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Sell Unused Diabetic Test Strips

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Sell Diabetic Test Strips

How To Make $5,000 Per Month Selling Diabetic Test Strips

We started Fast Cash Strips to help diabetics to earn cash for diabetic strips and supplies that they dont need. At the same time, we can help those without insurance or money a way to get their diabetic test strips at a reasonable cost. We offer both a solution and make it easy for them to sell diabetic supplies for cash, to get cash for strips. We have been in business buying diabetic test strips for nearly 11 years in the southwest locally, and nationwide for the past 4 years and look forward to earning your trust when you are selling test strips. If you want to sell test strips, we can help!

Fast Cash Strips helps diabetics earn cash when they sell diabetic test strips and supplies that they dont need. We make it easy, pay top dollar and process and pay quickly, within 1 business day! We look forward to earning your trust when youre selling test strips!

How Diabetic Test Strip Resale Works

On this marketplace, sellers offer boxes of unopened test strips in exchange for cash. Buyers purchase these boxes and use them to monitor their own blood glucose levels without having to pay full price at the pharmacy.

The supplies that can be bought and sold on this marketplace include Accu-Chek, Freestyle Lite, Contour Next EZ, One Touch Ultra Blue, Prodigy Auto Code and many On this marketplace, sellers offer boxes of unopened test strips in exchange for cash. Buyers purchase these boxes and use them to monitor their own blood glucose levels without a prescription from the pharmacy or doctors office.

We have to mention that this market is not something new since it is present for decades. The strips were introduced during the 50s. Since that time, a lot of people are looking for alternative ways to save some money, and this resale option is perfect. Different issues and concerns are leading to this interesting phenomenon.

First of all, the prices you need to pay for new strips are quite high. The cost of one box of strips with 100 units is around $100. Also, there is the issue related to the large portion of US citizens who are diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

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Best Websites To Sell Diabetic Test Strips That Buy Unused Test Strips

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Want sell test strips? Or are you searching for a website where you can sell your unused diabetic test strips, or companies that will your buy unused test strips and diabetic supplies?

Do you have extra boxes of diabetic test strips?

Did you know that their are many online companies that buys test strips?

Every day, hundreds of people search to sell test strips near me.

There are many places you can take your unopened boxes of diabetic test strips to and receive cash for them.

Some companies even make it easy by letting you ship them with a prepaid label and then sending you money once they receive them.

People can then buy them at discounted prices who might not otherwise be able to afford them. It is a great thing to do!

Every company has different standards and policies when it comes to what test strips they will take, so please check each companies site carefully.

Here are the top ten websites where you can sell test strips with confidence:

Sell Your Strips Offers Frequent Promotions And Specials

How To Sell Unused Diabetic Test Strips For Cash Online
Check in frequently with Sell Your Strips for new promotions and incentives to give you even more value for your test strips. We offer monthly specials because we appreciate your business and want to make Sell Your Strips your No. 1 choice for selling your diabetic testing strips.


We pay faster than our competition. We offer PayPal and Check. We value your business.


We also donate test strips to various charities and organizations around the world.


We can send a free mailing kit right to your door with everything you need to work with us.


Let our expert service team help you with any questions of concerns you may have.

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Is It Legal To Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Have you ever wondered if its legal to sell your diabetic test strips, lancets, or continuous glucose monitors? Its a common question for many diabetics.

Yes, it is legal to sell diabetic test strips, lancets, and CGMs. You can sell them because they can be bought OTC at any pharmacy or store. The only time it is illegal to sell them is when they are from Medicare, Medicaid, are opened or expired.

Anything that can be bought over-the-counter can be resold without any legal consequence.

However, there are a few instances when it is illegal. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Best Place To Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Sell diabetic supplies

Would you like to sell your extra diabetic supplies and youre looking for the perfect company to sell them to? Here at more Cash for test strips we pride ourselves on taking care of our clients and establishing long-term relationships. We have some of the highest payouts in the industry we are one of the few companies that answers the phone if you call. If there is ever an issue with an order with your diabetes supplies, we reach out to you and give you options. Unlike a lot of the companies would just discount your order or not pay you at all for. People have selling diabetic supplies diabetic supplies to more cash for test strips for many years.

More Cash for test strips has your back before ever selling test strips or selling any other diabetic supplies you should always make sure the company has good feedback. Please take the time to check this more cash for test strips is very proud of the feedback they have received we have five stars with Google and five stars were Trustpilot and we are A+ BBB recommended.

Is it legal to sell diabetic supplies / sell test strips is totally legal for you to sell your diabetic supplies, you should not sell boxes that are tampered with, or not factory sealed also were not allowed to sell medical supplies that were purchased through Medicaid or Medi-Cal or any other government program.

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Sell Your Unused Diabetic Test Strips For Cash

Dont Throw Away Your Test Strips!

Throwing away your unused and unexpired diabetic test strips could be the equivalent of flushing money down the toilet! Yes, thats right all those test strips that you dont use are going to waste when they could be earning you money. You may think that your unused diabetic test strips are of no use to anyone, but they are actually highly sought after by fellow sufferers struggling on a fixed income or without health insurance coverage.

What Type of Test Strips Can I Sell?

You can sell diabetic test strips that are unused and unexpired. The boxes they come in must also be completely intact and undamaged. We only buy test strips that have been manufactured in the US and will consider test strips from a variety of manufacturers including Accu-check, Bayer, Freestyle and One Touch. Test strips must be in sealed 50 count or 100 count size boxes.

Is It Legal to Sell My Test Strips?

As long as you are the legal owner of them, then sure, you can sell them on if they meet with our purchasing criteria. Anyone can buy test strips, with or without a prescription, and is 100% legal to resell over the counter products. Even if your boxes are marked mail order only or not for retail you can still sell them this just means they cant be sold through a retailer.

The only types of test strips that CANNOT be resold are those with a red band on the bottom, as well as the words For the Use of Medicare/Medicaid Beneficiaries Only.

Top 10 Website That Buys Unused Diabetic Test Strip

BBB issues warning about diabetes test strip buy-back scam
22 July 2021

Smart people believe in making smart decisions. They know how to get the most out of anything, even if it is about unused diabetic test strips. They do not throw in a trash can but prefer to sell at a good price.

A Bit About Diabetic Test Strip

It is quite important to keep a close eye on your blood sugar level if you are a diabetic person and need to manage your disease. Diabetes Test Strips are called an ideal way to get your blood sugar tested. This strip analyses your blood sugar levels. Get your blood glucose checked regularly. Test strips help you to know what activity, medication, or food is affecting your sugar level in a good or bad way.

Best 10 Websites To Sell Unused Diabetic Test Strip Easily and Safely

To sell unused test strips, it is ideal to choose the best website where you can sell your unused test strips without coming across any hassles.

#1 Sell My Strip

#2 Two Moms Buy Test Strips

#3 Strips USA

#4 Fast Cash Strips

#5 Dollars for Strips

#6 Diabetic Exchange USA

#7 American Medical Surplus

#8 Cash 4 Diabetic Supplies

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More Cash For Fest Strips Buys All Major Brands Of Diabetic Supplies

More Cash For Test Strips buys all major brands such as: Omni pods Dash, Contour, Contour next, Dexcon G6 Sensors, Dexcom G6 Transmitter, Freestyle lite, Omni pods, One Touch ultra, One Touch Vireo, and Humulin insulin, We are pleased to buy as many brands that are on the market as possible so that we can help as many people as we can.

Browse the list of acceptable brands on More Cash For Test Strips. Choose the description that matches your test strip and get quick cash.

You Can Even Earn Bonuses

New partners get amazing bonuses when first starting out with our company. Each shipment is free, soyou dont have to worry about any fees along with your bonus cash. For each shipment that you sendcontaining 10 or more boxes of test strips, you get an automatic bonus added to your payment. Youdont have to do anything else just send in your supplies and wait for the cash. Everything is quick andeasy. Rely on Test Strips 4 Money to be a dependable source of bonus cash for diabetics.

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You Can Donate Your Diabetes Supplies

Diabetic supplies are usually free or inexpensive for most people with insurance, but for uninsured or under-insured diabetics, they may be a bit out of reach.

Some diabetics may even skip insulin injections or glucose tests in order to cut down on costs.

If you would like to donate diabetes supplies to people in need, there are many options available.

Options for Donating Diabetes Supplies

One prominent website for delivering diabetes supplies to people in need is Insulin for Life. This non-profit group is based in Australia and delivers supplies to developing countries worldwide. They accept insulin, syringes, test strips, and other supplies.

Contact your local hospitals and health care clinics. They may accept used supplies or know of local organizations that are in need. They may also be able to direct you to specific individuals requiring supplies.

Contact Insulin Pumpers. This organization gives support and information about insulin to children and adults with diabetes. They accept diabetes supplies.

Try Diabetic Supply Rescue. This site has an easy form to fill out, and they provide excess and unused diabetic supplies to people who dont have insurance. They accept test strips, lancets, needles, glucometers, and many other non-prescription supplies.

Typically, organizations only accept unused, non-prescription supplies for safety reasons. Dont let your excess supplies go to waste donate to someone in need!

Can You Sell Unused Diabetic Strips Online

Simple Steps To Sell Unused Diabetic Test Strips For Cash Online

It seems like almost everything we do is online these days. From buying groceries to scheduling a car wash, literally every aspect of our lives can be done via a smart phone. Because of this, websites ensure that their services as secure, fast, easy, and safe for everyone. An online marketplace for discount diabetic test strips allows anyone across the country to access the cost savings even if they live in an area that doesnt have access to quality health care. Online reselling means that you dont have to drive into the city or fight the traffic to sell your strips. You can do everything from the comfort of your home.

What Is The Process To Sell Unused Diabetic Test Strips Online?

Register With The Company

All modern online companies make it incredibly easy to sell strips online. They dont want you to hit any road bumps or potholes along the way. The first step for using any online service is to create an account. This is used to track shipping information and payment details. You can track how much you have sold through these portals.

Mail Out Your Sealed Supplies

Next you need to send out your boxes. Only ship boxes that are unopened and not damaged in any way. Some companies will have a physical location or a pick-up service. However, this isnt as common and the prices may not be as good.

Get Paid

What Are The Benefits To Selling My Unused Diabetic Test Strips?

Get Extra Cash

De-Clutter Your House

Help Other People

Are There Any Other Benefits Or Bonuses Offered?

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What Are Lancets And Test Strips Used For

Lancets are small, short needles encased in plastic, and are used to puncture the skin to obtain a blood sample. Standard lancets fit inside a lancing device designed to make the finger prick quick and painless. Single-use lancets, often referred to as safety lancets, are also available and can help avoid accidental puncture.

After the skin has been punctured, a small bead of blood will surface, which can then be collected using a glucose test strip. Glucose test strips are designed to absorb the blood sample into a sample chamber. There it is mixed with an enzyme and the glucose meter runs an electrical current through the mixture. The level of resistance to the current that the mixture has calculates a blood sugar reading. Then, based on that reading, the user can determine what action they may need to take to regulate their blood sugar levels.

Here are some helpful tips to remember if you are new to the self-management of diabetes, or if you have another condition that requires regular blood testing.

Dispose of needles immediately.

Once you have finished using your lancets, test strips, and, if needed, syringes, immediately dispose of them as they are now considered a biohazard, i.e. hazardous medical waste.

It is important to take this seriously.

Do not attempt to clean and re-use lancets or syringes with alcohol or any other anti-bacterial solution.

Never share needles.

Issues Related To Resale Market

We can notice that many experts are worried because this market is getting so popular in recent years. There are many reasons to be worried because it can affect the prices and even lead many people into danger since the resale market cannot be properly controlled.

It all started as an honest thing, where those patients who had extra stripes decided not to throw them away or keep unused to simply offer them to people who are not able to get them through official sources, or they dont have the right insurance that will cover at least part of the expenses.

The biggest issue is that a lot of people might be using this as a solution to make a profit. It is related to people with good medical insurance who manages to get test strips for a much lower price. Even though they dont have diabetes, they would decide to get it as a way to test their blood. The issue is that the real reason is to sell the stripes on the resale market.

The main advantage is for people who dont have enough money to buy the whole box, or their coverage is not high enough for getting a treatment in hospitals. For these people, resale market is the only way to keep controlling the condition of sugar level and secure the right medication.

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But There Are Potential Pitfalls For Sellers

The signs refer to diabetic test strips used to measure blood sugar levels. But why would anyone be trying to buy them on the street — or want to sell them, for that matter?

It turns out that many people with diabetes and good health insurance get their testing supplies free, or at very little cost. But just as many people with diabetes — perhaps more — dont have good insurance and have to pay for their supplies out of pocket.

The situation has created a black market of sorts, managed by entrepreneurial middle-men who buy unused test strips from the first group of diabetes patients and sell them to the second group.

What Factors Affect Test Strip Value

Diabetics sell insulin and test strips on black market for extra cash

There are a few factors that can affect how much you will get paid for your test strips. The most important factor is whether they are unopened or unexpired. Most buyers are only interested in unopened and unexpired boxes of test strips.

Another factor that can affect the price is the brand and model of the strip. Some brands are more popular and in-demand than others, so they will sell at a higher price.

If you are looking to sell your diabetic test strips, it is always best to shop around and compare prices. The more time you spend researching the best deal, the more money you will make on your sale.

In conclusion, there are many ways to sell unused diabetic test strips, and getting started is easier than you might think. By following the advice in this blog post, you can get cash now for your unused test strips and put that money towards something more important.

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