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Do You Need A Prescription To Buy Diabetic Test Strips

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What Measurements Will I Find

How to Build a Business Flipping Diabetic Test Strips

The results of home urine tests fall into two categories: Qualitative and Semi-Quantitative.

A qualitative result is non-numerical and will generally show a negative result, meaning the compound is not present, Trace result, meaning there might be a low concentration of the molecule present, or a Positive result, meaning the compound is present.

Positive results are often shown on a scale of +s such as +, ++, +++ etc. with each additional + indicating a higher concentration of the molecule.

A semi-quantitative result means a numerical value is given with its unit of measure. It is semi-quantitative because it is not a precise result but one with a range of error. Semi-quantitative results in Urinalysis Test Strips will often have more than one unit of measure given. This type of test shows the presence or absence of certain compounds and typically the compounds concentration.

Finally, some results such as Acid-Base balance or Specific Gravity give a result that measures this chemical property on a scale. For example Acid-Base balance uses the pH scale which runs from 1 to 14. A low result from 1 to 6 means the sample is acidic, 7, the sample is neutral, and a result greater than 7 the sample is basic .

Skip The Prescription And Save On Diabetic Test Strips

We know that life with diabetes can sometimes be tough emotionally, physically, and financially. We want to help you keep costs down, so you can have peace of mind and body.

Contact us to learn more about how you can sell your strips online, or where to find affordable strips in your area.

Stop fighting with your insurance company and constantly trying to figure out what your plan covers. Instead, cut out the middleman and get strips when you need them not when your insurance plan says you can have them.

Can My Pharmacist Provide Me With A Prescription Refill For Extra Strips

No. Blood glucose test strips are designated listed substances as defined by the Ontario Drug Benefit Act and require a prescription by a physician in order to be eligible for reimbursement under the ODB Program. Prescriptions and prescription extensions by pharmacists for blood glucose test strips are not eligible for reimbursement under the ODB program.

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Can I Buy Diabetic Supplies With A Flexible Spending Account

FSA Q& A: Are Diabetic supplies eligible with a Flexible Spending Account?

Yes. Diabetic supplies qualify as medical expenses covered by a Flexible Spending Account. For instance, a blood sugar test kit and test strips would be covered as an FSA eligible expense. offers a wide variety of diabetic supplies including blood glucose testing supplies and more to monitor and treat diabetes. offers a Diabetes bundle and additional products under FSA eligible Diabetes Care.


A visit with an endocrinologist regarding Diabetes is covered with an FSA as well. Find a local endocrinologist through FSA Eligible Services

Diabetes Health Chat

The NYC Health Commissioner and Dr. Sanjay Gupta have discussed the prevalence of Diabetes, symptoms and prevention on Twitter.

Are There Tips To Help Me Be A Smart Shopper For Diabetes Supplies

Do You Need A Prescription For Diabetic Test Strips ...
  • Before you buy diabetes supplies, check for the best prices.
  • Buy diabetes products from a highly reputable company and/or pharmacy.
  • Always check the dates on diabetes drugs. Return any medication that are outdated or that may expire soon.
  • Return glucose meters that are defective. You never know if a meter has been dropped or damaged during shipping, and you don’t want to risk your life on a faulty glucose meter.
  • If test strips have been opened, return them for a new package that is unopened to ensure integrity.

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Where To Get Your Test Strips

You can get test strips on prescription or you can buy them over the counter at a pharmacy or online.

Most meters will only take one type of test strip. So, you should make sure you know which strip your meter uses before buying. This is also important to remember with your prescription for test strips. Your local area may only have a limited range of meters available to them and will only prescribe strips for the meters they give out.

If you have Type 2 and want to get test strips, you might not be able to get them on prescription. You will only be able to get test strips on prescription if your doctor or nurse wants you to self-monitor.

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Do You Need A Prescription For Test Strips

If you purchase strips using your insurance you need a prescription and might have to meet other requirements including high deductibles and copays at the pharmacy counter. With Diathrive you don’t need insurance or a prescription. We sell directly to you. Learn why you don’t need insurance or prescriptions here.

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Problems You May Face Getting Test Strips

Health insurance often has weird and limiting rules about how many test strips per day they will approve for a person, particularly for those living with Type 2 diabetes. However, blood sugar numbers are data, and that data gives you vital information about how your body is doing. Every person with diabetes should be able to check their blood sugar as often as they need to.

You may also find out that your health insurance no longer covers the brand of blood sugar meter and test strips you use. This is because of complicated negotiations health insurance companies, pharmacy benefit managers, and manufacturers do every year. This means that you could go from paying a low copay every month for your strips, to all of a sudden having to pay way more for the same product.

First step: DONT pay that amount. Next step: see if you can use a co-pay card to get your current test strips for cheaper, or consider switching to a subscription service model .

Theres a very good chance you can actually pay far less for blood sugar test strips by skipping insurance entirely!

Can You Buy Glucose Test Strips Over The Counter

How to Sell Your Boxes of Diabetic Test Strips for Cash

In the United States, glucose test strips are available over the counter at big box stores, independent retail pharmacies, and a lot of websites, including Amazon, eBay, discount pharmaceutical sites like GoodRx, and manufacturers online sites. You can also find them in the so-called gray market .

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How Do I Get My Medicare Diabetes Supplies

You can order and pick up supplies from your pharmacy, or you can order them from a DME supplier.

If you order from a supplier, you must place the order yourself, meaning a doctor cannot call it in for you. However, you will still need a prescription from your doctor to place the order.

When you go to the pharmacy or supplier, show your red, white and blue Medicare card and your prescription.

You can also order supplies through the Medicare National Mail-Order Program, including test strips, lancets and lancet devices. If you want your supplies mailed to your home, you must use a Medicare national mail-order contract supplier. You can visit or call Medicare for a list of contracted suppliers.

You need a new prescription from your doctor for lancets and test strips every 12 months, so dont forget to ask for refills for your supplies every year.

Financial Help For Diabetes Care

On this page:

Diabetes management is expensive. According to the American Diabetes Association , the average cost of health care for a person with diabetes is $16,752 a yearmore than twice the cost of health care for a person without diabetes.1

Many people who have diabetes need help paying for their care. You can find help through private or government health insurance, local programs, patient support groups, and medicine-assistance programs. You can also find ways to save money on diabetes medicines and supplies.

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Is It Legal To Selldiabetic Test Strips

100%. It is completely legal to resellany unused diabetic test strips that you have. It is also legal tobuy diabetic test strip because they are consideredover-the-counter medical goods. However, this does have someconditions. You can not sell test strips that are expired or wereacquired through illegal means. Above all, youre supporting a goodcause by selling your excess test strips as you are helping otherdiabetics in receiving the medical supplies they require.

  • Get link

Ways To Save On Test Strips

Sell My Test Strips Indianapolis, IN

Luckily, there are ways to keep costs down on your diabetic test strips that dont rely on your insurance company and can help you lower the out of pocket costs if youre uninsured. If you take a look in your medicine cabinet, you may notice that you have extra test strips that havent expired, but that you likely wont get to use before they do. It could be because you dont test as often, youre on the road to recovery, or simply that you over-ordered.

Trust us: if you dont need your testing strips, there are lots of people out there who do.

Instead of losing money and wasting valuable supplies, what if you could make back a good portion of what you spent? Good news: you can.

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Keeping Health Insurance After Leaving A Job

A federal law called COBRA allows you to stay on your employers health plan for 18 to 36 months after leaving a job. Youll pay both your own monthly premiums and the employers portion, so your cost is likely to be higher than before.

  • People with a disability may be able to extend COBRA coverage for an extra 11 months.
  • COBRA may also cover young adults who age out of a parents policy when they reach the age limit of 26.

Learn more about COBRA online or call the U.S. Department of Labor at 18664USADOL .

Can Expired Test Strips Give A False Reading Do They All Go Bad

The most important factor when buying test strips is having accurate results. Diathrive provides you with control solution at no cost so you can always verify the accuracy of your test strips. Learn more about test strip accuracy here.

Blood glucose test strips have an expiration date because the enzyme on the strip can be affected by heat, cold, moisture, age and other factors. Damaged or expired strips can give false readings that are very far from your true blood sugar. We always send strips that are at least a year from their expiration date. Usually, you have about 15-18 months to use your strips before they expire.

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Does Medicare Cover Blood Sugar Test Strips

Medicare Part B covers blood sugar test strips and some other diabetic supplies such as blood glucose self-testing equipment and supplies, therapeutic shoes and inserts, and insulin pumps and the insulin for the pumps.1

These items are covered for people with diabetes whether or not they take insulin. The only difference is that Medicare generally will cover strips more frequently for people who use insulin. Medicare will also cover blood sugar test strips more often if your doctor documents why it is medically necessary.

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you need to make sure to get your diabetic supplies from a supplier that works with your plan. Call your plan for more information.

There are two ways that you can get the blood sugar test strips you need. You can get blood sugar test strips from a Medicare-contracted supplier or at your local pharmacy.

1. Order blood sugar test strips from a Medicare-contracted medical equipment or mail-order supplier.

Medicare will cover blood sugar test strips from a medical supplier, but you will need a prescription from your doctor to place the order.

Medicare also has a mail-order program for diabetic testing supplies. You can enter your ZIP code to find a supplier on the Medicare web site. Check the box for Mail-Order Diabetic Supplies, then scroll down and click the Search button. Youll get a list of contracted suppliers.

2. Buy blood sugar test strips at a pharmacy that accepts Medicare assignment.

Which Diabetes Services And Supplies Does Medicare Cover

How to Start a Medical Commodities Business Buying and Selling Diabetic Test Strips

Medicare Part B and Part D cover many diabetes services and supplies. You may first need to pay a deductible, copayment, or coinsurance. Some services are free if your doctor orders them.

Medicare Part B helps pay for

  • Women, Infants, and Children

The Social Security Administration can provide financial help through two programs

  • SSDI pays a monthly amount to people who cant work and have paid enough Social Security taxes. If an illness or injury keeps you out of work for at least a year, SSDI payments may be an option.
  • SSI pays a monthly amount to disabled children and adults who earn little and dont have many financial assets. A person who gets SSI may be able to get Medicaid and food stamps through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program , too.

Read more about both SSDI and SSI and how to apply at or by calling 18007721213, TTY: 18003250778.

WIC serves mothers and children who are at risk for poor nutrition or hunger. This includes low-income women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or recently had a baby, as well as infants and children up to age 5. Pregnant women who have gestational diabetes may qualify for help through the WIC program. WIC provides

  • supplemental foods

Learn more about WIC online, or call the WICs headquarters at 703-305-2062.

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Ways You Could Save On Blood Sugar Test Strips

Blood sugar testing is a way to keep track of how well diabetes is being managed. Test results help to show how food, physical activity and diabetes medications affect blood sugar.

The number of blood sugar tests a person with diabetes may do varies. It depends on the treatment plan. Some people test their blood sugar several times a day. Others test less often. And every blood sugar test uses one test strip. Sometimes extra tests may be needed, such as when starting a new medication or adjusting an insulin dose.

The Costs Of Diabetes: Insured Vs Uninsured

Theres no getting around it: life with diabetes is costly. In fact, recent figures show that the average yearly cost for one person living with diabetes is about $13,700. Unfortunately, that same study showed that those without health insurance who are living with a diabetes diagnosis get 68% fewer prescriptions, and 79% fewer doctor visits, than those that are insured.

Though most states have made sure insurance companies are required to cover medical costs and supplies, you still have to do a good amount of work to get certain things covered by your plan. You may even have to write them letters just to make back a small portion of what you spend on supplies like diabetic test strips. In some cases, Medicare and Medicaid will also reimburse you for the costs of certain supplies. But not always.

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Does Brand Of Glucose Meters And Test Strips Matter

It is most important to make sure to use the same brand of glucometer and strip. Don’t mix two different brands.

There are many brands of meters and strips available in the US. Most of them are big brands who overcharge for their products. This continues to perpetuate the financial burden of living with diabetes. Diathrive’s prices are 30-90% lower than our competition and you get your supplies through priority mail. We’re the most affordable, convenient option to get the best quality diabetes testing supplies. Most importantly, we are transparent with our pricing while most brands wouldn’t dare show the markups.

What Health Insurance Plans Cover People With Diabetes

Do You Need A Prescription For Diabetic Test Strips ...

Health insurance helps pay for medical care, including the cost of diabetes care. Your health insurance options are

Under current law, health insurance companies cant refuse to cover you or charge you more just because you have a pre-existing conditionthat is, a health problem you had before the date that new health coverage starts.

Changes to insurance rules happen often and may affect your health insurance choices. Learn more or get help with your health insurance questions through

  • , the federal marketplace, 1-800-318-2596, TTY: 1-855-889-4325
  • copayments and deductibles
  • health care providersdo your providers participate in the plan, or will you have to change providers or pay more to see your current providers because they are out of network?

Ask for a Summary of Benefits and Coverage, which explains the plan in plain language, including free preventive services. This summary may include a coverage example for managing diabetes.

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How To Get Cheaper Test Strips

These days you can get BG test strips for lower prices, often by skipping insurance and buying straight from your drug store or a subscription service, where a company sends you test strips every month, or by using a copay card provided by the company whose meter you currently use.

You can get a full rundown of all the copay card and test strip subscription programs you can use here, but heres a high level overview:

Copay Cards: While not subscription services, you may be eligible for cheaper meters and test stripsin many cases, whether you have private insurance or notby using co-pay cards for

Walmarts brand ReliOn also has a meter and 50 test strips available for $15, with additional test strips available for $9 per 50 strips.

Subscription Services:

For each of the subscription services, no health insurance or doctors prescription is needed. Unless noted, you can adjust, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time.

The no-frills one for a super simple, very affordable blood sugar testing system, consider DiaThrive. With a 4.2 out of 5 customer rating on Amazon, you can set up a regular shipment of supplies or do a one-time purchase as needed.

The $$$:

  • $10 for a one-time meter purchase. A lancing device and case are supplied for free.
  • $8 per 50 test strips you choose how many you would like delivered once, every month, every 3 months, or every 6 months. Lancets are supplied for free.

The $$$:

The $$$:

The $$$:

The $$$:

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