and reports. They can come in the form of an add-on to your current insulin pen or a reusable form which uses prefilled cartridges instead of vials or disposable pens.

Smart insulin pens are a rapidly growing market. Why? Because they are typically more affordable, easy to use, and offer many benefits and improvements for people who depend upon insulin to manage their diabetes.

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    What To Expect With Smart Insulin Pens

    Smart insulin pens may have limited compatibility. Make sure to confirm which brands of insulin will work with your pen. Note: some pens may be compatible with multiple brands, but may not be interchangeable, i.e. a pen using brand A may not be able to switch to a brand B cartridge.

    Smart insulin pens can deliver from 0.5 to 30 units per dose in 0.5-unit increments.

    Types Of Insulin Pens

    InPen Smart Insulin Pen

    Insulin pens are prescribed to people with diabetes who take long-acting insulin or multiple daily insulin injections of shorter-acting insulin. There are many types of insulin pens. Some contain different features, while others are allocated for specific insulin types.

    Insulin pens vary in price, type of insulin, and dosing. Your insurance may have a specific insulin pen that they have on their formulary .

    Some pens are able to deliver half-unit increments, while others deliver insulin in one- or two-unit increments. The lower-dosing pens are often suitable for children with type 1 diabetes who receive smaller doses of insulin. Certain pens can deliver larger doses of insulin in one injection.

    Insulin pens can be disposable or reusable.

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    Increases Insulin Adherence And Improves Blood Glucose Control

    Taking multiple injections every day can be cumbersome for some people with diabetes. Research shows that insulin pens are more accurate and easier to use than a vial and syringes, and they often yield greater satisfaction and less injection site pain.

    Diabetes self-management is also very involved, which can make it difficult to control. People who use insulin need to figure out how much insulin they need to take, when to take it, how to calculate their carbohydrates, and how much insulin is left in their system before taking their next injection. This can be hard to juggle.

    Smart pens record insulin doses , calculate doses, and prevent insulin stacking, which can result in hypoglycemia . In a 2020 study, researchers found that using a connected pen decreased missed boluses and improved bolus timing.

    Are Opportunities Aplenty Across Homecare Insulin Delivery

    With the bulk of the global diabetes incidence concentrated amongst the geriatric population pool, smart insulin pens for homecare insulin delivery is anticipated to acquire massive traction in forthcoming years. The use of insulin pens at home helps reduce hospital visits, thus saving patients a lot of time and finances. Furthermore, the highly portable nature of smart insulin pens renders it the primary choice for home grade insulin administration.

    Homecare diabetes treatment, while in prominence since a long time, has especially acquired importance in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic crisis. The highly contagious and fatal nature of this diseases has compelled patients to reduce the number of hospital visits, compelling them to opt for home grade treatment. With a few countries experiencing a second wave, home grade insulin delivery is become all the more important.

    Also, the simplistic nature of smart insulin pens, with regards to ease of access to key applications monitoring dosage administration and food intake, their relatively simple user interface and ease of availability are also largely expected to widen future growth opportunities.

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    Inpen By Companion Medical

    Launching the first Bluetooth-enabled insulin pen on the market just last year, Companion Medical is on the cutting edge. When combined with a health management app on a smartphone, this smart pen:

    • Keeps track of dosing information for up to a year
    • Makes dosage recommendations
    • Displays real time information about active IOB
    • Keeps track of expired insulin or storage outside of temperature range
    • Reminds user of next dosage time with remote monitoring
    • Works with Humalog and Novolog insulin cartridges
    • Is currently only available with a prescription

    Key Challenges Impacting Smart Insulin Pens Market Growth

    InPen (Smart Insulin Pen) Review!!

    High costs associated with smart insulin pens and other diabetes treatment approaches poses a significant detriment to their adoption, particularly across low and middle income countries. These regions have a relatively inferior healthcare infrastructure as they may lack the adequate resources to support robust research and development activities. Fortunately, government campaigns are helping alleviate this shortcoming.

    Secondly, these products are subject to intense scrutiny by appropriate regulatory authorities, amid the fact that these are potential life-saving approaches. As a result, governments want to ensure that the product which is available in the market is absolutely beyond suspicion or doubt. This is often a very lengthy procedure, often taking a lot of time, which delays the availability of new therapeutic approaches.

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    Smart Insulin Pens Gain Ground In The Insulin Delivery Market

    Medtronic has presented clinical data for its new smart insulin pen with integrated continuous glucose monitor.

    ByGlobalData Healthcare

    Medtronic presented promising clinical data for its InPen, a smart insulin pen, at the virtual 81st annual American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions. By integrating the InPen with a continuous glucose monitor , patients with diabetes, especially non-pumpers, can better control blood sugar levels and reduce instances of hypoglycemia with data-driven diabetes management.

    The InPen is a reusable smart pen system that tracks active insulin while delivering short-acting insulins. The insulin dose data are transferred wirelessly from the device to a smartphone app that can also receive data from a CGM. By comparing glycemic outcomes for 1,736 individuals before and after using the InPen for 90 days with a CGM, the study researchers found a 2.3% increase in Time in Range for people whose glucose management indicator was more than 8% and a 5% increase in TIR for people whose GMI was more than 9.5%. Participants did not experience hypoglycemia during the study period. Additionally, using InPen improved insulin dosing decisions for those in the study. The participants had fewer total doses per day with simultaneously improved glycemic control. The latest real-world data by Medtronic is expected to increase awareness of the device for both patients and diabetes care providers.


    Why Are Bluetooth Connected Smart Insulin Pens Grabbing Eyeballs

    The device exhibits tremendous potential, as until now, only one product has been approved by the US Food & Drug Administration- that of Companion Medicals Bluetooth-enabled InPen. It is a reusable pen that works with short-acting insulin cartridges which can be dosed in half units. Numerous companies, such as Bigfoot Unity and Eli Lily are currently working to launch their own versions of smart insulin pens, widening growth prospects.

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    Why Do People Prefer Insulin Pens

    There are currently four ways to get insulin into your body:

    • Vial and syringe

    • Insulin pump

    • Insulin inhaler

    The majority of people using insulin in the U.S. use a vial and syringe to administer their doses. However, drawing up insulin from a vial can be difficult and requires several steps. Its very important to carefully measure how much insulin to inject and ensure no air bubbles are present in the syringe. This can be especially difficult for those with mobility or vision issues.

    Insulin pens can be easier for people to use, as you only need to attach a needle to the insulin pen and choose how many units of insulin to inject using a dial knob on the end of the injector. Many people prefer pen injectors, as they require less set-up and are simpler to take with you when youre on the go.

    Despite insulin pens being simpler to use compared to a vial and syringe, people with diabetes can still run into problems with them. Knowing how much insulin to give yourself for a dose can be an issue regardless of how you are taking insulin.

    New advances in technology such as smart insulin pens are hoping to help relieve some of this burden and make it easier for people to appropriately and safely use insulin.

    What Is An Insulin Sensitivity Factor


    Insulin sensitivity factor is best thought of as the drop in glucose level that your child can expect from 1 unit of insulin, and is used together with the blood glucose target to determine how much extra insulin to take at mealtime to bring high glucose readings back down to target.

    Example:Imaginary settings for a child:ICR: 1:10 Target glucose: 150 mg/dL

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    Smart Sensors And Attachments For Insulin Pens

    YpsoMeds YpsoMate SmartPilot is a reusable attachment to the proprietary YpsoMate pen, designed for an easy two-step injection process. The device has a sensor and memory that connects with an app to display injection timing and doses. The sleeve is intended for a single use and is disposal. The emphasis with this product is on injection process the pen can provide audio and visual feedback to users. The app can also remind users when it is time to inject. When data are shared with an HCP, adherence and injection technique can be assessedspecifically any errors in the handling or administering of the insulin .

    The features of available smart caps and insulin pen attachments are summarized in and .

    The GoCap, by Common Sensing, is a device that replaces the caps of Solostar , KwikPen , and FlexPen insulin pens. The Joslin Diabetes Center is conducting a clinical trial in which the app platform and GoCap devices are provided to a sample of patients using these pens. The primary outcome measure is missed insulin doses .

    The cap needs to be paired via Bluetooth to the mobile app. The app not only displays the type and time of insulin administration, but also allows users to enter blood glucose levels and meals. Alerts let users know when their next injection should be and whether there are any temperature fluctuations. The information provided can be shared by entering an e-mail address on the app .

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