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Mens Diabetic Slip On Shoes

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Diabetic Shoes For Men

Spenco Orthotic Mens Slip-On Shoes – Fiesta Cozy on QVC

When it comes to footwear style, men don’t have to be left out when shopping for diabetic shoes. HealthyFeetStore.com offers a wide array of diabetic shoes for men to complement their active lifestyles. Men who are dealing with diabetic neuropathy, poor circulation or nerve damage need footwear that helps them protect their sensitive feet against wounds. An ill-fitting shoe can lead to an ulcer that can develop under the foot in just a few hours. The proper orthopedic diabetic footwear can prevent complications, which can include ulcers, calluses and strain. These can ultimately lead to amputation.

When it comes to footwear style, men don’t have to be left out when shopping for diabetic shoes. HealthyFeetStore.com offers a wide array of diabetic shoes for men to complement their active lifestyles. Men who are dealing with diabetic neuropathy, poor circulation or nerve damage need footwear that helps them protect their sensitive feet against wounds. An ill-fitting shoe can lead to an ulcer that can develop under the foot in just a few hours. The proper orthopedic diabetic footwear can prevent complications, which can include ulcers, calluses and strain. These can ultimately lead to amputation.

Do All People With Diabetes Need These Shoes

The answer is a resounding no here, but that doesnt mean that you can just regard the question entirely. If a doctor has suggested diabetic shoes, then you would be foolish to ignore that call, of course, but if you have not received that bit of knowledge you might not know how to figure out the answer.

In general, people that have their diabetes under control shouldnt have to wear them, because they are in better shape. Most commonly this would be younger people, and those that have never had a lot of health problems in general. General health plays a big role in this. Also, if youve never had foot problems, then youre probably going to be just fine to continue to wear normal footwear.

Of course, you might want to read on and look at some of the things well discuss later, because you might want to make sure that you are giving yourself the knowledge and necessary tools to remain healthy while you keep wearing normal shoes going forward.

Propt Mens Stability Walker Sneaker

If you are in the market for a comfortable pair of walking shoes, the Propét Stability Walker Sneaker deserve to be in your shortlist. These shoes come with padded collars and linings and perforations to keep the sweat away from your feet. They also feature removable insoles that you can replace for your specialized orthotics. The Stability Walker Sneaker also boasts EVA midsole to reduce shock, making each step comfortable. It comes with a D ring lacing system that should allow you to customize the fit.

These shoes are also a good option for diabetic men with a high arch and high instep. They run true to size, which means that you wont have to go a size up or down. The traction offered by the Stability Walker Sneaker is also quite good, which means that you can use these for walking on wet surfaces. Another thing to note is that these shoes have been coded for reimbursement under the Medicare Therapeutic Shoes for Persons with Diabetes Benefit.

Pros of the Propét Mens Stability Walker Sneaker

  • Padded collars and lining

Cons of the Propét Mens Stability Walker Sneaker

  • Wears out fast

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Are New Balance Shoes Good For Neuropathy

New Balance has worked on a few orthopedic shoes to be eligible by Medicare for reimbursement under A5500 code as diabetic shoes. It does guarantee the shoe design is officially recognized to be diabetes and neuropathy-friendly.

The Hook & Loop 813 V1 sneakers are very easy to insert thanks to a tie-less closure system with adjustable leather straps. Upper straps are handy for neuropathy patients as they allow quick readjustment as the day goes by to tighten or loosen your shoes according to foot swelling.

The shoe interior is padded and soft and the insoles are well-cushioned. What these shoes are best at is shock absorption, foot support, and ankle stability. Limiting harmful impacts and softening footsteps are essential if you live with neuropathy.

All in all though, these New Balance sneakers are good walking shoes for those suffering mild to severe neuropathy symptoms. We can only regret that the companys Medicare-approved choices are limited to the most basic models.

New Balance Medicare-approved Shoes: Cons

  • The insoles are not removable
  • The design is not very pretty

How Diabetes Affects Your Feet

Propet Cush

Prolonged periods of high blood sugar levels in people with diabetes can cause serious foot complications.

Two of the main foot problems that occur are peripheral vascular disease and diabetic neuropathy.

Foot problems are common with people with diabetes, but by taking good care of your feet every day, and monitoring your blood glucose levels, you can help keep your feet healthier for longer.

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Orthofeet Diabetic Gramercy Mens Dress Shoes

Topping the list for the mens category is the Orthofeet Gramercy. One thing that you notice right away about these is that they look JUST like a normal pair of dress shoes. For those that want to look stylish and not bring attention to their condition, this is a great option to have up your sleeve.

Coming with its own orthotic support inside, you get the comfort of an insert without having to bring one with you. And honestly, its a good thing that you do because these shoes does run quite expensive in relative terms to others on the list, and its a good thing to have that included considering that price. They come in a two colors, brown and black, and each look genuinely classy.

They are made from leather, giving you a plush feeling to help you experience as much comfort as possible. The toe box is also very roomy, and there is a lot of depth to them as well, which allows you to bring over your own orthotic if you do choose to go that route. These are excellent for standing on all day if you have Diabetic issues as well, with many stating they were the most comfortable shoes theyve ever had.

Another major plus is that the rubber soles do not make a lot of noise, something that has been a common problem for nice shoe wearers the world over. They also have helped people with other issues, chiefly Plantar Fascittis, so they arent all one dimensional!

  • Nice dressy shoes to wear
  • Dont make a lot of noise
  • Comes with its own insert
  • Some complain that they run small for them

Propet Womens Cronus Comfort Sneaker

When you think of diabetic shoes, this is more the kind of look that youd be expecting, but that isnt a negative on this list. Yes, on most lists, this one probably wouldnt be around due to the style and look, but this list is about a lot more than that, and the Cronus is here because it does a great job of protecting people from injury. Made totally from neoprene, a synthesized rubber, this one does a good job at being very soft and flexible.

Flexibility is one of the main things that it brings, no matter what the temperature is, and thats why it is such a desirable material. So to put it mildly, comfort is #1 by a country mile as far as this shoe is concerned because it will stretch, stretch, and stretch some more. For the worst of cases, this is the shoe to turn to. The above shoes are realistically for people that are in pretty good shape relatively speaking, but these are for people that really need to be protected around the clock while remaining comfortable.

Despite how soft the feel is and how flexible they are, they have a rubber sole that is very firm on the ground to help you walk inside and outside if necessary. You wont have to worry about basically wearing cotton on your feet, which could be a worry if you just saw the tops of them only. They run big and wide, but if you are experiencing more swelling on a given day, they can be adjusted even further for you to make sure you dont have any problems as you go about your day.

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Orthofeet Neuropathy Sneakers For Men

If youre looking for pain-relieving, comfortable, protective, and stylish neuropathy shoes for men, search no more! Over 250 costumers reviews vouch for these Orthofeet shoes pain-relieving effects.

It must be said that Tacoma sneakers have been designed with neuropathy foot pain and sore feet in mind. Made to promote blood flow, the stretchable uppers, along with a non-binding design, a wider and deeper toe box, and extended widths options guarantees you can find a snug-enough fit without any frictions nor pressure points. You get additional fitting spacers in the package so you can adjust the fit.

Plus, the shoe interior and the collar are fully padded, and the lining is soft and seamless so youre protected against blisters.

It gets even better on the orthopedic side! These tennis shoes come with Orthofeets premium orthotic insoles providing enhanced arch support and durable pillow-like multi-layer cushioning. They help realign the foot and the body to ease the pain from your feet all the way up to your lower back. The insoles top layer is made with Dryplex anti-odor fabric and Poly-U moisture-wicking foam.

Last but not least, I personally find them to be quite fashionable which is rare for neuropathy shoes! You can try them out for free: if you buy on Orthofeets website, you get free shipping, a 60-days wear test, free returns, and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Orthofeet Tacoma Sneakers: Cons

  • Only the blue model is slip-resistant

When Should I Wear My Shoes

10 Best Men’s Diabetic Shoes 2021

It may not be a popular response, but a good answer is all of the time. Maybe not in bed, but other than that, you should really consider wearing them at all times. The reason for this is very simple: they are for protection. You wouldnt be here reading this right now if either you or a close family member or friend was afflicted by this disease. You obviously care, and you want to take care of your feet, and you just cant do that if you arent wearing the shoes. The higher the degree of foot problems you have as a result of your diabetes, the more critical it is that you wear them all the time.

Yes, this includes if you are sitting down. You never know when getting up could cause a problem, and its not out of the realm of possibility that something could fall on you. Any number of things could occur, so it is best to just be safe and wear them as much as you can.

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Orthofeet Athletic Mens Shoes Monterey Bay

If you want to get your hands on a pair of comfortable sneakers that you can use for walking or running, the Orthofeet Athletic Mens Shoes Monterey Bay are worth considering. These diabetic shoes give commendable arch support and protection for pressure points, protecting your feet from abrasion. They also boast a deep toe box to provide a comfortable experience to people with neuropathy, bunions, and other foot problems. Majority of customers who have used the Orthofeet Athletic Mens Shoes Monterey Bay found them effective for diabetes.

One of the things we like about these shoes is that they feature gel orthotic footbeds that cushion the sole to ensure that every step you take is natural and effortless. However, if you find the insoles unsuitable for your feet, you can remove them and replace them with your custom orthotics.

With these shoes, you get extra toe room which means that your toes would be more relaxed. The front sole is flexible, so you should be able to flex your toes without any trouble. One thing to note about the Orthofeet Athletic Mens Shoes Monterey Bay is that these shoes arent water-resistant and will soak up liquid when you step on water. So avoid getting them wet if you dont want to end up with soggy, smelly socks.

Pros of the Orthofeet Athletic Mens Shoes Monterey Bay

  • Wider toe box
  • Good for diabetic patients who experience neuropathy and other foot problems

Cons of the Orthofeet Athletic Mens Shoes Monterey Bay

Are Skechers Good For Neuropathy

Because of their exceptional comfort and advanced technology, Skechers iconic shoes are among neuropathy sufferers favorites. Theyre often recommended by podiatrists themselves. There are numerous Skechers shoes suitable for neuropathy feet, but I find the Go Walk ones to be the most versatile and the coziest ones.

First, these slip-on shoes have a back pull-on loop for easy insertion and tie-less closure. Then, the upper mesh fabric is highly breathable, extremely soft, and naturally expandable to create a natural fit without any pressure. The collar is padded for extra protection against blisters.

The high rebound insoles are well-cushioned and provide good protection. The top layer is air-cooled and moisture-wicking so your feet stay in a dry and healthy environment away from fungus and bacteria. Their only downside is that theyre not removable. You wont be able to accommodate your own orthotics.

The outsoles are lightweight and flexible to help ease neuropathy foot pain and promote foot traction. These Skechers walking shoes are available in different widths . Its ideal for people suffering from sensitive and achy feet, swollen feet, edema, or simply having wider feet!

Skechers Neuropathy Walking Shoes: Cons

  • The insoles are not removable
  • Not ideal for cold or rainy weather
  • Not Medicare-approved

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Propt Mens Pucker Moc Strap Shoe

$54-$100, depending on size

A brand recommended by podiatrists Dr. Cunha and Dr. Pruthi, these 100 percent leather loafers from Propét have a mesh lining to limit blister-promoting foot sweat and a cushioned, shock-absorbing foam footbed. The Velcro strap across the top makes it easy to put on and remove these shoes as well as adjust the width as needed . Bonus: These shoes are approved as diabetic shoes that can be covered by Medicare.

Comfortable Footwear Superior Craftsmanship

Propet  Cronus Medicare/HCPCS Code = A5500 Diabetic Shoe ...

Were pleased to announce that you can now buy our SAS shoes online! We ship Canada-Wide! Have one of our experts measure your foot properly and fit you at one of our 2 locations, or order online. Albertas comfort shoe destination. Independently owned and operated.

At SAS Comfort Shoes, we care about the comfort of your feet. You shouldnt have to make the impossible choice between comfort and style. With our American handcrafted shoes, youll feel as great as you look all day. With only the softest and highest quality leathers, slip on the kind of shoe you dont want to take off at the end of the day.

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What Exactly Is Diabetes

Diabetes occurs when the amount of glucose in your blood becomes too high because your body is not processing it adequately.

This happens because your pancreas does not produce adequate levels of insulin which help glucose to enter the cells in your body, or the insulin that is produced is not functioning correctly, this is called insulin resistance.

Insulin is a hormone generated by the pancreas which allows glucose to enter the bodys cells where it is then used as fuel for energy. Glucose is basically sugar produced by the liver from carbohydrates that are ingested.

Complete Your Purchase With Our Copper Cloud Diabetic Socks

We recommend bundling with our Copper Cloud diabetic socks. We have more copper per square inch of material than any other sock out on the market. Copper provides antibacterial/ antifungal/ anti-order, and softer skin. Wearing these socks with your Apex shoes provides the ultimate solution in healing the pain caused by diabetic feet. We recommend white socks as this helps identify any bleeding commonly associated to diabetic feet.

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Propt Simpson Walking Shoes

The Propét Simpson Walking Shoes is comfortable footwear that features a simple lacing system, allowing you to customize the fit to your feet. It comes with a full toe box and generously cushioned tongue and collar. The footbeds are removable so you can use your outsole. The sole is made with lightweight material, so you should be able to walk for long distances with these shoes on your plates of meat. They are also breathable and well-cushioned so you wouldnt feel irritated even on long walks.

On top of that, the Propét Simpson Walking Shoes are extremely durable so you wont have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. These shoes are Medicare-approved so they should be able to handle problems resulting from diabetes.

Pros of the Propét Simpson Walking Shoes

  • Well-cushioned and breathable

Dr Comfort Therapeutic Dress Shoes For Men

8 Best Men’s Diabetic Shoes 2017

These Dr. Comfort shoes are constructed with extra depth so they can suit wider feet or severe edema and you can accommodate insoles, internal brace, or ankle and foot orthoses .

Specially designed for people living with diabetes, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, swollen feet, arthritis, and other painful foot conditions, you get all the protection and comfort you can expect: a non-binding design to boost blood circulation, a protective interior to prevent blisters and wounds, anatomical insoles with good support and cushioning, ergonomic durable outsole, and more.

Dr. Comfort is one of the most podiatrist-recommended footwear companies. It offers a large catalog of shoes, insoles, and socks for diabetes and neuropathy patients.

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