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Mens Low Cut Diabetic Socks

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Best Budget: Falari Physicians Approved Diabetic Socks

Men Low Cut Athletic Socks Review

Crafted primarily from cotton, Falaris Diabetic Socks are incredibly soft and cozy. These loose-fitting socks promise to cover the feet comfortably, without restricting circulation. The non-binding top is designed to reinforce this promise of comfort. Instead of fitting the foot too tightly, these socks offer the foot plenty of cushioned supportwithout sacrificing breathability.

Falari’s Diabetic Socks are available in three discreet, versatile shades: black, gray, and white. Although they are designed with comfort and circulation in mind, they come with a seam along the toes.

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Cases Where You Need Diabetic Socks

To make things a bit clearer, here are 3 common cases where diabetic socks are recommended:

  • You already have foot problems such as diabetic foot pain, swollen feet, ulcer, feet swelling, excessive feet sweating, blisters, fungus infections, sensitive skin, irritated skin, moist or smelly feet, cold feet, etc. Choosing the right diabetic socks can help address these problems.
  • You do not have any specific foot condition BUT you have been diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy or Peripheral artery disease. Diabetic socks can play a preventive role to avoid developing further foot conditions.
  • You do not have any specific foot condition nor have you been diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy, BUT you dont feel comfortable in regular socks. You might want to try diabetic socks which features are made to enhance comfort and protection.

In any case, always ask for your doctors advice.

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Do You Need Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks are not necessarily essential for those with diabetes, however, if you have the opportunity to increase comfort and reduce negative side-effects associated with diabetes, why would you not at least give them a try? Customers who use these socks, report numerous benefits and highly recommend them to anyone living with diabetes.

Best For Stretch: Yomandamor Bamboo Diabetic Socks


Yomandamors Bamboo Diabetic Socks are stretchy and flexible, despite being as thick and cozy as an ordinary pair of socks. This makes them an excellent choice for those who crave protection and insulation, but not at the expense of comfort or elasticity. Each pair of Yomandamor Bamboo Diabetic Socks is crafted from a combination of soft bamboo and stretchy elastane. The textile blend is rendered in a micromesh fabric, which wicks away moisture, keeping the feet fresh and dry throughout wear.

Yomandamors Bamboo Diabetic Socks have a non-binding top that offers a relaxed, comfortable fit. The upper part of the sock is crafted from a looser weave than the lower part, offering the leg flexibility and room to breathe. The socks seamless design further cuts down on irritation, minimizing pressure on the foot and risk of skin damage.

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Top Brands Of Diabetic Socks: What Can They Do For You

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Have you ever noticed, in the diabetes section of your local pharmacy, a row of socks? You may wonder why or if you even need socks specifically made for people with diabetes.

The short answer is that some people with diabetes can definitely benefit, and if you suspect youre in that group, its worth trying them out to figure out what works best for you.

If youre at risk of complications of the feet that are associated with high blood sugar levels, then you are a candidate for wearing diabetic socks. The most common complication is neuropathy , typically marked by symptoms such as numbness, burning, or sharp pains in the feet and toes, that tend to be worse at night.

If you have diabetic neuropathy and have lost sensation in your feet, it is possible to have an injury and never feel it. Diabetic socks may help prevent injuries and assist with your daily foot care. Regardless of whether you wear diabetic socks or not, it is important to regularly check your feet for injuries, blisters, and infections.

There are many different types of socks made specifically for people with diabetes, largely designed to minimize foot injuries and keep feet warm and dry. Like with any product, finding the right pair means selecting socks that best meet your individual needs.

Men’s White Diabetic Low Cut Socks

Price: FREE SHIPPING on $45 OrdersSelect Size Below:

Are they good for diabetic neuropathy?


Hi Andy,

Yes, our socks are good for neuropathy. Our socks are non-binding yet won’t roll down your legs. The material is soft with a flat toe seam. Hope that helps.

Do these diabetic socks have a flat toe seam?

Yes, they do. Thanks for your inquiry.


Hi Robin Beeson, I could not find these socks in a size 9 shoes. The sizes listed is 13-15 only. Can you help me find these socks in a size 9 shoe please?

The socks below will fit a men’s size 9 shoe.

what size sock for 9 size shoe

Men’s socks size 10-13 will fit a men’s shoe size 9.


do you have this product for size 9 shoes


Sorry, we do not ship outside the United States.

Do you post to UK, please?

Sorry no, we ship only with the US.


I am looking for a very thick white low cut sock that has soft feeling inside and durable exterior, I need these to keep me warm and to add extra cushioning to my feet while in my shoes. will your socks satisfy these needs. If not this model do you have another model of sock that fits my criteria better?


Hi Dan,

All of our low cut diabetic socks are about 1 oz per pair, medium thickness so they do not add bulk to your fee.

The inside has plush terry loop texture like ones you find on a towel.

Hope that helps

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Good Socks For Diabetes Are Moisture

One of the most important things when living with diabetes is to keep your feet in a dry and healthy environment. Wet socks are your worst enemies. Moist feet are fungal and bacterial infections favorite ground and a wet skin easily blisters. Diabetic socks are usually made with technical moisture-wicking materials, such as nano-fabrics for example. Avoid cotton, and prefer synthetic materials such as acrylic.

If youre concerned about excessive feet sweating, choose a diabetic sock that also has a good ventilated mesh. It will help your feet breath and limit the moist.

Diabetic Socks Help Promote Blood Circulation

Ekouaer Men’s Summer Solid Color Low Cut Socks(Assorted, Pack of 6) – Amazon

Many diabetes-related foot problems are caused by a reduced blood flow to the feet. Its extremely important that your socks dont aggravate the problem and help boost your blood circulation. Diabetic socks should have a loose-top, be non-constricting and non-binding with a stretch design. Stay away from socks that have elastics at the top.

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Diabetes & Neuropathy Socks Provide Good Cushioning

The best diabetic socks offer extra-padding and cushioning along the bottom of the sock, around the toes, at the heel and then ball of the foot. Avoiding shock and increasing comfort cannot do any harm! If you feel like you need extra padding though, have you thought about diabetic insoles? The padding and cushioning are usually much thicker and more efficient in insoles and shoes that in socks.

Diabetic Socks Increase Wounds Awareness

When living with diabetic neuropathy and loss of sensation in your feet, white-soled socks can really help. If you have wounds, blood or infectious liquid stains will be visible and alert you so you can take immediate action. That should not be an excuse to stop inspecting your feet daily though. Remember that a good daily diabetes foot care routine takes no more than 5 minutes a day and keeps you away from a lot of troubles.

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Diabetic Socks For Men

If you experience poor circulation or temperature control as a result of diabetes then your feet deserve a treat! When shopping for socks, for men with diabetes, you’ll probably see the terms diabetic socks and circulation socks thrown around quite often. Diabetic socks are somewhat different from circulation socks they provide a little more cushioning and warmth than their counterparts. Awesome for both low-cut dress shoes or your work style casuals, our socks will keep your feet feeling their best with a perfect blend of comfort and style!

Best For Work: Emem Apparel Diabetic Dress Crew Socks

Fox Valley Traders

EMEM Apparels Diabetic Dress Crew Socks come in a finely ribbed design that leaves them looking like a standard dress sock, but they have all the comfortable features youd expect to find in a sock designed for someone with diabetes. Each pair of EMEM Apparels Diabetic Dress Crew Socks is crafted from cotton, polyester, and spandex, a textile blend that is comfortable, breathable, and sleek in appearance. The fabric blend is designed to be non-binding, so it wont restrict circulation.

EMEM Apparels Diabetic Dress Crew Socks are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The socks have a seamless toe, which provides comfort while cutting down on irritation. EMEM Apparels Diabetic Dress Crew Socks promise to hold their shape and color, wash after wash, so you wont have to worry about replacing them frequently. Each pair is available in five versatile, discreet neutralswhite, black, navy, brown, and beigeall of which are fit for the workplace.

Many diabetes-friendly socks are crafted from cotton or polyester, but TeeHees Viscose Diabetic Sports Socks are made from bamboo yarn, a textile thats soft, smooth, and comfortable. While some loose-fitting socks may fall down during use, TeeHees Viscose Diabetic Sports Socks promise to stay firmly in place. Their non-binding top is designed to offer a cozy, secure fit that wont restrict circulation or pinch the leg.

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How To Know If You Need Diabetic Socks

Diabetic footwear is not for diabetic people but for diabetic problems. Logically, if you do not have any foot problems, youd think you dont need diabetic socks. But diabetes foot problems are often invisible.

Diabetic Neuropathy and Peripheral Artery Disease, two common diabetes complications sometimes come with silent symptoms, especially at the beginning. They can affect your feet without you noticing it, reducing blood flow and pain sensitivity. In these cases, even if you do not feel any pain, even if your feet look great, you should wear diabetic socks as a prevention from future problems.

How To Choose The Best Men’s Diabetic Socks

There is no such thing as the best diabetic socks for men. Every man has different needs and should accordingly prioritize different socks features. To make a smart purchase decision, you should first ask yourself: what sock feature do I need most? The important thing is that you find the diabetic socks that best suit your own needs. It all depends on your own feet and your own foot problems, as well as your own personal lifestyle.

Heres a little chart to help you clarify what diabetic socks features you might need most depending on the most common diabetes-related foot problems:

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Features Of Diabetic Socks

Here are some characteristics of diabetic socks:

  • Seamless. Socks with seams can rub against your skin and cause blisters or ulcers, so most diabetic socks are made without them.
  • Moisture-wicking. Keeping feet dry is important for preventing skin infections.
  • Breathable. Breathable fabrics help keep feet dry.
  • Warm. Diabetes can cause blood vessels to restrict, decreasing circulation to the feet. Fabrics that keep your feet warm help to improve blood circulation.
  • Fitted. Many diabetic socks conform to the foot and leg. This prevents loose fabric from rubbing against the skin and causing injuries.
  • Padded. Padding in the sock cushions the foot and protects it from injury.

In terms of materials, The

Guide To Choosing Mens Diabetic Socks


These socks have been created specifically with extra features to directly target the foot discomforts associated with diabetes. How so you may ask? Well here are the features of diabetic socks:

  • a slightly larger toe box so your feet don’t feel confined to tight spaces
  • a bit more padding under the heel and balls of the feet so it’s less likely for there to be any skin irritation
  • Smart, moisture-wicking material to keep your feet dry
  • No toe seam or binding to promote better circulation in feet and legs
  • Soft Yarns and natural fibres for comfort
  • Antimicrobial Properties to fight fungus

And do not fear! Just because these socks are specifically designed for temperature regulation, moisture control and fighting infection, doesnt mean they have to look that way. These diabetic socks come in black, white, natural and even funky colours and patterns.

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The 15 Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021

There are hundreds of diabetic socks on the market. How to find the ones that would best suit you?

Diabetes complications such as peripheral neuropathy seriously and painfully affect our feet. High blood sugars, poor blood circulation, and loss of sensitivity sometimes lead to severe foot conditions.

Professionally designed to boost blood circulation and protect our feet, diabetic socks can really make the difference and help prevent or alleviate diabetes-related foot problems.

To guide you in your search, Ive scrutinised and reviewed the 15 best mens diabetics socks for every style and budget. Dig in!

  • Quick Navigation
  • $3,75 per pair
  • 90% Cotton. 7% Polyester. 3% Elastane
  • Men’s sizes from 9 to 15
  • Available in white, grey, black
  • Machine washable in warm water with similar colors. Tumble dry low. Do not iron.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Non Binding Socks

Our mens diabetic sock are specially designed for comfort and to increase blood flow to the feet and legs. Unlike traditional socks, ours do not leave notch marks on the legs like someone put a small rubber band around your calves. We use the right amount of cushioning support on the bottom of the feet. The thicker bottom protects the soles against injuries, yet it does not add bulk nor does it affect your shoe size. In addition, our socks help to keep your feet dry by using a breathable and moisture wicking material. Socks that are drier, prevents blisters and bacteria from developing. That is what makes our socks truly unique. Lastly, our diabetes socks are uniquely designed for diabetics because often times the nerves on their feet are damaged and results in poor circulation. In addition, regardless of whether a person has diabetes or not, our socks for diabetics are great for anyone that just wants more comfort.

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Best For Comfort: Csm Creswell Diabetic Socks

Creswell Sock Mills Diabetic Socks are both comfortable and flexible. Their loose-fitting top makes them easy to slip on, and also ensures that wearers get the non-binding fit theyre looking for. Each pair is crafted primarily from soft cotton, which promises to provide comfort and minimize irritation.

Though Creswell Sock Mills Diabetic Socks are already loose-fitting, they promise to retain their shape and slight elasticity over timewash after wash and wear after wear. Each pack of Creswell Sock Mills Diabetic Socks comes with 12 pairs, making them an excellent option to buy in bulk.

Top Best Mens Low Cut Socks Reviews In 2022


Top Best Mens Low Cut Socks Reviews in 2018Low cut socks are an alternative to the conventional socks. They are designed mainly for athletic use but can sometime be worn during casual occasions. Cotton and polyester are the major fabrics that are used in making of a good quality men low cut sock. Other manufacturers combine up to four different fabrics in order to achieve the perfect material for the production of their socks. Most consumers always buy this best mens low cut shocks with Best Mens Sneakers Lightweight Breathable Mesh Gym Casual Shoes

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Best For Breathability: Yomandamor Cotton Diabetic Socks

Yomandamors Cotton Diabetic Socks are flexible, comfortable, and super lightweight. Each pair is crafted from a cotton elastane blend and rendered in mesh, so the socks arent just soft and cozytheyre also incredibly breathable.

Yomandamors Cotton Diabetic Socks have a cushioned sole that promises to alleviate pressure. A reinforced heel and toe help the socks stay durable, wear after wear. The result is a sock thats cozy without feeling constricting, and lightweight without feeling flimsy.

What Makes Our Non Binding Men’s Socks Better Than Regular Socks

Sometimes, manufacturers forget that socks are for protecting the feet. Many socks today are cheaply and hastily made without regard to comfort. Typically, sock cuffs consists of a tight elastic bands that restrict blood flow to the legs. The seams that hold the socks together are large and intrusive, which shafes and will likely cause blisters. We try to change the mantra that everything is about the buck. Our products are made from high quality materials and crafted with quality and comfort in mind. We focus on making our non binding diabetics socks the most comfortable possible. They help diabetics protect the feet from injuries, improve blood flow to the legs, and add more comfort. One of our customer’s favorites are the black socks that can also double as diabetic dress socks or gym socks. Non binding socks come in different sizes, lengths, and colors to acommodate everyone. Low cut and ankle socks work well during the hot summer months. For winter, knee length socks is well suited for the cold temperatures. Meanwhile, crew length is the most common and is a good middle ground for year round wear.

Special Features:

Summary of Benefits:

  • Through extensive testing, we have developed the optimal blend of moisture wicking sock fibers to keep diabetes feet drier. Cotton soaks up moisture, while nylon brings moisture to the surface to dry quicker. Moisture management really helps to decrease blisters, foot odors, and lessens the chances of foot infections.
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