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Diabetic Test Strips Buy Back

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Other Ways To Check Your Blood Sugar

BBB issues warning about diabetes test strip buy-back scam

You have other options open to you if you don’t want to regularly check your blood sugar using a blood glucose monitor. This includes the flash glucose monitor and the continuous glucose monitor but thats only if you meet the criteria.

But even if you use flash or CGM, there will still be times that you will need to check your blood sugar using the traditional finger pricking method. This is because flash and CGM both have a small delay in the results they give you.

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Will My Insurance Company Pay For The Medicines And Supplies I Need

Diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. And it is estimated that it costs the nation $170 billion annually. As a result, 46 states have mandated that insurers must cover diabetes medicine, supplies, and equipment. But you may have to engage in a letter-writing campaign to get your health insurer to pay for certain medical devices. Also, if you’re on Medicare or Medicaid, you can check online to see if these government programs will reimburse you for diabetes supplies.

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‘it’s Not Brain Surgery’

Some consumer advocates have argued that this gray market has grown as a result of inflated retail prices that only benefit manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers . In a lawsuit filed against a group of manufacturers and PBMs filed in New Jersey, consumer advocates said the average wholesale price of test strips has increased by as much as 70% over the past 10 years.

Gretchen Obrist, one of the lawyers bringing the case, said these prices would be lower if they hadn’t been inflated by the resale market. “It’s a tiny little piece of plastic that’s super cheap to manufacture, and they’ve managed to make a cash cow out of it,” she said.

David Kliff, who publishes a newsletter on diabetes, said the strips “are basically printed, like in a printing press. It’s not brain surgery.” Kliff estimated the strips cost less than a dime to make.

Manufacturers countered this argument by saying engineering advances have made the strips smaller and easier to use. However, according to Alcorn, there isn’t much evidence to suggest these improvements have improved health outcomes for diabetes patients .

Selling Diabetic Test Strips


We take customer service seriously and pay you within 1 business day after we receive your boxes by check, Zelle or Paypal. View comments from some of our satisfied test strips sellers and even call us, we answer our phones and are glad to help any way we can. If you want to sell diabetic test strips, Fast Cash Strips is here to provide you with a way to get you cash for strips and help others. Selling Diabetic Test Strips? Let us know how we can help you when you are selling test strips!

We take customer service seriously and pay you within 1 business day after we receive your boxes by check, Zelle or Paypal. View our reviews & even call us, we answer our phones and are glad to help any way we can. Selling Diabetic Test Strips? Were here to help you get cash for strips!

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How Much We Pay

MINT CONDITION boxes with 9/2022 or better dating, payouts are 100%

These are the prices we offer when you sell diabetic test strips for cash. Below are the prices for products with 9/2022 or better until expiration. Prices are 50% less if the expiration is between 6-7 months from the date we receive your order. Prices are subject to change.

Please do not ship expired products

  • US Retail. Please dont send private label.


  • US Retail. Please dont send private label.


  • Mail Order. Please dont send private label.


What If I Need More Test Strips Than My Reimbursement Limit

The established reimbursement limits for test strips are set at a higher level than the minimum levels suggested by the Canadian Diabetes Association. Additional information is available from the Canadian Diabetes Association Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose tool.

It is understood that there may be exceptional clinical circumstances where you require more frequent testing. Your physician may prescribe you an additional 100 test strips at a time if it has been determined that you need more test strips for exceptional circumstances.

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Sell Your Strips For More

Sell Your Strips for More will accept test strips that have a minimum of one month before they expire. They also will purchase damaged boxes. They offer an online form to fill out before you ship your test strips, or you can request they mail you a form. After you ship the test strips, Sell Your Strips for More will keep you informed of the progress of the shipment every step of the way. They pay within 24 hours of receipt of the test strips.

Sell Your Strips for More645 Vermont St

How Do You Get A Blood Glucose Monitor

Website that buys back diabetic testing supplies accused of stiffing sellers

Your doctor or nurse will give you a blood glucose meter for free if you have type 1 diabetes or treat your diabetes with medication that can cause hypos. On rare occasions you will get a prescription instead. Remember, you don’t pay for prescriptions if you have diabetes and its treated with any type of medication.

If you have diabetes that isnt treated with medication that causes hypos then you might not be able to get a blood glucose monitor from the NHS. This is because the current NICE recommendations are that self-monitoring blood sugar isn’t right for everyone with diabetes. You should check with your healthcare team if you want to self-monitor.

There are many different types of blood glucose meters available. That means you may not get the one you’ve read about or want from your doctor or nurse. But they should provide you with a monitor that meets your needs for blood sugar checking

You can also buy a blood glucose meter from a pharmacy or online. Our shop sells meters and test strips. You should speak with your healthcare team before you buy your own meter.

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As Seamless As Possible

Diabetes test strips are available in 25-, 50- or 100-packs to help you accurately monitor your blood glucose. Whether you test weekly, daily or multiple times a day, you can buy the sufficient amount of blood glucose test strips so you always have a supply on hand. Some test strips don’t require coding and are simple to use. Diabetes test strips in easy-open packages can absorb effectively to contain the blood sample. Make sure your test strips are compatible with your diabetes monitor, since certain monitors will only work with test strips from the same brand.

The ‘gray Market’ For Test Strips

The high list prices have given rise to internet companies like and that buy unused test strips from insured patients and resell them to the uninsured or underinsured. While reselling prescription drugs is against the law, reselling test strips is legal, Alcorn reports.

The owner of one test strip selling site explained, “I’m taking advantage, as are my peers, of a loophole. We’re allowed to do that. I don’t even think we should be, frankly.”

This market has arisen in part thanks to a strategy test strip manufacturers use, whereby they sell patients test strips that only work with their own brand of meters, Alcorn writes. When this strategy is in place, if a patient’s insurer begins using a certain manufacturer, the patient is often left with a large amount of unused test strips for a meter that doesn’t match the strips.

While some resellers market their strips to patients, they also sell the strips back to retail pharmacies, which can then resell the test strips as new and bill the patient’s insurer full price, Alcorn writes. The patient’s insurer will then reimburse the pharmacy and demand a rebate from the manufacturer, which already paid a rebate when the strips were sold the first time. According to Glenn Johnson, general manager for market access at Abbott Diabetes Care, test strip manufacturers lose more than $100 million in profits because of this.

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Bonus Code Terms And Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions for most bonuses:

  • A minimum payment of $60 is required to receive a bonus.
  • Only one shipment per 30 days can receive a bonus. Multiple shipments per 30 days are not eligible to receive bonuses.
  • Only test strip boxes of 50 and 100 counts will be included in the box bonus calculation.
  • Damaged/Short Dated boxes are not included in bonus calculations
  • No other boxes will be considered.
  • Boxes that expire 10+ months will be included in the bonuses
  • Bonus is per shipment
  • All lancets priced above $1 are not included in any box bonus calculation

What Diabetes Supplies Do I Need

How To Buy Diabetic Test Strips

Depending on the type of diabetes you have — type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes — you’ll need to purchase:

  • A glucose meter
  • Lancets to pierce your finger for a blood sample
  • Urine test strips to measure ketone levels
  • Glucose tablets
  • Emergency alert bracelet

There may be other supplies you’ll want to purchase, such as control solutions or specialty items like carrying cases.

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But There Are Potential Pitfalls For Sellers

The signs refer to diabetic test strips used to measure blood sugar levels. But why would anyone be trying to buy them on the street — or want to sell them, for that matter?

It turns out that many people with diabetes and good health insurance get their testing supplies free, or at very little cost. But just as many people with diabetes — perhaps more — dont have good insurance and have to pay for their supplies out of pocket.

The situation has created a black market of sorts, managed by entrepreneurial middle-men who buy unused test strips from the first group of diabetes patients and sell them to the second group.

Answer Man: Why Is Someone Buying Diabetic Test Strips

Answer Man: I keep seeing these signs all around town and I wonder: Why would someone want cash for diabetic test strips? Am I getting the strips or selling them to this person? Also, if Im someone who needs diabetic test strips, should I be buying them for whoever this is? — Trevor Mitchell, of Springfield

Leave it to a reporter to sneak in three questions instead of one. Trevor works the night shift here at the paper.

The signs say Cash 4 Diabetic Test Strips. After receiving Trevors question, I went to investigate and spotted three such signs at the intersection of National Avenue and Elm Street.

I called the phone number on the sign and talked to a man who when I told him I was a reporter immediately feared I was going to do a hatchet job on his business.

He would not give me his name and would not tell me the name of his company.

I have run into every newspaper company there is, he told me. You guys are trying to tear me apart. You dont need to know how long Ive been doing this.

That was one of my questions: How long have you been doing this type of work?

For a little while.

Long enough.

I sensed some reluctance on his part. But heres what he did tell me:

He pays cash for unexpired strips, which are used to test and monitor a diabetics level of blood sugar.

He then sells them to others.

I asked him how people end up with extra test strips that they want to sell.

But cant you help a guy out?

Thats your call. Youve got his number.

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Cheapest Diabetic Test Strips

Yes, you can be confident that you will get the cheapest diabetic test strips at Diabetic Outlet. We offer wholesale prices on diabetes test strips! Our cheap glucose test strips even beat the cheapest diabetic diabetic test strips you can find online because we offer the most discounted diabetic test strips plus FREE SHIPPING. Our free shipping helps customers with their regular purchase of diabetes testing strips.

The Benefits Are All Around

High cost of medicine for diabetics leads to ‘gray market’ for blood sugar test strips

Who buys diabetic test strips? Tens of millions of Americans are afflicted with Type 1 and Type 2diabetes and the vast majority buy test strips to monitor their blood sugar, oftentimes needing to checktheir condition multiple times a day. Those who are insured pay a minimal amount for the strips, butthose without health insurance pay a much much higher price. An efficient online marketplace hasgrown up to resolve that disparity, providing the insured a place to sell diabetic test strips for cash andthe uninsured access to affordable diabetic supplies. Both sides win. Sellers can feel confident that theyare benefiting others and putting extra test strips to good use while buyers can get the supplies theyneed.

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Sell Your Test Strips Is A Straight

Sell Your Test Strips is a straight-up, no-nonsense company. I must say I was skeptical at first, but then pleasantly surprised after sending my strips to them to receive prompt payment at the exact price originally quoted.

There were many choices online in the business of selling my strips, but my instincts told me this would be the best option, and I was right. Dont hesitate.

We Get Your Unused Diabetic Test Strips To Diabetics Who Need Them

Guaranteed Payments

After six years of dedicated service, we are known for paying the highest cash prices for diabetic test strips and supplies.

Excellent Communication

We will notify you every step of the way when you sell us your test strips so you will never have to wonder when, or if, your payment is coming.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing on the most popular brands. Selling to us is simple: get a quote, ship it, and get paid quickly.

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Are There Tips To Help Me Be A Smart Shopper For Diabetes Supplies

  • Before you buy diabetes supplies, check for the best prices.
  • Buy diabetes products from a highly reputable company and/or pharmacy.
  • Always check the dates on diabetes drugs. Return any medication that are outdated or that may expire soon.
  • Return glucose meters that are defective. You never know if a meter has been dropped or damaged during shipping, and you don’t want to risk your life on a faulty glucose meter.
  • If test strips have been opened, return them for a new package that is unopened to ensure integrity.

Show Sources

Where To Get Your Test Strips

ACCU CHEK Active Test Strips Blood Medical 100 Sheets Diabetic Check ...

You can get test strips on prescription or you can buy them over the counter at a pharmacy or online.

Most meters will only take one type of test strip. So, you should make sure you know which strip your meter uses before buying. This is also important to remember with your prescription for test strips. Your local area may only have a limited range of meters available to them and will only prescribe strips for the meters they give out.

If you have Type 2 and want to get test strips, you might not be able to get them on prescription. You will only be able to get test strips on prescription if your doctor or nurse wants you to self-monitor.

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Now You Are Ready To Sell Test Strips

As you can see, there are many choices of companies to sell your unused test strips. All of them are a good way to turn your test strips into quick cash. Each has different standards and rules, so be sure to read their terms carefully before choosing which company to use.

Before companies will buy test strips, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind. If they have personal information on them, please do not try to remove the label yourself as you will damage the box and devalue it. To protect your personal information, use a black felt-tipped sharpie and mark out your name and other information you do not want public. Do not use a ballpoint pen, as you can damage the box. Companies that buy diabetic test strips will remove the label after they receive it, and destroy the label, protecting your information.

Now you can sell diabetic test strips with confidence!

Going Undercover To Investigate Selling Test Strips For Cash

Maybe youve seen the Diabetic Strips signs on the side of the road in your state and also wondered what actually happens when you call one of the numbers listed We wrote about organizations dealing in test strips cheap-for-cash in our post Test Strip Charities last year, but without the extra bonus of having an undercover secret shopper to check the service out. Now our talented cartoonist, D-Advocate and correspondent Mike Lawson offered to make that happen by following up on one of these surprising road-side signs.Read on to discover what Mike found out!

Special to the Mine by Mr. Mike Lawson

I felt like Woodward. NoI felt like Bernstein. Wait. Which one did Robert Redford play in All The Presidents Men? Thats the one I felt like.

I was sitting in a McDonalds parking lot in Scottsdale, Arizona, waiting for a man named Marcus to meet me so I could sell a box of 50 test strips. I arranged this meeting by calling a phone number that I saw on a road-side sign in Phoenix that said Ca$h Paid For Diabetic Strips.

Stephanie also told me that the price paid for strips varied based on the brand and the expiration date. So I could sell this box of One Touch strips that I purchased for $10 on my private insurance to this unnamed company for $20. And this same box of strips will sell for $40 or more online. But are the quality products?

And its that thought that brings me to where I was, going undercover to sell my own strips

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