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How To Cook Potatoes For Diabetics

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What Is Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Hash Browns– Diabetic Friendly Alternative

Scientifically, Sweet potato is also called Ipomoea batatas. It belongs to the Morning Glory family of plants, and is generally cultivated in tropical regions like Africa, tropical America, warmer islands of the Pacific and even in the Caribbean.

Added to its sweet taste, sweet potatoes give a creamy feeling in the mouth. Its texture, being very soft, makes an appropriate food, especially for infants.

And its versatility makes it one of the most consumed and enjoyable tuber vegetable plant in most parts of the world.

Sweet potato is a tuber crop or vegetable tuber, just like yams and cassava. Like other tuber crops, it has a starchy, large and tuberous root. Only that its tubers have a characteristic sweet taste.

However, its leaves and shoots are also edible, and is consumed as green vegetables in some parts of the world.

Though edible in several parts, it is most highly cultivated for its fleshy and starchy, sweet-tasting root, as its root can be prepared by several recipes into several sweet and savory meals.

But, how different these sweet potatoes from other types of potatoes?

Lets find out

Studying The Favorable Impact Of Lentils As A Starch Buddy

The investigators fed two groups of 24 healthy adults, whose average age was 27 years and at a healthy weight, white rice only, or half white rice with three different types of lentils , potatoes alone, or half potatoes with one type of lentil.1

Blood samples were taken before and after the meals in order to analyze the participants glucose levels. In comparison to those eating rice alone, blood glucose was significantly lower in individuals who eat meals with rice mixed with any of the lentils. Blood sugar levels were also lower in meals in which the potato was combined with lentils instead of when the meal contained pure potatoes were eaten as is, although a little less so.1

As you likely know, blood glucose reflects the sugar level present in the blood during the process of digestion and changes in response to the types and amounts of carbohydrate contained in the foods as well as beverages consumed. Pulses, which are high in fiber, are lower in starch content than rice or potatoes, so are known to slow down the digestion and with it, reduces the release of the carbohydrates into the blood. The end result: lower blood sugar following a meal containing lentils.1

Do Potatoes Raise Your Blood Sugar What Is Their Glycemic Index

Potatoes are high in the type of carbohydrate that the body digests rapidly, causing blood sugar and insulin to surge and then dip. For example, a one-cup serving of potatoes has a similar effect on blood sugar as a can of sweetened pop or a handful of jellybeans. This roller-coaster-like effect on blood sugar and insulin can result in people feeling hungry again soon after eating, which may in turn lead to overeating. Over the long term, diets high in potatoes and other rapidly digested, high-carbohydrate foods can lead to obesity and complications of diabetes, such as heart disease.

The glycemic index is a measure of how a certain food affects your blood sugar. The GI of regular potatoes varies. For example, boiled waxy potatoes have a glycemic index of 89 while baked starchy potatoes have a glycemic index of 111. Depending on the type and cooking process, sweet potatoes have a glycemic index of 44 to 94. Baked sweet potatoes tend to have a much higher glycemic index than boiled ones because of how the starches break down during the cooking process.

People who have diabetes can benefit from limiting high-GI foods. Thus, its often recommended that they choose sweet potatoes, especially when boiled rather than baked, over white potatoes, as they generally have a lower GI.

Learn more about the glycemic index for a diabetes diet here.

What are some suggested ways to use potatoes in my diet?

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The Secret To Fantastic Tasting Diabetic Potato Salad

I love potato salad and I discovered a terrific way to make potato salad taste even better than normal!

Roast your baby potatoes in the oven rather than boil them!

How to Roast Baby Potatoes:

Wash your baby potatoes well. Cut off any bruises or brown parts.

Chop the bigger potatoes so all the potatoes and bigger pieces are the same size.

Toss with a few TBSP of extra virgin olive oil, and a generous amount of salt and pepper.

Bake, in an open pan, for 30 to 40 minutes at 350 degrees. The potatoes should be cooked but NOT mushy.

So now we can make some Diabetic Potato Salad!

AND remember you can pop some roasted baby potatoes in the fridge to eat later!

I often have a supply of roasted baby potatoes on hand so I can

spruce up my eggs at breakfast!

Are Potatoes Good For Diabetes

How To Cook Sweet Potatoes For Diabetics

Potatoes are known to have very high Glycemic Index value. Due to this reason, diabetics are very cautious when adding potatoes to their diet. Diabetics always need to consider GI value before choosing any food as it measures the impact of it on their blood glucose levels. Eating most of the foods with high level of GI gives huge spike in blood sugar which would cause significant rise in insulin levels and it takes several hours to bring back the blood sugar levels to normal.

Since diabetics have improper insulin level, if blood sugar levels remain high for extended period of time, it causes some of the common symptoms of diabetes, including constant urination unusual thirst, nerve problems, and fatigue.

Potatoes have GI ranging from 65 to 80 which is abnormally high. Sucrose or table sugar has GI of 63, whole-meal bread has 60, white bread has 71, and brown rice has 55.

The best thing is that cooking method and type of potato you consume affect the GI level of potatoes. As compared to older potatoes, newer versions have lower GI. Some of the waxy potatoes like Yellow Finn, Red Norland, and Red Pontiac come with lower GI values as compared to floury potatoes like Norgold Russet and Russet Burbank.

How to Consume Potatoes?

Luckily, most of the leading fast food chains and reputed restaurants are switching to Trans-fat free oils for frying. So, it is better to stick to thick cut wedges or fries if you eat fries as these have lower oil to potato ratio.

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How Carisma Potatoes Are Diabetes

The secret here is their low GI. A foods GI is a measurement used on carb-containing foods, to see how they impact blood sugar. All potatoes are good sources of carbs, fiber, vitamin C, and potassium, but Carisma potatoes have a GI of 55. A low GI is 55 or under, medium is 56 to 69, and high GI is anything 70 or above. When compared to Desiree potatoes or Sebago you can see what a difference this is. Eating low GI foods can help keep blood sugar levels low, meaning less insulin is required.

My husband eats 6 to 8 oz of these with a meal and it doesnt spike his blood sugar like regular potatoes do. I just hope they keep on selling them locally.

Carisma potatoes have a low GI, making them suitable for diabetics and anyone watching their GI food intake. Here they are par-boiled and then finished off in oil or butter to crispy, golden brown perfection.

  • Victoria Haneveer
  • Wash the potatoes but dont peel them.
  • Cut them into 1-inch cubes.
  • Put them in a large pot of water and bring it to the boil.
  • Add a pinch of salt.
  • Turn down the heat and simmer them for 10 minutes or until not-quite-tender.
  • Heat some oil in a skillet, adding some butter too if liked.
  • You can add some fresh rosemary here too .
  • Drain the potatoes, then saute them in the skillet until golden brown and crispy.
  • Add some salt partway through.
  • Cut one potato cube in half to check its tender.
  • Grind in some more salt and maybe some black pepper too, then serve hot.
  • How To Make Baked French Fries

    This recipe is easy to throw together for a tasty snack, appetizer, or side everyone will love!

    Step 1: Preheat the oven to 425°F.

    Step 2: Slice the potatoes into wedges, about 8 per potato, and put them in a gallon bag. Drizzle with olive oil.

    Step 3: Combine the chili powder, cumin, and garlic pepper in a small bowl, then add the mixture to the bag with the potatoes.

    Step 4: Seal the bag and squeeze it to move the wedges around until they are well-coated in the oil and spices.

    Step 5: Empty the bag of potatoes onto a baking sheet and spread them out so that none are touching.

    Step 6: Bake for 15 minutes, then flip the wedges and bake for another 10 minutes or until crispy.

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    Can People With Diabetes Eat Potatoes

    According to the American Diabetes Association , starchy vegetables such as potatoes can be included in the diet of a person with diabetes. The total amount of carbohydrate consumed at any given meal or snack is what is most important. 1


    The concern regarding potatoes and diabetes stems largely from the type of carbohydrate found in potatoes . Starch is a complex carbohydrate that is not only found in potatoes but also in bread, pasta, peas and corn. Starch tends to be digested and absorbed rapidly which can lead to a sharp increase in blood glucose levels, an effect known as a high glycemic response. 2 For people with Type 2 diabetes, a food eliciting a high glycemic response can be problematic because they do not efficiently and effectively clear glucose from the blood. Chronically high levels of blood glucose can cause great damage to body tissues and systems.

    Its important to note that the type of carbohydrate is only one dietary factor that can affect blood glucose levels. The total amount of carbohydrate consumed at a given meal also impacts blood glucose levels and often to a much greater degree than the type of carbohydrate. Thus, people with Type 2 diabetes should focus on carbohydrate portion size when planning, creating and consuming meals. 1,3



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    Is Sweet Potato Good For Diabetics

    How to Cook Sweet Potatoes WITHOUT Causing Blood Sugar!

    Is sweet potato good for diabetics then? Yes.

    If a person with diabetes constantly has a high blood sugar level that is dangerous to his/her bodys organs. To manage the condition, a person with diabetes must regularly control his intake of high glycemic food, and take substances that regulate his blood sugar level.

    Thus, diabetics need regularly, meals like the sweet potato, as its a good way of maintaining the condition. According to the above findings, it can be said that the vegetable tuber is good for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics compared to many other dangerous foods

    One can also say confidently, that it is effective in preventing diabetes in pre-diabetics.

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    Resistant Starch Cooking & Reheating

    When you cook something that has resistant starch, some of the starch is no longer resistant .


    If you cool off something you’ve cooked that has resistant starch, some of the resistant starch comes back!


    Even if you REHEAT the food that has resistant starch , some of that resistant starch stays resistant EVEN though it got heated up again.

    This is totally awesome news for blood sugar control!

    This is how this fantastic news affects potatoes:

    1. When you eat cold cooked-potatoes, you get a lower blood sugar response compared to hot potatoes!

    But don’t think you have to eat cold food .


    2. Pre-cooked potatoes that have been cooled AND then heated up again ALSO give you a lower blood sugar response compared to a freshly-cooked hot potato.

    How can this be? This sounds like the stuff of science fiction!

    As I mentioned…cooking alters some of the starch in a potato and makes it easier to digest. Once the potato is cooled, some of that starch becomes resistant to digestion again.

    Re-heating the pre-cooked starch DOES NOT change all of the resistant starch.

    This means…

    You can eat cold potatoes, or cooked-then-cooled-then-reheated potatoes, and get a SLOWER and LOWER blood sugar response.

    All good!


    You can eat my Diabetic Potato Salad , OR reheated potatoes with your scrambled eggs in the morning, and get a lower blood sugar response than if you ate a freshly cooked potato right out of the pot!

    This is totally awesome news!

    So, you can eat…

    Potatoes Are A Powerhouse Of Nutrition

    But even though the GI score of potatoes is high, it is packed with wholesome goodness. And its nutritionally enriching qualities cannot be denied.

    Potatoes are a very good source of vitamin B6 and a good source of potassium, copper, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, dietary fibre, and pantothenic acid. They also contain a variety of phytonutrients that have antioxidant activity.

    In fact, sweet potatoes are more nutrient dense than the regular potatoes and hence have much higher health benefits and are treated as one of the superfoods. Packed with important vitamins like A, C and B6, sweet potatoes have good antioxidant properties. Theyre also an excellent source of dietary fibre, potassium and iron. And according to a recent research in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences , it is confirmed that sweet potatoes are a low-glycemic index food, which could be good news for people with diabetes.

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    Can Diabetics Eat Mashed Potatoes

    Whether baked, mashed, fried, boiled, or steamed, potatoes are one of the most popular foods in the human diet. The truth is, people with diabetes can eat potatoes in many forms, but its important to understand the effect they have on blood sugar levels and the portion size thats appropriate.13 Feb 2020

    Beans And Cheese Baked Potato

    How to Enjoy and Cook Sweet Potatoes for Diabetes

    This is a tasty alternative to sandwiches for lunch. Baked potatoes are versatile and you can add your own favourite filling. A serving of beans count towards your 5 a day and are also a good source of low fat protein and fibre. Try to use low fat cheese as suggested in this recipe as ordinary cheddar is high in saturated fat. We need 3 servings of calcium a day, and cheese in this recipe counts as one of these servings. Carbohydrate: Potatoes contain carbohydrates so they will have an effect on glucose levels, read at the nutrition label to see total carbohydrate content. Choose a smaller sized potato if you need to lose weight. Ingredients Serves 2 Adults 2 large potatoes, scrubbed not peeled 1 x 225g / 8 oz. small can of baked beans 55g / 2 oz. of low-fat cheddar cheese, grated Salt and pepper to taste Method Pre-heat the oven to 220°C / 425°F / Gas Mark 7 Wash the potatoes and then prick them all over with a fork Bake in a pre-heated oven for 1½ hours or until the inside is tender Heat the baked beans in a saucepan on the hob or in the microwave according to instructions on the tin Cut the potato in half and carefully scoop the centre out of the potato Mix this potato with the baked beans and pepper Return the mixture to potato skin and sprinkle with grated cheese Place in a hot oven and bake until warmed through and golden Source: safefood www.safefood.euContinue reading > >

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    How Do You Lower The Glycemic Index Of Potatoes

    To lower the overall GI of potatoes, eat them with:

  • Fat Olive oil, butter, sour cream or avocados will lower the GI.
  • Acid Vinegar, citrus or salsa lowers the GI of a potato.
  • Protein Eating potatoes in combination with protein also lowers GI, making steak and potatoes a better choice than potatoes alone.
  • Which Vegetables Should Diabetics Avoid

    The Worst Vegetables for those who have Diabetes Taters. Taters are Americas favorite vegetable regrettably, they are also a higher glycemic food that is better left from the plate for those who have diabetes. Corn. Peas. Butternut Squash. Vegetable Juice. Broccoli. Cabbage. Asparagus.

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    Can Diabetics Eat Potatoes

    Although potatoes are a starchy vegetable, a person with diabetes can still enjoy them as part of a healthful diet. For this reason, it essential that people with diabetes monitor their carbohydrate intake. Potatoes are a starchy vegetable. They contain carbohydrates which will increase a persons blood sugar levels.

    What Are Pulses And Where Do Lentils Fit In

    How to cook sweet potatoes WITHOUT causing blood sugar.

    Lentils, classified as pulses, are defined as the dried seeds of legumes, also including chickpeas, dried peas, and beans.

    More commonly known as the base for soup and Indian curry, Lentilsflattened, tiny disc-shaped edible seedscome in five basic varieties: most often brown and green but red and yellow provide a more earthy flavor to soups and are great as a base for dips or spreads. They can be cooked to retain their wholeness for salads or go all the way to soft for a perfect thickener. You can imagine then, how substituting well-cooked lentils wouldnt even be noticed in mashed potato, for example.

    Then there are French lentils, which are more thick skinned, so they retain their shape when cooked and provide a more nutty, texture, especially for salads. Black lentils are by most accounts the most flavorful, and cook more like the French version but appear closer to the brown lentil. This would be a very pleasing and unobtrusive addition to brown or black rice.

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    How To Eat Rice And Potatoes Without Spiking Your Blood Sugaradd Lentils

    With D. Dan Ramdath, PhD, and Andrew Freeman, MD, FACC, FACP

    When it comes to diet, not everything about keeping your blood sugar down has to be difficult. Canadian researchers have come up with a clever diet swap that’s both easy and gets great results in keeping down blood sugar.

    Recognizing how much people want their rice and potatoes, these nutrition experts found a great way to help you enjoy your favorite carbohydrates, or more accurately starchesrice and potatoeswith a twist that avoids the usual glycemic spike that jeopardizes good blood glucose control.1

    Good trick for people with diabetes, add lentils to rice or potatoes to skip the rise in blood glucose.

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