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How To Use Control Solution For Glucose Meter

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How To Use Glucose Control Solution

CVS Glucose Meter Control Solution How to Use

Using glucose control solution is simple, which is why it can be such an easy way to ensure you have accurate control of your blood glucose.

Step 1: Insert a new testing strip into your blood glucose meter, and check that the device is powered on, functioning, and ready for a blood glucose test.

Step 2:Shake the bottle of glucose control solution well

Step 3: Squeeze out the first drop from the glucose control solution bottle and discard it. Then wipe off the tip of the bottle to make sure its clean.

Step 4: Dispense the second drop of control solution onto a hard, clean surface, then bring the test strip up to the droplet until youve collected enough solution. This should be almost the exact same process as using a lancet and collecting a drop of blood for a blood glucose test.

Step 5: Check the test results on your meter or monitoring device, just like you would with a blood sample. The bottle of glucose control solution should provide a range of acceptable values that should come up.

Note: If the results of the control solution test are outside of the range expected, we recommend repeating the first 5 steps once more. If the results are inaccurate again, its worth looking into a new pack of testing strips, or a new monitoring device.

Step 6: Dispose of any used test strips and store the glucose solution in a safe place at room temperature.

What Is Control Solution And How Do You Use It

Control solution is an essential part of blood sugar testing and should be included in all blood sugar test kits.

In general, its a good idea to review the tools you need for blood sugar testing, whether youve been newly diagnosed with diabetes or have plenty of experience monitoring your blood sugar. Taking inventory of your blood sugar testing supplies and verifying theyre correctly working can help make blood sugar readings more efficient and accurate.

Most people are familiar with the process of finger pricks for blood sugar testing. Finger pricks are done with lancets. Blood sugar testing also involves glucometers and test strips. But how do you know all of those pieces of equipment are working the way they should?

Control solution for glucometers is designed to help you check the functionality of both your blood sugar test strips and glucose meter. Blood sugar testing supplies can be damaged by exposure to light, extreme temperature, humidity, moisture, and more, so its essential to check them from time to time. Using compromised equipment can result in inaccurate blood sugar readings, which wont help you manage your health. In this article, well explain what a control solution is, why its important, and how to use it.

How To Use Control Solution For A Glucose Meter

Its a good idea to use a control solution every time you open a new pack of test strips. Since test strips can be damaged in manufacturing or shipping, ensure each batch is good and ready for measuring your blood sugar.

Reach for a control solution if youre noticing unusual fluctuations in your blood sugar readings. If your diet hasnt changed and youre not feeling symptoms of high or low blood sugar, unusual blood sugar readings may indicate something is off with your testing supplies.

Heres the basic process of using a control solution for your glucometer:

  • Read the instructions on your bottle of control solution. Take note of which level of control solution youre using. You may need to shake the solution before use.
  • Open the bottle and squeeze a drop onto a flat surface, such as a clean plate or the top of the control solution cap.
  • Touch one test strip to the control solution and insert it into your glucose meter. Once you have the glucose reading, compare it to the glucose range for the type of control solution youre using. This information is located on your bottle of test strips.
  • Youre good to go if the glucose reading matches the control solution range. If the number is outside of the provided range, perform a second control solution test and contact your manufacturer for next steps.
  • These tips can help you make the most of your blood sugar testing supplies:

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    Can Any Kind Of Glucose Control Solution Be Used

    Control solution for glucose meters is made specific to each brand and type of test strip there is no universal or generic brand. If you are unsure which control solution is designated to work with your glucose monitoring system, check the instructions that came with your meter or test strips or look on the manufacturers website.

    Checking your blood glucose monitoring system using control solution is important anytime you or your doctor believes there could be damage to your meter or test strips, or concerns about the performance of your system. While a control solution test cannot provide insights into the accuracy of your meter, it is a helpful method to determine if your system is working properly. This test can be done in a few simple steps, at home. So, the next time you stock up on diabetes testing supplies, or notice that your control solution is expired, consider adding a box of control solution to your next order.

    A Brief Overview Of The Control Solution For Glucose Meter


    Before you start searching about how to use control solution for glucose meter, you should be well aware of this solution. The glucose control solution is a fluid composed of microbicides, water, glucose, and buffers. They are the key ingredients necessary for making the glucose control solution. The glucose control solution provides the reading on the glucometer in the numerical value. There is a target range set by the manufacturer, which is printed on the test strips. The numerical value result should fall within this target range. The value is entirely based on the glucose concentration present in the control solution. The test strips of each brand are different thus, youll find a variety in the control solutions. The control solutions are categorized into Level 1, Level 2Level 3 and Level 4. The glucose ranges of all these levels are different from each other.

    In simpler words, you need to purchase the test solution according to your preferred test strips. To ease the purchasing process, its better to purchase the combo of test strips and control solutions from one manufacturer only.

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    How Do I Use The Control Solutions

  • Make sure you have your meter, an unused test strip, and the control solution.
  • Insert a glucose or ketone test strip to turn on your meter. Wait for the meter to display the flashing blood droplet.
  • Shake the control solution vial thoroughly. Squeeze out a drop of solution on to the tip of the vial cap and wipe it off. Then squeeze out another drop onto the tip of the vial cap. With the strip in the meter, gently move the tip of the test strip to the control solution droplet and hold there until strip fills completely and the meter begins to count down.
  • To avoid contaminating the control solution, do not apply control solution directly from the bottle onto a strip.
  • NOTE: Your device will tag this measurement as QC test automatically.
  • After counting down, the meter will display the test result. Compare this result with the range printed on the side of your strip vial if the results fall within the range, your meter is working properly. If the results do not fall within the range, please read the instructions again and repeat the control solution test. If the results are still outside of the range, contact customer support
  • Whenever QCis displayed, your meter recognized that this was test result and will store your test result in memory under QC, not in your personal readings.
  • Please refer to the Owners Manual that came with your meter or

    Fora God Glucose Normal Control Solution

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    It is very rare for a meter to be out of calibration. Control solutions are a way to test your meter so you know that it is giving you accurate results.

    FORA GOD Control Solutions contain a known amount of glucose at points relevant to normal, low or upper limits of the clinical range that can react with FORA GOD test strips.

    You should perform a control solution test if you experience one or more of the following conditions:

    • You suspect the meter or test strips are not working properly.
    • You have dropped or think you may have damaged the meter.
    • Your blood Glucose test results are not consistent with how you feel, or if you think the results are not accurate.

    You can check the performance of the meter and test strips by comparing the control solution results with the range printed on the label of test strip vial. Checking these regularly can ensure your test results are accurate.

    Please use GOD Normal Control Solution with following devices:

    • FORA Premium V10 / Premium V12
    • FORA V10 / V12 / V20 / V30
    • FORA D10 / D20 / D30 / D40
    • FORA G20 / G30 / G31

    Important: The control range may change with each new pack of test strips. Always reference the control range on the label of your current test strips vial.

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    How To Perform A Control Solution Test

    Glucose control solution tests are performed the same way as blood glucose tests. These tests are not a method for calibrating your meter, but rather a useful tool to check the performance of your meter and test strips. You can also use control solution to practice testing with your blood glucose monitoring system before testing a blood sample.

    Here are the steps to guide you through the process:

    • Step 1: Insert a new test strip into your meter and check that the meter is ready to perform a test.
    • Step 2: Shake the control solution bottle vigorously.
    • Step 3: Discard the first drop and wipe off the bottle tip so that it is clean.
    • Step 4: Dispense a second drop onto a hard, clean surface, then bring the test strip to the drop. Hold the test strip up to the sample until enough control solution has been applied to the test strip.
    • Step 5: Check the meter as it calculates and displays the test result. Compare the test result to the appropriate control solution range printed on the test strip vial.
    • Step 6: Dispose of any used test strips and store the control solution bottle with your testing supplies.

    When To Use Glucose Solutions

    Contour Next EZ Glucose Meter Control Solution

    Experts recommend using control solutions like, Ascensia Contour Normal Control Solution, designed to check the accuracy of glucose meter and test strips, when-

    • Prior using the glucose monitoring system for blood sugar test.
    • While opening a new container of test strips.
    • When and if the results appear unusually high or low depending on the symptoms of the patient.
    • When and if the strips are left open or exposed. To avoid any chances of infection, prefer wearing medical gloves.
    • When and if the system seems damaged or is not working properly.

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    Embrace Talk Glucose Control Solution High


    The Embrace® TALK Solution High Flow is a 2.5 mL desiredaqueous glucose solution for verifying the accuracy of the Embrace® TALK glucosetest strips. Embrace® TALK Control Solution ensures that your Embrace® TALK meters and test strips are working properly. The product contains a knownamount of glucose that reacts with the glucose test trips.


    · Embrace® TALK control solution makes bloodglucose monitoring easy and provides a quick way to ensure accurate bloodglucose testing.

    · Suitable for self-testing.

    The Embrace® TALK Control Solution is designed to check theaccuracy of Embrace glucose meters and test strips. Simply apply a drop of theEmbrace glucose control solution to a test strip and run a standard glucosetest. Confirm that the test results are within the accepted range printed onthe test strip vial. It is advised to test your glucose meter and stripsaccuracy on a regular basis.


    Glucose Control Solution: What Is It

    Glucose control solution is a liquid that combines water, glucose, and two key elements called buffers and microbicides.

    The point of creating a glucose control solution is to help you check that your test strips and blood glucose meter are functioning correctly.

    Glucose control solution is designed to mimic the physiological environment of your blood, and contains a known glucose concentration.

    Testing your blood glucose meter using this solution helps your ensure that your devices are calibrated properly to give you accurate data.

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    What To Do If Control Solution Is Out Of Range

    The FDA requires a blood glucose meters result to be within 15% of the laboratory blood sample value 95% of the time. It’s always possible to get an outlier reading with any old or new meter that you use. If your control test is outside the range twice then call your test strip provider and give the lot # printed on your bottle of test strips. Just as we do, they should exchange the test strips for you at no cost.

    Diathrive sends you control solution so you can always have the peace of mind that your test strips are working correctly and giving you accurate results. We want to make sure that if you ever get a strange result late on a Friday or Saturday night you have the tools to know whether your test strips are the problem, making your personal health care and diabetes management just a little bit easier.

    When To Run A Control Test

    OWell Contour NEXT EZ Complete Diabetes Blood Glucose Testing Kit ...

    Perform a test with control solution any time:

    • You open a new test strip box
    • The test strip container has been left open
    • You think the test strips might be damaged
    • You want to check the meter and test strips
    • The test strips were stored in extreme temperatures, humidity or both
    • You dropped the meter
    • Your test result does not match how you feel
    • You want to check if you are performing tests correctly

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    If Youre Still Concerned You Can Perform A 5

  • Prepare 5 glucose strips or 5 ketone strips , or both.
  • Shake the control solution before use, but very gently to avoid creating lots of air bubbles.
  • Place a drop of the control solution onto a clean, non-porous surface such as a ceramic plate.
  • Perform back-to-back tests with all 5 glucose or ketone strips using the single drop, noting each reading.
  • Calculate the average of the 5 tests by adding up all of the readings, then divide the total by 5.
  • Compare the average reading to the ranges printed on your meter kit box or your test strip box.
  • An ideal or perfect test result is when the reading average is in the middle of the control range, but as long as the reading average falls anywhere within the control range, your meter is accurate and is not defective.
  • For How Long Can You Use A Glucose Meter Control Solution

    Generally, once you have opened the Roche Accu-Chek Aviva Glucose Control Solution bottle which provides a quick and easy way to ensure accurate blood glucose testing, it will last for as long as 90 days. However, checking the expiry date before using the solution is highly recommended.

    After every use make sure the bottle is closed well otherwise your solution might get contaminated and become unfit for use. Another top-selling solution, Roche Accu-Chek SmartView Glucose Control Solution is used to ensure if the meter and test strips are working properly and providing reliable results. The solution bottle should be discarded 3 months after opening it.

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    How Will I Know If The Control Solution Test Passed

    Once you have the result from the glucose control solution test, the next step is to compare the number shown on your meter to the range specified by the manufacturer, printed on the test strip vial. The number shown on the meter should fall within the range. It is important to remember that results from control solution tests are unrelated to blood glucose levels and do not reflect your bodys blood glucose concentration.

    A range for control solution results rather than a single number is provided because no two tests will be exactly the same. Manufacturers anticipate the possible variations from test to test and therefore provide an expected range.

    If you find that a control solution result does not fall within the range printed on the test strip vial, you should contact the manufacturer of your meter to determine if additional troubleshooting or replacement supplies are needed.

    Performing A Basic Control Solution Test

    Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Control Solution For True Metrix Glucose Meter
    • Remove a test strip from its foil pouch. Note: Check the expiration date of the test strips, found on the back of the foil pouch. Do not use the expired test strip.
    • Insert a test strip into the meter.
    • The meter turns on after a beep. An image of a test strip with a flashing blood droplet will appear letting you know the meter is ready to test.
    • Shake the control solution bottle thoroughly. Squeeze the control solution bottle gently and discard the first drop. Squeeze out a second small drop on a clean nonabsorbent surface.
    • Note: Do not apply control solution to the test strip directly from the bottle
  • Immediately touch the tip of the test strip to the drop of control solution. The control solution is drawn into the test strip.
  • Note: If the control solution sample does not fill the window, do not add a second drop. Discard the test strip and start over with a new test strip.
  • Hold it in the drop until the meter beeps, and you see the meter begin to count down on the screen, after which your control test results will display.
  • Note: The meter will automatically recognize and mark the control result for you. Control results are not included in the 7, 14 and 30 day average calculation.
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