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Ice Pack For Insulin Pen

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Medport Diabetes Travel Organizer

Insulin Wallet Right Way to Keep Insulin without Fridge & Ice Pack Dr. Tanvi Mayur Patel

Suppose you are traveling for almost two weeks and you need instant insulin support then this would be an excellent choice for you amongst many diabetic supply cases. There is a cold side to it which will help you in carrying the Insulin and also the Med Ice that is there in it.

There is a monitor that checks the temperature on the cold side too, and that is named the MEDtemp. The one hand with the normal room temperature can carry all other supplies like the strips, the glucose meter, etc.

You also get one detachable waist pouch that helps you in storing any waste product till you find a proper place to throw it all away. This comes with two ice packs also which you can refreeze, and there is a strap that is included for carrying it easily.

The size of the organizer would be 9.5 x 2.5 x 6 inches and weighs around 2 pounds.

How To Choose The Best Insulin Cooler

A good insulin travel cooler is an essential accessory for anyone living with insulin-dependent diabetes. But theres no such thing as the best insulin cooler. Theyre all different and offer distinct features. Finding the one that best suits you depends on your own needs and lifestyle. Cooling performances, duration, weight and portability, USB or ice packs, and price are many criteria you need to identify before choosing your new insulin travel case.

Capacity For Insulin Pens Vials Or Pumps

Some insulin travel cases are designed to old exclusively insulin pens, while others can only fit vials. Frio and Sugar Medical also have special cooling pouches for insulin pumps.

Make sure the cooler is big enough to hold the quantity of insulin you need for your travels. Vivicap insulin pen cap device for example can only protect one insulin pen from the heat. Its extremely convenient for daily use, but it limits travel plans where you need to keep several insulin pens refrigerated.

If you need to keep numerous pens or vials cool, the highest capacity insulin coolers you can find are: 4AllFamily , DisonCare , and Cooluli .

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Can You Travel With Ice Packs On A Plane

According to TSA, frozen liquid items are allowed through the checkpoint as far as they are presented Frozen for screening, should in case the frozen item becomes melted, slushy, or having liquid at the bottom of the container.

It has to meet the 3-1-1 liquids requirement meaning

  • Should be put inside a container of 3.4 ounces or less
  • All must fit into a sealable 1-ounce bag
  • 1 bag per passenger

You will also be allowed to come along with a quarter-sized bag of liquids, gels, creams, aerosols through the checkpoint. From the medical standpoint, gel ice packs in reasonable quantities are allowed regardless of their physical state, be it melted or slushy.

It is also essential you notify the TSA officer at the checkpoint on inspection.

Chill Pack Insulin Diabetic Pen/syringes Pocket Cooler Case

MEDMODS Insulin Cooler Travel Case with Reusable Ice Pack, Insulated ...

This is an Insulin pen case or Insulin syringes. When you need to carry pens or syringes for distances, and they cannot be refrigerated, this is the best option for you. They come with two ice packs that keep your syringes or the pens safe and cold while the temperature outside might be scorching hot.

If you are traveling a very short distance, this is ideally suitable because of the ice packs included. You may want to choose something else for longer distances though.

This can be carried well quickly with your luggage and is subtle and portable alone too. This contains ice packs as the cooling agent, and the water is non-toxic and completely purified, re-usable after freezing again. It is BPA free, and the size is 7.25 x 3.2 x 1.2 which is perfect as an Insulin pen case.

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Apollo Walker Insulin Cooler Travel Case With Insulation Liner

Carrying insulin with you is a bit risky, but if you have an insulin travel cooler, it will be much more helpful. This insulin cooler travel case can be a great deal for a diabetic.

Things you carry with you must look good too. This grey-colored insulin travel case looks slimmer but has much more space than any other insulin case.

Key Features

  • Durable polyester gives it a much longer life and makes it more robust.
  • A particular insulating layer stitched inside to lock the insulin cooling is in the case and resist external heat.
  • Dual zippers are added to give it a premium look.
  • A much more compact size with a rigid frame avoids any damage to your insulin.
  • Two ice packs come with the package, which is a unique point.
  • An inside compartment separated with mesh fabric can be used to store the icepacks.
  • It’s waterproof. This unique feature makes it more convenient for outdoor use.
  • A cashback warranty of 30 days can win anybody’s confidence.
  • Dimensions of this insulin travel case are 7.9″ x 3.5″ x 1.6″ with a weight of 6.4 ounces.

Luxja Ice Packs For Insulin Travel Case Reusable Ice Packs For Insulin Cooler

  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: 4 pieces of ice packs .
  • DIMENSIONS: 6.9â x 2.5â. Fit for most portable insulin travel bags.
  • COLD EFFECT: Keep the inside temperature at 2-8 degree about 6-8 hours
  • USAGE: Put the insulin ice packs in the freezer about 7-8 hours before use.
  • REUSABLE: Each gel pack can be used 2-3 years.

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How Long Can Insulin Stay Unrefrigerated

All insulin manufacturers agree that insulin can stay unrefrigerated for a maximum duration of a month. After that time, it starts loosing its efficiency. Unopened insulin pens and vials need to be stored in the fridge, while your in-use open ones can stay at room temperature for a month and only need to be protected in case of high heat.

Always check on your insulins notice paper what storage rules are recommended by the manufacturers. There may have some differences from one brand to the other.

How Do You Fly With Insulin

INSULIN TRAVEL CASE, 2 cooler packs keep it safe, Strong case ,Holds 5 pens, and what a PRICE.

Usually, when patients who want to travel overseas are expected to schedule an office visit with their health care provider 4-6 weeks before departure, this will provide the patients more information regarding time zone insulin adjustment strategies and other common travel-related problems.

Traveling overseas is challenging for people with diabetics especially those on Insulin. However, patients should ensure medications has the proper labels with the name that correlates with the passengerâs ticket.

If you want to fly with Insulin, you should ensure proper prescription from your doctor for every diabetes supply you will be carrying along. The prescription should match the one on your ticket, this also applies to any glucose monitoring device you might be wearing as the Travelling Agents are likely to be unfamiliar with them.

Ensure you take along with your syringes and vials of Insulin in their original packaging which must have prescriptions from your doctor. Having an insulin pump is not enough, go with back-up Insulin and syringes and there is no need to worry about Insulin not being cooled nor refrigerated, it will stay cool in normal temperature for several hours.

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Power Icepacks Or High

Some insulin travel cases function with power or battery, while others only require icepacks, water, or even nothing to keep your meds cool.

Naturally, powered insulin coolers offer better cooling performances. Their downside is that theyre less autonomous and require access to electricity at least to recharge their battery. Most powered insulin coolers come with USB chargers and car adapters. Of the top 10 insulin coolers listed above, the powered ones are: 4AllFamily, Aijun, Lifeinabox, DisonCare, and Cooluli.

Think about the options and details you may find useful. Do you want an alarm to warn you when the cooler runs out of battery? Would you like your cooler to display the inside temperature? What about connecting it to your phone via an App? Would you be reassured with a safety such as a QR Medical code? If youre into new technology and appreciate that kind of option, check at the powered coolers from 4AllFamily, LifeinaBox, or DisonCare.

Non-powered insulin coolers work with either freeze packs , cold water, or nothing! Some new-tech insulation systems such as the ones used by Vivicap insulin pens cooling cap or Breezy Packs are completely autonomous and do not require water or ice to function. They give you more freedom than the powered coolers. Theyre also more compact and lightweight. The counterpart is that theyre usually less performant. Have a look at Vivicap, Breezy Packs, Frio Bags, Sugar Medical, and Apollo Walker case.

How Do You Preserve Insulin When Traveling

Ensure that your Insulin is kept away from heat and light

When traveling either by bus, train or plane, make sure you keep your Insulin with you in a carry-on bag or an insulated bag like your lunch bag

Never leave your Insulin in a parked car when temperatures are extreme

Keep your Insulin properly from getting too hot or too cold, never allow your Insulin to freeze nor get hot. Too hot is above 800F and too cold is below 360F.

Do not place your Insulin in the checked luggage as the temperature fluctuations can damage it

For a diabetic patient traveling by air, your carry liquids such as Insulin or gels must treat hypoglycemia.

When traveling in cold temperatures, keep your Insulin close to your body to avoid freezing.

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The 10 Best Insulin Coolers And Travel Cases To Keep Insulin Cool

Insulin coolers are life-saving accessories for insulin-dependent diabetics in the summer. Insulin is a temperature-sensitive medicine that quickly deteriorates when exposed to hot temperatures.

While your stocks of unopened insulin pens and vials must be refrigerated, your in-use insulin should be protected from the heat and kept at room temperature . Injecting insulin that has gone bad because of the heat is not safe and could really mess up your blood sugar levels.

If you live in or travel to places where the outside temperature is above 25°C/77°F, an insulin travel case that keeps your insulin cool is essential.

Ive been traveling with my insulin all around the globe over the last 10 years and Ive tried all kinds of insulin coolers. Here are my top 10 picks for the 2022 summer season!

Frio Wallets And Carry Cases

Diabetic Insulin Pen/Syringes Cooler Case for 2

Another brand that focuses on keeping insulin cool is Frio which has a series of simple and convenient cooling wallets.

Light and very compact

Light and compact, they are a means for diabetics on insulin therapy to transport or store insulin, particularly if traveling to hot climates, keeping insulin at a safe temperature without the need for refrigeration.

Check your insulin storage instructions for exact details on the storage needs of your type of insulin, and if you think a safe cool bag is in order, then the Frio bags work without refrigeration activated by water only and are re-usable, durable and long lasting.

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Thermos Coolers For Insulin

A newer trend in insulin temp control is the use of stainless thermos technology such as the Insulin Safe and its cousins, which can be found on , eBay, and Aliexpress/Alibaba.

One strong option, although pricey, is the 4AllFamily thermos cooler, which launched in 2019 and can store insulin safely for 72 hours. It actually uses three different cooling methods: You can switch the lids to go from a Biogel freeze pack to a USB-powered portable medicine fridge. Or you can use both simultaneously for maximum effect, keeping insulin at refrigerator temperature at or below 40°F for up to 4 days.

With a large storage capacity , this cooling case can fit up to 7 insulin pens, 42 Humulin vials, or 8 Novolog vials. At $140 a pop, it really is an investment for the whole family if needed.

On the budget end, theres the much more affordable CaseMD product that is becoming popular in the diabetes community. Designed by physicians, its a compact vacuum-insulated container made of double wall stainless steel with vacuum insulation to guard against damaging heat or cold, humidity and UV light. It uses patented Thermashield technology to provide ultimate temperature regulation to protect your sensitive medications. These come in a regular and XL size designed to fit most injection pens, for $33 to $40.

Get The Insulin Pen Ready

  • Check the label on the insulin pen to make sure you have the right insulin pen for the right time. For example, if youre eating, make sure you have your rapid acting insulin pen.
  • Pull the pen cap off the insulin pen . Place the pen cap on the table.

    Figure 4. Pull the pen cap off the insulin pen

  • If youre using a cloudy insulin , mix the insulin by gently rolling the pen between your hands 10 times and then tipping the pen up and down 10 times. The insulin should look evenly white and cloudy with no lumps or particles. Keep mixing it until you dont see any clumps.
  • Wipe the rubber seal at the top of the insulin pen with an alcohol swab. Throw the alcohol swab away.
  • Take the protective tab off the new pen needle . Throw the tab away.

    Figure 5. Take off the protective tab

  • Twist the pen needle onto the top of the insulin pen until it stops turning . Make sure to keep the pen needle straight as you twist it on.

    Figure 6. Twist the pen needle onto the insulin pen

  • Take off the outer needle cap . Place it on the table.

    Figure 7. Take off the outer needle cap

  • Pull off the inner needle cap . Throw it away.

    Figure 8. Take off the inner needle cap.

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    Allfamily 72 Hour Insulin Cooler

    This is another insulin cooling case option that’s pretty unique!

    The guys at 4AllFamily have sent me one to try out and it’s an insulin cooling device that is in the form of a stainless steel cup.

    The unique thing is that it looks like a coffee cup, so doesn’t look “medical” which is something appreciate.

    I hate things that look too medical.

    The 4AllFamily 72 Insulin Cooler works in two ways:

    1. Firstly there is the Biogel bottle, which you can refrigerate for 6-8 hours in advance then put it in your cooling case along with your insulin and cover it up!

    2. If you’ve got access to electricity, you can put the insulin into your vacuum bottle and cover it with the black cooling cap. You then connect it power with the USB .

    This combination of two ways to keep your insulin cool while on the go means it will pretty much keep you covered for all situations. Whether you’re road tripping in a car or campervan, backpacking Asia, or even just on holiday!

    I think that’s really cool!


    • Can keep your insulin cool up to 72 hours
    • It’s versatile and offers a variety of cooling methods in one product
    • It can be used with in-car 12V when adapted to a USB so a brilliant option for road trips!
    • Comes with a 1 year warranty


    • They only seem to have it in blue

    Pro tip:Use the code THATDIABETICGIRL to get 10% off your purchase!

    Medical Insulin Cooler Travel Bag With Cooling Panels

    Frio Insulin Cooler

    This bag comes with two cooling panels as the name suggests, they are filled with non-toxic elements and are fitted on two sides for keeping your insulin cool. This doesnât use old gels which in turn are tricky to use.

    This is so compact you can carry it anywhere starting from your simple handbag to bigger luggage. This is a great organizer and can be named as the best diabetic carrying case for when you are traveling.

    This is also very healthy for kids as well as for elders. This comes with a yearâs guarantee and is equipped with different compartments for different things. This is almost like carrying a small refrigerator with yourself.

    The insulated pack is to be frozen for either overnight or 12 hours at least. It is also suitable for pens since they are kept entirely inside the case and incorrect temperature.

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    Why You Should Keep Insulin Cool

    Insulin is a temperature-sensitive medicine that can quickly deteriorate when exposed to extreme temperatures and temperature changes. Insulin that has not been properly stored and exposed to the wrong temperatures can break down and lose its efficiency. Injecting insulin that has gone bad can mess up your blood sugar levels and cause severe hyperglycemia.

    How Do You Store Insulin Without Electricity

    There are methods by which you can store Insulin without electricity since Insulin needs to be maintained at a temperature below 860F, there have to be other means to keep it at that level in the absence of electricity and the hot weather.

    As earlier discussed, there are various cooling wallets and evaporative coolers to store Insulin, which are mostly activated by water and keeps the Insulin for several hours. Some of these insulin cooling cases do not require ice packs or refrigeration but when you reactivate it, it will give you more days to get a new source of Insulin.

    You can also use an insulated bag or lunchbox with a cold pack, ice, or frozen food from your freezer to keep your Insulin cool but you have to ensure that the Insulin is not placed directly on a cold pack, frozen food, or ice.

    The research was also made that you can also store your Insulin in a hole in the ground but this is advisable to practice if there are no other cold storage options.

    You will dig a gap of about four feet or even deeper, then you put the Insulin which is in a watertight container, this will help to preserve the bottle to about 500F and usually, Insulin should be kept below 400F and must not be freeze.

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