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Low Carb Frozen Meals For Diabetics

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Easy Diabetic Meals & Recipes That Wont Raise Blood Sugar!

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Gone are the days of bland TV dinners that don’t have a vegetable in sight. Today, the frozen section is a great place to look for quick and easy options that you can keep on hand for when youre not in the mood to cook or when youre short on time.

Abigail Taft, MS, RD, LD says, “One of the easiest ways to keep your kitchen stocked with a variety of ingredients to make simple, easy, and nutritious meals is to take advantage of the frozen aisle. Freezing retains the nutrition content of many foods and is one of the most underrated, convenient, and cost-effective ways to supply your kitchen with plenty of meal options.”

If you shop smartly, you can find some great dinnertime staples in the freezer aisle. When choosing a frozen meal, look for products with a balance of complex carbohydrates , protein, and healthy fats. Also, look for meals that contain simple ingredients, like vegetables, grains, beans, chicken, turkey, shrimp, and tofu.

Here, the best frozen dinners that are both tasty and nutritious.

  • Balanced macronutrients, some certified Organic ingredients

  • Gluten-free

  • Higher in sodium and saturated fat

  • Smaller portion not suitable as a meal on its own

Best Paleo Meal Delivery Options

The paleo diet promotes whole, nutrient-dense foods like veggies, fruit, proteins, and healthy fats while eliminating grains, dairy, and added sugar.

Some research suggests that this eating pattern may aid weight loss and improve some metabolic markers. That said, the studies were small, and more long-term research is needed (

How Many Carbs Should You Eat

This is an important place to start, as well as a touchy subject for some. At the end of the day it really comes down to what feels sustainable and appropriate for you.

For the average American, eating under 100 grams of carbohydrates per day is a dramatic low carb effort. For people with T1D, its become more complex. The rules of thumb are now roughly as follows:

  • Moderate, lower carb: under 100 grams of net carbohydrates per day
  • Low carb: under 50 grams of net carbohydrates per day
  • Ketogenic/Bernstein diet: under 20 grams of carbohydrate per day

Note that the term net carbohydrates refers to subtracting dietary fiber from the total carbohydrate quantity to determine the carbohydrates that will affect blood sugar.

For the sake of this article, were focused on achieving lower or low carb eating by avoiding starchy vegetables and grains at dinner, but still sometimes including some higher carb whole food vegetables, like carrots.

Personally, Ive followed strict low carb and lower carb diets throughout my 21 years of living with T1D. Ive come to conclude a few personal beliefs about what a healthy diet with T1D looks like to me:

  • Eat mostly real food.
  • The end.
  • All sarcasm aside, my only nutrition requirement today is that 80 to 90 percent of my diet every day consist of whole, real food ingredients.

    I eat fruit daily. I eat dessert almost daily. I eat vegetables three meals a day. I save my more processed or starchy carbohydrate choices for dessert indulgences.

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    Choosing Frozen Meals For Diabetes Wisely

    How do you pick a healthful frozen dinner? With so many options to choose from, you may feel like youll be staring at the frozen food case for hours. Use the following tips as a guide:

    Choose frozen dinners that contain between 300 and 500 calories. Any less than that and youll likely end up hungry an hour or two later, plus you may not get enough of certain nutrients.

    Choose meals with no more than about 30% of calories from fat .

    Aim for a meal that has no more than 2 grams of saturated fat and 0 grams of trans fat.

    The frozen meal should have at least 15 grams of protein.

    Remember to consider the total carbohydrate grams. Pasta- and rice-based meals will be higher in carbohydrate than meals featuring poultry, fish, or meat. Keep in mind your carbohydrate goal for your meal and remember to figure in any other foods you might eat at that meal, such as fruit, bread, or milk.

    Watch the sodium. You cant avoid it, but some frozen meals are loaded with sodium. Try to keep it to no more than 600 milligrams per meal.

    Look for fiber. Choose frozen dinners with more than 2 grams of fiber per meal.

    Avoid or limit the Hungry Man types of dinners and choices like frozen pot pies, breaded fish, or extra-cheese pizza.

    Most frozen dinners dont provide enough vegetables and really dont give you all of the nutrients that you need. Round out your dinner by adding a salad or extra vegetables and a piece of fruit.

    Best For Weight Loss: Nutrisystem D

    Best Frozen Meals for Diabetes

    Nutrisystem D – Diabetes Plan

    Why We Chose It: Designed to help people lose weight, Nutrisystem-D is a diabetes-friendly plan that offers all the same benefits as the standard Nutrisystem plan.

    • Designed for diabetes and weight loss

    • Many testimonials online

    • Includes 6 meals and snacks

    • Money-back guarantee

    • Small meals

    • People often gain the weight back after stopping meal deliveries

    • Foods are bland and basic

    Nutrisystem is a popular option if youre looking for a meal delivery service to assist with weight loss, and now it has a diabetes-specific option.

    With Nutrisystem-D, you’ll get six meals and snacks totaling between 1,200 and 1,500 calories per day. The service has more than 150 meals to choose from white cheddar mac and cheese, chicken paella, and double chocolate muffins. Even better? You can also add shakes to support your weight loss goals.

    There are three plans to choose from: Basic , which includes ready-to-go meals and snacks Uniquely Yours , which comes with more menu variety and top-rated frozen dishes and snacks and Uniquely Yours Ultimate , which has every day covered with the most meal variety.

    You must order an entire month of meals but will benefit from additional savings in doing so. The plans occasionally go on sale and the monthly commitment may help you stay on track with your healthy eating goals for an extended period of time.

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    How To Make Low Carb Chicken Philly Cheesesteak:

    It all begins with thinly sliced chicken breasts. I sliced my chicken partially frozen which helps tremendously with getting the super thin slices I wanted. If your chicken is fresh or thawed, simply place it back in the freezer for 15-20 minutes to get it to a semi-frozen state.

    Thinly sliced chicken breast strips waiting patiently to become cheesesteak magic…

    Next, I added my seasonings to the raw sliced chicken and made sure all pieces were coated. I let this sit a few minutes while I warmed up a little olive oil in my skillet.

    When your olive oil is heated, add the chicken slices and spread them out. I used a large skillet here and it allowed enough room for 2 large chicken breasts.

    As the chicken browns, continue spreading the pieces out and turning them so each side is nicely browned. For this part, you want to keep the heat at a level that keeps the chicken lightly browning- I used medium and adjusted slightly up and down from there.

    Spread the chicken slices out and turn to get all sides brown.

    After your chicken has browned, remove it from the skillet and add back more olive oil. It won’t take long for the oil to heat, so go ahead and get those veggies in and stir until soft. Add the chicken back to the skillet with the peppers and onions and stir to combine.

    Chicken, peppers and onions together waiting for a blanket of cheese…

    Keep Carbs Low And Consistent Across Meals

    With diabetes, its not just how many carbs you consume per day that matters your carb intake at each meal is important because it can affect your blood sugar for several hours. It may be best to aim for roughly the same amount of net carbs at each meal instead of eating most of your carbs at one sitting.31

    Remember that testing your blood sugar will confirm whether your blood sugar remains within the normal, healthy range.

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    How To Choose The Best Diabetes

    There are many factors to consider when choosing a diabetes-friendly meal delivery service, including:

    • Nutritional value. Meals should be low in refined carbs and added sugar, plus high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats to support healthy blood sugar levels.
    • Time commitment. If you like to cook, you may prefer a meal kit delivery service, which provides preportioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes. On the other hand, if youre short on time, look for a company that delivers fully prepared meals.
    • Household needs. Some companies offer meals that feed one person, which is a better choice for people who live alone or are looking for easy lunches. Other services offer meals that feed multiple people, which tend to suit couples or families.
    • Dietary needs. If you follow a specific diet or have any allergies or specific food preferences, its important to find a meal delivery service that caters to your needs.
    • Budget. The cost of meal delivery services can vary quite a bit, so be sure to consider your budget when finding a service that works for you.

    The meal delivery companies on this list were selected based on the following criteria:

    A Note On Price And Online Purchasing

    Keto/Low Carb Grocery Haulð¥PLUS Diabetic Friendly

    Buying frozen items online

    Some vendors offer frozen meals for purchase online. This can be a convenient option as long as safe and timely delivery is guaranteed. Online ordering may not be available in all areas, so you may have to look for products locally.


    General price ranges are indicated below with dollar signs . One dollar sign means the product is rather affordable, whereas three dollar signs indicate a higher cost.

    Generally, prices range from $0.21$1.81 per ounce , or $2.50$84.27 per package, though this may vary depending on where you shop.

    Pricing guide

    • $ = under $0.50 per ounce
    • $$ = $0.50$1.00 per ounce
    • $$$ = over $1.00 per ounce

    This paleo frozen meal features cage-free chicken and vegetables in a light pesto sauce.

    Notably, it also works with the Whole30 diet.

    For reference, the paleo diet is free of grains, legumes, and dairy, consisting instead of unprocessed meats, fruits, and vegetables. Whole30, which is similar to paleo, provides a strict 30-day program to identify food sensitivities .

    While these diets are often low in carbs, they tend to be higher in carbs than keto.

    Primal Kitchen also offers other low carb meals, but the Chicken Pesto Bowl is the only dish thats under 10 grams of net carbs per serving.

    • Net carbs: 5 grams per 10-ounce serving
    • Price: $$

    Performance Kitchen provides a variety of other options in its Keto/Carb-Wise lineup.

    • Net carbs: 7 grams per 12-ounce serving
    • Price: $$

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    Taco Soup Freezer Meal

    Soup freezes really well, and its a total breeze to prepare on cooking day, as it usually just involves dumping the entire contents of the bag into a pot and letting it simmer. If you prepare this meal and our steak fajitas on the same day, you can freeze the toppings for both, cutting down on waste.

    Are There Frozen Dinners For Diabetics

    Diabetics have very ‘individualized’ dietary needs. That is to say, something that I eat without upsetting my blood glucose levels might affect you quite differently. Of course some foods are generally better choices than others, but to construct a frozen dinner suitable for mass consumption by every diabetic would be pretty much impossible. Also, the processing of frozen foods requires preservatives and other elements which diabetics should shy away from as much as possible. I don’t think I’ve ever seen frozen dinners specifically marketed to/targeted at diabetics, but generally they try to avoid excessive carbs and sugars. A product like this might appeal to them. Even the most dedicated healthy cook has to improvise when their schedule is full. Think that frozen meals are totally off-limits? They dont have to be if you make the right choices. The frozen food industry has come a long way with these convenience items, with many manufacturers offering more balanced and healthier options. Of course, we still recommend cooking with fresh foods as often as possible. But for days when time is short and energy is low, frozen entres can pick up the slack.Read A Guide to Frozen Meals for more info.Continue reading > >

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    Lean Cuisine Steak Portabella

    This Lean Cuisine meal is made with steak and portabella mushrooms in a beef sauce and paired with broccoli.

    This product contains some additives like colorants and natural flavors, but its free of artificial ingredients. Its also available at most grocery stores.

    • Net carbs: 7 grams per 8-ounce serving
    • Price: $$

    Atkins offers several widely available keto-friendly frozen meals. Although theyre not made with the highest quality ingredients, theyre free of artificial additives.

    This product features pulled pork, bell peppers, and onions in green salsa with Monterey Jack cheese.

    • Net carbs: 8 grams per 9-ounce serving
    • Price: $

    Delicious And Diabetic Friendly Delivered To Your Door

    Summer Diabetes

    At, we believe everyone should have access to delicious and nutritious food. We work hard to create diabetic-friendly meal plans that are full of flavor, easy to prepare, and that fit any special dietary requirements. When ordering meals from, you’re guaranteed:

    • Affordability

    We offer meal delivery plans to fit any budget. Choose 1, 2 or 3 meals per day, with meals costing about $12-$15 on average. Meal packages available, or order as many or few as you’d like

    • Nutritious Eating

    Our home-cooked meals have been carefully designed to fit the diabetic diet: Moderate carbohydrate, low sodium, balanced portions, and all complete meals feature an entrée and 1-2 side dishes.

    • Homemade Quality

    We take quality seriously. All of our meals are prepped in small batches, before being flash frozen, cooler-packed and shipped to you.

    • Freshness

    Our meals are flash frozen to lock in natural flavors and freshness. Drop them in your freezer when they arrive, and enjoy a tasty, home-cooked meal anytime.

    • A Variety of Options

    We offer menu options for every discerning diner: Mexican, American, Italian, French, Asian. Choose your favorite dishes.

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    Best Diabetic Meal Delivery Services Of 2022

    Why We Chose It: We like that the BistroMD meals are designed by a dietitian to help you manage your diabetes through proper nutrition.

    • Programs created by Registered Dietitians

    • Dietitian consultation included

    • Lots of packaging waste

    • Small portions

    Bistro MD is a weight loss meal delivery service that offers tasty and well-balanced meals for those with diabetes.

    Each week you can choose from more than 150 chef-prepared meals that are ready in five minutes or less. Meals can be heated over the stovetop or microwaved for a fast and easy option. And, there are many breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to help you customize your plan: Choose from items like an Italian Style Omelet, Salmon with Dill Mustard Sauce, or Nature’s Sunshine Granola.

    Meal plans are designed by a Registered Dietitian, so you can ask questions or set up a consultation at any time. The total calories for each day are fairly low, and depending on your goals, may require you to supplement with healthy snacks. If you’re looking to expand upon diabetic-friendly meals, the service also offers heart-healthy or ketogenic plans.

    A Guide To Healthy Low Carb Eating With Diabetes

    Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects many people across the globe.

    Currently, more than 400 million people have diabetes worldwide .

    Although diabetes is a complicated disease, maintaining good blood sugar levels can greatly reduce the risk of complications .

    One of the ways to achieve better blood sugar levels is to follow a low carb diet.

    This article provides a detailed overview of very low carb diets for managing diabetes.

    With diabetes, the body cant effectively process carbohydrates.

    Normally, when you eat carbs, theyre broken down into small units of glucose, which end up as blood sugar.

    When blood sugar levels go up, the pancreas responds by producing the hormone insulin. This hormone allows blood sugar to enter cells.

    In people without diabetes, blood sugar levels remain within a narrow range throughout the day. For those who have diabetes, however, this system doesnt work in the same way.

    This is a big problem, because having both too high and too low blood sugar levels can cause severe harm.

    There are several types of diabetes, but the two most common ones are type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Both of these conditions can occur at any age.

    In type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune process destroys the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. People with diabetes take insulin several times a day to ensure that glucose gets into the cells and stays at a healthy level in the bloodstream .

    12 ).

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    Best Vegetarian: Eatingwell Vermont Cheddar Mac & Cheese

    • Contains 17 grams of vegetarian protein

    • Good source of fiber & calcium

    • Higher in saturated fat and sodium

    Amplify the nutrition of your vegetarian mac and cheese by choosing Eating Wells Vermont Cheddar Mac and Cheese. Note that the first ingredient in this frozen dish is broccoli, which provides 10% of your daily iron needs.

    Each package contains 17 grams of vegetarian protein with no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. Eating Well uses whole-grain pasta to boost fiber, protein, and overall nutrition including key vitamins and minerals. With 348 milligrams of calcium from real cheddar and mozzarella cheese , this creamy dish boosts bone health with each bite.

    Serving size: 1 package | Calories per serving: 330 | Fiber per serving: 5 grams | Sodium per serving: 670 milligrams | Protein per serving: 17 grams | Sugar per serving: 4 grams

    • Higher in saturated fat

    Luvo Performance Kitchen offers delicious whole-grain, gluten-free, and non-GMO vegan dishes with tons of plant-based protein and fiber. Each convenient bowl can be ready in 5 minutes and offers 10 grams of plant-based protein as well as one serving of vegetables and 9 grams of fiber.

    Serving size: 1 bowl | Calories per serving: 330 | Fiber per serving: 9 grams | Sodium per serving: 390 milligrams | Protein per serving: 10 grams | Sugar per serving: 5 grams

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