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How To Get Diabetic Shoes Through Medicare

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Orthofeet Wichita Stretchy Diabetic Shoes For Women

Pedors Information Video: Medicare Diabetic Shoes

Orthofeet is the most podiatrist-recommended orthopedic shoe brand for diabetics in the USA. Wichita stretch shoes check all the boxes of the ideal diabetic footwear for women: theyre fully adjustable and absolutely non-binding so they put no pressure points and help boost blood flowing to your lower limbs. The uppers are made with super stretchable material. The closure is a simple hook and loop velcro strap and the tongue completely opens for an easy and pain-free foot insertion.

The interior lining is seamless and foam-padded so youre protected against blisters and skin wounds that could lead to diabetic foot ulcers. The toe box is wider than in regular shoes. It allows you to keep your toes moving to promote blood circulation while preventing toe stubbing. Like every style from Orthofeet, the Wichita Stretch comes in a wide range of widths. On top of that, fitting spacers are included to help you find the perfect fit.

Regarding foot support and stability, these orthopedic shoes are great too! They come with Orthofeets premium orthotic insoles , providing enhanced arch support and excellent cushioning.

If youre concerned about the financial cost of such high-quality diabetic shoes, these are Medicare-approved under code A5500 so they might be covered by your insurance. Last but not least, Orthofeet offers a 60-days wear test and a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Expensive

List Of Durable Medical Equipment Covered By Medicare

If you dont find the equipment you are looking for in my list of Medicare covered DMEs below, you can use this link to

Air-Fluidized BedAlternating Pressure Pads and MattressesAudible/visible Signal Pacemaker MonitorPressure reducing beds, mattresses, and mattress overlays used to prevent bed soresBead BedBed Side RailsBed Trapeze covered if your loved one is confined to their bed and needs one to change positionBlood sugar monitorsBlood sugar test stripsCanes Commode chairsContinuous passive motion machinesContinuous Positive Pressure Airway Devices, Accessories and TherapyCrutchesVentilators WalkersWhirlpool Bath Equipment if your loved one is home bound and the pool is medically needed. If your loved one isnt home bound, Medicare will cover the cost of treatments in a hospital.

Who Sells Diabetic Shoes

People most commonly buy their therapeutic shoes from orthopedic footwear companies. Orthofeet, Apex, Dr. Comfort, and Propét are well-known brands that have large choices of quality shoes for diabetes and neuropathy.

Some popular footwear brands such as New Balance also make shoes for diabetics. Walmart and Amazon also resell diabetic shoes from other companies.

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If I Dont Have Medicare What About Medicaid

Medicaid programs are funded both federally, and by each individual state.

Consequently, each individual state has quite a lot of room for change with regard to what it does on its Medicaid programs, so long as it stays within the Medicaid guidelines.

In the case of Therapeutic shoes and inserts, you dont have to worry, as Medicaid covers them if you are eligible for Medicaid.

If you have Medicaid to qualify for the Diabetic shoes and inserts you must be diagnosed with diabetes and, as with Medicare have one of the following foot conditions

  • history of foot amputation

What Type Of Shoes And Inserts Does Medicare Give Coverage To

Diabetic Shoe Clinic on Jan. 25: Register in Advance!

If you have Medicare Part B and you have met all the Medicare conditions to qualify for shoes and inserts for diabetes,

The types of shoes that are covered each year include one of these:

  • One pair if depth-inlay shoes and 3 pairs of inserts
  • One pair of custom-molded shoes if you cant wear depth-inlay shoes because of deformity, and 2 additional pairs of inserts

Note: In certain cases, Medicare may also cover separate inserts or shoe modifications instead of inserts.

The source of the text is again Medicare Coverage of Diabetes Supplies, Services, & Prevention Programs which you can read or download here.

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Where To Buy Medicare

When youre ready for a pair of diabetic shoes, youll have plenty of options. You can buy the shoes from your podiatrist or other medical supply carriers. Another option is finding a supplier online. Your diabetic shoes need to be both fitted by a podiatrist or other doctor. Whoever prescribes diabetic shoes can also supply the shoes. Before finalizing any purchases, be sure the supplier accepts Medicare.

How Much Does Medicare Pay For Therapeutic Shoes

Medicare covers 80% of the cost of diabetic shoes. Private insurances might supplement the remaining 20%. Medicare can pay for one custom pair of folded shoes or one pair of extra-depth shoes per calendar year. You can also be eligible for reimbursement of two extra pairs of diabetic insoles for custom-molded shoes or three pairs of inserts for extra-depth shoes per year. Heres the FAQ about Medicare coverage for diabetic shoes.

I hope youve find answers to your questions here. Do not hesitate to ask, share, and comment in the section below. What are your favourite diabetic shoes?

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Just What Makes Diabetic Footwear So Important

Many diabetics suffer from chronic diabetic neuropathy. This is nerve damage that can make your feet vulnerable to injuries in quite a number of various ways. Based on the findings of the Nation Institutes of Health:

  • Injuries can take a longer amount of time to heal properly when there is a restriction in the blood flow.
  • Limbs can sometimes lose feeling. This can make it even more difficult to detect an injury
  • Some patients might lose sensation in their feet. Thus, an injury can go unnoticed and result in an infection

The Center for Disease Control strongly suggests quarterly foot exams for all diabetic patients. As well as regular exams, the CDC advises patients to keep their feet clean, inspect their feet for injuries, keep their toenails clipped carefully, and wear the proper socks and shoes.

The National Institutes of Health advocates keeping an open discourse with your doctor concerning your need for special diabetic shoes and/ or shoe inserts. There are quite a number of situations where diabetics might require custom-made shoes that offer additional protection.

Studies have shown that wearing prescription diabetic footwear can help prevent complications regarding foot health that can often occur due to diabetes. Should you need diabetic shoes, a sort of professional such as a podiatrist, orthotist, pedorthist or prosthetist is required to provide the prescription for therapeutic shoes.

Medicare Covered Diabetic Shoes Or Online Retailers

How to get diabetic shoes from Medicare at no cost to you?

Although the Medicare program does cover some of the cost of diabetic shoes , the patient is still required to pay for their shoes out of pocket. The disadvantage of purchasing Medicare diabetic shoes is that doctors and physicians often charge exorbitant prices for the shoes and inserts that are much higher than if the items were bought out of pocket from a retailer.

Diabetic shoes typically retail anywhere from $100-$160 for a good quality pair, however the prescribing physician will charge Medicare up to four times that amount with the bill coming out to upwards of $500. Medicare will cover 80% of the charge but you will still be responsible for covering the other 20% which is $100.

Online retailers have seen the growing need for diabetic footwear and have began to expand their product selection to better suit diabetic patients. Many online retailers offer excellent diabetic shoes that are the same ones supplied by the prescribing physician at the retail price. If additional shoes are needed, online retailers are another great option to think about.

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    How Do I Qualify For The Coverage Of Diabetic Shoes

    You must be covered under Medicare Part B and all three of the following conditions are met:

    1. You have diabetes and

    2. You have one or more of the following conditions:

    • Partial or complete foot amputation
    • Past foot ulcers
    • Nerve damage in your feet with signs of calluses on either foot
    • Deformity of either foot
    • Poor circulation in either foot.

    3. Your doctor has certified your need in writing, and it states that:

    • You meet the criteria for the shoes
    • The doctor is treating you under a comprehensive plan of care for diabetes
    • The exact reasons you need the therapeutic shoes and/or inserts


    • Only an M.D. or D.O. can sign the certification statement a podiatrist may write the prescription for the shoes, but the M.D. or D.O. who is treating your diabetic condition must certify it. While a podiatrist can prescribe diabetic shoes, they cannot sign the physicians certification statement.
    • You will need a new order for the replacement of any shoe
    • A copy of the certification statement and prescription must be kept on file by your supplier
    • A new certification statement will be required for shoes, inserts or modifications each year they are purchased

    Skechers Go Walk Cheap Diabetic Shoes

    Diabetic Shoe Fitting  Wood River Pharmacy

    Skechers is another iconic footwear brand with diabetes-friendly shoes. The Go Walk Joy for women and the Go Walk Evolution for men are extremely lightweight and flexible walking shoes that make a great cheap choice for diabetics. The upper mesh fabric is highly breathable and naturally expandable to create a natural fit without pressuring the foot. The collar is padded and the uppers are seamless to prevent blisters.

    These slip-on walking Skechers shoes with pull-on loops also feature air-cooled insoles with a moisture-wicking treatment to block fungus growth and keep the feet healthy. The high-rebound 5gen cushioning insoles offer great protection against shocks and injuries.

    Theyre available in different width options. You might not get the same quality as with top orthopedic brands, but theyre super comfortable and value for money is unbeatable.

    • Need to be broken in

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    Limitations Of Medicare Diabetic Shoes

    In order to qualify for diabetic shoes that are covered by Medicare, the diabetic patient must meet the above mentioned requirements. Even after the before mentioned requirements are met, there are still limitations on to what Medicare will cover. Below is a list of items that are covered by medicare:

    • 1 pair of off-the-shelf depth shoes w/ 3 additional pairs of multi-density inserts
    • 1 pair of off-the-shelf depth shoes, modification of the shoes and 2 additional pairs of multi-density inserts
    • 1 pair of custom-molded shoes and 2 additional pairs of multi-density inserts

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    Does Tricare Cover Therapeutic Shoes And Inserts For Veterans

    Tricare covers therapeutic shoes and inserts for diabetes for veterans

    Shoe and insert coverage is limited to one of the following within a calendar year:

  • One pair of custom molded shoes and two pairs of multidensity inserts, or
  • One pair of extra-depth shoes and three pairs of multidensity inserts.
  • You can substitute one of your inserts to modify your custom molded or extra-depth shoes. The most common modifications are:
  • Rigid rocker bottoms
  • Medicare Reimbursement: An Explanation Of Benefits

    Approved by Medicare, Diabetic Shoes

    Nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes, according to the Center for Disease Control. In fact, studies suggest prescription diabetic footwear can help prevent serious foot health complications that can arise because of diabetes.

    Medicare and supplemental insurance may reimburse part or all the cost of Dr. Comfort shoes and prescription inserts for diabetics who meet certain criteria. A qualified health professional can determine if eligible. If diabetic or have any foot health concerns, we strongly encourage the patient to see a foot health professional to address all foot health needs.

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    Diabetic Shoes Things To Know

    We offer a wide selection of diabetic shoes from Dr. Comfort, Apex and Orthofeet..

    What are diabetic shoes?

    Diabetic shoes, sometimes referred to as extra depth, or therapeutic shoes, are specially designed shoes intended to reduce the risk of pressure and or skin breakdown in those suffering from diabetes. These shoes have a wider and deeper toe box compared to traditional shoes . The primary goal of diabetic footwear is to prevent foot complications, which can include strain, ulcers, callouses, or even amputations for those poor circulation related to diabetes. These shoes are manufactured under strict guidelines and they must be equipped with a removable orthotic. The shoes and insoles work together as a preventative system to help provide joint stability, prevent joint deformity , and improve overall mobility.

    Do I need a prescription?

    The purchase of diabetic shoes does not require a prescription. However, insurance company guidelines require that diabetic shoes be prescribed by a physician and fitted by a qualified individual such as a Certified Orthotic Fitter. Here at Aston Pharmacy, we have a Certified Orthotic Fitter to meet all of your diabetic shoe needs.

    Will insurance or Medicare cover diabetic shoes ?

    Most insurance companies will cover part or all of the cost of diabetic shoes and insoles. Each insurance company has their own requirements for coverage. Here a few guidelines:

    Medicare and Keystone 65 –

    Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other Commercial insurances

    How To Get Your Diabetic Shoes Through Insurance


    If you are diabetic and have Medicare and Medicaid, you could be eligible for a pair of shoes and 3 pairs of moldable insoles. It is that easy! All you have to do is bring in your insurance cards and a prescription from your doctor. We will contact your doctor for any additional information we need for billing.

    The process for getting shoes is very simple. First our diabetic shoe fitter will take a measurement of both feet for a personalized fit. Then you pick out the shoes you would like. After we place your order, your shoes will arrive in 7-10 days.

    If you are not diabetic, do not have Medicare, or your doctor does not approve you for these shoes, the price ranges from $115-$145 a pair. Our moldable insoles cost $50.00 per pair. However, we often run specials on our insoles and shoes. Please call us for our current specials.

    For more information about diabetic shoes call us at573-442-0194 or stop by today!

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