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Diabetes Help For Low Income

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Lilly Canada Cares Insulin Assistance Program

Personalizing Diabetes Care for Low Income Patients

Who qualifies?

This program will provide insulin to patients who cannot afford it and do not have government or private insurance. Those eligible for this assistance include patients requiring insulin whose household incomes fall below Statistics Canada Low-Income Cut-Off levels AND who do not have other government or private health insurance. The supply will be delivered to the designated Diabetes Education Centre for the individual to pick up. If the need is still present after three months the individual, with their Health Care Professional can reapply.

For what supplies?


Contact: 1-888-479-7587 ext. 3006

Drug And Coupon Cards

You can face high copayment or coinsurance costs even when your insurance does cover your medication. Thats why manufacturers also offer assistance to people with insurance.

Coupon cards can lower your copayments so youll have less to pay when you pick up your prescriptions. Coupon cards are available from all major manufacturers.

You can find information about coupon cards by following the links above to each companys patient assistance program.

Ask Your Physician For Samples

If you are struggling to afford insulin, be sure to tell your health care provider. Your primary care provider or endocrinologist may have insulin samples available in their office. They also can help you find ways to reduce your costs by writing a larger quantity prescription, changing brands or formulas or documenting your medical needs for other assistance programs.

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How Much Does Diabetes Treatment Cost

The American Diabetes Association estimates that nearly 1 in every 4 dollars spent within the U.S. healthcare system goes toward diabetes care. When you start crunching the numbers, this shows that the cost of diabetic treatment far outpaces its prevalence. While 10% of the population has diabetes, 25% of all healthcare costs go toward diabetes treatment. Inflated prices have left many diabetes patients struggling to get the treatment and medication they need.

So, how much will diabetes actually cost you? Unfortunately, the individualized data isnt any more reassuring. The ADA has calculated that within the last few years, the average cost of treatment per diabetes patient has increased to about $16,752 per year. These costs will likely continue to rise in the near future.

Some of the main costs associated with diabetes are insulin, blood sugar tests, doctors visits, and treatment for cardiovascular or renal complications as a result of diabetes. However, insulin is by far the biggest culprit and one of the most controversial aspects of diabetes expenses. As of 2020, the average price of insulin per unit was just under $100 across all available brands. This only applies to the United States, as subsidies and other factors make insulin far cheaper in many other first-world countries.

Potential Diabetes Diets For Low

The Critical Link: Addressing Gestational Diabetes within Maternal ...

Although there might be challenges to overcome, diet and lifestyle changes remain a key component of any diabetes management program. With low-income patients, it is important to bear in mind their challenges and find diets that work within the limitations they face. Patient education and support play key roles in patient success. There are several types of diets that are promising for diabetes management:

  • Mediterranean diet
  • Vegetarian/vegan diet
  • Low-glycemic diet

What all of these diets have in common is that they emphasize whole, plant-based foods over highly processed options. There is a reduction of the amount of sugar and carbohydrates, especially those that are high on the glycemic index.

For low-income patients, it is best to emphasize the areas they can control and that fit easily within their budget. This might be to stock up on bulk items, such as whole grains, brown rice, dried legumes and more, that tend to be relatively inexpensive. There are often ways to easily substitute healthier foods into their diet, even with many traditional ethnic dishes. Remind patients that real food is healthy and often cheaper than diabetic food. Learn the local areas where patients have access to fresh produce, whether it is at certain food banks or convenient stores, and educate patients on their options.

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How To Get Diabetes Drugs For Free

If you meet certain income and insurance requirements, you may be eligible for assistance programs that offer free prescriptions check to see if you qualify!

Editor’s note: This article was updated on March 31, 2020.

Many people know that some drug manufacturers have Patient Assistance Programs to make prescription diabetes drugs free for those who meet certain eligibility requirements. In 2017, we did a six-month-long project looking into these programs to better understand how they are similar, how they are different, and who they can and cant help. These programs are usually reserved for individuals without private insurance or full Medicare benefits, but some programs review applications on a case-by-case basis.

Finding information about these programs can be difficult, and even when you find the information, PAPs often have complicated income, insurance, and prescription requirements. In this article, we break down current PAPs in the US by manufacturer and give the details to help you find the right program. Click to jump down to a section:

B Pharmacies In Mississippi

The 340B Drug Pricing Program was created in 1992 to provide discounts on outpatient prescription drugs to select safety net providers, including among others, Federally Qualified Health Centers, which include centers receiving grant funds under Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act and look-a-like health centers. The program promotes: 1) access to affordable medications, 2) efficient business practices, 3) outcomes-driven pharmacy services, and 4) quality assurance. The intent of the program is to permit covered entities to stretch scarce Federal resources as far as possible, reaching more eligible patients and providing more comprehensive services.

Find out if your hospital or clinic has a 340B Pharmacy or contracts with one.

Always ask. Sometimes a pharmacy may actually BE 340B and the techs working there may not know it. It’s happened.

Some of the Health Care facilities with 340B Pharmacies. You will need to be a patient of that clinic to use it.

Jackson Hinds Comprehensive

GA Carmichael Clinics

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Be Candid With Your Healthcare Team About Your Financial Situation

The unexpected loss of a job and your insurance with it can feel humiliating, but remember that it is happening to millions of people right now. Even before the pandemic, making affordability a normal part of the conversation between you and your diabetes healthcare team was helpful. During my diabetes self-management training appointments, I always ask patients about financial barriers and affordability of their insulin or related diabetes supplies, says , a registered nurse and certified diabetes care and education specialist at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. You may save a lot of money by being willing to discuss your finances.

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How Do I Work With My Healthcare Professional To Complete The Application

Help For Low-Income Mum And Kid Terrified Of Preschool

diaTribe reached out to a number of health professionals about their experiences with PAPs. While those working in private healthcare offices are sometimes less familiar with these programs, providers in community health clinics are often aware of how to use them. Unfortunately, many providers with whom we spoke found organizing the qualification requirements and the additional paperwork involved in applying for PAPs to be burdensome. If you believe you would qualify for a PAP, here are some strategies to get your healthcare professional to help you apply:

  • In addition to your own personal information, fill out everything you can in the rest of the application, even in the healthcare professional section, such as your physicians name, address, phone number, etc.

  • Review the form before going to your healthcare professionals office so you know what additional documents that the application requires this will include proof of income , copies of tax forms, proof of Medicare denial, etc. In the next section of this article, you can find the requirements for each PAP.

  • Keep records of your taxes! If you dont have a copy of your federal income tax return, click here to learn how to get one.

  • Try to bring an addressed envelope with the appropriate postage. You can order postage stamps online here.

  • Make copies of the forms beforehand, since you might be asked to leave them behind in the office.

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    What Other State Programs Can Help

    Medicare Savings Programs in certain states may pay Medicare premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance if a person has a low income and few assets. Learn more online.

    State Health Insurance Assistance Programs give advice about health insurance in every state to people who have Medicare. SHIP counselors can help you choose the best plan for your needs. Find a SHIP counselor at or call 1-877-839-2675.

    • Phone: 1-800-872-5827 or 202-776-0406

    What Health Insurance Plans Cover People With Diabetes

    Health insurance helps pay for medical care, including the cost of diabetes care. Your health insurance options are

    Under current law, health insurance companies cant refuse to cover you or charge you more just because you have a pre-existing conditionthat is, a health problem you had before the date that new health coverage starts.

    Changes to insurance rules happen often and may affect your health insurance choices. Learn more or get help with your health insurance questions through

    • , the federal marketplace, 1-800-318-2596, TTY: 1-855-889-4325
    • copayments and deductibles
    • health care providersdo your providers participate in the plan, or will you have to change providers or pay more to see your current providers because they are out of network?

    Ask for a Summary of Benefits and Coverage, which explains the plan in plain language, including free preventive services. This summary may include a coverage example for managing diabetes.

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    Drug Discount Programs / Price Databases

    If you have any health insurance, ask if the discount program will conflict with your coverage.

    Info on programs for limited-income seniors:

    Discounted prices for many medications:

    Discounted prices for medications, info on assistance programs:

    Database of current medication prices and discounts:

    Discounted prices for many medications:

    Info on pharmaceutical and healthcare assistance programs:

    Comprehensive database of pharmaceutical assistance programs:

    Helps people get medications free or for a small co-payment:

    Discounted prices for many medications:

    — List compiled by the American Diabetes Assn.–

    Apply For Public Housing

    NCDS 365 DAY 161 TO DAY 167: LIVING WITH DIABETES.  Stowelink Inc

    To apply, contact your local PHA. Heres what you can expect during the application process.

    Either you or a PHA representative will fill out your written application. Your PHA usually needs to collect the following information to determine eligibility:

    • Names of all people who would be living in the unit, their sex, date of birth, and relationship to the family head
    • Your present address and telephone number
    • Conditions that might help your family’s reception into the program more quickly, including:
    • Current residency in substandard housing
  • Names and addresses of your current and previous landlords to verify your family’s suitability as a tenant
  • An estimate of your family’s income for the next 12 months and the sources of that income
  • The names and addresses of employers, banks, and others to verify your income, deductions, and family composition
  • Someone from your PHA may visit you in your home to interview you and your family members to see how you manage the upkeep of your current home.

    After collecting this information, the PHA representative should describe the public housing program. They’ll go over its requirements and answer any questions you may have.

    A PHA representative will ask for documents including birth certificates and tax returns. The PHA uses these documents to verify the information on your application. The PHA may also talk to your employer and your other references. You will be asked to sign a form to authorize the release of information to the PHA.

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    Help With Your Diabetes Prescription And Insulin Costs

    All people with T1D should have affordable access to insulin. While sharing the resources below that can help with costs, JDRF is also fighting for changes from manufacturers, health plans, employers, and the government to make insulin more affordable. Learn more here.

    Prescription costs for drugs to treat type 1 diabetes can make up a large percentage of what you pay each year for healthcare. There are a few ways you can lower your prescription and insulin costs: through state and nonprofit programs diabetes patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies medication discount cards and prescription alternatives such as biosimilar insulin.

    Diabetic Service Dog For Zuzu

    When her young daughter Zuzu suffered a seizure due to type 1 diabetes, Tracy looked into getting a diabetic service dog to help detect changes in blood sugar. The cost of a service dog was in the tens of thousands, so Tracy turned to fundraising. Zuzus campaign raised more than $19,000, allowing her to pay for training for her new medical alert dog, Fella.

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    Strategies For Controlling Diabetes Among Low

    There is a diabetes crisis in America and around the world. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 29.1 million people have type 2 diabetes, and another 86 million exhibit signs of prediabetes. There is no sign of these numbers reducing, and it is estimated that one in three people will end up with diabetes at some point in their lifetime.

    The costs of controlling diabetes are high, but unfortunately, many of the people diagnosed with the disorder are from low-income populations. Thus, it is important to find ways to treat and control diabetes for patients who might not have the means for more expensive medication and treatments.

    Request A Fax Or Electronic Submittal Confirmation From Your Healthcare Provider

    How food therapy helps control diabetes

    Get proof that your application was submitted. It can be helpful when following up with the manufacturer for example, if they say they didn’t receive the application, says Evans. I’ve had a few where things have gone wrong. Once the manufacturer was switching contracted companies and telephone hold times were five-plus hours, so we definitely didn’t want to have to call them.

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    Patient Assistance Programs For Diabetes Medications

    Diabetes medications can vary in cost. Regardless, the goal for any kind of diabetes medication is to stabilize blood sugar to reduce the impact of dangerous high blood glucose levels. If youre having trouble affording your medications, reach out to the manufacturer to see what options are available to reduce your costs or access free medication, so that you can still maintain safe blood sugar levels.

    State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs

    Several states, though fewer each year, offer pharmaceutical assistance programs which help their residents financially. While these are not specifically intended for diabetes, their benefits still apply.

    State Assistance and Medicare Wraparound Programs

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    Novo Nordisks Diabetes Care Patient Assistance Program

    Assistance is available for:

    • Must be a US citizen or resident.

    • Must be uninsured or have Medicare.

    • Must not be enrolled in or qualify for any other federal, state, or government programs such as Medicaid, Veteran Affairs Benefits, or Low Income Subsidy .

    • Exceptions include those eligible for Medicaid, who have applied for and been denied Medicaid.

    • Household income must be at or less than $51,040 for an individual, $68,960 for a couple, or $104,800 for a family of four. These amounts are equal to four times the Federal Poverty Level .

    How to apply:

    • Click here for the application in English and here for the application in Spanish.

    • You will need a copy of proof of income , Medicaid or Low Income Subsidy denial .

    • Bring a copy of your proof of income and application to your doctor, who must fill out the Health Care Practitioner section.

    What to expect if your application is approved:

    • You will receive up to a 120-day supply, sent to prescribing healthcare professionals office for pickup.

    • You will be enrolled in the program for 12 months. If you have Medicare Part D, you will be enrolled in the program until the end of the calendar year.

    • Refills will be coordinated between Novo Nordisk and your healthcare professional.

    • You will need to request Novo Nordisk disposable needles for insulin pens in order to receive them.

    To apply for Low Income Subsidy, contact the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 or go to

    Free Medications For Diabetes

    3 Things You Should Know About Diabetes

    If you do not have insurance, ask your pharmacy to check the free medication list for options. Metformin, a popular first line therapy for type 2 diabetes, is often on the free medication list. Some of the older, yet still effective diabetes medications are also on the free or low-cost list at the pharmacy. Community free clinics also have a pharmacy and may be able to provide basic medications.

    You can also ask your healthcare provider for medication or insulin samples during an in-office visit. They may have access to free samples or be able to contact the sales representative to request more. This can help in a pinch, but unfortunately its not a sustainable long-term solution.

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