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Low Blood Sugar Pregnancy Symptoms

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Preventing and Managing Hypoglycemia ( Low Blood Sugar)

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What Is Hypoglycemia In Newborns How To Treat

Babies can also develop hypoglycemia shortly after birth.

In the first few hours after birth, it may happen that the newborns blood sugar is low as the baby is separated from the supply of glucose which the baby was receiving from the placenta. However, few newborns whose mothers had diabetes during pregnancy may be unable to cope with low blood sugar. And so hypoglycemia can occur in newborns, which can be treated quickly in most cases.

A blood test will be done to find out the newborns sugar levels. Frequent feedings should be given to the newborn if the baby is hypoglycemic. Breastfeeding as soon as possible after delivery is the best way to treat hypoglycemia in newborns. Take your pediatricians help for further care and treatment of your newborn.


It is very important to know about low blood sugar condition that can happen during pregnancy so as to take care of yourself as well as others who happen to have low blood sugar.

Know the symptoms to stop hypoglycemia from worsening by treating it at the right time.

Stick to proper diet and exercise to prevent hypoglycemia. If you are diabetic understand that your chances of getting hypoglycemia is high and so always carry sugary snacks or your doctor prescribed glucagon kit with you.

Low blood sugar during pregnancy is nothing to worry about if treated properly.

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Nighttime Low Blood Sugar

While low blood sugar can happen at any time during the day, some people may experience low blood sugar while they sleep. Reasons this may happen include:

  • Having an active day.
  • Being physically active close to bedtime.
  • Taking too much insulin.
  • Drinking alcohol at night.

Eating regular meals and not skipping them can help you avoid nighttime low blood sugar. Eating when you drink alcohol can also help. If you think youre at risk for low blood sugar overnight, have a snack before bed.

You may wake up when you have low blood sugar, but you shouldnt rely on that. A continuous glucose monitor can alert you with an alarm if your blood sugar gets low while youre sleeping.

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What Is Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy. The American Diabetes Association found that most women develop this condition around the 24th week of their pregnancy.

Fortunately, it is not a usually a long-term diagnosis nor does it signify the presence of diabetes prior to pregnancy, making it easy to treat and manage symptoms.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that up to 10 percent of pregnant women develop gestational diabetes at some point.

While not very common, you should know the signs and symptoms in order to treat it effectively and avoid serious complications.

Blood sugar levels during pregnancy may fluctuate between high and low, making it difficult to diagnose gestational diabetes at first.

If you are only experiencing one or the other, you may not have the condition. To be safe, make an appointment with your primary care physician in order to get checked.

To learn more about gestational diabetes and how it can affect you and your babys well being, check out this video from the American Diabetes Association.

The Dl On Diabetes And Hypoglycemia

Blood Sugar Symptoms: Lower blood sugar during pregnancy

Having type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes increases your chances of hypoglycemia, compared to someone who is pregnant but not diabetic. This is because your already fluctuating insulin levels have a new factor to deal with: pregnancy hormones.

Even if you arent taking medication for your diabetes, you may still experience hypoglycemic episodes. For this reason, you should eat a balanced diet and carefully monitor your blood sugar throughout your pregnancy.

Signs of hypoglycemia during pregnancy are similar to what a non-pregnant person with low blood sugar may experience . Symptoms may include:

  • tingling around the mouth

Once your blood sugar rises, these conditions typically disappear. The symptoms of severe hypoglycemia can be even more serious if left untreated. It can cause seizures, convulsions, or even loss of consciousness.

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What Affects Your Results

If you have certain conditions, like anemia or gout, or if it’s hot or humid or you’re at a high altitude, that can affect your blood sugar levels.

If you keep seeing unusual results, recalibrate your meter and check the test strips.

The chart below gives you an idea of where your blood sugar level should be throughout the day. Your ideal blood sugar range may be different from another person’s and will change throughout the day.

Time of Test

What Causes Low Blood Sugar Levels

Low blood sugar can happen as a result of many different things. Most commonly, it is caused by not eating enough calories throughout the day to support your bodys activity levels and needs.

If you are currently taking insulin shots, this can also affect your bodys ability to maintain optimal blood sugar levels.

According to Healthline, a blood sugar reading that is less than 60 milligrams per deciliter is considered to signal hypoglycemia.

This condition is most commonly associated with women who had been diagnosed with diabetes prior to conceiving.

While the exact cause of hypoglycemia during pregnancy is still unknown, many healthcare professionals agree that it has to do with changes in the way your body processes sugar. This can result from increased hormone production and new nutritional needs.

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What Is Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Gestational diabetes mellitus is a condition in which a hormone made by the placenta prevents the body from using insulin effectively. Glucose builds up in the blood instead of being absorbed by the cells.

Unlike type 1 diabetes, gestational diabetes is not caused by a lack of insulin, but by other hormones produced during pregnancy that can make insulin less effective, a condition referred to as insulin resistance. Gestational diabetic symptoms disappear following delivery.

Approximately 3 to 8 percent of all pregnant women in the United States are diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

How To Lower Your Blood Sugar During Pregnancy

Hypoglycemia During Pregnancy | 30 Weeks Pregnant

HomeHow To Lower Your Blood Sugar During Pregnancy

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  • What Spices Control Blood Sugar?
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    Effect Of Hypoglycemia On Mother And Child

    Severe cases of hypoglycemia may require hospitalization. The blood sugar level can drop to 300 micrograms per ml thus causing seizures and in extreme cases the mother can go into a coma.

    Low blood sugar during pregnancy can affect the development of the foetus during pregnancy. The infant so born

    can have hypoglycemia episodes from birth. The child can also have mental or physical abnormalities.Careful and regular monitoring of blood sugar levels can decrease the risk of Hypoglycemia, thus reducing the risk of complications in mother and the baby.

    What Is The Treatment For Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

    Specific treatment for gestational diabetes will be determined by your doctor based on:

    • Your age, overall health, and medical history

    • Extent of the disease

    • Your tolerance for specific medications, procedures, or therapies

    • Expectations for the course of the disease

    • Your opinion or preference

    Treatment for gestational diabetes focuses on keeping blood glucose levels in the normal range. Treatment may include:

    • Insulin injections

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    How To Manage Low Blood Sugar Levels

    If you believe that you are experiencing low blood sugar levels during pregnancy, one of the most critical steps you can take is to examine your current eating habits and make appropriate changes.

    Traci C. Johnson, MD from WebMD, recommends that pregnant women consume at least 300 more calories per day.

    However, the quality of your diet directly impacts you and your babys nutrition. Your calories should primarily come from healthy, whole food sources such as fruit, vegetables, and grain in addition to nuts and lean meats.

    Avoid consuming processed as much as possible which offer little nutritional value.

    Whether you are a frequent snacker or prefer to stick with three meals per day, you should consider eating more frequent and smaller meals to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

    This technique ensures that your body is continuously fueled and can help you avoid unwanted symptoms.

    Most dietitians recommend shooting for at least six mini meals and spreading them out every three hours for the best results.

    Each meal should be compromised of a source of protein, carbohydrates, and fresh vegetables or fruit.

    Example meals include the following:

    • Turkey sandwich with plenty of vegetable toppings on whole grain bread
    • Chicken wrap with lettuce and tomato
    • Whole grain pasta in tomato sauce with a side salad
    • Oatmeal topped with fresh fruit and nuts
    • Baked fish with a side of steamed vegetables

    These meal ideas are perfectly balanced and will ensure proper vitamin and nutrient intake.

    Why Arent Diabetes Drugs Covered By Insurance

    Gestational Diabetes

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    Related Conditions And Causes Of Gestational Diabetes

    Many people may not realize that type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes are different kinds of diabetes.

    As previously mentioned, gestational diabetes is caused by the effects of placental hormones and develops only in pregnant women who didn’t have diabetes before becoming pregnant.

    Type 1 Diabetes is when the pancreas doesnt produce insulin or makes very little insulin. It is believed to be caused by an immune reaction and cant yet be prevented. Type 1 diabetes occurs most often in children, teens, and young adults and often starts quickly and has severe symptoms. People with type 1 diabetes need to use insulin daily.

    Type 2 Diabetes comes on gradually, developing over many years. It can be prevented or delayed with lifestyle changes, such as maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, and eating a healthy diet. Type 2 diabetes mainly occurs in older adults, although kids, teenagers, and younger adults can develop it, as well.


    Conditions that may increase the risk of gestational diabetes include obesity and PCOS.

    ObesityPolycystic ovary syndrome Postpartum Depression Depression and Anxiety

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    Treating Mild To Moderate Hypos

    It is important to treat hypos quickly. Have some easily absorbed carbohydrate, for example:

    • glucose tablets equivalent to 15 grams of carbohydrate OR
    • 67 regular jellybeans OR
    • ½ a can of regular soft drink OR
    • 3 teaspoons of sugar or honey OR
    • ½ a glass of fruit juice.

    If possible, re-check your blood glucose levels to make sure they have risen above 4mmol/L. It may take 1015 minutes for this to happen.If symptoms persist, or if your blood glucose level is still below 4 mmol/L, repeat the treatment.

    If your next meal is more than 20 minutes away, you will need to have some extra carbohydrate food such as a piece of fruit, a glass of milk or a tub of yoghurt.

    Frequent blood glucose monitoring can help you reduce the risk of hypos. You also need to remember to check that your blood glucose levels are above 5mmol/L before driving. For more information, refer to the Diabetes and driving booklet.

    Very occasionally, women taking insulin may experience severe hypos. A severe hypo is when you cant treat a hypo yourself and you need help from someone else. Severe hypos rarely occur in type 2 diabetes, however its important for your partner, family and friends to know about hypo symptoms and treatment. Your diabetes in pregnancy team can help with more information about hypos.

    What Is Low Blood Sugar Or Hypoglycemia During Pregnancy

    Blood Glucose Levels During Pregnancy: How low is too low?

    Our body requires energy to function. The food we eat is converted to glucose, which is a type of sugar. This glucose that enters the bloodstream is converted into energy by a hormone called Insulin. The cells in our body use this energy to function.

    Sometimes, it happens that there is not enough sugar available in the blood to be processed by the insulin hormone present in the body. When there is a scarcity of blood sugar, insulin cant convert it to energy. Now when our cells are not getting enough energy to function properly, it can lead to complications. This condition in which blood sugar level is lower than normal for the body to function properly is called hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

    Normal blood sugar range while fasting is between 70-100mg/dl for pregnant women. So a blood sugar level below 70mg/dl is considered low blood sugar during pregnancy.

    How common is Hypoglycemia?

    Hypoglycemia is more common in pregnant women and hence should not be ignored. At any time, a pregnant woman may experience low blood sugar, which has to be treated right away.

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    What Are The Risks Factors Associated With Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

    Although any woman can develop GDM during pregnancy, some of the factors that may increase the risk include the following:

    • Overweight or obesity

    • Family history of diabetes

    • Having given birth previously to an infant weighing greater than 9 pounds

    • Prediabetes, also known as impaired glucose tolerance

    Although increased glucose in the urine is often included in the list of risk factors, it is not believed to be a reliable indicator for GDM.

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